Author Topic: Pre'Mtor on Application of Mind and on Infinity  (Read 95 times)

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Pre'Mtor on Application of Mind and on Infinity
« on: March 14, 2018, 02:01:48 PM »
Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subjects: Application of Mind and Infinity
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 15/03/2018 2.19am(AEDT)


“Let’s talk about this shall we, yes.

“Just as you do now, you pray and seek our counsel.”

“By pausing yourself to be still and let whatever sifts to enter into your awareness. This is where discernment comes in to determine what are thoughts and what is speaking in your mind. Of course, the two can be blurred and that is due to the similarities of voice in your hippocampus. Yet, the two have different functions. Thoughts are of a deeper resonance, what is spoken cuts through to you as if one is speaking in a microphone that jars you to listen to it. As it is, thoughts do have its role in thinking while this voice comes in to explain the inexplicable to you when thoughts do not.

“The other thing to remember is perception. How you perceive or see things is to do with your way of viewing things in varied ways of understanding it. When once you see it,  you then go on to view it and then go on to place it in its relative place as either a subject, an object or a tool or other to either use it or discard it according to its usefulness to you. Your memory capacity will tell you that such and such has its worth or not and that is because, in your experience, you know that to be true or it is not and so on it goes.

“Now when you sit to take this piece, it is due in regard to your attempt to listen when, in fact, you are using such capacities of mind to put pen to paper to write in all due respects to your abilities of cognition and insights of inner knowing that interplays with the voice being heard as you so allow it to go forward here.

“I am not going to make anything up and nor are you as your mind comes with an empty slate and now it is scribbled on for all that can be used for as these words tumble out in a steady flow and, hey pesto, there you have many words to that effect to say what needs to be said.

“When you ask a question, that stops the process and then comes a different direction upon which another stream of thoughts do flow. Let’s say for argument’s sake, you asked me a question now and see what happens, go on ask.

[.......That was difficult to do that and why is that so?]

“That is because you are so clued into a channel and you were not willing to let go of that flow that streams steadily in you. When you strain to think of a question, that causes a strain on your concentration and disrupts what kind of receptivity was happening in you at this moment. There are, of course, moments when something said will of course prompts you to respond automatically and spontaneously in that desired moment and that is good to have happen as it will get more discussions on the table to speak to. Doing that places more thoughts and more exposition in the mix to bring another aspect to what is spoken to on the subject at hand.

“This is one way to get going and another way to elucidate more as we get on with what has to be taught in lessons of import as it is today with you. Long transmissions will take on much content as this one is and no other way to do that than to let what comes flow in a torrent of words and you write it as it does come in a steady flow as it does now.

“Although, there are some things that don’t have much to say, but this one is one of exercising those muscles of exertion to get going with a machine that works fine when it has to. I am a mischief with you in that I let what has to ramble so you get the gist of what is transpiring and allow you to let it run its course.

“It’s not so that many words can flow, but that practice the genre of what can be received and heard. This is one of them and there are other types of receptivity that do occur to you, but that is so obscure to even get it down in words as they are revelations that just happen to come to your awareness in flashes of thoughts and insights that cannot even be put into words. That is the universal input as it so happens so often in the higher construct of mind and without going into too many words, it will take time for you to get at how to discern that in a cognitive way for you to better place it as you do here. Sometimes it is better to speak it, other times it is a picture that says more than an essay and other times there are lessons that here you take dictation as I place it in your thoughts today as it goes.

“However, in all that has to be said and done, there is prayer and your willingness to listen to what is being said in you and that is good to go with.  Lessons are already made up to impart as it does here, there are revelatory input that comes in a different manner as it affects your perception of things and how you can relay that in a manner acceptable to be understood. Much of this input is up to you to place it as it is so different to anything you have witnessed before.

“As you sit prime and pretty in your PJs this early morning, I would like to say there is more coming for you to take down for us. Ron can only do so much in one sitting and that is exhausting on the machine he has to reside in and so it goes with each of you as time has it.


“Now this on Infinity, the subject that has everyone befuddled as to its longevity, its never-ending durability and ever stretching capacities, pretty much like you thought yesterday Sue of a rubber band analogy when stretched out to it’s full elasticity then when you contract back to its original static, it still remains a useful rubber band. What were you thinking on that moment dear?

[That it is relative to what Infinity is as it stretches just as it contracts to its original piece and still maintains its elasticity and usefulness in one continuous existence. A rubber band is analogous in my mind to see it as another way of seeing Infinity as akin to the workings and functionings of the simplicity of a rubber band]

“Yes, that is a good one, only that you must understand Infinity is more than the sum of its parts, it is beyond what can be reached and far exceeds all expectations. A rubber band when stretched to the extreme will at some point lose its hold and will eventually burst and break under duress in all practicality. Infinity, on the other hand, has no elasticity, it has a spontaneous way of extending itself by sheer will and purpose unto itself. Just as you see that rubber band, the Infinite has everything and is everything. This is why it becomes an awesome thing when it is known as Absolute and Existential. There are no other words to explain it as you discover how,  in this lesson, when thoughts and what is speaking gets blurred and, at times, words are difficult to find to explain something beyond your own vocabulary. Similarly, does it have that same connotation as we find it the inexplicable of the divine Source and Centre of All things. Infinity and the Infinite are one and the same, it is all in all as a complete force and energy and willful intent as it unfolds as one creative parent-like function of great goodness.

“That is probably enough for you today as time goes, your receptivity muscles will strengthen to take on more and you are freshen in this capacity to do so in the morning. I bid you well for today and may all that is said here be of use to you and others as it is good to have a lesson going well as it does so here. I am Pre’Mtor and I bid you all a good day.”