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Running thought streams and conversations upon waking
« on: November 17, 2017, 11:17:35 AM »
Running thought streams and conversations upon waking.  Here they are in sequence within the last week or so.

A) Dream
Jesus-Ceasar-like ides of March scenario  as an observer/observing but identifying with the victim. Who in this case was a moral type or moral leader of a group on its way to administer some sort of justice; the setting was a metropolis-like city and the group assembled was similar to a plain-clothed police group of detectives, and the leader I’m describing maybe resembles a character played by Edward James Almos in a hat and trenchcoat.  Maybe like the movie setting from Blade Runner since I have recently seen that again.  Anyway, the scenario plays out in the dream where this character is suddenly seized physically by the same group who were on their way and the character is restrained and pierced through the bicep with a screwdriver like device with an upward thrust.  Dream ends and I wake for the day.

After reading and weighing the dream thread of Rene’s, my interpretation if this is Thought Adjuster warning:

do not get involved with administering any forms of corrective justice amongst purely human or human-led groups as this will likely end in harm to myself

B) Ultimatons and Creator prerogative
The thought stream upon waking was how the 2nd Return was not about a 7th Bestowal Mission; also, some of the tectonic disruptions are part of a process where the new ultimatons from Paradise replacing the older, legacy ones.

(Pre-cursor to this thought stream was reading through

C) This morning the running thought stream upon waking was about being no different about internal civil war than esther and also how I am sometimes morally expedient (morally expedient was the exact phrase), rather than morally constant/consistent, per the thread about certitude.

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Re: Running thought streams and conversations upon waking
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2017, 01:05:22 PM »
Dominick, you sure know how to start the day.  Here is an interpretation for you through my dream reading helpers on the other side of the veil.

First let me explain what I see and then let Rayson in on it to tell you what spirit sees your mind explains to you.

I take it that your mind is pretty blase about murder and mayhem as you watch entertainment that has sometimes caused you to look at subterfuge and killing and evil stabbings as objective more than a direct moral threat to your ID.  That is a term Freud used to explain how the mind takes things and revises symbols unknown to us and it is the ID that is mostly present in dream life, although Rene was not using the ID in my opinion but a direct transfer of symbol meaning into his emotional life symbols.  That gets so complicated I cannot always follow how it works.  Nonetheless, I think I see in this dream scenario of the Caesar like assassination you witness is truthfully you being afraid to enter into any program that is not vetted by spirit as their project and not just yours when it comes to Justice and the end of the mayhem here on Urantia.  Caesar to you is the righteous villain and you are not in that personification of mind over evil.  Where you are in the dream is as a student and you are to observe that murder is never justified regardless how bad the character being killed may be.  There is also an element of heroics in your symbol of Caesar and what happens to this Caesar like character in that group.  What that tells you, I think, is that bad men or men who are ostrasized by groups for being forthright in their attempt to do what they can on behalf of the truth, sometime fail because they are too good in the sense of being lost to the world by their attempts to do justice, good or bad.  It is your ego and the ID at work producing quite an over layered soup of fantasy and reality.  I now give you Rayson for his report:

RAYSON - "Ron is right on Dominick.  He reasons like I do and I see that he had Michael kibitzing as he wrote it out with his Adjuster dictating his conclusions of mind through the Adjuster to you here.  I would add that you are somewhat confused by the Justice System on Urantia as all of us are.  It is a very bad system that allows many to go unpunished if they can get hole of legalisms that baffle the judge as to what is right and what is wrong. In addition, as Rayson, I see you following the footsteps of Rene in your interpretation of the dreams you had concerning Ultimatons and other thingss, and you over lay dreams with more dreams until the symbols clash, and you need not worry about what you dreamed otherwise here as they are imprints rather than dreams and Ron knows how they work too but does not care to speak to them as they are so personal he kicks them off his memory as fast as possible.  They do not tell you much and that is why we call them imprints rather than an actual subconscious dreaming.

"I will also say this.  The trial to get all of this into your mind to understand how you operate in your dream life.  Take a glass of warm milk if you can stand it before bedtime-  maybe six ounces is enough.  That will tamp down dreaming somewhat but it does allow the subconscious of the mind to do better work in reporting out dream symbols.  Ron is right but does not speak to how you are frightened by enemies not visible until they bring death.  Ron has the same phobia and distrusts crowds and people he sees who have no moral compass but to get ahead over others who do have a moral compass.  I pass this over to Michael now."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I see Ron nailed it good Dominick, and he stays in the background while he works with his Adjuster to formulate what he sees in the description any make about a dream.  It is very easy to get an interpretation wrong, and he does rely on how you tell it and your comments which are immensely helpful to making an interpretation.  Any who ask should include a full description of what they tell and ask for analysis after the fact.  I doubt Ron cares much about his own dreams anymore as he is getting used to imprints other than outright dreams as imprints are easy to disclose as to meaning and can be dismissed easier emotionally.  My view is that you need to understand your choice of Justice tempering better, and that means to take your Justice System as corrupt and unendingly difficult to determine what is or is not justice in these cases especially before your Supreme Court in Washington and the various State Supreme Courts and their decisions which are often quite faulty,  I also see you glimmer a truth from Rene too and that is that the mind is fickle in speaking to symbols which Ron allows but does not bother as he tries to see through what the mind attempts and sometimes fails to do well.  In any case let it be known that if you follow what Ron says you are on solid ground with this one.  Michael."

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