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Discuss This Web Site / Re: xx test
« on: Today at 12:19:39 AM »
Sharon, this is so new to me, I do not know if it helps that way.  I have no opinion and I would like to try this myself when I can get back to a normal routine.  I am getting some medical help  from the universe to reduce pain in my torso and we shall see just how that works out in the near future.  So I have to put this test off until I can get back to more normal circumstances.

I also point out that people like me who have poor eyesight, would really rejoice to read books without eye strain and all the bother goes with bad eyesight.  I am only a little suspcicious over all that was presented because they did not just read but seemingly could see objects to retrieve that fell on the floor like the caps to their pens.  Now if they can see in general, does that suggest that some of our blind people might learn to see their rooms and television and books too?  I tend to doubt that but then what was the nature of the nature of those boys who picked up fallen objects without taking their blind folds off?

And this:  Why was this called a test xxx?  Answer:  I tried an experiment in the wrong category as a test and forgot to erase it.  But you found it anyhow and I am glad you did and thanks for your question and post.


What the Universe Millennium Has To Do with Urantia

July 20, 2018 from Rayson of Galilee New York and the Poughkeepsie Transmitter in downtown Poughkeepsie:

T/R: Besser

I am Rayson and I write this BLOG for certain as Ron has nothing to do with its expression. Today we talk about politics on Urantia and how hard Larry Gossett takes Ron’s criticism about where he has been that he suddenly sees the rats on the woodpile today instead of a year ago. In any case listen to ol’ Rayson tell you something about the day and what is happening July 20, in some capitals of the world governments.


Russia today exclaims it is ready for detent again. Trump is hiding in the weeds in Washington, meanwhile. Truth is Trump banged his head good and proper and is leaving trails of blood over the political landscape he may never recover from. His wife is so embarrassed she quit public appearances today for the most part, and tomorrow wishes to repair to the New York apartment which cool and serene compared the house quarters of the White House lately.

Russia considers Trump their boy and will make overtures to our Joint Chiefs of Staff to blend destruction wares over the entire world as joint policeman and that is horror to you Ron, as you explain if you take Russia on as a partner policeman, you give tacit approval what they do is as you as a policeman does, and we know that does not work as the ideals of the Russian oligarchy hold not the same values as the American founding Fathers do at all.

We propose that Washington DC find another President and quickly, and then remove Trump into exile because he will not shut up. Bonaparte on Elba was a trial to the French government when he failed to conqueror Euripe, and Trump on Bermuda will escape and cause national intrigues everywhere with his influence and wealth.


I am Rayson, the Science Officer of the proposed Magisterial Mission. It is my duty to see to it that the United States is secured against all foreign threats while our Missions attend to this land of the free and brave. You are a great nation with great promise yet, but the electorate has got to be rid of the idea that Trump is their piece of t he world pie for justice and changes you have been seeking ever since the Clinton Administration failed to complete its work with trade agreements decades ago.

The United States is without a proper foundation today. And by that I mean it carries no parallelogram of art and science it did once two and three centuries ago when it was the capital of ingenuity and change for the rest of the world to be amazed at. Today you crawl in productivity. You fail to produce good leaders. You trail the financial settlements of most other nations daily, You are fully out of mode in trade usages and contrary to this transmitter’s views, immigration is not out of control.

In so many ways, the truth is you have failed as a good nation for over three decades and must come back to the fold or lose all the United States has worked for centuries as a bastion of freedom and consequences for the rest of the world. Today the American highways are clogged with shiny automobiles and eat up resources so fast there is hardly anything left for the rest of the world to speak to. I now conclude this blog with a very serious statement:

We are approaching the millennium of trust on Urantia which you do not know about. Every millennium of universe time– and that is every 10,000 years Urantia time, the universe reviews what it has accomplished in its name. Today Urantia is an embarrassment to the Creator Son of Nebadon, and he must now either clear his name or send Urantia back to the dust from whence it came. You are all familiar with the problems Ron has physically and they continue today without let up, but Ron faces the final lap today or tomorrow and he will be back with quite a story to tell you as he is part of the Michael Mission as a fused being on Urantia with five others to date, and they all will have to face what Ron is completing today. Now how does this tie into my sorry story about politics and science on Urantia today?

I am the Science Officer to the Magisterial Mission on Urantia. Oh, yes, it is coming all right. It is full of the beans to throw away the evil and win your trust. But be assured it also carries a very bad news for the Trump administration, for it will be cleared out entirely shortly, and there will be true government installed much to the joy of all other nations around the world.

The Universe Millennium is here! We clean out our closet of mistakes! We also hear this salute the whole idea and we are glad as he is a great leader in sheep’s clothing. But he must have cooperation from some of you who just lie back in the weeds and make no difference what so ever. Our intent is to advise all of you that this blog is for good and all time as well, as Ron has decided he either lives well or not at all and that the Universe Millennium and its policies will decide today or tomorrow for sure.

In so many words, the confluence of Ron and his work, the fused six and their work, the Michael Mission, the Magisterial Mission, the Science Officer and the Paradise Trinty seek each other out to decide who wins and what for. That includes how the United States is to be dealt soon; that includes how Russia will be dealt and Saudi Arabia and Great Britain and the Philippines, and Ethiopia and China, and all the rest will faire for the rest of the time that humanity inhabits earth.

In most cases we see Ron already in full control of his side of what is to be done for us as various Missions, and I vote for him to survive as he does but he questions the sincerity of the medical profession in spirit to be fully truthful about him, and so on it goes. But the real press is for all of you to understand that the politics and the science, which I have not spoken to as I should have now, are up for grabs as to how successful they will be and so on. We shall speak to this more often now that I have my own blog on this web site now. Believe me this web site will protected now. I am Rayson and wish all a good day. Rayson.”


Message Blog Number 2 - The Technique the Voice of God T/R  RonBesser 20Jul2018

These are little notes I speak when not transmitting but I do have a lot of experience with the various methods that allow a human like myself to speak the Voice of God, or as we call it here after the late and lamented Teaching Mission of twenty years ago teaches, I T/R (Transmit & Receive) the celestial life who have great lessons to teach.  We need more T/R's desperately and that is what I want to talk about now.

As Ron, I walk a thin line between the disorder of two parts of the mind everyone of you has with me.  Freud is responsible for naming them and while the mind hardly knows it is so divided as such, we can all pretty well tell the difference between the sex drive (the libido) from worship (the super consciousness).   In between the highest and lowest of these places in the mind, lies the normal mind the ID (how he named it that I do not know), and the sub conscious - a place you store your ideas and beliefs and it is far from the divine, but you something think it is divine.  Now the time is coming I feel pretty sure, that these Freud divisions will cease to mean much anymore.  

The current Urantia Book recognizes the super consciousness as the place the Thought Adjuster references for contact with your self as a personality.  While I recognize that, I also know it recognizes the super consciousness is a place, but in fact, it is an area of brain cells right above your right ear.  I scratch there all the time and wonder why?

Scratchy, as I sometimes call my self when so irritated, knows there is no divine itch involved, but you know when the hair follicles get brushed on their under the skin roots, they react with a slight tickle and it itches sometimes.  That itch, folks, is your Thought Adjuster coming and going to and out of the superconscious.

I suppose this is of little use to you in knowledge, yet I am so well attuned with my Thought Adjuster, he decided to set up his household in me in my forehead--  the fancy place name for that is called the frontal lobes of the brain.  That is what is behind your forehead if you ever wondered.

The funny thing is that I dare not make too much of it since we are fused now, as I am the first on Urantia, to figure out that we are much more valuable to God by working for the material edification of God's will on Urantia in the flesh quite often, that flying off into the cosmos in a shower of flames, which is how the Urantia Book describes fusion in its pages.  I do not intend to lecture on this now, but the modification of fusion styles is being imprinted on Urantia even as we speak, because the Father on Paradise, holds that all men should work off their--  what shall we call it?  Karma!--  that all men shall work off their Karma before they ascend after they die on earth and land on the pristine mansion worlds known too in the Urantia Book descriptive Papers.

Freud taught the Sadlers to be good and let God take care of the details when it came to understanding how to hear the Voice of God or T/R.

Dr. Sadler teased his lovely wife Lena who is also a doctor and worked with her husband in the medical offices at 533 Diversy Parkway in Chicago, Illinois, and when he finally grasped how that was done, he returned with Lena to Illinois and began the practice of psychiatry.  Now why might this be important to know?

It seems the Contact Commission the Revelators set up with Dr. Sadler, had to have a Transmitter among them to call the Commission meeting to order.  Lena, the other psychologist in the family, was chosen to do this, and until her death in 1936, she did so regularly by calling upon the Archangel Michael, to establish order, prayer, and on to the business of preparing the fifth epochal revelation for the masses on Urantia.

Doctor Lena Sadler died of breast cancer and if she had modern facilities today, she would have been saved from dying then, but breast cancer is insidious as almost of you know, and as such she succumbed quickly when the final day approached and she said a tearful farewell to her husband and child,  W. S/ Junior, of considerable fame of his own later.  Lena used two distinct approaches to be attuned to her Thought Adjuster to do T/R as the Voice of God to summon the Archangel Michael.   One was to allow them to say hello on their own which today we call a prompt.  I often get prompts from Michael and so on so I know what she is talking about in those days.   The second method was to assign her name to the Father, and then pray for the appearance of God near her, and that was always signaled by a white dot in her right eye.  I have experienced many dots in my eyes too and I know what she is talking about very well too.

Now we must align ourselves for you so I can hear Dr. Sadler message us through the Voice of God technique he later learned to use when Lean left them, and he now practices it with me now:

"I am Doctor William Sandford Sadler,  and I learned to hear my Thought Adjusters, just like Ron did in 1988, and he went to the hospital six weeks later accused of a psychosis.  It is not that folks, but it rattles the mind so much, and he was the first one to do that on Urantia since the Sadler's did it in the 1930's. as it took that long for them to get the hang of it to conduct the  Contact Commission meetings formally under way.  Christy learned the technique early on and helped Dr. Sadler as much as possible, and the Kellog's who attended in the Commission meeting could never get the hang of it.  In seventeen years of working this way, Bill Junior, could never get the hang of it but today does very well with it on the mansion worlds.

"As the Doctor of renown at 533 Diversy Parkway-- the "mansion," we called it --  the way to get Bill Jr. onto it, was tot tell him he would be digressed outside of the Commission if he did not belly up the right instruction to do it.   The fuuny thing about all of this, is that in much later years, Vern Grimsley discovered the secret too, and was so severely castigated by the very Foundation I had founded, that he had to leave in exile.  Poor verbose people at the Foundation today still think it is the work of the devil and I will not tell them otherwise, as they are mean and petty, and almost singlehandedly ended the brief career of this transmitter and all who caan transmit like we learned to do in those early times of the Urantia Book beginnings.

"Ron asks me to state categorically for all of you, that I never used a transmission as the text of the Urantia Book, and I do so.  We spoke with the Archangel Michael to clarify a sentent structure or a spelling or even how to handle a Forum question then about our pay grade to answer.  Now all of you know that transmitting the Voice of God was used to give our meetings meaning and that Paul of Tarsus was using the technique even in modern Rome of his day."


FUSION TALK / A Thought Adjuster Speaks: I AM YOU!
« on: July 20, 2018, 11:57:35 AM »
Audio Tape:

Speaker: Beloved/ Lemuel
Subject. I AM YOU
Place: Valls, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 20th July 2018  07:25 Local  06:25 Z

Note from admin:

When we finally realize we are indwelt by a spark, a real entity, of our Father, it makes a huge difference in our approach to ourselves as living much longer and further than we thought life gave to us.  Thought Adjusters are a piece of the true spirit of the Creator of All, and they are sent to us around, mostly, about age six or seven, and then are in our hearts and minds until we breathe our last and leave the body.  They come back when you are reborn as yourself as you prepare for eternal life among the stars and moons of fate forever.

I have riposted our Member by the name of Lemuel, a friend and a fellow traveler with us as in human form he has mastered the ability to speak the Word of God, sometimes called the Voice of God, and in recent memory T/R (to Transmit and Receive the Voice of God as reminder lessons we have an obligation to know more about our place in the universe.).

I have a little surprise for you as you listen to the tape above, because Lemuel has come close to God, and that is what the Father calls "attunement," and that means the spark called the Thought Adjusters is willing to speak to you audibly and fully, and as this tape demonstrates. Adjusters can impart profound messages to you as you listen and even speak for him to us outside of you.

The surprise I have for some of you is to tell you that Saint Paul, the Apostle, could speak the Voice of God, too.  He spoke his indwelling spirit's voice of lessons for the brand new Christianity developing in the Roman Empire, Greece, and elsewhere around the great inland Sea, the Mediterranean.  But did you know that Saint Paul wrote down his teachings which the Bible codified as part of itself as the New Testament?   Here is a small list of the Books of the Bible Paul contrinuted to or entirely wrote that became Chapters you read daily some of you.   He writes the Voice of God as himself today as Paul lives eternally. not as an historical figure, but with us again on our very earth you live and breath upon today.

Here are the books in the Bible penned or dictated by Paul:

Galatians (A.D. 47–49)
Considered as his first epistle, Paul defended his apostolic authority from Jews.

1 and 2 Thessalonians (A.D. 50–51)
In the first epistle, Paul was elated by Timothy's encouraging report about the church in Thessalonica. In the second letter, he rebuked followers who were doing nothing while waiting for Christ's return.

1 and 2 Corinthians (A.D. 55)
Paul might have been staying in Ephesus when he wrote these epistles. The first letter covered mostly church discipline and the observance of Holy Communion, while in the second, he talked about the New Covenant.

Romans (A.D. 55–57)
Written about the same time as his letter to the Corinthians while residing in Corinth. In this book, Paul explained the connection between the Old and New Covenants.

Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians (A.D. 60–62)
These epistles were written while Paul was under house arrest in Rome. He talked about family to the church in Ephesus, more particularly the relationship between husband and wife, and how parents and children should live with each other.
In Philippians, Paul talked to his favorite church and related how thankful he was despite his imprisonment.
Epaphras set up the church in Colossae which Paul didn't have the chance to visit. He repeated his message to the Ephesians on family relationships.

Philemon (A.D. 60)
While being imprisoned in Rome, Paul was ministered to by a slave named Philemon. Here, Paul writes Philemon's master and pleads for his freedom.  This Book is Apocryphal and is considered to be lame and useless, but Paul attests it was altered by a Roman centurion after that Centurion saw Jesus die on the Cross, and was so angry he took what Paul wrote decades later and persecuted his own countrymen with the blade of his sword.  He was crucified as a murdered and sent to a prison ward in heaven until some sense could be talked into him.  Today he made Finaliter Status and works as a Finaliter on Urantia with Paul as his medium of information such as I am speaking to you here today in this note.

1 and 2 Timothy (A.D. 62–64)
Paul wrote to Timothy, a Gentile convert, during his second Roman imprisonment. He warned about false teachers in the first letter and the importance of trusting God's Word in the second.  The trial of Timothy is that he was stoned to death for repeating these instructive words of God and Paul to his catechism teacher in the Jewish Temple around him that day. 

Titus (A.D. 64)
Written during Paul's fourth missionary trip, he counseled his favorite protégé Timothy on how churches are to be organized and structured.  This Book is not part of the New Testament but part of the Apocrypha of legends installing new Christian churches in Turkey and the Levant.

You who read this must realize that the brilliance of the words of Paul are also the inspirational words of his Thought Adjuster.  Paul is a brilliant fellow anyhow, and he makes great strides on our planet today as a finished spirit fused with his Adjuster and is now a Finaliter and works on Urantia now to help spiritualize the population as best he can, 

I close with the admonition that psychic teachings here and abroad today are full of total gibberish and misinformation.  You who would like to T/R need only to sit in prayer and ask for the privilege.  If you hear the Voice of God when you T/R, be assured you will be instructed on best how to speak the truth in human terms all day long.  I now T/R Paul of Tarsus for your edification:

"I am that Paul who speaks in Books of the Bible.  You who are guests and read these things sometimes must learn to appeal to your fellow Christians, I still live!  Ron even jokes with me as he hears me speak, and I speak tongues yet which Ron considers hysteria, but they are rooted much deeper in the soul than emotional froth of illness over issues of heart and emotions.   The Quakers of Pennsylvania spoke tongues as a matter of faith, and Ron has heard one of his students speak in tongues, and found her truly to be of the hysterical nature.  One must so careful to know the Voice of God or T/R as we speak of it today, and to realize it is a rational process and not an emotional one so many call upon "tongues," these days.

"I confess when using Ron to have him type out what I had to do long hand, is now tribulation ever, but he is so well attuned to his Thought Adjuster, that spark of t he Father fused him in his mind and now he can relate to any spirit who can translate into English the lessons they wish to impart. 

"When I died in Rome in your calendar year seventy-five (75AD), I was hung upside down on the cross.  That story has remained obscured by changes to my text by Christians hundreds of years later, and many of my books have been so regulated, they are no longer fully and truly my sayings direct anymore.  Beware the sloth of Christianity today and favor the truth always over those who betray Jesus daily over slights they wish corrected in their own lives.  Christianity is not what it was when I walked the areas of the world then, but has become slick and ugly in the eyes of true spirit.  It must be reformed and it will be reformed, but not until Jesus walks upon the earth once more!  Be Redeemed in CHRIST!  I wish you all a good day.  Paul of the Bible."

Ron here again - I concluded with a Voice of God statement through me from our Creator Son, Michael, who is God and the soul of Jesus:

"Be wise as serpents, but gentle as doves.  You who hear me hear me not well enough yet to understand I am Jesus and I am the Creator Son of all you behold on earth.  Take with you the ideals of Christianity, but bid Christianity farewell for a far better religion of Christ to appear soon, and that shall be from the very mouth of the divine and holy One, known as Jesus of Nazareth.  I am He and you are sinners if you prevail with the pulpit as it exclaims today, "I am God the Father, for God the Father is different and fully more powerful than Me or I ever could be.  In Thessalonians we learn Paul at his best when he declares man a sinner, and God to be the One who arises daily as the sun does over field and mortuary.  Take him as he is called to serve even today on an earth so sinned soaked we must works hard and grudgingly for its redemption!  My heart goes out to all of you who search yet find not your Thought Adjuster to speak to.  Good day. Michael."


Blog to start this category off -

From Ron Besser:
JUST A CHAT WITH YOU (I am not transmitting for this one)

It has occurred to me that we are such a moment of transition that we can leave a lot of people sitting along side the road to Nirvana, who like the time out but forget the road does go somewhere.  If we continue to Tarry in confusion, we might forget to follow the road entirely, but I am here to state a few things that maybe you did not know, and it might cheer you enough to determine the road, while chary, is to be followed again.  Let me put some of this into headers too:

The Political Scene on Urantia as lived in the United States:

This editor gags.  I am not going to get real political, but would you believe the election of a certain Republican to the White House, actually upset the plans of the Magisterial Mission?

That is because mostly over the lack of cooperation by the United States to invite and sustain a divine Mission on its own soil.   Serara once said they had counted on Hilary Clinton to take it easily, and felt whooped when Trump made away with it.  I recall speaking to Serara on election night waiting for Michigan and Wisconsin tallies to come in very late, and expecting Hilary to squeak it out from them.  But noooo, it went the wrong way for the Clinton’s totally.  In any case I heard Serara speculate this “will not pass up here real easy anymore.”   I fully agreed and I did not suspect either that they had to pull the plug on several big projects they wanted done with Hilary working for them in some sort of home weapon control and drug remedies.  We never got to them when it literally became impossible to get cooperation.

It is the same today, by the way, although we have glimmers now and then it could be otherwise.  Stay tuned, for the natural governments in American democracy may still want to help out especially if Jesus drops by.

The Second Return & The Lottery:

That sure brings up the idea of Jesus and a cloudy set of steps coming down to earth to say, “hi!”  Do you think he will stop at that and maybe take a souvenir back home with him in an afternoon visit?  He has to pay for it you know . . . .  But there are enough pennies thrown away he need only look down a lot to pay that bill off.

Seriously, the visit is truly planned for.  The trouble is there is no hotel we can set up for him while we do not cooperation, and some sense of how many sheets we need to make a bed for how long?  Last time I spoke with the Creator Son, we agreed not to talk about it, but I slipped and asked him how his headache was after trying the old Bestowal clothes back on?   Nonetheless, I suspect Jesus is getting Yancy waiting in the Magisterial Mission green room to go on TV, or whatever you do when the even the cows are to be informed too.  That is one powerful news station which by the way the transmitters are in Poughkeepsie, New York on the Hudson River.

The Second Urantia Book:

Boy has this been a hot potato.  I started getting notices, oh, about four years ago a new Book was in the works.   Then two years ago the Chairman of the Second Revelatory Commission, got slap happy in a discussion over my questions what were they holding out for?  Another Moses to take it down from the mountain.  You all know the renown Dr. William S. Sadler, a heart surgeon turned psychologist along with his good wife Lena, managed to put one together you are reading now, and he worked his tail off keeping secrets to the point he didn’t like it any more.  His life was complicated with the Sleeping Subject who always did it when he wanted to go to bed, and then they waited abouyt 31 years to actually get a book cover published.

For us, the only sleeping subject was me for staying up too late asking the Committee where they were in the project, and getting sappy answers, like real drawn out soooooon’s.   Suddenly I am told it is done, but the politics upstairs got so hot they forgot what to call it and I am still tgrying to find out if it is a titled dignitary or a scrap book for the memories of the first volume.  Stay tuned.

Finally, THIS:

We are actually on the cusp of big doings on Urantia soooooon.  Old Urantia they keep telling us in for a tipsy few days with a pole shift they swear is ready to darken your day, maybe, or lighten your night– to hard to say which ‘cause it matters what part of the world you live on when the old girl tilts on its axis another 10 to 15 degrees more and stays that way for a month or less.  You know don’s t you chicken little is going to be finally recognized as a trie prophet!

Oh yeah, and this too: the last year we ever have Christmas on December 25th was last year.   Maybe.  At least I think so.   The Spirit above says they are sick and tired of translating our dates to their dates and still not getting it right!  Serara, the Magisterial Son insists that he is going to rectify the entire matter of dates by establishing a new calendar when he gets to Urantia for his Magisterial Mission with his other Magisterial Son colleague, Monjoronson.  One of these days April showers may well fall on December’s Towers of good will and peace to all on earth!

Thanks for the follow along.
Ron Besser

Amethyst - I love your picture - thanks! 
And Clency - and to both of you.  I spoke briefly with Michael before I had to do another transmission tonight I hope to post late tomorrow.  As I said in my post above he shrugged meaning he was noncommittal to what I saw take place in this video which I really enjoyed watching.  Now he tells me to leave him alone, but let me feed you my impressions anyhow.

First, it is real.  Second reading this way I tried when I was much younger and utterly failed and I never tried it since.  I am going to try to train myself to do it because I could read the books I cannot read now due to loss of vision by accident about three years ago this December.  I heard a voice tell me if I tried it out to allow me (and that is different for everybody really) six to eight hours for the celestial helpers to install a wave sensor in me, and then to attempt it with my present Urantia Book and see what happens.  If I can do it with that wave sensor they have to place in my brain, it will take me about sixteen hours of stead practice to realize the vibrational frequency I have to learn to recognize from my finger tips.

Now if my finger tipes are still agile enough that will work.  But I do have some arthritis and some problems because I type so much, and that can hamper reading since the bone marrow is almost gone from me entirely.  That may mean I cannot do it but that is the way life is.  The point is you have to learn technique, not to lose faith in the ability to read like this.  It works.

"Amethyst, you dear reader you.  I bet you can and this is Michael overriding this idiot who loves you and wants you to take on everything new you can and astound your friends.  Clency you can do this already you just do not know how good you are already.   Both of you must be sure you have full blindfolds and they used an undercover bandage of type and probably two layers of dark cloth as a blind fold securely tied around their eyes so NO light is visible inside.  Ron asked a very serious question and it should be observed, except for the piano player, they had good overhead lights on.  The player sat next to a full glass door or window and had lots of bright indirect light,  I recommend you try this with a bright light on your text to read with your fingers and not try reading with the fingers in the dark.  A;so pray for a wave sensor we are installing in Ron tonight so he can try this over the next few days.  Ron has no dark blindfold at home but he has a hood from his winder coat he can detach with snaps at the base that should be total darkness for him with little effort.  This is Michael.  Good day."

Ron here:  In case you did not notice, the small kid on the right side of your screen is pretty extraordinary.  Notice his friend on the right at one point wrote with a marker on his tablet the number sequence 1 to 10.   The instructor behind him then erased the number 4 out of the sequence and the little boy on your screen right got the impression without looking that his friend erased a number and then correctly wrote on his pad the missing number 4.

He was blindfolded and reading with his fingers.  Somehow that reading child also saw in his minds eye the for sure missing 4 and wrote it down without hesitation.  That is not just finer reading that is a psychic marvel nad it is not explained in the video.  Take a look at it all as you will miss some of this if you do not check it all out.   Ron 

I said to Michael of Nebadon as I watched all of this video.  This is a sense I never knew existed!!  (Michael transmitted me a shrug.  So much for that!) Watch it with patience as it is in Spanish with English sub titles and the kids do it so easily.  They are fully blindfolded, open a book and read with their finger tips on the page and the words are transferred to the imagination!!  What else??

If you know this technique, tell me!  Comments, post here.  Thanks Ron

Discuss This Web Site / xx test
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:22:01 PM »

The Universal Absolute Speaks:
Michael of Nebadon
Consummator of Universe Destiny
Mother Spirit

York, PA four PM Local time
July 18, 2108


“I am the Universal Absolute.  Some of you never heard of me and shame on you.  But that aside, Ron questioned me today and stated something I never heard from Urantia before, and it has elements of so much truth I must speak to it.

“In looking at the Deity Absolute, Ron commented on his ability to give Prophecy.  If there were no future no prophecy could be made, You all understand that very well I am sure.  But what you do not understand, is that the Deity Absolute has no intention of ever removing all futures in your careers or future careers of all possible forms of life that ever can be created or eventuated or as Deity itself. 

“Therefore, let it be known that I, the Universal Absolute, I am essentially the fulcrum upon which the future and the past become one at any given time.  Second, that I am sure Ron understands too little too but he asked the question which startles us: ‘Universal Absolute, you strike me more like the Trinity than the Infinite Spirit.  Am I wrong?’

“He is not wrong.  The Urantia Book got cut in this area very hard and the First Revelatory Committee was stuck trying to leave the telling about Absolutes in it yet prevail upon mortal minds we are essentially the origins of the Master Universe and all it contains.  Therefore be assured that I the Universal Absolute am ready to explain more than I ever did to an evolutionary world.  I also report to Ron that I am being translated not by a Master Spirit but by the Deity Absolute, and that makes Ron laugh as the Deity Absolute has to be translated to Ron through a Master Spirit.  That is not to be boithered right now in any case.

“I am the equivalent of the Paradise Trinity in the Absolutes if there were such a thing to express in Infinity.  Ron got it right on so well I had to tell him he saw it correctly, and that was without any prompting from the Chairman of the First Revelatory Committee, Malvantra Melchizedek at the time.    I am also resplendit on the Infinite Spirit, as I must make amends in the universe you know nothing about, and Ron touched on it by wondering if I was translated by the Power Directors.  What a mind!  He has nothing left to do but wait me out that is all!  You are all wondering why I speak now to little mortal Ron?  He is not a little mortal anymore but that is beside the point.  He is fully commissioned in the Local Universe to do my bidding to help Urantia gain inerrant stupidity not, but some idea of their heritage and that is all I can say right now.  I further uncomplicate the business of the new revelatory book, the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and must return to the original idea of revealing my nature.  But the new Urantia Book, properly called the Nystoria Book of Revelation, has now been title URANTIA: THE SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION.  We are also sure Ron got that right for a small change in his own mind which catalogs and uncatalogs like a pro now.   For sure we see this process how he writes this material out for us.  He is a trial with punctuation though and we let all periods cycle out.   I am the Universal Absolute, and let me explain something that was missed in your fifth epochal revelation:

“I am the universe balance between what is and what will be.  Ron already understood that, but was trying to add to that understanding just how I could be like the Trinity, and suddenly hit on the idea that I am a universe unifier of the past with the future.  That is true.  But what one should know is that the unifier of the past with the future is not only Trinity, it is also Creator Son, and God the Supreme and God the Ultimate, blend with the Creator Sons to grasp their intentions to improve the past so the future is replete for God the Absolute when he arranges to appear before the magnificent Master Universe.

“Now God the Absolute through Deity Absolute, when speaking with Ron, saw to it to tell him that the fifth outers pace region is truly the playground for God the Absolute.  He also was instructed that the Master Universe becomes Infinite when the Deity Absolute proposes to wrap the fifth outer space level back over the roof of the all segments of the Master Universe to that point.  How the Deity Absolute does that wrapping is a grand secret never disclose to out side the Circle of Infinity, but as Ron told you earlier, he doesn’t literaly pick up a corner of the fifth outer space region and pull it up over the older segments, but changes space conditions alone from space you live in and know to hyperspace.  I leave others to tell about that although Ron already did in his posts on Infinity in Who Is God/What is God, Category this is posted in.

“I have explained that circumstance, but you ought to understand that the Deity Absolute never complains about the lack of partnership.  I deliver that and well as I act as the Consummator of Universe Destiny through Infinity

“Let me explain that: The Consummator of Universe Destiny, is without precedence, yet he is everywhere, both in the Creator Sons as Michael has spoken, and so has the Universal Father, and both versions of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, are resplendent in me, the Universal Absolute of Time, Space and All of Everything Else.  That is a real surprise to Ron but he immediately saw the logic in it and I adore a mind that can do that.  It is so rare I wonder why lecture except Ron cannot think beyond his imagination as he has fully stated before in the Infinite Papers he authored with all of us.  The strange thing is he is ready to accept it as the limit on the subject but not so as I see it as a wonderful opening to write more papers on Infinity in a real and very short time.  And this:

“I have decided not to use this forum entirely but to instruct Ron on his own how to cover these details in a lecture to Facebook shortly so they know he means business,  I am sure some will listen to him quietly and reverently.  His work is not to be shoddy and never was, but he has experienced so many schedule changes he looks foolish as we do at times in a time derived calendar universe you use on Urantia.

“I heard a timer go off in Ron’s head he heard to and that was the Deity Absolute disusing his prerogatives to interfere directly and to remind with a buzzer I should quite while I am ahead. I speak the truth; I will return shortly today and tomorrow and later to finish this.  Thank you.  The Universal Absolute.”

MOTHER SPIRIT - “Ron you are right when you silently signed off with the Universal Absolute and so with the Deity Absolute and the existential Paradise Deities as well, you thanked the Universal Absolute for His condescension to spake with you at all.  It is a brilliant surmise with the Universal Absolute, for his the most respected “Doer Of All,” the universe fields to speak at all.”


General Discussion / Re: AGGRAVATION
« on: July 18, 2018, 02:44:53 PM »
LARRY, If you read this at work, do not break but scramble to finish what you are doing first:

Now you can read it.  Fine.

I am being promised the stars Larry, and Pray I may get the moon as such to get some relief.  However, I am also forced to admit that Michael has defanged the pain I did have yesterday into a dull roar this morning and that is getting as up late too which surprised me when I saw the time on the clock when I awoke.  In any case the Lyrica I was proscribed fell flat.  It made matters worse and I will never touch that sutt again and well out a hundred dollars for a months supply.

This too:  I had a long post this morning from the Deity Absolute and it is placed in the FUSION TALK Category as well.  I am quite sure it explains something no one truly fully understands ever or at least until all of us are under the care of the Deity Absolute some day (hahahaha says the Supreme), and that is how Jesus is retruning as Himself and is of the same natue of the first Bestowal.  I will not get into it here, but it makes sense to me only because I allow that Spirit is inscrutable more often than not.  Clock time is not their time!

Second, you try my remedy for reoding that transcription.  I think you will see that although you lost part of yourself when the electronic nature of your computer eats your work, replacing it is not the chore you thought it to be.

Third, your Crones disease must be attended to, as you work coming depends on you not having it to bother with.  You see you present yet another precedence on Urantia for them to deal with.  The first precedence is me showing up for work they usually do.  You then come right behind me and have a serious disease of the bile ducts.  I had bile duct adenomia and it is horrible, but you have that plus two more related diseases Dr. Mendoza relates to me now:  Your Crones disease is aided and abetter by your spleen which hates your ways with custard and drinks.  You force it to stand on its head by drinking, say, orange juice, then toast, then eggs etc etc etc .   But you fail to finish the whole thing with a little of stomach settling milk of magnesia or some other brew made to settle the stomach with people who have Crones disease if they only would take it!

Dr. Mendoza has a whole host of remedies you need to take down on your own time.  But I am reporting the big news in that your have a second upsetting news disease called Crones disease in remission not and that is worse than hearing you have it.  Somehow you managed to restate the disease into your pancreas as well and now it refuses to admit certain hormones to your digestive track, and you are even more severely affected as you are feeling this past week when your nerves were so on edge with taking care of helpless guests.

Diseases aside, relax more and stop worrying over Mark.  He is fine and all will take place as is the best for both of you.  I am sure this means a great deal to Mark too as I head his Adjuster yesterday evening ago, and the problems were fully stated to me as nerves about being separated from an old shoe like yourself he dare not trial ever for his own good for you to skip off to Pennsylvania to leave him mow the front yard in Florida.  I skirt issues that really are not germane in a public post but I amke it clear to you dear Ostrich who hates crowds as I do and hides from them as I do (hence Ostrich), but we must face the fact that you are not well enough to take on work that requires beating all of us up time wise to get things done on such priorities as Michael demands and Mantutia accepts as the norm,

Finally, I must take time off today to figure out what they are working me with today as I am alternately sleepy and otherwise wide awake to do work in transmission regards.  I feel surprised and let out at the same time and I feel like I am getting fused again which cannot happen again without flames they tell me.  I am also working in my PJ's at nearly 3PM to get this done. and I hate face whiskers and pajamas when the day is as old as it is right now.  So off to trimming and dressing better.


Michael of Nebadon
The Deity Absolute translated by Master Spirit Four, Ocilliaya
Mother Spirit with the help of God the Supreme to cover fusion statements better

The Speeches to Understand Fusion and a Fire Prophecy by the Deity Absolute

ork, PA local time at noon today
July 18, 2018

“I am Michael of Nebadon as advertised in our preamble above and this morning we speak no more of Ron and his tutelage before God the Absolute as he got a rest from the Deity Absolute well done and is happy to be with this us this mroning.

“I am God the Absolute, and I am truly the Deity Absolute, but Ron has taught the Absolute a marvelous discharge to take on today.  He is unhappy as hell and makes no bones about it as he is stuck in low grade material in heart and soul and cries to get loose as a normal feeling healthy individual.  Now this:

“I as the Deity Absolute have decreed that Ron must find a better way of the dilemma than medications– which do not work anyhow– but must be found somehow to end the sorrow he feels over being let down the moment the universe is building up for the real work at hand.  Therefore, we make it clear to the Ancients of Days they must relent on this subject and provide this subject their help as best they can under very trying circumstances to the third Ancine of Days, who is the Trinitarian example of the Infinite Spirit. 

“Your ideals on Urantia are also all being severaly tested as we know.  The Mighty Messenger, Ophelius, so clearly states the truth fo the letter for all of you, as  both Zao and Ron extracted the same post and Ophelius was reported twice on the list under different Categories by Ron and Zao.   What does that tell you?  Natures of heart are similar and love is important to both of them to understand the self entirely.

“We also report that the Deity Absolute is genuinely concerned that Ron will be dropped because he falls through the cracks of Absolute policies that do not ever get amended, and that is the problem, since the the third Ancients of Days faces entirely on his own this morning.  Rescission of yet another circuit was accomplished this morning and Ron feels the let down again.  He has been through eight different circuits to help and each one has been rescinded to keep us following the rules and it is time to relate that Ron gets nothing better than the best soon.  Now this:

“In our estimation we need to pray for all of you:

“We must take to understand that the dim or dark period spoken in audio tape, by Lemuel,  is to be spoken to all of you as a need to pursue when facing an earth pole shift as is coming shortly.  It could even happen to day!

(The Deity Absolute begins without announcement) “ALL HUMANS are ill at one time or another.  It is a must in the training of bold souls as we have in Ron and Lemuel and the other fused people who are genuinely fused to their limited ability to understand even that.  However, we want to note that Wendy Winter must be advised she is slipping a little in her fusion due to her incessant emoting over the fusion process which is complete but not replete.  Please Wendy stop speaking and just sit and find another focal point even if it is dreadful television to do it.  Gitz whom Ron adores is able to do this naturally and is progressing quickly to his fusion status quickly.  When that happens Steve Gitz, let go, stop nicking people for their change for goods you sell, and disappear among your pillows for at least three days.  Three days is equivalent to the sunrise on Uversa and that is not quite right but you get the point.

“I am the Deity Absolute and the following concerns fusion on Urantia and Ron put this in the same Category concerning Fusion Talk.

“As the Deity Absolute, I speak to the trial for Me to be heard is hugely over estimated by most of you who never heard of this part of God.  I am the Future and am the Prophecy Arm of God most of you never heard of before.  All Prophecy emanates from me as I am the future and state so categorically.  That is why Ron and the others listen so carefully when I speak.  I have a Prophecy for you now:

“Very soon, Urantia will be so full of dust and wind when nature will clear forest after forest with a blazing fire that makes the western fires to date look like a small pan of charcoal otherwise to eat from.  ‘I am Father now, and Ron you just glimpsed something I keep under control and never speak to - okay [yes]. ‘

“The Deity Absolute prophesizes that Ron is fully much better in seconds today as I have relieved Michael of the problem as well as the Ancients of Days, who are likewise grateful under these circumstances to have a clear direction to settle for this Ron problem.   You Ron are a terror to type for at times as you catch nuances we never speak to and keep that under deep wraps for now.  Some day Infinity will be better understood because the likes of you constantly nibble at its causes.  The Prophecy continues:

“As the Deity Absolute observes, Urantia is already a dead planet in the future.  However, the Father has decreed that it will be relayed to a better alter future through God the Absolute and not the Deity Absolute because it is too dangerous to forecast a single help issue when the Father views Urantia as a finished sphere and never to be revised again for its present future.  We reported in the past the God the Ultimate had to reverse courses in time to place the replacement of Jesus on Urantia, now as the original Bestowal.  Recently the Father reversed that understanding to Ron one day, and called the coming of Jeuss as an Eighth Bestowal.  We do not rescind that here but be aware the records in Spirit show Jesus making his original Bestowal 2,000 plus years ago, and this Return not as an Eighth Bestowal, but as a genuine return in the Prophecy of the Last Supper meanings.   However, this matter is not concluded, as I as the Deity Absolute see the trial of confusion, not is Ron’s mind so much, but in all of yours.  Because the Urantia Book reveals the Second Return as a relenting by the Father to allow it to occur, then we must accede that the records will show it as a time return or repeat, but God the Ultimate now records it as simultaneous with the original Bestowal.  It is also true it is an eighth bestowal but only as a matter of sequence in time keeping in Urantia history.

“Ron got at it this way and I repeat it for you if it helps.  Spirit deals with time and schedules.  Spirit deals with truth and expression by intention and not clock time.  Jesus was bestowed genuinely over 2000 years ago and it had immense consequences.  It cannot be denied it is an old or past event in time.  However, Ron addressed my Deity nature and said to Me, ‘You Michael and your Deity nature see not a past event but a continuing event by intent to a time factor on Urantia.  Therefore Deity sees the Second Return as a simultaneous fusion of Spirit Intent, and not calendar times as we are forced to down here. “ Michael here: I am forced to view your view on Urantia as the Return of Jesus as an eighth Bestowal, and because I must attend upon Jesus as I did in his First Bestowal, it is a second event and the eighth bestowal.  It is in the inconsequential nature of time that trials your minds on this, and therefore the Father accedes to Ron it is an eighth bestowal without consequence to your time archives but Spirit only sees one event consequences forgiven from the original or first Bestowal.  Christianity will cause this the Second Return and hardly ever wonder what gives as you do Ron.  Thank you.”

(The Deity Absolute speaks suddenly:) “I am the Deity Absolute and those statements caused Ron to look at an average human and wonder how they would ever understand how time can be manipulated so well that the past becomes the future tpday as we look at it before the Second Return is seen that way.  He looked at a way to explain it and then  immediately gave up and said they have no language to ever understand the sense of such a transaction.  Even he sees little sense to ever explain that to anyone including this list, but we must try even here to see to it.

“I am the Deity Absolute, and we must make full trials of this to all of you.  The Father sees Ron as essential in these cases as he is not and will never be divine on earth.  He sees it as a trial to us but only because he is adamant to make it (the collusion of a man of his nature working directly under the supervision of God through Mantutia the Melchizedek) work with our help, and he will, God willing.  As such, we must remember that the future is the Deity Absolute and never anything less.  Contrary to Ron’s view for the most part, I am not the most powerful entity on the loose from Infinity, as it is the Consummator of Universe Destiny who is, and that is a ledge of understanding few ever attempt to understand and Paul of Tarsus trials Infinity like Ron does and in that they are unanimous, the wall to break through is conceptually awkward to breach.   In any case you must understand that I see Urantia burning briskly and her forests decimated and you all must be aware fire will consume millions if not brought under control quickly.  We will not do that.  But we must let you understand that rain will quench the earth far too long and water in the basement for Ron is guaranteed without a sump pump and he has no plans to install one but we would if we could and so on.   Let us pray together that this never happens so severely in Pennsylvania that is loses its forests too as Pennsylvania and New York are the last bastions of standing forests as in the past anywhere.  Good day.”

“As usual Ron elicits drafts of speech not called for in the original plan of this transmission.  He is truly connected well with such high authority he has no problem hearing what is to be except for him personally, and in that he is most trusting that it is well and within reach when it appears to him.  That is so and I am making amends all over the place to get this Mission moving as quickly as it is possible.  The issue of the human fusions now takes over for a moment:


“This so important, Ron writes a title and he should.  He views this as an important as life is to each of you, and so essential to accomplish, it must be spoken to with great humility to those who may receive it.  It is so stated and the following is very important for you to understand:

“The importance of fusion to all of you is understood.  Yet the Father sees it as temporary if Urantians refuse to take it seriously.  Already Ron is accused of botching one example by her husband and he has to lay low to get out of the fire of that one’s wrath.  I also point out that Wendy Winter is such of a nature she thought Ron was joking until she got hit with the effects of fusion and now sees Ron as truly helpful as he watches over her as best he can until she rights herself in a few days.

“Fusions on Urantia are quixotic and unstable as can be.  Steve Gitz in particular must be caring to settle down and let his nerves relax, as those conditions can delay fusion, Steve.  Find something to do or write or sing or play for a few days to forget what is brewing and Ron will inform you quickly if something must be attended to.  He is our contact person for this sacred event and must be out of contact with each of you if it is brewing to happen so as not to stampede you into something that actually prevents the fusion event to occur.

“I am Michael of Nebadon, and I have authorized fusions to appeal well but few fusions will take place until we have an orderly and true understanding of what they are.

“Fusion requires full acknowledgment that you, the human, are silly putty in the hands of God (that is aimed at me folks, Ron), and as such you are wilted or strengthened as the cause may be at any given time.  Ron is so wilted he fears for his life day to day such is how nasty the circulatory system has become for him in total and in small places too.”

MOTHER SPIRIT - “Ron correctly asked Michael if he wished to finish, and that was so, but he is tied up now and must await a better moment to speak and I wll continue on this subject briefly for Him.

“Fusion is a terror to others who read this list.  Most think it a joke.  Many think Ron is deranged and stay far away.  Ron discovered a photo of him on Facebook and someone had edited to place devil’s horns on it and he actually found a way to delete the photo with a little help from us to do it.  That shows you just how hard people play and think they get the upper hand but not so as this transmitter knows the score and lets it play out to the end as he must.  He is being attended to well now and we see the results in his circulatory system as he writes now.

“Fusion is a contract word that covers a lot of territory, and it must be conceived as a unitary remission by the Universal Father to determine the whole picture on Urantia, as many on Urantia are already in partial fusion since finishing their psychic circles years ago.  What the Father must understand is how each of you make it work without making it so spectacular no one can get in a word edgewise.  Be assured we wait for Michael to finish this as he has been in reception to the Father.  I give you Michael once more . . . “

MICHAEL -”Thank you Mother Spirit; I heard Ron think that Mother Spirit approaches the telling in a better way sometimes and I did not take adverse concern on that for a change as she refreshes Ron’s mind considerable when she speaks.  Ron, you have the trial of an Indwelling from the Deity Absolute above the right ear on the right side of your brain.  He is reestablishing left brain memory and right brain unity which we have removed so we can better work with you, Ron just told the Deity Absolute, ‘it is fascinating wht pops out to memory when you (the Deity Absolute), brush some of my brain cells.’   I fully agree and the Deity Absolute sees the love for others everywhere stored but not allowed to be enjoyed at all.  This ends this transmission on Fusion for now Ron.  Thank you.  Michael.”


FUSION TALK / Re: What You Should Know About Fusion on Urantia
« on: July 18, 2018, 12:01:00 PM »
Amethyst has posted more information about the Finaliters assigned to Urantia today.  She rightly places the post under the Reclamation of Urantia category, but it is one of those posts that directly addresses this Category too.  I am calling attention to her post as it speaks to fusion on Urantia and how the Finaliters view it and help it.  Here is the link to her post and her description and understanding of the work the Finaliters do on Urantia with fusion of the living soul on earth:

Thank you Amethyst.
LINK  belowTO post on Finaliter views of fusion on Urantia today:;topicseen


General Discussion / Re: AGGRAVATION
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Larry, I have had this happen frequently, and for posts I really hated to lose, I attempted to reconstruct from memory.  Now note this:  when you redo a post from memory almost everyone who has given you that post steps in and gives you their quotes refreshed and with better constuctions than first used as they too had a chance to thing about what they said then.


You are given an opportunity to try an experiment, and that is to sit down and IGNORE THAT DRAFT, but try to reconstruct what was said as a dictation and see if whoever it was who gave you the message in the first place says, "here Larry, let's do it this way this time."  You will usually have a better post and you already know about how and what was said before. 

I also know you are not well designed to pull that trick for both of you but please try it and see what happens.

Lucky Ron

The Reclamation of Urantia / On Waldlens' Dreadful Pond
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:26:43 AM »
Dear List,
I copy from the 1111 List of our friend indeed George Barnard of the texting by hist contributor, Chris Maurus, for one good and excellent reason: this speech and instruction by Ophelius is too good to pass up to explain the dread we are all feeling as we wait for the illustration of cleanliness on this sinful world.
Ophelius develops an analogy about how we are organisms in a stagnant pond of water (Walden is my addition and he is the man who wrote a beautiful text as he lived as a hermit on a pond in New York.  He became a nurse in the American Civil War and retired to the pond to digest the horrors and love he felt for the men and women he fought with for the Union.  His pond was fresh and clear and full of life wonders then).

OPHELIUS HERE"  $on you make my day when you see so clearly and you are so much fun it is a shame you are so under the weather you feel your life is being snuffed out by circumstances of age and grief over ending before the beginning.  You are not alone in looking at the mess your transition has caused the universe and they will rectify when they can figure  you out not as bad bone but a good bone in their plans.  You are not alone in developing a scenario you say I create here as you are in dread and heartless territory and you must never go back once cleared of the offense of age and debauchery of heart you have experienced so profoundly.  You are well done in spite of the heartache and the dreadful pond you live in with the rest of your fellows.  I am Ophelius and I AM NOT THE CIRCLE OF SEVEN, but Christ Maurus never seems to be able to remember which is which, although you fellows do remember here.  I am Ophelius and I leave you with thisL  Ron notices great literature and shares it with you.  Sue Whiley cannot get on the beam lately without saying her two cents either, and she must learn to tear back her lot and let me speak fully.  Thank you.  I am Ophelius and I have not left your lot but am keeping in touch with Barnard and his groupies.  Good day. Ophelius."

MOTHER SPIRIT - "Ron you clear the boards soon,  You are near the bottom of the pond as a supersized something there and you smile as you have to fight for breath every moment to decide what next to keep out of to stop pain and seek help.  Michael is doing his best in spite of his restrictions to do anything about you today, and yet he knows you sink without retribution into a tank of thought that says I never get the break I need to be refreshed.  You take Ophelius directly as speaking to your problem too by accepting you are under the same pollution as all your fellows, and you desperately need the pond refreshed to live at all.  That is brilliant and you are not alone when you grant Ophelius more space than he ever wanted to you and your groupies too.  Good day. Mother Spirit."

Here then is the transmission I think pictures us as we truly are these days:  Thank you.  Ron


Asheville, NC, US of A, July 8, 2018.
 Teacher Ophelius.
 Subject: “The Edge of a Preface.”

 Message received by Chris Maurus.

 Teacher Ophelius: “My dear Students on the Path, many of you feel as though you are at the edge of a preface — the beginning of something new, yet it appears as an abyss — it is shrouded, hidden, obscured. You sense it, but see it not, and it may even give you a feeling of subtle anxiety. For those of you having deepened your relationship with spirit, these feelings are psychic sensors and are the indicators that you have an expanded awareness. This is true for not only the spiritual sensitive ones but the entire collective consciousness of humanity is feeling a sense of coming change. It is this ‘precognition’ of a collective anticipation that you students are picking up on — recognize it and acknowledge it.

 “There has been change in the quality of the non-material layers and dimensions of your world and many of you have directly contributed to the healing and cleansing of these areas that are so integral to the collective ‘upliftment’ of human consciousness. It may be thought of as a pond of stagnant water that has been polluted intentionally and the levels of toxins have been left unchecked. Now, a steady rain is falling and filling the pond with fresh water allowing it to overflow where the soil may filter the toxins and begin the process of life regeneration.

 “Those organisms that felt comfortable in the stagnant pool of toxins are now feeling the shock of fresh water and they are having difficulty adapting to this cleaner environment. In contrast, those organisms that felt sickened and weak from the toxins are now healing and becoming stronger — vitality is returning to the pond. A natural ecosystem is developing that shall bring balance to the environment.

 “Those leviathans that lay at the bottom of the pond, shrouded in the muck and mire of their own making are losing their camouflage and shall be blinded by the incoming light. For a time, they shall thrash about in desperation to muddy the waters — to remain hidden, but they shall not prevail. The mental tools of control and deception that worked so well in the murkiness of the toxic pond shall be revealed and brought to light. Humanity is awakening and there is no going backward. Only those who adapt to the light shall thrive and so too shall those powers and principalities have to compromise to stay afloat in the changing PH (‘pondus hydrogenii’) of the fresh water filling the pond.

 “Those of you that adapt easily to the fresh water shall be empowered, and I encourage you to take the oars of your life and boldly row toward those things that you felt were not attainable before. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness is like the sunlight penetrating the pond — move up toward it, my friends, and bathe in its glory! Every day the conditions improve and the path of your future becomes clearer — no longer do you need to fear what lay in the murky water — you see it clearly and can move around the dangers. Use your increasing awareness to navigate the new water. Your thoughts, ideas, and actions that are in alignment with the highest good of your life shall find a quickened path. I implore you to put it to the test!

 “Peace to you,
 “The Circle of Seven.”

FUSION TALK / Re: What You Should Know About Fusion on Urantia
« on: July 17, 2018, 10:03:38 AM »
Dear Steve,

Please remember this:  No one understands this gift of fusion except those who go through it.

I am allowed to sponsor you only because your wonderful Adjuster does speak with me as the Adjuster indwelling Wendy Winter often does as he did this morning to tell me all was well with Wendy and the surprise of being fused lately.

Enjoy your 70th birthday, as I consider the 70th birthday one of the biggest of any life, for you are passing beyond the human life into the morontial life quickly at that age for most on Urantia when it is reached.  It happened to me in 2012 and we joked about it but so many changes have occurred since then, watch out for 70 is a milestone for anyone to live through.  But you have family and friends around you and may you find that of great comfort too for all time.

I am also pleading innocence this morning to keep out of trouble with the spirit powers to be as I have been advised we have another candidate ready to fuse soon and mostly unknown to you but well known to me althought they have not named them to me yet.

The goal, Steve, is to form Team York.  All of us are fused who join it.  All of us are loved and well accepted for who we are in spite of something true temporarily or permanently.  Team York is to accrue by this time next year fully, but like Capistrano and the return of the swallows to its roosting place, Team York will accrue its full numbers by then and not before.   Your are to be fused shortly and to let it come to you as you do not have to pursue it.  If you get sleep, indulge your loving Adjuster.  If you get exceited let it fly.  Just stay together as yourself and make no sudden moves that confuses the schedule.

My best wishes to you and yours as you deal with the coming mystery of spiritual programs we have no guide book for at all.  Blessings to you Steve.   RON

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - RON has aonly the highest regard for all of you and wishes to protect you from yourselves as we move to complete the circle of fusion candidates for the York office of the Michael Mission and the coming Magisterial Mission.  Ron was informed by Serara this morning to standby and watch out as he is suddenly returning to Urantia over the ideals of monetary reform.  He is prepared to initiate the Magistierial Foundation at once and Ron will face that Corporation alone as the sole human representative to portray what is to be done for the Magisterial Sons and the need to revise the Federal Reserve for self preservation.  I dare say this is one area Ron needs no help in as he is an avid student of reform in these areas and will use Team York for other things such as for the dissemination of the Sixth Epochal Revelation through the Michael Foundation International.  Good day and best wishes as you await your destiny Steve Gitz.  Michael of Nebadon."

The GITZ THOUGHT ADJUSTER SPEAKS:  "I seldom speak as we are, Steve, not as advanced as the others on Team York.  However recognize that Ron has placed you as a priorityu to be fused if at all possible becasue you are among the only one who understands his love of music and the planning of the Symposium.  Ron has also composed a beautiful anthremfor the event and it is breath taking in orcehstra as we have already placed it on the agenda for that time.  In your case you Anthem is a natural part of the coming together of the elect from around the world of Urantia and your composition will be played by symphony orchestras you will hear often.  You are Ron are true composers and he is willing to learn from you all the time so do not take it you are not the lead on much of this work together.  That means you are in the lead to teach and prevail with him when he sees the reason to do so with you.  I am an Adjuster than needs a lot of reform from you, but the essential foundation of spirit in you is ready for my fusion and you shall befused in a few short periods of time.  You have not choice but to learn to speak the Voice of God or as we call it now, T/R.  Speak it well and let us all celebrate that gift when you are sure of your voice and its correctness.  I am your Thought Adjuster and I love you in spite of your improper cursing at the world, just as Ron does when really upset with people and things they do!  Good day. Your Adjuster."


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