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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / Up, Down and Around
« Last post by Lemuel on October 16, 2018, 01:33:18 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Up, Down and Around
Location: Girona, Catalunya Spain.
Date/Time: 16th Oct. 2018  07:32 Local  05:32 Z
Thank you Ron, Michael and Mother Spirit,

Boy am I learning some things here!  There are several or more in this post to make me sit up and take notice of them. Where do I start? First is to point out that I did not know who exactly Ankara is other than to know that Ankara is of a High Order. I did not know of the Magisterial Son type until you mentioned this here. Very interesting to say the least and I am seeing why Ankara is prominent in my sessions as to do with work in Australia and the Middle East. That is really good to know, thank you Ankara.

Second, the mention of the Power Directors were there in my mind as I type this above piece up, yet even I was a little hesitant at first to go with what flowed. I still wasn’t sure if this is correct to put it as. I understand what you mean Ron to not only go over with a fine tooth comb but to edit it with the American English is something I find it takes some while to get used to. Aussie habit is so fluent while the computer does the American English, to my distaste sometimes as some words need to be clarified in proper English!!. Anyway, I will do as you say for the sake of international convenience.

I love how it can be that I will need to go over this transmission and improve it with the author’s help. I will work on this, thank you. I know that some of these sessions can be difficult to get and put into words as per se. I can get lost in it if I am not listening closely as you say and for that I am learning as this goes and I appreciate this critical feedback as it tells me to be more careful in this work. I know this one got jumbled in parts or it may seem that way but it not my intention to do that. There are some things that are clear and other things I am not so sure of but go ahead to keep the flow in momentum, so-to-speak. Transmitting can be a tricky business when one is not paying close attention to the who’s, the why’s and the where’s and so on, and I get that here.

I look forward to what you have for me to think about Mother Spirit and will type in the American English for now on, thank you. You are correct Ron and Mother Spirit to note the difference say for words like labour and labor. That I will take more vigilance when typing and editing.

In much appreciation,

Sue, after reading your post above, it is clear that we have more than the Magisterial Sons, Serara and Monjoronson, joining in the Magisterial Mission on our planet.

You tend to bobble a little though, and I am asked to correct some impressions that come out of what is an imprecise recording at times.  More on that later.

The Magisterial Son of record on Urantia is Serara. Not Ankara

Ankara works with Serara as a second commander for Australia and the Middle East.

Serara is not to be confused with the Power Directors although you do not do so but it could be construed that the Power Directors are related to the Magisterial Mission.  They are not related to the Magisterial Mission at all, but work independently with Michael of Nebadon.  I assume that is their work with out catastrophic determinations of breaking tectonic plates and inundation of low lying areas.  I immediately think of the warning sent to our members in Louisiana area and the Gulf of Mexico probability of the bottom of the Gulf dropping into a once gas-filled chasm. 

I do thank you for this transmission as it clarifies enough to be quite valuable in order to ascertain that we have additional Magisterial Sons at work in these Missions as well that have not been identified so far.  Thank you.


"Sue, you must be caring to listen more acutely and we are glad Ron was watching.  It is important that you or no one else get confusing information out there just who is working what mission.  You do not confuse the Michael Mission with the Magisterial Mission, but you do confuse the Trinity Mission with Ankara's work which is for the Magisterial Son Ankara to define better later.  Meanwhile be caring that you are producing informational postings and they must be accurate or you lose the ability to do so.  Ron goes over everything twice and three times to be sure that all the parameters are met as to missing words or very confusing statements.  He has already removed full paragraphs to get the message succinct.  Take this above message and edit it for essentials, and as you do, listen as the original speaker will say do this or do that, and follow his instructions to the letter. 

"We have also seen Ron look at spelling you use and he approves that it is Australian versions he is sometimes not familiar with.  He also does never complain because he is a lousy speller without help.  But be caring that when you start posting world wide you use United States English and not the British version, and that is because most English dictionaries use the American spelling version.  You do well and he agrees you do well but this is a general warning to all outside of the United States that the standard we use is the American dictionary and not the British variant.  Thank you. Michael."

MOTHER SPIRIT - "Ron feels you should spell as you have been taught.  So do I.  But when it comes to international communications, start using the more common spelling of words that you vary because of your English upbringing in the Commonwealth of British Nations.  Ron follows them too and was taught English spellings in his elementary education of all things.  Later changes forced him to convert back to the American English spoken in the USA and he still gets them mixed up sometimes.    Labour and Labor is a good example and a few others too.  We will speak later to you Sue for other things you need to think about very soon as well.  This is Mother Spirit wishing you a good day."


A most powerful and straight forward message from Serara through Ron, not only to those who  represent the  "message takers"  for China, but equally to all Governments around Urantia who may  monitor this site now and in the future.
Several times in the past couple of years  it has been discussed that the Missions would eventually have their own broadcast stations both dedicated to  information and revelations and also education.   I so look forward to that becoming a reality for Urantia.

Speakers: Ankara and Serara
Subject: “Spirit Polarity” and “Touchdown”
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date: 16/10/2018 10.52am (AEST)

Ankara: “..spirit polarity of the planet is changing…”

16/10/2018 10.52am



“This is to state that I am here on this planet in spirit form. You heard from Ankara the term “spirit polarity” and you ask what that means. Let me say this: just as you think of the north/south pole..”

[Sue: I looked it up as to the definition of “polarity” - meaning “the relative orientation of poles; the direction of a magnetic or electric field and/or the state of having two opposites or contradictory tendencies,opinions, or aspects e.g. the polarity between male and female.”(Google dictionary)]

“ as you think of electric field direction as in magnetism, when you now think of Spirit in the term, polarity, is that the energy field around the planet is changing in relation to the spiritual manifestations within the planet itself. I speak of pre-matter in the planet’s central core that is shifting in metallic status and will be imminent in flopping to one side of the wall in which it is confided in with its overheated magma and increased inherent pressure. It is going to cause the planet to roll on its axis any moment now. I am here and have presented myself with the Michael Team at Poughkeepsie to help organise what is to be a planetary emergency as the core is building in an unstable manner. The Power Directors have informed me to get ready for a move in polar shifts. The spirit polarity of the planet is shifting as we speak. This will require the remedial measures in planetary management and emergency preparedness. I have touched down as of today to oversee the pressing problems the planet will accrue as a result of the geothermal dynamics, as well, as some political and economic fallout this will transpire shortly. It is a complex array of circumstances, that will be causing multiple problems, no one on this planet is prepared for in such a planetary event as this is to be in a few short weeks of your earth time. I, as the designated Magisterial Son for Urantia, have serious concerns going forward as to how the pole shift will go, and on top of that, the looming trade war between the two big economic powerhouses (e.g. USA & China) are going to find themselves in hot water other than their own currency war. The land upon which you work on to make a living is about to be confounded with the sea. As it has happened in your ancient geologic past, the planet has endured the state of the struggles of the land-sea ratio dynamics. As it is a geothermal planet in overdrive, the planet could easily slip into being as a majority water planet, but due to the oxygen in the atmosphere, the planet will retain its continental drift in equal amounts to the pressure the oceans have upon them.

“Now, as it soon will become evident, those areas low in altitude will experience massive inundation by the sea that is moved by the geo forces of the movements of tectonic plates that will be forced upon by the pole shift. Such is the extent this will be experienced by all who inhabit this beautiful blue planet. The land masses will result in a reduction in size and length. As the sea will become the dominating ratio factor in order to cull the overbearing weight it has to stabilize.  

“Aside from the geologic report, I add that the Michael Mission is to get going in a more spiritual influence to grapple with the urgencies that is inherent in the governmental systems around the planet. None too much for humans to take on as that has to be dealt with by our emissaries we have already working in various areas of import. For you to be of any use, the work of revelation is first and foremost as this one is for you to see that all things pertain to the work of God as it is for the health of the planet and for those of you to survive the dark transition this earth has to remedy itself out of a tricky heating problem. This is getting the attention of the Power Directors to make the coming shift as less disastrous as possible, although it is still very extreme as what it has to do in any case.

“The “spiritual polarity” of this planet is about the top to bottom approach in order to get things done appropriately, then as things settle the bottom-top will grow in steady realisation of the divine mission in their midst as evident and true. Certain forces will be hard to ignore and that is for you to see how God works to make this planet right in all areas that is of concern.

“Now, there is work to go and be for all that it is. You are right to exclaim, my dear one, as you said it and I heard it, I think what you said is true, when you said, “come on guys, we have work to do have we not!”, and so we are to formulate ourselves at once and to be of service as that is well understood in your vocabulary.

“This is Serara, I have touched down on the planet and am ready to assist Michael in his endeavours to do with the reclamation of Urantia very soon. This is a conjoint effort by all those who are here to represent the Paradise Trinity and to see to it that this world gets back to the Ascensionary Program the Father has mandated for such worlds. I represent the Paradise Trinity and work closely with your Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon who is your Father and Creator in this Local Universe of Nebadon along with His consort, the Creative Spirit, your Mother Spirit, Nebadonia.  This is enough to say for now as things will become evident before long. I advise that you keep calm and remain focussed in with us as we handle the business at hand. I wish all a good day and a happy day. Domytia.”

End. 11.49am(AEST)
To Our China Audience - The Following Information For You 15Oct2918 | ChinaNetCenter

Dear China Message Takers for China

I am the Magisterial Son that has been promised to come to this planet for the past fifteen years.  I remain in spirit, but the entire uiverse watches the primary players in the financial markets on a planet we call Urantia.  You call it earth.

As that Magisterial Son I am planning to arrive on Urantia (earth) in a few short hours or days.  Time is very difficult for spirit to assess and we have no direct way to “time,” or as to duration of our travels.  It takes me, the Deity known as the Magisterial Son, ten minutes of your sixty minute hour to travel one parsec.  That is the equvialent of moving at the speed of light over sixty of your light year measurements every hours of your time living on Urantia.

Let it be known that Spirit has no friends and it has no enemies.  We simply are.  Now this: I am the financial worker in spirit for the work to be done on your planet in the coming one thousand years.  That is one millennium in Western vocabulary and it is known well in China as well.  Your masters, the leaders of your country, know me already.  They have spoken to me frequently through mass media and through this particular web site.  We will use this web site and will provide answers to questions you pose, but please ask them in English and direct them to the email as follows: 

That arrives in the mail box of this transmitter and he has our permission to respond to your questions in a direct reply to your email at your computer as you may wish it to be directed.

Finally, the trial for the entire planet is to be sure you, China, understand we will not permit belligerency on any front so long as it is not justified.  War is soon forbidden on Uranta.  We must prepare an invasion of spirit to the planet withing a few short weeks from now, and all will be included and that includes all of China and the people of Urantia as well. 

We complete this message as follows: This web site may go down when the confusion becomes apparent that we are here and controlling media and transmissions to prevent confusion.  Those channels of news who misrepresent the news will be turned off.  It is not to panic but to control outrageous acts of sacrifice or killing or other misdeeds due to panic.  Let this message suffice for now.  I am SERARA, that is my name, and I am a Son of God, and unlike Western religions, we are not one but millions, and we come strictly in peace to all mankind.  Good day.

Threads for New Transmissions / Guard your light
« Last post by SophiaVeronica on October 15, 2018, 06:38:10 PM »
Teacher: Mother Spirit
Receiver: SophiaVeronica
Subject;  Guard your Light
Date: October 15, 2018 Local time: 1:00 pm
Yes dear, sit down and feel the light, not only may you profit from the light that comes to you with its shining force from the outside, but at the same time your inner light may be enhanced. Light is within and around you and is giving you that special light-heartedness that you need in order to let your light shine.  You and all on this world need this light to pervade you and set you to work. It is indispensable for your existance on the planet.  It is living in you and spreads from you to each other and even into the material world around you. It is working through you by the spiritual light that we so freely let down upon you.
Treasure the light in all its forms.  It is directly from your Father in whom you exist. It is your life force and guide on all spheres. The light protects you, it gives you energy and the strong urge to discover life, your potentialilties and to achieve accordingly. Keep your inner light shining and always share your light within the circle of light to make it stronger and more directed to the wider circles on earth, for it will encounter the light of others and start to mingle and shine as one huge light over the world. 
In this episode of time we see the light of the world increase to form a gigantic growing circle around the globe, despite the dark spots that may divide it at many places. Light will always win from darkness and that is the reason why we’re able to work with so many of you at this time in your evolution. You’re  all conquerors of light. So be the guards of the light that burns inside of you, for it is clearly visible to us.  We are here on this world to enhance the light for humanity in order to generate more light. Let the light be with you and guide you to God and His glory.  Shine your light freely as it is given to you freely. 
These are my words to all of you today. Mother Spirit.
Discuss This Web Site / Most Online Ever - population on this site is growing
« Last post by 7inOcean on October 15, 2018, 06:00:33 PM »
As of today my time Australia, the following is noted:

"Most Online Today: 474. Most Online Ever: 474 (Today at 12:55:27)"  this reference is at the bottom of the Home page on this site.

Has anyone paid attention to the increase in the number of Guests here and it seems to be growing. Welcome to all those who visit here and are lurking. Ron have you noticed this too? It has surprised me for some reason as to the site being found and watched and I hope those who are Guest may find the courage to become Members and make themselves acquainted with us all here.

16/10/2016 8.35am (AEST)

And this:

"Anything worth a mention is to be a solid anchor in a sea of change. This is Ankara speaking as I do get heard here by this one with an Adjuster so well done in all that has to be. I like the fact that they are solidly calm." End.
[Sue with Ankara on 14/10/2018 8.49pm (AEST)]

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Too Little, Too Late.
« Last post by prozonov on October 15, 2018, 01:12:27 PM »
October 15, 2018 20.40. Samara
There is still time.
The coming time is full of surprises. We cannot predict exactly what will happen and where. But we know for sure that the movement of the plates is about to begin. It will cause megatsunami, the consequences of which you are informed. The sacrifices will be enormous. But those areas that are far from the coastal zone will suffer. A wave of earthquakes sweep across the planet. High-rise buildings will collapse. All artificial dams will also be destroyed. Those who are downstream of rivers closed with platinum will also be affected. They will not stand. The force of the flow will depend on the degree of destruction, which will enable the population, with timely information, to move to higher places. All communications will be broken. There will be no light, no drinking water, no fuel. We'll have to survive somehow. It will be easier for those who are somehow prepared. But these stocks can be destroyed.
But this is not the main thing. God loves you all the same. He is ready to meet you in the mansion worlds, if only you yourself want it. Turn to him with love, open your heart to him, repent and say: “You are my God, I love You, I want to live according to Your laws, I want Your will to be fulfilled, not mine.”
As the robber on the cross was forgiven, so our Father in Heaven is ready to forgive you if you yourself want it.
Death for believers is not terrible. Only those who deny God die in agony.
You still have time to make a fateful decision and become a worthy son or daughter of the creator.
15 октября 2018 г. 20.40. Самара
Время еще есть.
Предстоящее время полно неожиданностей. Мы не можем точно предсказать, что и где случиться. Но мы знаем точно, что движение плит вот-вот начнется. Оно вызовет мегацунами, о последствиях которых вы проинформированы. Жертвы будут громадные. Но пострадают и те районы, которые находятся далеко от прибрежной зоны. Волна землетрясений прокатится по всей планете. Многоэтажные здания будут разрушаться. Все искусственный запруды также будут разрушены. Пострадают и те, кто находится ниже по течению рек, закрытых платинами. Они не устоят. Сила потока будет зависеть от степени разрушения, что даст возможность населению при своевременной информации перебраться на более высокие места. Все коммуникации будут разорваны. Не будет ни света, ни питьевой воды, не топлива. Придется как-то выживать. Проще будет тем, кто хоть как-то подготовился. Но и эти запасы могут быть уничтожены.
Но не это главное. Бог любит все вас одинаково. Он готов встретить вас в обительских мирах, если только вы сами этого захотите. Обратитесь к нему с любовью, откройте ему свое сердце, покайтесь и скажите: «Ты мой Бог, я люблю Тебя, я хочу жить по Твоим законам, я хочу, чтобы исполнилась Твоя воля, а не моя».
Как был прощен разбойник на кресте, так и вас Отец наш Небесный готов простить если вы сами этого захотите.
Смерть для верующих не страшна. В муках умирают только те, кто отрекся от Бога.
У вас есть еще время принять судьбоносное решение и стать достойным сыном или дочерью создателя.
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Too Little, Too Late.
« Last post by Clency on October 15, 2018, 12:59:26 PM »
With these disasters happening around the world, it makes me ponder how we, who have been informed, can warn local authorities about what is waiting ahead. In some regions in France, the population has been alerted beforehand, through the media, about flooding, but there have not been security measures from the governmental representatives. Only a few people, having insight knowledge from previous experiences, have been able to save some material belongings. We have here an example of human behaviours when facing catastrophes and it is the same in every part of the world. There are perhaps unpredictable circumstances – tectonic plates, earthquakes – where people are trapped, but with advanced technology science is now well-equiped to forecast a change in the weather before it happens. To me the only recourse is the help of our Celestial friends. Domtia
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