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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Be discreet
« Last post by Clency on July 19, 2018, 08:20:02 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Be discreet

Prius : Good morning Lemuel, yes I am Prius and you will be my ward for the future, we into the future, I will have the pleasure of taking you under my wing and there is a lot of work to you and I will do together, along with the others of course. You are prepared for the work to come Lemuel, and along with the rest of you, the fused ones, your work really is of paramount importance for the upcoming Missions and for the Return of Jesus.

But as you all know and as you have been advised many times recently the upcoming dark period and the changes with the earth crushed in tectonic place. These will be a very difficult times, very testing times. Now you know full well that you will see things that perhaps you will wish that you will never have seen in your life. Nevertheless, we also know that you do have the understanding as to the why this is necessary.

As for the rest of the population, they of course have no idea what is taken place and there will be tremendous fear and trepidations throughout the whole world. Nevertheless, what needs to be done will be done and now it will not be stopped. Father has dictated that these things must come to pass, Urantia must be cleaned and purged once and for all of all the negativity that man has put upon this beautiful planet. It will take a little time, but it will be done.

As for you members here on the forum and the guests and those of you who read everyday the postings here, you also have your part to play. You have received these informations willingly because you have been here to read and to be a guest and therefore you have these informations like the rest of the members have the informations and you have the responsibility of sharing the informations with others, with your friends and family, but discreetly.

I would like to impress upon you, discretion is the watch-word, because many will not accept these informations simply because they are not ready for it. So please, use your discretion when talking to others, when you share these informations with others, be discreet.

Lemuel, I must tell you, be very careful also yourself, not by…..I don’t mean to imply that you should not share this information, but the simple fact is that in your personal situation where you are, it simply is not a good idea, it would be of no use whatsoever. Yes, I know you think the same as me and this is just fine. There is nothing you can do to help with your neighbours in your situation. So, simply send them Light and Blessings, and surrender the rest to Father.

Remember, they too have their Thought Adjusters and so they will be taken care of according to what is in store for them, according to their life-plan, so please don’t be concerned about that. Also, you and the members here on the forum have been told to keep a low profile, stay indoors, be quiet, be calm and only if necessary venture outside and also if it is really necessary if someone approaches you sincerely and asks and of course you may answer and try to comfort them, yes of course.

This period will pass and when it does it will be a new beginning for all of you and as you well know after the terrible storms there is a golden sunshine, the blue sky and the birds start singing again and all the earth rejoices in the freshness of the atmosphere and the brilliant light and the all world will realize what has happened and will rejoice as all of you will rejoice.

I am Prius and I am so pleased to be here with you this morning Lemuel and we will have many talks together in the future. So I bid you a good day. Domtia

Lemuel : I am so very grateful to Prius, Thank you Prius for coming to us this morning and for those of you who listen, thank you for listening and I also wish you a very good day. Bye-bye for now. Domtia
Yes, this is amazing and like Ron this is the first I have seen in a real trial session as this has shown. I also saw the missing no.4 bit and was really speechless. Did you all notice too how an object dropped on the floor and both these boys on separate occasions went directly to pick it up! I also notice that when the eyes are covered, the other sensories of the hearing, touch and extra sensory of the mind circuit work to compensate for the lack of visual familiarity. I can relate well to what they are experiencing. As a born half-deaf one myself,  when I take both my hearing aids off, I am in total silence. This is where I rely on my other senses more than my hearing-aids have allowed me to hear to the normal listening range. When I close my eyes in the dark at night, I have no visual, no hearing, just the mind conversing in the spirit of personality. Now I see what they are seeing when the technique is practiced long enough to acclimitize to this extra type of ability which so very rarely gets used and is so very much inbuilt into our amazing brain/mind abilities.

Very much understand why these young ones have really embraced what is experienced here within them.

Thank you for sharing this Ron, it is so good and encouraging to see this is being explored.

What a fantastic video. These two little boys were so much in sync with one another. It begs the
question, why can´t we all be like them, wouldn´t it be wonderful.
There still remains a lot  to discover about the human brain and watching this video is an indication
of things to come in the future.
It is so exciting!
Thanks for loading this video.
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission/ Be discreet
« Last post by Lemuel on July 19, 2018, 01:29:21 AM »
Speaker: Prius
Subject: Be discreet.
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Girona Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 19th July 2018  07:28 Local  06:28 Z
Amethyst - I love your picture - thanks! 
And Clency - and to both of you.  I spoke briefly with Michael before I had to do another transmission tonight I hope to post late tomorrow.  As I said in my post above he shrugged meaning he was noncommittal to what I saw take place in this video which I really enjoyed watching.  Now he tells me to leave him alone, but let me feed you my impressions anyhow.

First, it is real.  Second reading this way I tried when I was much younger and utterly failed and I never tried it since.  I am going to try to train myself to do it because I could read the books I cannot read now due to loss of vision by accident about three years ago this December.  I heard a voice tell me if I tried it out to allow me (and that is different for everybody really) six to eight hours for the celestial helpers to install a wave sensor in me, and then to attempt it with my present Urantia Book and see what happens.  If I can do it with that wave sensor they have to place in my brain, it will take me about sixteen hours of stead practice to realize the vibrational frequency I have to learn to recognize from my finger tips.

Now if my finger tipes are still agile enough that will work.  But I do have some arthritis and some problems because I type so much, and that can hamper reading since the bone marrow is almost gone from me entirely.  That may mean I cannot do it but that is the way life is.  The point is you have to learn technique, not to lose faith in the ability to read like this.  It works.

"Amethyst, you dear reader you.  I bet you can and this is Michael overriding this idiot who loves you and wants you to take on everything new you can and astound your friends.  Clency you can do this already you just do not know how good you are already.   Both of you must be sure you have full blindfolds and they used an undercover bandage of type and probably two layers of dark cloth as a blind fold securely tied around their eyes so NO light is visible inside.  Ron asked a very serious question and it should be observed, except for the piano player, they had good overhead lights on.  The player sat next to a full glass door or window and had lots of bright indirect light,  I recommend you try this with a bright light on your text to read with your fingers and not try reading with the fingers in the dark.  A;so pray for a wave sensor we are installing in Ron tonight so he can try this over the next few days.  Ron has no dark blindfold at home but he has a hood from his winder coat he can detach with snaps at the base that should be total darkness for him with little effort.  This is Michael.  Good day."

Ron here:  In case you did not notice, the small kid on the right side of your screen is pretty extraordinary.  Notice his friend on the right at one point wrote with a marker on his tablet the number sequence 1 to 10.   The instructor behind him then erased the number 4 out of the sequence and the little boy on your screen right got the impression without looking that his friend erased a number and then correctly wrote on his pad the missing number 4.

He was blindfolded and reading with his fingers.  Somehow that reading child also saw in his minds eye the for sure missing 4 and wrote it down without hesitation.  That is not just finer reading that is a psychic marvel nad it is not explained in the video.  Take a look at it all as you will miss some of this if you do not check it all out.   Ron 
What I can say, after visioning this video, is that the exploration and discovery of the human brain are still in an infancy stages. The next generations will be superhuman beings, with the capacity to communicate through methods of telepathy. Domtia
Ron--This is amazing!  But it is not clear to me if this is just for gifted children or can anyone be trained.  I doubt if it would work for adults who have for so long trained their brains to function in a set way.  Perhaps these are homo-spiritus?  
I said to Michael of Nebadon as I watched all of this video.  This is a sense I never knew existed!!  (Michael transmitted me a shrug.  So much for that!) Watch it with patience as it is in Spanish with English sub titles and the kids do it so easily.  They are fully blindfolded, open a book and read with their finger tips on the page and the words are transferred to the imagination!!  What else??

If you know this technique, tell me!  Comments, post here.  Thanks Ron

Discuss This Web Site / xx test
« Last post by Ron Besser on July 18, 2018, 11:22:01 PM »
The Universal Absolute Speaks:
Michael of Nebadon
Consummator of Universe Destiny
Mother Spirit

York, PA four PM Local time
July 18, 2108


“I am the Universal Absolute.  Some of you never heard of me and shame on you.  But that aside, Ron questioned me today and stated something I never heard from Urantia before, and it has elements of so much truth I must speak to it.

“In looking at the Deity Absolute, Ron commented on his ability to give Prophecy.  If there were no future no prophecy could be made, You all understand that very well I am sure.  But what you do not understand, is that the Deity Absolute has no intention of ever removing all futures in your careers or future careers of all possible forms of life that ever can be created or eventuated or as Deity itself. 

“Therefore, let it be known that I, the Universal Absolute, I am essentially the fulcrum upon which the future and the past become one at any given time.  Second, that I am sure Ron understands too little too but he asked the question which startles us: ‘Universal Absolute, you strike me more like the Trinity than the Infinite Spirit.  Am I wrong?’

“He is not wrong.  The Urantia Book got cut in this area very hard and the First Revelatory Committee was stuck trying to leave the telling about Absolutes in it yet prevail upon mortal minds we are essentially the origins of the Master Universe and all it contains.  Therefore be assured that I the Universal Absolute am ready to explain more than I ever did to an evolutionary world.  I also report to Ron that I am being translated not by a Master Spirit but by the Deity Absolute, and that makes Ron laugh as the Deity Absolute has to be translated to Ron through a Master Spirit.  That is not to be boithered right now in any case.

“I am the equivalent of the Paradise Trinity in the Absolutes if there were such a thing to express in Infinity.  Ron got it right on so well I had to tell him he saw it correctly, and that was without any prompting from the Chairman of the First Revelatory Committee, Malvantra Melchizedek at the time.    I am also resplendit on the Infinite Spirit, as I must make amends in the universe you know nothing about, and Ron touched on it by wondering if I was translated by the Power Directors.  What a mind!  He has nothing left to do but wait me out that is all!  You are all wondering why I speak now to little mortal Ron?  He is not a little mortal anymore but that is beside the point.  He is fully commissioned in the Local Universe to do my bidding to help Urantia gain inerrant stupidity not, but some idea of their heritage and that is all I can say right now.  I further uncomplicate the business of the new revelatory book, the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and must return to the original idea of revealing my nature.  But the new Urantia Book, properly called the Nystoria Book of Revelation, has now been title URANTIA: THE SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION.  We are also sure Ron got that right for a small change in his own mind which catalogs and uncatalogs like a pro now.   For sure we see this process how he writes this material out for us.  He is a trial with punctuation though and we let all periods cycle out.   I am the Universal Absolute, and let me explain something that was missed in your fifth epochal revelation:

“I am the universe balance between what is and what will be.  Ron already understood that, but was trying to add to that understanding just how I could be like the Trinity, and suddenly hit on the idea that I am a universe unifier of the past with the future.  That is true.  But what one should know is that the unifier of the past with the future is not only Trinity, it is also Creator Son, and God the Supreme and God the Ultimate, blend with the Creator Sons to grasp their intentions to improve the past so the future is replete for God the Absolute when he arranges to appear before the magnificent Master Universe.

“Now God the Absolute through Deity Absolute, when speaking with Ron, saw to it to tell him that the fifth outers pace region is truly the playground for God the Absolute.  He also was instructed that the Master Universe becomes Infinite when the Deity Absolute proposes to wrap the fifth outer space level back over the roof of the all segments of the Master Universe to that point.  How the Deity Absolute does that wrapping is a grand secret never disclose to out side the Circle of Infinity, but as Ron told you earlier, he doesn’t literaly pick up a corner of the fifth outer space region and pull it up over the older segments, but changes space conditions alone from space you live in and know to hyperspace.  I leave others to tell about that although Ron already did in his posts on Infinity in Who Is God/What is God, Category this is posted in.

“I have explained that circumstance, but you ought to understand that the Deity Absolute never complains about the lack of partnership.  I deliver that and well as I act as the Consummator of Universe Destiny through Infinity

“Let me explain that: The Consummator of Universe Destiny, is without precedence, yet he is everywhere, both in the Creator Sons as Michael has spoken, and so has the Universal Father, and both versions of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, are resplendent in me, the Universal Absolute of Time, Space and All of Everything Else.  That is a real surprise to Ron but he immediately saw the logic in it and I adore a mind that can do that.  It is so rare I wonder why lecture except Ron cannot think beyond his imagination as he has fully stated before in the Infinite Papers he authored with all of us.  The strange thing is he is ready to accept it as the limit on the subject but not so as I see it as a wonderful opening to write more papers on Infinity in a real and very short time.  And this:

“I have decided not to use this forum entirely but to instruct Ron on his own how to cover these details in a lecture to Facebook shortly so they know he means business,  I am sure some will listen to him quietly and reverently.  His work is not to be shoddy and never was, but he has experienced so many schedule changes he looks foolish as we do at times in a time derived calendar universe you use on Urantia.

“I heard a timer go off in Ron’s head he heard to and that was the Deity Absolute disusing his prerogatives to interfere directly and to remind with a buzzer I should quite while I am ahead. I speak the truth; I will return shortly today and tomorrow and later to finish this.  Thank you.  The Universal Absolute.”

MOTHER SPIRIT - “Ron you are right when you silently signed off with the Universal Absolute and so with the Deity Absolute and the existential Paradise Deities as well, you thanked the Universal Absolute for His condescension to spake with you at all.  It is a brilliant surmise with the Universal Absolute, for his the most respected “Doer Of All,” the universe fields to speak at all.”

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