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General Discussion / Re: Obadiah - Let us Pray
« Last post by Ron Besser on April 19, 2018, 10:31:42 AM »
For the scholars among us, I tell you that Obadiah is a Prophet of some extraordinary length which according to our Lord Michael, never saw our historical representation of Obadiah in the Old Testament Bible.

Obadiah is in his telling as a Prophet is exercised over the Edomites who were Israeli vassals (i,e, lived inside the borders of Israel but were ethnically different from the founding of Israel itself) of a section of Jewish literature that shows them living south of the Dead Sea down to about what is the Gulf of Aqaba.

I have copied over from Wikipedia an article on him and his time period which is some dispute by scholars due to the lack of much information as to who he was and the time he lived in [and wrongly placed by them in time as Obadiah explains below].  The consensus is he lived in the period of the sack of Jerusalem that began the Jewish Babylonian Captivity which dates from 597BC.

Obadiah looks at those who lived in Edom under the protection of Israel and who were traitors to his eye and who actually helped the armies from Babylon sack and force the Israeli nation into exile by forcing the people to move to Babylon for centuries.  The Prophecy was that those who hate man and States must learn to live with them or die penniless and be forced to enjoy the luxury of stolen goods and then dropped from heaven as totally useless and left to die out as a person or as a State or as a useful lot of people who could help God form a more perfect union to perfect a sorry planet without guidance.

That has a direct bearing on our present historical era in that God has sought protection for us (you can read the word "us" to be yourself, or individual Americans or westerners, or as a personalized nation state like the United States, and so on), but we are so dumb as to insist on persecution to others and not realizing we are to be persecuted for doing so without any plan to improve others or ourselves and let the entire matter of our own Statehood become dissolved and useless before the future needs of life on Urantia.

Is this why Obadiah has spoken to us through Newstarsaphire?  Probably so.  It is a message of grief really and we must accrue to the intellectual line that we are about to face one serious mess and loss of our personal goals while the nation falls victim to a Babylonian captivity not of our making.   What must happen to us to bring us back home?   I think Obadiah senses that but hopes we are all ready to face the music without a dance this time in this coming time so shortly upon us now.

"I am indeed Obadiah.  I thought I was done with Urantia when I spoke through Phyllis Simpson lastly.  She represents a transmitter with great care to hear properly but missed one important issue by me not being attentive to her habit of quitting when there was a long period of silence in the transmission process.

"I have asked Ron to look into my time and my place and my actual time of existence was in 572 BC  I held that the Edomites were, as Ron calls them today, traitors.  I was not referring to the sack of Jerusalem, but the destruction of lands now occupied by Palestine Arabs that now are the lands of the new Israel.  In my day it was nothing but chaos and destruction of world affairs other than in the all powerful Rome which itself was in great decline.  In my view Edom was the traitor in its historical context, and Edom in my day the fourth century AD, were the same and always undependable.  They fought among themselves and faced ruin at every corner of their existence.  My choice to say anything to Phyllis was to tell her your days coming are like the Edomites of yesterday, and that your world is hectoring to become a fallen Rome without the protection of the God of All, our Father in Heaven.

"I close with this admonition:  Keep your faith in God and not in Missions.  Missions come too easily and fail too quickly, but faith in God the Father never diminishes you!  Keep the Missions and their ideals high, but never succumb to them as some of you have and quit.  I am Obadiah, and I have this to tell you:

"Michael of Nebadon has declared your Ron a helper and that is all.  Ron is not the wear all or the prophet or the great Moses.  He is just your fellow human who must be put to rest soon and be allowed to form a more perfect union with God and his Father on High.  He is truly yours to manipulate and call names, but he is also the favored son of a favored nation that holds no one high now.  You must protect yourselves from the fights of churches and allow this to wallow not in your mind, but allow the favored son move you with himself to the light of the Lord, however he wishes that to be done.  Fight no one and stay calm as the world turns into bitter recriminations over who is the ruled and who is the ruler, as the United States fights no one yet, but if you force her to, be assured she will win any military battle but will rot even faster in her core beliefs of what is right and just for her lands will be plundered by miscreant nations and her life be spared briefly if she forsakes God as she has forsaken the goodness of the founding fathers of her birth.  I am Obadiah and my prophecy for all Americans is" 'Gird your loins and wait for the founding of a new Republic for which this nation truly stands.  I am Obadiah and I stand well with you Ron very much.  Good day.  OBADIAH"  

Ron - Here is the Wikipedia version of Obadiah which Obadiah himself lauds as wonderful scholarship but is mostly just plain wrong.  I place it here because of the Jewish history it represents and not what happened then as a present Obadiah, the seer and prophet, not of Israel, but of what is mostly Syria today.



The book of Obadiah is based on a prophetic vision concerning the fall of Edom,[v.1,4,18] a mountain dwelling nation[v.8,9,19,21] whose founding father was Esau.[v.6][Genesis 36:9] Obadiah describes an encounter with God who addresses Edom’s arrogance and charges them for their violent actions against their brother nation, the House of Jacob (Israel).[v.10]

The western half of ancient Edom is the Negev desert all the way to Eilat, all part of modern Israel. The eastern half is possessed by the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan. In the days of Obadiah, the Edomites lived along the cliffs and mountaintops of the arid land south of the Dead Sea, all the way to the Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea. There was very little in the way of arable land, so the Edomites made their living supporting (and controlling) the main caravan route between Egypt and Babylon that passed through their whole land.
Throughout most of the history of Judah, Edom was controlled absolutely from Jerusalem as a vassal state. Among the region's great powers, Edom was held in low regard. Obadiah said that the high elevation of their dwelling place in the mountains of Seir had gone to their head, and they had puffed themselves up in pride. "Though you soar like the eagle and make your nest among the stars, from there I will bring you down," declares the Lord. (Obadiah 1:4, NIV)

In 597 BCE, Nebuchadnezzar II sacked Jerusalem, carted away the King of Judea and installed a puppet ruler. The Edomites helped the Babylonians loot the city. Obadiah, writing this prophecy around 590 BCE, suggests the Edomites should have remembered that blood was thicker than water. '"On the day you stood aloof while strangers carried off his wealth and foreigners entered his gates and cast lots for Jerusalem, you were like one of them... You should not march through the gates of my people in the day of their disaster, nor gloat over them in their calamity in the day of their disaster, nor seize their wealth in the day of their disaster."' (Obadiah 1:11, 13 NIV)

Obadiah said in judgement God would wipe out the house of Esau forever, and not even a remnant would remain. The Edomites' land would be possessed by Egypt and they would cease to exist as a people. But the Day of the Lord was at hand for all nations, and someday the children of Israel would return from their exile and possess the land of Edom.

« Last post by Ron Besser on April 19, 2018, 09:42:49 AM »
Jerry Lane transmits Michael and Mother Spirit on a regular basis in and through what we call Light Line, which is a telephone conference line.  Supposedly it is monthly but sometimes is more than that and sometimes there is no one to do it.  Jerry Lane is about my age or a little older and tires of the hassle the whole idea brings to him and may wish to stop transmitting as he has for years and for what you enjoy to listen to via the audio references I forward to this list when I remember to do it.  If you wish it not to be so haphazard and have his personal attention to including you, write Jerry Lane at this address and ask for the reference to the Light Line schedule and his time to transmit on it.  That is all I can do for you as the era of transmitting Michael this way has either ended or will soon end.

To get on Light Line and his distribution list, write Jerry here:
Jerry Lane <>

PS: I get notices for transmission times and will forward to you Dorian if I get one soon.  Otherwise ask him to put you on his list.  R

« Last post by Dorian on April 19, 2018, 08:00:26 AM »
Just curious if anybody else noticed there have been no new post by Jerry Lane in the TM Audio Archives.  Just wondering as I enjoyed listening to his messages.  I hope he is well.

TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on April 19, 2018, 06:35:55 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek-bohater
« 15 kwietnia 2018, 16:47:59 »

Przedstawienie SORDONA

"Reprezentuję Rajską Trójcę na tej planecie, zarówno wobec duchowego rządu obecnie przywróconego na Urantii, jak również reprezentuję siebie jako Trójcę wobec duchowego rządu Salvingtonu, a oba rządy są zobowiązane do procesu dotyczącego Amerykanów i innych krajów świata w bardzo bliskiej przyszłości. Teraz już znacie moje znaczenie i moje miejsce oraz to, że jestem na stałe przydzielony do Urantii, żeby wziąć udział w pracy nad ustanowieniem Światła i Życia na tej planecie. Wasza planeta jest obecnie uznana za martwą i bezużyteczną dla wszechświata i musi zostać wskrzeszona jako pełnoprawny członek wobec wszechświata, z powodu jej znaczenia jako nowej sfery uniwersyteckiej, na której duch będzie uczyć o szczegółach wszechświatowego buntu.

"Tu Margul, przedstawiam członka mojego personelu nie Lanaforge, ale inego Syna -Nauczyciela Trójcy, którego jeszcze nie znacie, ale poznacie, bo on jest gotów przygotować Rona Bessera do kierowania nową Fundacją Księgi Urantii z pomocą Melchizedeka Mantutii oraz do tego, jak rozpowszechniać ważne materiały za pośrednictwem naszego oddziału wydawniczego - URANTIA PUBLISHING INTERNATIONAL (WYDAWNICTWO MIĘDZYNARODOWE URANTII), który już został utworzony i jest gotowy do działania jako niedochodowy. Jego celem jest upowszechnianie innych objawień, w tym uzupełnień do objawień epokowych w nadchodzących latach. Zostanie on uaktywniony od 3 maja 2018 r. na specjalnym spotkaniu Rona Bessera ze mną, jako duchem i z moim czcigodnym pomocnikiem - Sordonem.

SORDON należy do potężnego zakonu NIESKOŃCZONEGO DUCHA i, jak mówi Michał, może przemawiać i często to robi, w imieniu Nieskończonego Ducha zarówno do Rona, jak i czasem do nas. Ron słyszał Sordona od tygodni i uważa, że to Nieskończony Duch często mówi do jego ucha i w jego tylnym kanale, jak on to nazywa, gdzie nie słyszy żadnych słów, ale jest całkiem pewien, co musi zrobić, aby uratować sytuację. Sordon lubi się śmiać, kiedy się z nim styka, ponieważ ma poczucie humoru podobne do Rona - bardzo zabawnego człowieka, gdy go zachęcić do komentarza na temat współczesnej kultury. Jego Zakon pozostanie tajny, do czasu nadejścia dni Światła i Życia na Urantii, wtedy chętnie opowie wam wszystkim, czym może być jego Zakon. SORDON jest gotowy współpracować z Ronem nad publikacjami, które musi on szybko przekazać do rozpowszechnienia na całym świecie, tzn. książek, które będą tłumaczone jako uzupełnienie do szóstego epokowego objawienia, gdy będziemy realizować pełny program rozpowszechniania, jaki przewidujemy dla Fundacji Księgi Urantii w przyszłości. Póki co uzupełniamy nasze wiadomości dla was wszystkich mówiąc, że ostatni horyzont tego, co się wydarzy, pojawi się w wiadomości od Rona za kilka godzin. Na razie, żeby przygotować teren powiemy, że kandydaci do Zespolenia, którzy wciąż czekają, zostaną rozpatrzeni podczas kolejnego Spotkania Doradczego Grupy Dwudziestu Pięciu z udziałem Rona jako ich gościa przy stole, przy którym zasiadają w celu konsultacji. On jest naprawdę jednym z nas i wkrótce odzyska siły i odbędzie konferencję z Najwyższymi Ojcami, którzy mają do niego zaufanie, lecz są pełni przesady, więc nie wykorzystają go prędko, Dobrego dnia. Tu Margul z Sordonem do waszych usług.
General Discussion / Re: Obadiah - Let us Pray
« Last post by wendy.winter on April 19, 2018, 02:00:03 AM »
@RogerK, I am not one to give accolades easily but cannot help to express that I have always had an endearing heart for you. Your honesty is truly inspirational and I look forward to spending time with you in the Mansion worlds as we traverse onwards and upwards. Wendy
General Discussion / Re: Obadiah - Let us Pray
« Last post by roger krupa on April 19, 2018, 12:53:14 AM »
I thank you, my friend for these words of encouragement.  I have been going through some hard times lately, and only getting harder, but I have faith in God above and God within.  While my comments on this forum have been infrequent of late, I try to follow it as much as I can.  I am truly saddened by the loss of some members who I thought I could trust, but this Mission is serious business and requires top notch people who can toe the line without faltering.  I am very careful about what I think and what I perceive.  I rely on my inner spirit as much as I am able in these troubled times.  I know I am loved and have true value, but I must bring it out.  I am but a tiny seed who has the potential to develop into a mighty tree, but I must apply myself with the will of God in order to do it.  That is what ascension is all about, growing to the realization of God.  With faith we can find our way though the darkest caverns and the hardest ways.  We need only know what is right and have the courage to do it.  I must confess that I get a D- in courage.  I pray for more help from my Celestial friends and I sincerely apologize for the chaos around my place that has been driving them away.  I pray for some peace and the courage to enforce it.  I ramble, so I will let this go with a simple affirmation:

I am of God, God is in me, I will do His will as He desires, as I desire, for We will be One. 

Domtia, Roger K.
General Discussion / Obadiah - Let us Pray
« Last post by newstarsaphire on April 18, 2018, 02:34:41 PM »
Teacher:   Obadiah
Subject:  Let us Pray
18-Apr-18 12:46 PM  EST  
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

I received the name "Obadiah" earlier this afternoon and asked my Adjuster if there was a message he wished for me to receive from him.

My Adjuster:  “Yes my ward there is a message here for you from Obadiah a faithful servant and son of God.”

"Obadiah is my name and the spoken word of God is my fame.  

"As you here as transmitters have experienced for yourselves it is not easy speaking the word of God to your earthly brethren.  Receiving the word of the Father can be comparatively easy for some yet “the receiving” of Fathers words by our brethren [through us] is a different story altogether.

"Unfortunately, in this respect, not much has changed on my nascent sphere of Urantia where fears and misconceptions run rampant in the mind of man; with neither resistance given nor correction found.  It will be a hard pill to swallow for many mortals in the days to come who will use their well honed skills of skepticism and malcontent to hurl open threats and accusations at those who dare to come forward as representatives of the living word of God. The population is well schooled in the arts of deception and misleading information and will judge by their own warped standards.  

"Nevertheless, now as always, is the relevant word of the Lord a guiding light required and available for all.  Even the words of the incarnated representatives such as the Melchizedeks and our beloved Jesus himself will be subject to the preconceived ideas and ideals of every man, woman and child who will attend to their words.  The task is still a daunting one and the results subject as always to free-will choice.  So let us pray for our brethren that courage will well up in their hearts should they choose to dare to believe.  Let us pray that the living word of God will find faith in the hearer.  I bid you all a good day."

General Discussion / Re: New Era Transition 36 - Machiventa
« Last post by SophiaVeronica on April 18, 2018, 06:49:18 AM »
A very good reminder to get our attention again. It is a wonderful site.
Thank you Evan.
General Discussion / Re: New Era Transition 36 - Machiventa
« Last post by Pliktarious on April 18, 2018, 05:54:28 AM »
Thanks Evan for posting the TM Russia links, am reading through them at the moment and they are a refreshing reminder of how we agondanters should live our lives before God. Great to see that our Russian brothers and sisters are on board, Namaste. 
Threads for New Transmissions / A Brief message from Sordon
« Last post by amethyst on April 17, 2018, 04:04:32 PM »
Teacher: SORDON
Topic:     My Energy Signature
T/R:        Amethyst
Date:       April 17, 2018

"Amethyst, after reading the post I gave to Newstarsaphire, has chosen to invite a transmission from me and I am happy to accommodate, but for reasons of Amethyst's energy, will keep it short.  I carry an intense energy signature and Amethyst must increase her spiritual muscles more to be able to sustain more of it.

"I am making the rounds, so to speak, to the transmitters, and  especially to the fused ones on this forum.  It is my intention that each of you learn to hear and recognize my signature frequency so I will have a wider access to the population of this planet who are willing to learn greater and higher truths.  I started with Ron, and will be knocking on the door of all transmitters with the goal of reaching you prior to the end of this month.

"I remain from an undisclosed order of the Infinite Spirit, but my purpose will be to get the ball rolling on the first of the earth changes and want to do all I can to see to see to it that as many as possible will not be caught off guard.  

"Already Amethyst is feeling the intensity of my energy.  She was feeling fine when she started this transmission and after just five minutes of receiving she is experiencing fatigue.  My energy signature is strong and can be held by this transmitter for only a brief time.  

"But I have completed my purpose with her for now, as I am now able to reach her and transmit through her.  Over time, she will be acclimated more to my energy and be able to hold it longer.  I thank her for her effort, and wish you all a good day."

Amethyst:  Thank you Sordon for this.  I only hope I got it right.
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