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General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« Last post by dreamcat01 on January 13, 2019, 02:10:37 PM »
Ron, I have two words for your streaming issue---FaceBook Messenger. My wife Len and I basically fell in love and became married on Messenger before she came to the US and we could do it properly. It works and costs nothing! Try it with two of your Commissioners and see what you think.
General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« Last post by JuliodaLuz on January 13, 2019, 11:51:02 AM »
To all

Yes, Ron, you got my message right. I would really like to be in York, Pennsylvania, USA at this time of the meetings that will start on January 15, 2019, Tuesday. However obstacles have occurred, such as the delay in the interview at the US embassy in Brasilia. But I am in spirit, in prayer, with all of you who will attend the meetings.

Indeed, it is good to know that the people and guests (visitors) of the Serara Forum who are fused with their respective Thought Adjusters or who are about to become merged are welcome to attend.

On the other hand, even if there is possibility of participation of other members and guests (visitors) of the Serara Forum, it was clarified that the meetings of the Contact Commission (Revelation Commission) will be restricted to the members of the commission. I believe this really is important, so they can perform their duties without unnecessary interference.

The information that an Executive Committee can be created is, in my view, an excellent opportunity for other members and guests (visitors) to participate actively, seeking to implement, that is, to achieve the goals set out in the meetings of the Commission (Revelation Commission).

With the creation of an Executive Committee will reduce the overhead of the Contact Commission (Revelation Commission).

With much love to all,



A todos

Sim, Ron, você entendeu corretamente minha mensagem. Eu realmente gostaria de estar em York, Pensilvânia, EUA neste período das reuniões que vão começar no dia 15 de janeiro de 2019, terça-feira. No entanto aconteceram  obstáculos, como o atraso na entrevista na embaixada americana em Brasilia. Mas eu estou em espírito, em orações, com todos vocês que vão participar das reuniões.

Realmente, é bom saber que são bem-vindos, para o encontro, as pessoas e convidados (visitantes) do Fórum Serara que estão fusionados com seus respectivos Ajustadores do Pensamento  ou que questão prestes a se tornar fusionados.

Por outro lado, mesmo que haja possibilidade de participação de outros membros e convidados (visitantes) do Fórum Serara, foi esclarecido que as reuniões da Comissão de Contato (Comissão de Revelação) serão restritas aos integrantes da comissão. Eu acredito que isto realmente é importante, para poderem desempenhar suas funções sem interferências desnecessárias.

A informação de que pode ser criado uma Comissão Executiva, em minha visão, é uma ótima oportunidade para que outros membros e convidados (visitantes) participem ativamente, buscando fazer a execução, ou seja, buscando transformar em realidade os objetivos traçados nas reuniões da Comissão de Contato (Comissão de Revelação).

Com a criação de um Comite Executivo irá diminuir a sobrecarga da Comissão de Contato (Comissão de Revelação).

Com muito amor a todos,

General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« Last post by 7inOcean on January 13, 2019, 03:17:51 AM »
QUOTE:"These meetings are designed to see into the future and it is both hopeful that something becomes visible and that something starts, but the other side is that Urantia is out for a spanking as best I can read what is intended before these meetings start.."

I couldn't agree more! I join everyone here who is supportive, waiting, hoping and still some more waiting, praying and hoping for "something becomes visible and that something starts" so that Urantia can have a chance to see better than it does. I am joyful to learn that Jesus will be appearing sooner than was intended and yes as I said before, it is necessary to have a TEAMWORK approach in these coming Missions. My thoughts and prayers be with all who are to be present in the mid-Jan meeting and that this is a real telling time for us all. May the Father's will be done. And may Ron get well for what is coming for he is such a good brother to us all.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / A Time of Uncertainty
« Last post by Clency on January 12, 2019, 02:32:39 PM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

A time of uncertainty

Lemuel : Good evening everyone. Our talk this evening is simply about ‘A time of uncertainty’. Indeed now it is true to say that a time of uncertainty is upon us all. We are all fully aware of the upcoming meetings this week in York, the importance of which cannot be obtructed. It will certainly prove to be a before and after event that to some degree or another will form all of our lives for the future for all of us on the forum. It will certainly be a very interesting thing to see the results that we will see when these meetings end.

Speaking personally, I feel calm and assurance that all is well and this is normal for me because, as you all know, my Beloved and I are one, I am always with Him and He in me. It can be the same for each and everyone of you when you become ever mindful of the fact that He, your Beloved Indwelling, is you and He has been with you since your childhood and He should form part of every moment of your waking life. So, we have this time of great uncertainty upon all of us as we wait the outcome of these meetings in York and there is nothing that any of us can do, other than to pray for all those concerned, those in spirit, our Celestial Family and all those humans who will be there at York, taking part in these meetings.

So, dear brothers and sisters, I invite all of you to please be mindful now, constantly mindful of what is about to take place this coming week in York. As I mentioned in the beginning, the importance of these meetings cannot be over-estimated and so our prayers are needed and we do that clearly and sincerely with all our hearts and veins for the successful outcomes of these meetings.

It is also true to say that in any situation of uncertainty, there is also of course doubt, but doubt must never be allowed to grow into something fearful, not at all, we have nothing to fear. One can become doubtful over a particular outcome, but one should and can remain positive and pray again for the successful outcome of what is to take place.

So, although we all now face a time of uncertainty, but we can also take comfort in the knowledge and certainty that what will be, will be according to the Will of Father, and it will be done. We can rest and take comfort with that. Uncertainty at the moment is, but the final outcome, I am sure, will be according to the Will of Father. So, I leave you now this evening with these words and I hope that you can remain calm and peaceful. Enjoy the rest of the weekend that you have and we may all look forward to a successful week of meetings in York.

This is Lemuel, I thank you all for listening and I bid you all a good evening, bye-bye for now. Domtia
General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« Last post by Clency on January 12, 2019, 01:23:24 PM »
Thank you Ron, LarryG and al for sharing your thoughts about the up-coming meeting and I give my thanks also to Spirits who speak through Ron. It is reassuring to know that we are all part, members and guests, of this enormous endeavour, full of surprises in store. It is understandable that, for reasons of state, everything cannot be revealed for now, but I hope that we will learn more as time goes by. I love the idea of streaming a meeting, not to foolproof that it is real, but only for the pleasure to eyeview the participants and how it all comes about, so as we can say later on, for memories, that we have been there also via technology ; we are all longing for this moment to concretize.

@Ron, in relation to your illness, we have all heard it before that your pain will soon be ended and I hope – we all pray – that this time it will not be another hopeless promise ; it has lasted too long, there must be a remedy and I am confident that it will come to terms in one way or another. On another note, in every organization there is a head of staff to lead the way. Where there is a teamwork, there is a leader ; a leadership is needed to keep the team working together. Your status as a leader is not usurped, you are worth it for all you have achieved up to now and I personally feel comfortable with that. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / A Time of Uncertainty
« Last post by Lemuel on January 12, 2019, 01:12:30 PM »
Speaker. Lemuel
Subject: A Time of Uncertainty
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 12th Jan. 2019  19:12 Local  18:12 Z
General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« Last post by Ron Besser on January 12, 2019, 11:27:16 AM »
You all who respond here cheer me considerably in spite of what I consider are physical drawbacks to what should be done here in York in the coming week.  We as a collective, all of us on this forum, and those who choose to be anonymous, are likewise part of the totality of what is proposed to be done on Urantia, with me or without me, or without you or with you, the time has finally arrived to see the shape of what is to happen now.   These meetings are designed to see into the future and it is both hopeful that something becomes visible and that something starts, but the other side is that Urantia is out for a spanking as best I can read what is intended before these meetings start.

Clency, I hear you strong and true.  What though can we set up on a conference call when the meetings go minute to minute without praying or speaking highly but placing motions before Boards of Directors of the new found and activated corporations that would bore a conference call to death.  It will be over 96 hours and that is a long long time to be informed hanging on a phone, and how nice it would be it could be televised discretely somehow, but we have neither the technology or actually the interest to prevail so long over so routine matters as to who speaks first and what do they say?  In other words:  a conference call is impractical in spite of being informative beyond normal routines.  I thank you very much Clency for showing interest and we will make a summary available at some point, but I am wondering just how much of these meetings we have to share?  Secrets of future work to be done not released yet is part of the meetings I am sure.

Julio, I have a little trouble deciphering your English this morning.  Correct me if I say this wrong:  you would love to be here but as usual there are so many obstacles you just cannot attend and that is okay.  I also seem to hear you say you wonder who else could attend and be welcomed?  The answer is anyone who is fused and/or ready to take on t he mantle of leadership for what is not fully defined to do as I write this.  The meetings hopefully define what is to be done we do not know about yet, and that does not allow just anyone to attend meetings as a guests today.  Thanks to you Julio, and Clency, and Occerpa, I am beginning to understand, you all are really interested in sitting with us to see the proceedings and I will take that as good advice from Michael of Nebadon too, for the Contact Commission, and we Commissioners, are going to be asked to something never done before.  And all who would like to sit in on these meetings would be welcomed, except that a Contact Commission meeting is almost always limited to Commissioners.

Occerpa, I greatly appreciate your prayers and wishing us and God well on these revelations in meetings about to happen here in York.  You prove to me that those who gather in the name of God to do the will of God, need to communicate in some fashion beyond meeting summaries.  I dare not initiate Skype as that is counter productive to t he need of secrecy, and it is also cumbersome to people like me who have come to completely dislike toys that require hook ups and wiring that is difficult to maintain and looks really  terrible for a neat desk to work on.  Ideally you could tune in with reflectivity but that is a universe technology reserved for the Deities today and not for us at all.

Still there needs to be some consideration for the Commissioners or Committees to open meetings for all of you to participate in live and better done than our technology can do by itself as invented today.  I am going to propose that we stream these meetings and if someone can tell me how to set that up I would greatly appreciate it at once.  For now though, I feel forced to explain that these meetings in the next days are mostly secret, not because any of you are unworthy, but because we have to establish a base of operation better than we have now.  By t hat here are the things I see essential and we do not have yet and all of you who wish to be here will somehow be included spiritually in spite of no pictures and sounds to be established yet:

1 -  We have to establish a better Contact Commission than we have.  I say no more than that for now.

2 -  We need to expand a Contact Commission to more people but whoever we take on they have to transmit and they have to be almost done with their psychic circles per the meanings for circles described in the Urantia Book.

3 -  We require support we do not get yet from those on this forum or lurking in order to be sure we are taken seriously, and that real work is being accomplished, and that time is of the essence.  That support should be expressed as donations to help us keep the web site running.  Or more posts and questions to help with our answers what and why a Contact Commission is to be set up at all again in expanded form and maybe as a streaming program of parts of our meetings to be seen and heard by those who can use their browsers to receive streaming video and sound.  And third, to ask those who support us to provide real time information to our Commission that would help us understand just what is needed in your world of life to feel closer to God.  I would welcome other means of support expression too, but I do not have the imagination to tell you just what else could be helpful as support for your Commissioners before the wrath of God on Urantia.

4 -  I speak carefully, but we need to expand outside of the Contact Commission too.  Do some of you know what an Executive Committee is?  We need to establish one under the Commission with some of you folks and you have to have real meetings now and then, and using such an idea may seem ludicrous from past experience, but I have good reasons to suggest such an establishment of an executive committee under the Contact Commission and for very good reasons.  Some of you might Google the term and see explanations about what such a committee does and apply it to us.  This is very real and it needs to be considered and I hope somebody takes the initiative to know about them and maybe even organize one for us.  I will have input to it if t hat cone be done.

5 - I am very sure what happens shortly will be heard around the world as the universe I think is going to unsheathe its sword.  (vocabulary for non English speakers.  The term to say "unsheathe the sword" refers to the classic idea that a line is set in the sand and if you cross it, the sword will be drawn and war with ensue.  The deal is that the universe until now has now shown exactly where and what that line is on Urantia, and these meetings will show us that line fairly well and what we must do to prepare for it as servants to the will of God.)

6 - Our work at York is going to be costly to other organizations on Urantia who have developed an attitude toward spiritual changes to Urantia that is hipelessly mired in structure and without the means to act directly for humanity on Urantia.  Contact Commissions, and other types of committees will come out of this meeting better defined to remove the partial lame dealings these other institutions are dealing Urantia right now.  I for one am not upset with the idea of losing all my corporations to one ideal, and that is to welcome the Magisterial Foundation and the Magisterial Mission well and full cooperation to what they want to de-establish (ban) useless forms of epochal revelation outreach.

7 - We need to establish better leadership.  From little acorns grow mighty oaks, but I also realize that there are growing pains and they can be fatal unless we decide there is a good reason to do anything but wait again if only briefly for the ideals and procedures for better leadership to be established in York, but in many other towns and villages and places here in the United States and around the world in your village and places to live.  We can set the stage in York and learn what we are asked to do, but in the final analysis you all need help in getting your part of the leadership into place with us and cooperating with us to act as a Team to take instructions from on high as never before imagined on a planet like this one is.  My decision to open this place up to visitors is not easily taken as this place is too small to hold plenipotentiary** meetings yet.  But we need to consider such in the future for your own education and understanding just what has to be done on Urantia if we really want to help.

[** vocabulary: plenipotentiary refers to a person or a Commission or Committee invested with the full power of independent action on behalf of their [Salvington] government, typically in a foreign circumstance]

I now ask Michael to intervene and state his views about what I say above as one of your leaders.  I am not a supreme leader or a guru, but I do fully intend to state before you and others we have got to move together or fall helplessly aside as all other organizations have done to this point on Urantia so far.  There is a defined term of action coming and I suspect we get a lot of that this coming meeting.

"I expect Ron is so frustrated he bellows a little more than should be spoken to, but not this time.  I am sure that Clency, that you Clency, understand we are not playing games from now on and it is very serious business to be done.  I second all Ron has said and I took his wrath this morning by deleting part of his post here and caught it good.  He is not in the mood to be sentenced to penury and will clash now and then with all who direct him over issues of State we do not bring to you directly.  He is not unhappy but born of brimstone and pain yet and finds it debilitating beyond belief to deal with life presently.  I am sure this can be worked out but it is fast becoming a derision of purpose and it must be ended for all of you for waiting so long and for Ron for playing games with him he is calling our bluff over at times.  I am happy to help but he is something of a pariah up here right now over physical pain issues he considers unfair and impractical and useless.  We agree but are powerless to change things easily.

"I also wish to make it clear that Ron does understand something none of you seem to grasp:  namely these meetings are secured with little output to the public except as he sometimes brilliantly summarizes days into a few sentences for you to read and enjoy what to know as to what happened in such meetings.  I too believe we should stream portions of the meetings to you and Ron has the power of the bully pulpit to do that and he will if he can find competent help.  Be assured it is available here but not for now.  I also notice Ron fidgets with some of you to attend and he only asks those who are fused or close to fusion.  It cannot be held otherwise because such humans represent the cream ofthe corp to interface with on Urantia, and to do people who do not have these fusions or circle completions is just asking for trouble for the Commissions and/or committees.

"Committees like executive committees are wonderful ways to get things done but they are cumbersome unless you can actually meet side by side and Ron sees them helpful but may opt for a more general type of organization such as a Brotherhood than an executive committee at this point.  I am will afford to the Contact Commissioners that one of them take the lead to form the Brotherhood legally over the next few months. 

"I also see I am battling Ron over issues of health and he is not wrong as it gets worse and worse and leaves him cold and alone as he cannot sleep well or work well with current circumstances.  I can do little when the Infinite Spirit steps in and did what He did over Ron's house a scant 48 hours ago now.  I am powerless and the Infinite Spirit does not realize he left Ron in the lurch of debilitating pain again.  I hear the Spirit say it was not understood but will be addressed shortly again.  K"  And this: "We intend to hear from the Deity Absolute not for the last time but for Reasons of State now, without a secondary voice involved through to Ron, and that is because we must ascend better between each other on Urantia and on Salvington, on Edentia, on Uversa, on Paradise, and even other places you know not.  I am truly sorry Ron keeps being harmed over issues not his to worry about but he gets it in the neck every time I do.  That must stop and these meetings are designed to take that on head first.  I am truly worrying about Ron and his ability to manage when he is loaded with physical pain so great he turns it into angers and tears at times.  In any case we are asking  the Deity Absolute to speak plainly with full authority to organize Ron and his leadership role as we seldom get this kind of talent and most of your recognize it is a blessing to have if Ron can get free of what hails him too often.  Michael."

"I am sure you Ron are exhausted after a night of intense foot and leg pains right up to the knees this time.  It is not futile pain but the pain of heartless burn off of cells you no longer use anymore and replace with cells that can last a long time into the future for a new life with us and others.  You  are fully dependent on your car and your driving to obtain sustenance and that must continue and well and it is being seen to up here that you have your keys back after a nasty period of trials where we dematerialized your work ware.  In most cases it was returned but in the case of a set of keys no, but we will now that we see how critical it is to have the keys in hand as it completely makes it impossible to start the car without the special code in them to start the car.  In any case we replete our standing today and tell all of you that the meetings in York on January 15th and beyond are full of surprises for Ron too and for most who attend.  Now let me list a few things for you from me that can be told now:

1 - No one hears this better than Ron and Gossett:  You are free as agents to live as you please but be caring you are never acting against the will of God to do so and Ron in particular knows when he is withheld and Gossett has no clue yet how to tell it;

2 -  I am happy to announce that I can take that silliness now ron as I speak not through Ocilliaya but through you alone and that is a first for you?  [I did not know it I am sure.  Thank you.]  Ocilliaya is not gone but trussed up for His own reasons.  This number merely announces I have a direct circuit now to Ron alone.  No one else needs me.

3 -  I am on the Circle of Infinity and you Ron are working on the beginning chapters on a book about Infinity and we close it off now and then to work on practical things except it is going to be quite a release once it gets its full annotations in it as I will see to it for my own Reasons of State.  Be assured it is a wondrous book as you alone have some sense of it for some reason and care immensely how to make it practical in terms of man and his views of time and space without going hard into the philosophy of  transcendence.  As a leader in my own right, I propose you drop the term leadership entirely and use the idea of TEAM work completely.  It is not so hard to work with a Team but is harder to work with a leader and I know you fully agree with that idea completely. 

4 - Finally, the meetings of January 15th have great meaning up here on Paradise, for suddenly we have workers on Urantia who are fully dedicated to the idea of transcending leadership from God as Ron has worked hard to see to it as they wish it and not as he originally proposed it years ago.  I am sure there are reasons for typing breaks and I wish them to be done as you go too Ron and that is better now as I see I have to adjust this circuit to allow small breaks to correct typos as we go . . . .   Now this:

"I am delighted with Ron on all counts but he is not worth a dime under circumstances that create such disharmony in him and as such we move well with the idea that he must be cleared but how?  The question is daunting since he is too old for a refit and too young to be spirit so we call it morontial and be done with it.  You are never a broken human Ron, but you need fitted with less painful blood Rh factors and that is coming once clearance is granted shortly for it to be permanently taken care of .  Father now speaks:"

"I am seldom allowed much space in Ron for the simple reason he is angry over things he must put up with so harshly he sees no point in living well in these circumstances.  He runs well but outside of our world of thought in order to complete the things he needs to keep the house warm and food on the table and sometimes to watch the news on TV which he is fully disgusted with again.  He sees the entire matter on Urantia as a fault to be corrected and he is not wrong.  Besides being a tad silly he is also a tad exhausted from all of this mill work to get a Contact Commission established on Urantia and now we are about to do an unprecedented thing on Urantia too, and that is ours to hold back for now too.

"Finally, Ron has indicated that what he calls the leadership has to open up the process better to include some of you as meeting attendants if only electronically.  We fully agree with that but hold the Contact Commission as a secret affair and suggest you form and Executive Committee to the Contact Commission that can meet around your table too Ron.  Let it sit for now as it holds difficulties for you presently to do that.  Besides money is available immediately as I have offered the help of Paradise in that to Michael of Nebadon, and to Avalon and to Sensalon and Wolvering and five others not revealed yet without reading the sixth epochal revelation.  You will read it soon Ron as you are ready to do the work of God completely and are set up to move immediately even though accounting now is irregular and outside your purview momentarily.  Besides SN there are others who would love to do the work for you. 

"I complete this report to say to you Ron, that no one is as ready as you are but you have so many problems of estate and so on it must be cleared shortly and it will be as friends and associates in Mt Joy are leaving the area shortly for the winter and will not remain long in Mt Joy and so on as they are tired like you are of a weather condition that just is a pain to put up with anymore.  I say that just to you Ron as you know the story.  I am Father and wish you all well .  K"

[Ron:  Mt Joy is a family relationship which is nervous about the move to Mt Joy and what Father is telling me is that it resolves itself which I had no idea it could or would and it was to me personanly but I leave it in only to assured it is one less monkey on my back that can say good bye at some point. Thanks for your patience in getting through the personal stuff.]

"Ron I congratulate you on persevering through some really heavy muck to get free shortly. Your head hurts, your brains freezes over issues we do not want to discuss and you live life precariously in order to be ready as you can be.  I am fully affording you a day without problems, and you are gracious enough to allow Murphy's Law to operate anyhow.  Good, and this:  Your money woes end soon and that is all I allow for now.  We leave the board for now and wish all a good day.  Michael."


General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« Last post by occerpa on January 12, 2019, 08:52:30 AM »
Thank you very much Larry G; It is very stimulating to know that in that close encounter of the Urantia SUMMIT, between mortals and celestials, we are taken into account by the mere fact of taking part and being members of the forum. I have been spending special time in my prayers because there is no step back and everything that is reserved and scheduled for the preparations of the Light and Life era of our beloved planet, suffer no more impediments, neither local nor from part of the spirit: We have to win this game this time!
Successes and my greetings and hugs for all of you who represent us with so much height, and for our Sovereign Michael and all his body of collaborators, and please LarryG, I wish you to give a strong hug, in my name, especially, for the carpenter of Nazareth. Thanks
General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« Last post by JuliodaLuz on January 12, 2019, 08:48:01 AM »
To all

Despite attempts to try to expedite the US visa, I am able to schedule my interview at the US embassy in Brasilia, only on January 15, 2019, Tuesday, precisely the day that will start the meetings in York, Pennsylvania , USA. Unless I am mistaken, if everything goes okay with the US visa grant on Tuesday, January 15, 2019, the information I have that still I should wait another three days for the delivery of the passport with the visa.

How I would like to be together with you all who will participate in this unique and special moment for our planet.

From what I noticed the invitation to attend this event was increased to reach more people. That is, in addition to members of the Serara Forum, possibly the event will count on invited people, that is, probably people accompanying the Serara Forum.

I ask God, in prayers, that everything be accomplished according to the will of God, the Universal Father, for in the end, what matters most is this, that is, that the will of God, the Universal Father, be done. I repeat that I submit totally my destiny to him, God, Universal Father, whatever my destiny, with full confidence.

So, from what I understood in the recent messages, and yours is wrong, I ask you to correct me, it was opened the possibility of the meeting on January 15, 2019 to count on the presence of the other members of the Serara Forum, and even invited guests ( visitors) of the Serara Forum, as well as the three contact commissioners, Ron Besser, Larry Gosset and Steven Gitz.

Thus, if the participation of other members and visitors (guests) by the heavenly beings of God is permitted, at this meeting that begins on January 15, 2019 in York, Pennsylvania, USA, I reinforce the message: - Who can participate, so do it! It is a unique moment, I feel it in my heart.

I pray to God that the meeting, which will be held on several days, starting January 15, 2019, Tuesday in York Pennsylvania, USA, will be a milestone in the history of our planet Urantia.

With much love to all,



A todos

Apesar de tentativas para tentar agilizar o visto dos EUA, eu sou consegui agendar minha entrevista na embaixada americana em Brasília, somente no dia 15 de janeiro de 2019, terça-feira, justamente, o dia em que irá começar as reuniões em York, Pensilvânia, EUA. Salvo engano, se der tudo certo com a concessão de visto dos EUA na terça-feira, dia 15 de janeiro de 2019, a informação que eu tenho que ainda eu deva aguardar mais três dias para a entrega do passaporte com o visto.

Como eu gostaria estar junto com vocês todos que irão participar deste momento único e especial para nosso planeta.

Pelo que eu notei o convite para participar deste evento foi aumentado para alcançar mais pessoas. Ou seja,  além de membros do Fórum Serara, possivelmente, o evento irá contar com pessoas convidadas, ou seja, provavelmente,  de pessoas que acompanham o Fórum Serara.

Eu peço a Deus, em orações, que tudo seja realizado conforme a vontade de Deus, Pai Universal, pois no final de tudo, o que mais importa é isto, ou seja, que a vontade de Deus, Pai Universal seja feito. Eu repito que eu me submeto totalmente meu destino a ele, Deus, Pai Universal, seja qual for o meu destino, com plena confiança.

Desta forma, pelo que eu entendi nas mensagens recentes, e seu estiver errado eu peço que me corrijam, foi aberta a possibilidade da reunião do dia 15 de janeiro de 2019 contar com a presença dos demais membros do Fórum Serara, e até de convidados (visitantes) do Fórum Serara, além dos três comissários de contato, Ron Besser, Larry Gosset e Steven Gitz.

Assim, se for permitida a participação dos demais membros e visitantes (convidados) pelos seres celestiais de Deus, nesta reunião que começa no dia 15 de janeiro de 2019 em York, Pensilvânia, EUA, eu reforço a mensagem: - Quem poder participar, assim o faça! É um momento único, eu sinto isto em meu coração.

Eu peço a Deus que a reunião, que será realizada em vários dias, que começa no dia 15 de janeiro de 2019, terça-feira, em York Pensilvânia, EUA, seja um marco na história de nosso planeta Urantia.

Com muito amor a todos,

General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« Last post by LarryG on January 12, 2019, 08:24:43 AM »
As each day brings us closer to this very important meeting, I find myself just getting more excited with all that is to happen.   I know it will be alot of hard work and I am so looking forward to all of it.  As these meetings have evolved, each meeting we have  brings us closer together  as a team.  And that includes all of the membership here not just the "Commissioners" but all of you who have given of your time, dedication and have stood by and remained steadfast and faithful to our site and to all that this forum stands for, it's supreme principles, goals, and aspirations, proposes, and support now and into the future for Urantia, our Spiritual Administration and for the people of Urantia.

You all will be in our thoughts and prayers and in our awareness as these 4th sets of meetings take place for indeed they are monumental milestones in the ongoing history that is being written for Urantia.

I am certain that all of you share  similar feelings , excitement and eagerness and anticipation for what is to be released and revealed through these meetings.   LarryG

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