Author Topic: Meet old Teaching Mission Teachers By Name 20 Nov 2017 - Most you will see again  (Read 233 times)

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Collection of Various Teachers & Subjects:  Dates are when they first appeared to speak with new transmitters at the beginning of the Old Teaching Mission.  We think most of them will reappear for us to give transmissions and lessons in the coming Magisterial Mission.  Tarkas says not and so does Lorel and so does Vanessa and we are going to lose Ham toom but there will be added lots more as the years go by in the Mission years ahead.  Ron

MICHAEL (undated) - Why We Are Here
HAM (2/1/92)- Announcement to Los Angeles Fellowship Conference
ABRAHAM ( 7/23/92 Sarasota, Fl) - My Work Here
TARKAS (12/18/92) - Introduces Mission To Cincinnati
MACHIVENTA (undated) - Nature of Correcting Time
NORSON (undated)- Nature of Correcting Time
ARANDA (3/5/93 Burlington, IA) - Eternal Truth of The Message
AARON (6/29/93) - Mission Beginnings
LOREL, Will (6/19/92) - Scope of The Mission
LOREL (7-31-92)- Interaction With A transmitter
LOREL (12-17-92) - Bringing Light and Life
AFLANA (3-26-92) - Implanted Ideas
ORAN (undated) - Spiritualizing Our Thinking
TARKAS (undated) - Correcting Time Compared To Other Worlds
HAM (undated) - Bringing Unity Under Christ Michael’s Plans
LOREL (9/30/92) - Receiving A Personal Guide
VANESSA (5/14/92) - T/R via Computer
TARKAS (undated) - Pain and Suffering
HAM (undated) - Ending Isolation
MICHAEL (undated)- Choosing Humans To Help With The Second Coming
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Haaa !!!, food for my soul, ..., thank you Ron, ..., very much appreciate my friend!!!
It will surely help me a lot!!!  ;) :D
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