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What Will You Say
« on: September 12, 2017, 05:31:37 PM »
     Speaker: Jack 0802AB B*
     Subject: What Will You Say 
     Category: New Transmissions
     T/R: Roger Lund, Wichita, KS
     12 Sept. 2017, 12:00 PM, CST

      Jack 08028BB*

       Jack again, here to help in whatever area of thought might be helpful to those who read this message. Waiting for the beginning of Phase 1 has so many here on the forum excited, but apprehensive about a delay again. Why don't they just start the Missions and let the chips fall where they will? This is not the way of spirit to do things in a hurried let us get it done now type of thing. Yes, there does come a point when something must be done. And the perfect time for operations to be a public are nearing as you read.  The pressure on governments will extreme during the disasters is on humans and animals during and after a disaster. The government and the people are in one frame of mind, to get things and people back to normal as quickly as possible. So many are preoccupied with survival and rebuilding their lives and their homes during these times. It is a time of coming together for souls who care for one another, during this time many around the world pray for relief for the survivors and the ones lost in death as that is all they can do, but it helps!
     The the worldwide public announcement of the Magisterial Mission must be time to overwhelm the recovery efforts and the state of mine who of those who have lost so much, but to assure them celestial help is now available as these disasters will be more common and on a larger scale than ever before. We must assure them, we are here to stay and things will get better after many tribulations including the plate movements, whether changes, civil unrest and confusion, economic crisis and other disasters never seen in modern times. This is when one's faith and our Father and his wisdom will be tested to the extreme limits of one's ability to believe the reality of it all.

    There'll be a time when Urantia looks back at this history realizes how far it has come, and what has been gained by all these disasters in the coming together of spiritual values fostered by truth and beauty. It is inconceivable now the changes conjured up in your mind as most things will never appear as they seem. Keep learning, keep preparing what you will say to all who seek your counsel. Are you prepare to answer all the different and difficult questions and disbelieves in what is happening? Time is running out and we will be made visible to believers and nonbelievers. Do your best and trust in your Thought Adjuster and all of us here to guide you day by day. Later Jack 08028AB B*

With faith I go, as Love lights the way.