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GREET YOUR THOUGHT ADJUSTER / Re: Meditation & the God Fragment
« on: September 04, 2016, 06:34:34 PM »
I too find that my TA likes to "drop in" when I am busy doing things... sometimes when I am in a place where I have to make a decision about something that my TA "gives me a suggestion... this blows my mind especially when I am shopping and am reminded to "read the label" then am pushed to choose something that has ingredients that I can understand!!!

I've just come to realize that my trying too hard to be "still" is probably blocking communication so I'm trying to learn how to "not try" and see how that works.  Songs are always coming through and I generally find the reason in the lyrics or that the time the song reminds me of held some lesson that I learned.

I'm figuring out that TA's can be quite creative so I just live my day open to whenever the voice comes through... oh, I have also learned that TA's really do have a sense of humor.... 8)

Keepin' The Faith,


GOD The SUPREME / Re: Animals in special service to humanity
« on: August 25, 2016, 08:05:10 PM »
I still believe the words of the poem/movie that I taught my children...

"All Good Dogs Go To Heaven"...

Keepin' The Faith Anyway,

Doug (which, if you remove the letter "u", is Dog... 8))

Hi Nigel...

As I was 20 at the time and JFK was a real hope for my generation, I can still remember, on a minute-by-minute basis, where I was when I heard of his assassination and my feelings at the time.  I, along with many of my friends at the time, never really believed the Warren Commission story about the "magic bullet" (as it was called) that took his life... and I have never given up my own investigation of the event.

I consider that anyone who makes a "deathbed confession" is someone who has carried a heavy load that they feel they need to get off of their "soul" before they die and Hunt is someone who's picture was on the front page of the Dallas Morning Herald the next day standing on the front steps of the Book Depository -- he was there and should be considered one who would know the truth.... I'm not much for conspiracy theories but enough facts point to the fact that this story is no longer a "theory"....

Keep The Faith,

Doug.... :(

Hi Evan...

Glad to know that someone else sees the value in the TED Talk presentations... I love hearing them on NPR's weekly broadcast as they always touch both the mind and heart...

Thanks for the link,


Hi Ron...

We will explore the different ways of "live streaming" a phone call over the internet on a web page that does not need any special plugin's on the listener's end.... there is more than one way to do this so we'll find the best software for the job.

We can also record the session at the same time and make the audio recording available at any time for those who are late for the party if that would be of any help to this project.... 8)

Keepin' The Faith,


The Moody Blues have sooooooooo many lyrics that apply to this Forum's purpose that it is almost impossible to count them... I was blessed years ago to produce some music videos for them and have found they were blessed to receive a lot of inspiration from Celestials above... especially Justin, Michael Pinder and Ray Thomas.

There is a true story they do not tell in public about how the lyrics for Knights In White Satin originated...   but that's for another post..... 8)

Keepin' The Faith,


Brother Lemuel...

As one who responds better to poems and song lyrics, you've got a Top Ten on the Celestial Hit Parade... 8)

Keep On Keepin' On,


Brother Ron...

My hopes and prayers are with you as small as they may be in the face of all that is happening to you...

Keepin' The Faith Anyway,

Doug.... ;)

Discuss This Web Site / Re: is there a time limit to post
« on: June 23, 2016, 11:49:44 PM »
I have one other thought... when you login you set an amount of time you want to be active... try selecting a longer time if you have set a shorter one... I forgot about that... :P

Hope this helps more,


Discuss This Web Site / Re: is there a time limit to post
« on: June 23, 2016, 11:23:30 PM »
Dear Sister Amethist...

There are no technical time limits to replying to a post... there are also no technical time limits to entering a new post that we are aware of... try typing your new post outside of the forum in a text editor/word processor and then copy/paste it into the forum and see if that solves your problem...

Hope this helps,


Ah, the songs of Jesse & the Youngbloods... there are also several other songs he wrote which I find equally inspiring and poignant when listened to late at night under a full moon...  to be back in the 60's again... 8)

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / About Icon7
« on: January 11, 2016, 02:43:19 PM »
OK... first of all, my real name is not Icon7... it's a nickname I picked up which later became the name of my business...   just call me Douglas....

I grew up in a Navy family and, along with my 6 siblings, moved so many times that it took 11 schools to get through 12 years of education.  I have worked as a rock'n'roll musician, a commercial/portrait photographer, a news correspondent for both local and network news outlets, a high school teacher, and a producer of large multimedia productions where I discovered computers and have been involved with them ever since.

While all of that would take a book to detail, I do have one part of my life which has influenced me totally and is why I am reading The Urantia Forum instead of some questionable sites on the Internet.............

The concept of Spiritual Natural Healing was not part of my life while growing up in a Catholic, military family.  My only thoughts about health and medicine were limited to the old adage of the dispensary doctor telling you to “take two aspirin and call me in the morning”.  When people spoke of these other healing methods I thought they were just crazes who had generally lost their way.

In 1967 I entered college and my education suddenly took a different turn — these were the years when almost everyone I knew, including me, had started to ask questions about practically everything we had ever learned.  I discovered that there was another world out there where the Knowledge of The Ages was being explored.  We started thinking about what was best for mankind instead of just ourselves.  And, over the next few years, I took a great interest in exploring this brave, new world — but I still went to the doctor when something hurt!

Then, in the August of 1977, my life was changed forever.

On a quiet Summer night, having just returned from a day of hiking in the back-county of San Diego County, I suffered a massive chest pain and was “gone” within seconds.  An ambulance was called — its base was only three blocks from my house — but somehow they got the wrong address and it took almost twelve minutes for them to arrive.  During that time I experienced myself in a way that transformed my perspective of life, and opened my mind and heart to its true Essence of Being…

When I first felt the pain in my chest, I could feel the left side of my body starting to become numb.  Fear set in as I realized what was happening and suddenly my body fell to the floor — but “I” didn’t cease to exist.  Instead, I found my consciousness slowly drifting between an awareness of my non-functioning body and the people and commotion surrounding it, and another world where I was simultaneously existing.  I could see and hear everything that was going on around me but could not respond to anything physical — it was simply amazing!

I knew I normally would have been afraid or worried that I had died, but I wasn’t — that type of emotion no longer existed.  Slowly I became aware of another presence and that it was “in charge” of the situation…  I felt in communication with a strong and loving Presence but not in a way that was familiar.  Whole thoughts would blink into my mind in an instant, like a flash of energy, and then expand into pictures and words that were understandable to me.

As I decided to somehow try to ask “what’s next”, I saw two distinct images before me — one showed me in a hospital bed with tons of tubes running all over, and the other showed me sitting next to a “Being” that was only a white glow — I felt that I was being told to choose one of these.  Well, I’m no fool — I took the guy in the white robe, hands down!

Within seconds I felt something that reminded me of how it felt when I had been shocked by a shorted electric cord — Zap, and I was back in my body and sat straight up…  I couldn’t believe the looks on people’s faces.  One person had timed the whole incident and said it had been 10.5 minutes — then the ambulance finally arrived and I was told that it wasn’t possible that I was alive and well after that much time had expired.

But I knew differently!

Over the next few months I explored many new avenues of Spiritual thought — I didn’t know what I was looking for but I knew that searching was the assigned task.  With the thought that my heart had failed, I was constantly looking at Spiritual and Natural Healing methods and for practitioners that I felt confidence in… then I met a man named Dr. Frederick Houston and the next part of my journey began.

At a local church I learned that Dr. Houston, and an acclaimed Philippine psychic healer named Feliciano, would be holding what they called a Healing Service there.  I went and saw some amazing things happen…  the “patient” would lie on a table, and each of them would stand on either end, with Dr. Houston at the head… as they each placed their hands on the opposite ends of each person’s body, you could see the physical reaction… for weeks afterwards many people continued to claim that some problem or illness had been healed… my wife at the time, who had been told by doctors that she would never bear children, got pregnant within 30 days.

All this time, I could think of nothing but my poor, sick body, that was probably going to fall apart tomorrow if I didn’t find a way to get it healed… so I took my place on the table… each practitioner took a hold of my body and I waited… and waited… I could see both of their faces as I shifted my eyes back and forth… nothing happened… and then I saw them look at each other and laugh!  Dr. Houston came around to the side of the table and got me to sit up… they both laughed again and Dr. Houston said: “There’s nothing wrong with you — you aren’t supposed to be on the table, you’re supposed to be up here helping us”.

So here I am now, with The Urantia Book and The Course In Miracles as my new "guide books", and passing what I’ve learned on to others who care about such things.  From teaching people the practical techniques of Contact Healing, to counseling those who are about to die and their families, I feel blessed to have had these experiences and to know that God’s Divine Will is really for people to be well and happy — then nobody will need to be healed anymore.

Peace, Love and Blessings To All….

PS:  If you would like to download a couple of free eBooks on the subject of Spiritual / Natural Health, you will find them at:


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