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Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

I am you

Beloved/Lemuel : This is Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster and I want to talk to all of you this morning and to simply say : ‘I am you’, and it is the same for all Thought Adjusters. We are you and you need to realize this and really think about this. We are your thoughts, We are your feelings, We see through your eyes, We feel through your heart and We think through your mind and We observe all and everything about you, simply because We are you.

You know, you and I, have a destiny and that is for you and I to be internally fused and to be fully spiritized and stand before our Universal Father for His Eternal Embrace. This is my destiny and your destiny, yes indeed it is. You have all been told this and you have read in your Urantia Book. I can see many of you really paid little attention to this, thinking that it is impossible to you ; it is not impossible, it is really a done deal if you have the intention and if you try to become more and more like God everyday.

So, one day you will be perfect as He is perfect. When that time comes you will gain all that I am and I will gain your personnality. We all of you and you and I will be one, not two…one, indivisible being. You have thoughts in adequacy, how can you entertain such thoughts. You have thoughts about your age, how can you have such thoughts when you consider my age. You are concerned about your health, how can you have such thoughts.

Does it matter your physical body is here just in a blinking of an eye, although I understand and appreciate you don’t look at it in those terms, but it really is a very short period of time and during this time it is my endeavour for you to know Me intimately and accept Me as your Father Indwelling. I am speaking now for all Thought Adjusters, because We are all the same. We love our wards so dearly, unconditionally, because as I have previously mentioned We share the same destiny.

If it is your choice to survive and continue with your ascension careers. Some of you long to see Us you have thoughts and imaginations about what We look like. You must understand it will be impossible for you to see Us while still in the flesh, not only you will be blinded by the light, but you will simply be vaporized and of course We do not wish to vaporize our wards, this is totally unthinkable.

We appreciate and of course We understand you have a deep longing to see Us and We appreciate of course the love and respect you show for Us. So please, forget for the time being about seeing Us. That day will come when you are able to survive the sight of Me, your Beloved. It occurs to me to impress upon you all to try everyday to become more mindful of My Presence within and around you. There is nowhere you can go without Me.

Invisible though I am you cannot escape Me, therefore please, I acknowledge this, remember this and perhaps the more important of all, talk to Me, I want you to talk to Me as though I am physically with you. Wherever you go, whatever you do, please take Me into your confidence and get use to the fact that we are together as one, even now…. yes even now, while you are still in the flesh, if you can only accept this.

We walk together, we go shopping together, we are driving the car together. Wherever you are, I am also and this is what I want you to become aware of, you will be comforted in this knowledge, you will become more relax and  calm in your daily activities. More and more, you will feel my love for you and more and more you will be able to express this love and send it out to all your brothers and sisters, if only you become more and more aware of Me and we together will be able to send out so much love and comfort to all brothers and sisters.

I am you, remember this. I want you to take Me into your confidence everyday, talk to Me as your best and greatest friend which in fact is exactly what I am. I am you. I thank you all for listening and bid you all a very good day and have a most enjoyable and peaceful weekend, be happy, be joyful and be with Me, your Beloved. I am you. Domtia

Dear MSQ, let me tell you that your posts, so verbally shining and blooming, have been missing us all ; they are like a breeze of fresh air, coming from your loving Alaska. I am glad to read you again with great pleasure and may your stay inshore be joyful and relaxing. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Be discreet
« on: July 19, 2018, 08:20:02 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Be discreet

Prius : Good morning Lemuel, yes I am Prius and you will be my ward for the future, we into the future, I will have the pleasure of taking you under my wing and there is a lot of work to you and I will do together, along with the others of course. You are prepared for the work to come Lemuel, and along with the rest of you, the fused ones, your work really is of paramount importance for the upcoming Missions and for the Return of Jesus.

But as you all know and as you have been advised many times recently the upcoming dark period and the changes with the earth crushed in tectonic place. These will be a very difficult times, very testing times. Now you know full well that you will see things that perhaps you will wish that you will never have seen in your life. Nevertheless, we also know that you do have the understanding as to the why this is necessary.

As for the rest of the population, they of course have no idea what is taken place and there will be tremendous fear and trepidations throughout the whole world. Nevertheless, what needs to be done will be done and now it will not be stopped. Father has dictated that these things must come to pass, Urantia must be cleaned and purged once and for all of all the negativity that man has put upon this beautiful planet. It will take a little time, but it will be done.

As for you members here on the forum and the guests and those of you who read everyday the postings here, you also have your part to play. You have received these informations willingly because you have been here to read and to be a guest and therefore you have these informations like the rest of the members have the informations and you have the responsibility of sharing the informations with others, with your friends and family, but discreetly.

I would like to impress upon you, discretion is the watch-word, because many will not accept these informations simply because they are not ready for it. So please, use your discretion when talking to others, when you share these informations with others, be discreet.

Lemuel, I must tell you, be very careful also yourself, not by…..I don’t mean to imply that you should not share this information, but the simple fact is that in your personal situation where you are, it simply is not a good idea, it would be of no use whatsoever. Yes, I know you think the same as me and this is just fine. There is nothing you can do to help with your neighbours in your situation. So, simply send them Light and Blessings, and surrender the rest to Father.

Remember, they too have their Thought Adjusters and so they will be taken care of according to what is in store for them, according to their life-plan, so please don’t be concerned about that. Also, you and the members here on the forum have been told to keep a low profile, stay indoors, be quiet, be calm and only if necessary venture outside and also if it is really necessary if someone approaches you sincerely and asks and of course you may answer and try to comfort them, yes of course.

This period will pass and when it does it will be a new beginning for all of you and as you well know after the terrible storms there is a golden sunshine, the blue sky and the birds start singing again and all the earth rejoices in the freshness of the atmosphere and the brilliant light and the all world will realize what has happened and will rejoice as all of you will rejoice.

I am Prius and I am so pleased to be here with you this morning Lemuel and we will have many talks together in the future. So I bid you a good day. Domtia

Lemuel : I am so very grateful to Prius, Thank you Prius for coming to us this morning and for those of you who listen, thank you for listening and I also wish you a very good day. Bye-bye for now. Domtia

What I can say, after visioning this video, is that the exploration and discovery of the human brain are still in an infancy stages. The next generations will be superhuman beings, with the capacity to communicate through methods of telepathy. Domtia

TRANSLATIONS / Re: Traduction en langue française
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:53:17 AM »
Aux lecteurs de langue française , voici en ce Mercredi 18 Juillet 2018 un résumé des messages de haute importance qui nous sont parvenus récemment, reçus par transmission de la Famille Céleste, et qui font état d’une période difficile que l’humanité doit traverser prochainement.

Durant cette période difficile qui doit durer environs un mois notre planète doit basculer sur son axe, en changeant de pôle, ce qui va entrainer un déplacement des plaques tectoniques, provoquant ainsi des tremblements de terre ainsi que des volcans dans certaines parties du monde.

Nous sommes prévenus, pendant cette période, de stocker de la nourriture non-périsable, du matériels d’usage courant, suffisamment de boissons, de rester chez soi, de ne pas s’exposer aux dangers extérieures, car il est prévu qu’il y aura des troubles.

Tout redeviendra normal après cette courte période de difficulté lorsque notre planète retrouvera  son équilibre axial par le refroidissement de la température terrestre. Il faut s’attendre à des pertes en vie humaine, mais il ne faut pas paniquer et vous laisser aller au désespoir.

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Don’t panic

Lemuel : We would like to tell you all this morning : do not panic, relax, do not panic. We say this because there are so much informations coming out recently, with so many Celestials waiting in the wings to bring a message to the transmitters here on the forum and there are some of you who are feeling under pressure, thinking perhaps you are not doing enough and this is not a good state of mind to be in.

We want to remind you all to be wary, be very wary of your egos, because it is your egos that will try to impress upon your mind that you are not good enough, that you are not doing enough, that you need do more, etc…That is not good at all, please do not panic. Yes, we need more transmitters, this is true.

But those of you who are beginning to feel pressure, anxiety, doubt and worry about your abilities, this is our message to you this morning, please relax, have more trust, have more faith in your Beloved Father Indwelling Fragments.

They know your situation better than you know yourself, so please do not allow your ego to convince you that you are not doing enough, that you are not good enough or whatever it is. Ego is an expert in this sort of things and we have talked about this before.

At this moment on Urantia, it is the most wonderful time in the sense that the whole planet is surrounded by so many Beings and not just from our Universe of Nebadon but from further afield coming here to witness what is about to enfold and how we, human beings, react and respond to the circumstances around us.

Each and everyone of you here on the forum are watched carefully, not in the sense that your Celestials Family are spying on you every moment, no this is not the case at all, but we are observing you and see how you react and trying to influence you in positive degrees of thinking and your intention, remember, is the more important when you sincerely enter into the silence and sent out an invitation to Spirit to come with a message.

That is the most that you can do, so please, having done that, just relax, trust in your Thought Adjusters and be patient. So please, our message this morning, simply do not panic. We know you are doing your best and your intentions are sincere, so please relax, do not panic. We are now more than half way through this month of July and Michael has said that this month will not finished without seeing and entering the dark period.

Dear brothers and sisters, yes you may take this seriously and be prepared as you have been advised many times in the past with emergency supplies and we hope that you are all been able to do this, at least to some extent. Remember, always expect the best but be prepared for the worst and this is another situation where we ask you all, please do not panic, try to relax, trust and have faith in your Beloved Thought Adjusters and all will be well.

This is our message for this morning, thank you all for listening and we bid you all a very good day. Bye-bye for now. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Wave On Language
« on: July 18, 2018, 06:52:43 AM »
Thank you Sue for your indulgence. I think that with some other audio transmissions of the same kind and practices to get accustom to your accent I will be up to it. It is important, for those, like me, whose english is not our primary language, to make it our duty to get use with english speaking so as to enjoy audio transmissions in english language which will become more used by transmitters. Thanks again. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Wave On Language
« on: July 17, 2018, 11:42:43 PM »
Transcribed from SUE’s audio transmission


Wave : We become a powerhouse of thought in our conversation, this day we do this, this is really very good to do, to speak it is natural, it comes naturally to you to speak. That is what you humans do all day long : you speak….you speak….and you speak. You converse, you have conversations, you impart what is your thoughts, your opinions and your view-points are expressed through the language you have.

In this way, we, as your Celestial Beings, speak in your mind and you transfer in written or verbal transmission in this way. This is why we do it this way so that you cumulate, you relate well to the written and verbal point of views that we put forward to you to assimilate in your mind thoughts, to understand there are things still to be learned and to grasp, to understand the universe you belong to.

I am Wave here and we are continuing this discussion of using the voice and the voice is a powerful medium to use in an express way to your human ability to relate to others as you speak in those tones that others can relate to, whether the soft tone, whether the firm tone or the higher tone, humans can be able to  relate to that on so many levels.

That is why the verbal audio transmission is to use, whether many of you come from different countries with different languages and english language is a very difficult one for you listen to these tapes. The english language will be a common language on Urantia and it is good to get used to that language as we will use it more often than not, because it is the common language, international language and it is used widely in most countries on this planet and as it is we use this language, to use this well and it is good.

The subject to-day we are speaking of is ‘language’. Now when we speak of language, we are referring to your human languages, but in the Celestial Worlds we use the universe language and that is a different one and you do not know what that is. So we have to transfer that language to your languages to translate that in words that you use, in syntax that you often have and other ways of speaking.

Your spoken language to-day has changed in the course of decades on this planet, it has modified in change and we adapt to that change. You have different ways of expression and that is assimilated in your understanding of your ways of communicating with others that you relate to in your everyday experience, in your work-place, with your family, with friends and in various areas of conversation you have.

So, we use this language as the uniform language to be used, spoken in her english style and accent that she has, that is acquired from family, upbringing and parents, and it is ingrained. That is part of her identity and her social background that she has in her make-up as human. So language is an important part to use and to speak.

It is a power-house to use, because it is an effective medium to get across certain things to be said and so we use this way and this method and to improve and practice these audio recordings and place here for you to listen to, to get familiar with the voices of different transmitters, with different ranges of microsounds and different ways of speaking. So we hear and we respond and we transfer this in verbal setting as we do now.

I am Wave and I am happy to be talking to this medium and to reach to you in this manner, it is a different  way of communication and we can use this for you here, so she can speak it and get on with the task of transfering what is coming to her. It is no particular of writing and typing and editing, that does take time and it does take a lot of effort and it is very tiring. In this manner, when we speak, it gets through and does its job. That is what it is for, we do this in a manner that is to reach out as many as we can, because we want to get our voices across to reach the audience, to get their attention that we are here.

We, the Celestial Family, are here to serve and to do our part, to allow you to grow, to learn and to adopt your new life in the Spirit of God. I am Wave and I am grateful for this opportunity to reach you in this way. Thank you for listening and I am sure that we are to continue in this way of speaking and reaching you in this manner. Thank you so much for this transmission.

A side note from the transcriber : In an attempt to transcribe this audio recording, which seems of importance, from Sue, whom english accent, I must say, I am not very familiar with, I apologize for some missing words, but nevertheless I have tried my best not to loose the frame that weaves together the whole idea imparted in this transmission. Thanks for your indulgence.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmision/ LOVE IS ALL
« on: July 17, 2018, 07:49:35 AM »
Transcribe from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Love is all

Jesus : Yes Lemuel, I am Jesus and I come to you this morning with a simple message about Love. Love as you all know is all. The Universal Father loves all and all is Love. When Michael made His Seventh Bestowal here over 2000 yrs ago I played a big part in that bestowal and as a human Jesus I learned and became Love in action.

It is something that you are all capable of, you all love to certain degree some of which of course is human love, but there are those of you who are becoming closer and closer to expressing Divine Love, Unconditional Love, love for the all humanity, love for this wonderful planet of Urantia and all that is in it.

I am Jesus and you have been told of my intending return and I shall return and when I do the all world will sit up and take notice. They will have no choice for them to accept or deny and if they deny they are finished. Love is to return to this planet, Father’s planet and Father has deemed it necessary to purge this planet once and for all of the evil that so many have perpetrated on this beautiful blue orb.

I am Jesus and I come to this one this morning who invited Spirit to come. The message, I repeat, is simply Love, Love is all and all is Love. For those of you here on the forum, you are now on a privilege position because of your knowledge and your insight into spiritual things far beyond and above the average person and therefore your responsibility is so much the greater.

You are to express your love fully every moment of everyday in a way that your Indwelling Father Fragment can assist you. You can send Light and Blessings to all and everyone you see. Be love in action, represent Father here on earth, you are children of the One Universal Father, Our God.

You all know that you are admonished by Father to become perfect as He is perfect in Paradise and the only way you will become perfect is by expressing the Love of Father that you have in you, sending out that very same Love to all and everything.

Love is all and all is Love, therefore express what you are, really you are Love and therefore you can be Love in action and so simply do it, be it, express Father everyday. I am Jesus and I thank this one this morning for this opportunity to give you all this message, a very important message and yet a very simple message.

Love is all, therefore be all to all and everything. I bid you all a very good day. Domtia

Lemuel : Thank you Jesus….thank you….thank you…..thank you. What a wonderful message. Thank you all of you who are listening to these messages, thank you all so much and I wish you also a very good day, bye-bye for now. Domtia

General Discussion / Re: AGGRAVATION
« on: July 16, 2018, 09:15:57 PM »
Just keep it cool, Larry, it is in moments of stress that we loose control of what we are doing. It happens to me also and in such a case I try to reconstitute what I was doing from memory. Internet technology can be weird sometimes. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

One of those days

Lemuel : Good evening everyone, our talk this afternoon is called « One of those days ». I am sure all of you from time to  time have had ‘one of those days’ when everything you try to do fails miserably. It is as if there is some invisible force working against you to make every door you try to open is slammed into your face and there are other days when all these doors are magically opened and you succeed in your endeavours almost without trying.

Well this what we want to talk about to-day : one of those days. For example, when you are in a hurry and you are driving your car and you need to get to your destination as quickly as possible. Have you noticed all the trafic lights are against you, they are red, and another day when you have plenty of time all the trafic lights are green.

Why is this so ? I have asked my Beloved about this, not just these things but many things that this is reply. When you are driving your car and you are in a hurry, obviously you are not in a relax state. Now the power-that-be, they know this, they can see, they observe you and so they make sure that all the trafic lights are red. This means you have to stop at the lights and you have to be patient. In other words, they are trying to prevent an accident that not only involves you but may involves others as well.

On the other hand when the Powers can see that you are relaxed, you are taking your time so there is no problem, they make sure that all the trafic lights are green in your favor. So, when you look at it that way, is it not that wonderful, really it is amazing. Yes, we know it is very frustrating when you are in a hurry and all the lights are red, but now you know why, so relax and is it not a pleasure when all the lights are green ? That makes you more relax and joyful and grateful to the Powers-that-be.

What do these things teach really ? Well, I suggest, dear brothers and sisters, as well as the ‘Law of Murphy’ which I am sure you all understand and in case there is anyone here who does not understand the ‘Law of Murphy’ I will give you a brief example. The ‘Law of Murphy’ states : is there in the remotest possibility of something happening, it will and it does. There are so many examples of this that there is no need to even mention anymore, not one really.

What do these things teach really ? I think the main lesson is that we should not take things seriously in our lives. Life can be a game, especially when you know the rules and this is the cracks of the matter, this is the most difficult part. How can one learn the rules of life ? Well through experiences of course. You learn to bend with the wind as it blows, you learn to swim with the current and not against. You need to be thankful, you learn to be thankful for everything in your life. This is one of the main rules of the game and you need to be joyful when you finally realize that it is just a game.

Think about this for a moment. Yesterday, we just had the result of the world football championship held in Russia where France has won the world championship and yet after there are problems of violence from hooligans and other stupid things, all because of a game of football. Is not it sad that some people take things so seriously that they do the most violent things in the name of sports. It is really a tragedy. Well, I think we all know, don’t we ? Sport is not sport ; sport is big business and it has been big business for many, many years. Anyway, I digress.

Let’s come back to one of those days. Yes, well we all have them as we say at the beginning and I am only wishing to point out to all of you when the next time and I am sure there will be a next time when you have one of these days. As soon as you receive the first door slam in your face, then stop and say ok I see the signs, so you are beginning to learn your lessons like a good chauffeur driving your car which is your ego. Learn to read the signs, slow ahead or stop or dangerous bend or whatever it is. Learn a game of life and it can become really joyful.

Does it really matter if one day everything goes wrong and the next day everything goes right. Stand back and look at it from a distance if you are able to and recognize : ‘Oh yes, ok’. I remember, may be it was in the late 60’s or 70’s, what became very popular in Great Britain at the time and great talk where you are encourage to do a graff of physical, emotional and mental states over a period of a month, that is to say, physically, emotionally and mentally we are affected everyday of our lives and the object of graffing over a 28 days period is for you to be able to see those days when physically, emotionally and mentally you are a height and there is another day when physically, emotionally and mentally you are at the lowest point and if you got in a sense that is the day you stay in bed.

If only I can hear you say, well this is another way of looking at how you are over a period of time. We all have high days, we all have low days, some days we are full of energy and the next day we feel as if we are already dead. This is life and as I say it is a game, if you look at it as a game and life teaches us the rules of the game and we become so phylosophical about it. Well, this is the advantage of old age because when you have been playing this game for 70 or 80 years then you know what it is all about.

One of those days, they keep coming and they keep going, it does not matter, we are here to enjoy our lives and to live it to the full and when we have one those days we just surrender and we laugh knowing full well that the next day will be totally different, so they are. Well, so this is all we have to say about this. I wish you all very filled one of those days, but now when you have one you know how to deal with it, just laugh at it. Thank you all so much for listening, I wish you all a good evening and bye-bye for now. Domtia

« on: July 16, 2018, 07:27:17 AM »
« Adjuster says study the trade winds as that is the indicator of the winds and their behaviour as it runs around the planet. So I go figure…….. »
Bob Dylan : ‘The answer my friend is blowing in the wind’

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Sacred Trios
« on: July 15, 2018, 06:02:39 AM »
Correction made, Lemuel, thanks.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Sacred Trios
« on: July 15, 2018, 04:22:02 AM »
Transcribe from Lemuel’s transmission

Sacred Trios

Lemuel : Good morning, our talk this morning is called « The Sacred Trios ». My thoughts this morning have been filled with Trios, that is to say three things, three in one, one in three, and they are so very many.

Let us start with the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, so here is your first Three, the Trinity and immediately there is another one : Thought, Word and Deeds. The Universal Father is Thought, the Eternal Son is the Word and the Infinite Spirit is the Deeds, Actions.

Immediately, there is another Three : Truth, Beauty and Goodness. If one reaches the understanding of who we are really, when you can truthly and sincerely say « I AM », I am all these different Three’s. One in three and three in one, I am these things.

My dear brothers and sisters, think seriously for a moment about these things, what we are saying. When you can say ‘I am’ the Universal Father, ’I am’ the Eternal Son and ‘I am’ the Infinite Spirit, because ‘I am’ Thought, Word and Deeds, ‘I am’ Truth, Beauty and Goodness, ‘I am’ the Truth, the Way and the Life, as Jesus himself said.

There is no escape from this reality, from this truth. These indeed are profound thoughts and perhaps there are many of you find it difficult to accept this as a concept, but nevertheless, dear brothers and sisters, you can and you will come to the understanding that in fact it is true.

You cannot help but express what you are and when you realize that you are Thought, Word and Deed in action here on earth, representing the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, then you will understand the deal is not the higher and noble task for a human being to perform.

‘All for one and one for all’ is the saying you are all familiar with and now you are more familiar with another saying ‘Three in One and One in Three’, the TRINITY : Universal Father, Eternal Son, Infinite Spirit. Thought, Word and Deed, Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

These are the thoughts that have filled my mind this morning and so I share these thoughts with you dear brothers and sisters. We all have the duty and the desire and the joy in being about Father’s business.

I would like to repeat something that I mentioned sometime ago, I can’t remember when, but it is a prayer and it goes like this : ‘Dear Father, I pray that I may forever be so blessed as to be able to receive Your Thoughts, that I may speak Your Words and form Your Deeds in Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Amen’.

These Three’s in your lives are with you throughout your life, whether you are aware of them or not. Now dear brothers and sisters, I hope that you are able, perhaps more seriously now, to think of your responsibility, of your capability when you can say for yourself ‘I am’ these Three, ‘I am’ all these Three’s, therefore you will express these Three’s. In joy to be of Father’s business is a joyful task.

Thank you all so much for listening, it is such an honor and pleasure to talk to you. Have a peaceful Sunday, be happy and be joyful, bye-bye for now. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / HOME
« on: July 14, 2018, 10:46:38 PM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission


Lemuel : Good evening all, I am sitting here in my little flat, the sun blazing through the windows here and I had to throw the curtains slightly, otherwise the temperature will be too high here. Anyway I have been thinking about ‘home’, yes H-O-M-E, home.

The word just came to me and is not it such a warm and comfortable word : home, I am going home. It’s a word that everyone knows and I can’t help also thinking about the many different ways where people interpret home, they say home is where the heart is. So, are those on the battle field only have one thought in mind and that is to return home, to be with their loved ones.

Home, as they say, is where the heart is and there are many throughout the world who do not have a home. Just think about that for a moment. They only try to exist for another day to find food and water. There are many who have never had home and who never will in this world, a tragedy indeed.

Now I am thinking that there are species that are always at home. Think of a snail that has a shell, so it carries its home around with it wherever it goes. You may think that this is a silly thing, a childish thing to talk about, but in fact it is not. How long does it take for someone to realize that they are already at home.

Well, of course, this means that they are already spiritually advanced, that they know that their home is with them always in the sense that they are always with their Father Indwelling and therefore they are indeed at home always.

I have been a musician most of my life and I know so many songs, where there must be countless songs dealing with home and I think of one in particular now, a very popular song in the 50’s called ‘Three coins in the fountain’. I am sure many of you remember this one and in the 2nd verse it goes something like this : Three hearts in the fountain, each heart longing for a home, there they lie in the fountain, somewhere in the heart of home……..Lovely song.

Those of you here on the forum who are already aware that your heart is the physical organ for the soul, if I can put it that way, so you feel the soul expresses through your heart. You all know and you all have exprienced, I am sure, where you have for one reason or another been away from home, may be for a short time or a long time, but it is your heart that pulls you, draws you back into your feelings like an elastic brand brings you back into your heart and feel such a longing for your home, to return to be with your loved ones.

In fact, this is exactly as it is when one begins to search for spiritual food, although at the time you don’t realize that you are in search of spiritual food, but when your Beloved Indwelling, when your Father Fragment is able to influence you to the extent that you are able to search for a greater meaning to your life, it is through your heart that you feel this and you begin to search and of course it is in fact a search for your home.

Your home is spirit, you come from spirit and you will return to spirit. All through one’s life, although it is understandable that you interpret home in an earthly sense, but nevertheless your home is eternally spirit. Everyone knows of the story of the prodigal son and I remember I did a transmission some time ago about the prodigal son, it is so a lovely story.

Parents are overjoyed at home when they learn that their son or daughter has turned the corner, so to speak, and they are on the way home because they want to return home from their own free will. They long to return home once more, and so it is with us, we long to return home.

We may or we may not enjoy an earthly home, depending on circumstances of course, but mostly those of you who know what it is like to have a lovely home here, you will understand how deeply it is missed when you no longer have a home.

For those of us who are so fortunate to be blessed with spiritual insight and the need to learn and to progress on our spiritual path, we know where home is and we are at home always when we turn inward to be with Our Beloved Father Indwelling. That indeed is home and it is an experience I would like to wish for each and everyone of you, not just here on the forum of course, but everyone, all my dear brothers and sisters.

Yes, you may indeed enjoy your earthly home, but your heavenly home, your spirit home is your real home and you are already there if you can only remember to turn inward, to be with your Beloved Fathe Indwelling who is and always has been at home, waiting patiently for the return of His sons and daughters.

This is all for this evening, I wish you all a good evening and a peaceful and a joyous return home. This is Lemuel, bye-bye for now. Domtia

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