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In my own view, Faith and Trust are both on the same level of heartfelt expressions, they go hand in hand, they are tied up together by Love. Where there is no Love, there can’t be Faith or Trust. Before Faith and Trust can be activated, Love must be the primary motivation ; it is all about LOVE. Let me illustrate what I want to convey by telling you a little tale.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl having her first biking lesson with her dear father she loved so much. She was excited for having received a bike for her anniversary, but at the same time she was uncertain about her ability to make it through, without deceiving her father who has noticed some hesitation in her attitude.

___ Don’t be afraid, said the father, I will be at your side all along the way. I will pick you up if you ever fell down, just go ahead.

She knew that her father will never let her down, she felt so secured that at the very first push she was riding the bike on her own, without knowing that her father was watching her at a distance far behind. When she realized that she had made it alone, her faith and trust in her father became more evident. So, faith and trust come together when love is predominant. Domtia

The financial gurus are all raising a red flag by prophetizing a near collapse of the US$ and they are warning their followers what to expect and how to avoid being caught up in the middle of this crisis. The following scenarios are how they envision the situations looming ahead :
  • Banks will close and you'll lose access to credit, lending, and cash withdrawals.  
  • Demand for food and other necessities of life will skyrocket.
  • Likewise, the demand for U.S. Dollar and even the U.S. Treasury will eventually collapse very quickly and suddenly.
  • Investors will opt for other currencies such as the Euro, Yen, Tuan, and even gold. As such there will be hyperinflation as the dollar will become very cheap and lose its value rapidly.
  • Interest rates will rise quickly and in an exponential manner.
  • Utilities such as water, gas, energy, and others will no longer be available if the collapse affects the local government authorities.
  • The internet could be infected with a super-virus thus, limiting online transactions and access to emails.  
  • Grocery stores will run out of food. Terrorist attacks or a big oil embargo could stop trucking.
  • There will be extensive violence across the country from riots, civil war, or even a foreign military attack. These might overwhelm the government of and result in a total collapse of law and order.
But what they do not know, as it has been announced by SERARA and LANAFORGE, is that ‘‘the US dollar rests not on China gold, but on American gold which is plentiful, but they don’t know it.’’ Anyway, we are assured that Celestials will not allow a severe financial crisis as in 2008. It remains that if we ever have to face such situations – a recession by the end of the year or at the beginning of next year is not to be ignored – it is better to have some liquidity available so as not to get trapped. Domtia

Sue, Ron certainly does mean Dianne Feinstein who was an american woman politician, a member of the Democratic Party. Look out for her background on wikipedia and as for the word ‘synchrony’ I can only refer to what is given as explanation in the dictionary : ‘a simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection’. Domtia

Dear Octavio, I understand what you feel when it comes to the domination of one nation over another one using the power of military forces or financial pressures and the suffering that ensues for a whole population. Human history, through many centuries, is full of many testimonies of the same kind and it continues even to-day. If it is not one nation against another, it is one group against another group inside one and same nation that causes civil war and injuries to the inhabitants.

The Lucifer rebellion has long been crushed, but to-day there are still its remnants in every part of Urantia, wherever one is located. Obviously, there must be a cleansing of the planet from top to bottom, it is becoming even more urgent as time goes by, it must start somewhere and this is when the Magisterial Mission comes into play.

The USA has been chosen by Celestials to start the cleansing work for certainly good reasons. You, me or anyone else, is not in a position to challenge this choice, so let it be, but I have the gut feeling that this most powerful country in the world (USA) will be the first on the list before any others to be under fire of the Magisterial Mission, so take it easy and let us see what will be the outcome. Domtia

This is the kind of love song I like listen to, the one that moves my soul and makes me melancholic, but I would have appreciated it more with lyrics. Thanks for sharing

Thank you Phyllis for this transcription. I started one also just after listening to the tape recording, but I stumbled over some words and it wasted so much of my intellectual energy that I decided to let it down for a moment and to come back to it later on after a break. I am glad you beat me at the upfront on the finish line. The formating of the text is beautifully done, I love it. I am also of the idea that there are too many important revelations delivered to us these last days, weeks and months, to leave them only to an english audience. Right now, I am making my best to make a compilation, in french version, of all that has been revealed to us and hope to have it ready by next week. Domtia

Just before listening to the tape recording, I was reading an article from stating that ‘‘ for the first time in the history of the United States, the federal government has spent more than $3 trillion in the first eight months of the fiscal year……..the deficit hits $738 billion.’’ This is indeed very scary, but thank you Lord SERARA for advising us to spend our money wisely. Domtia

Larry : ‘‘It would be wonderful and expedient if we could find a few people in each phase of these formulas that wanted to use these formulas and vaccines to try them and give their testimonies with their experiences !’’

In France, there are non-profit organizations for AIDS, AUTISM, ALZHEIMER and other pandemic diseases where people of good will are trying to find solutions to these problems which science is unable to provide ; I think it must go the same for all countries as well. There are some of those organizations that are already proposing alternative remedies for cure of these ailments. The only way to get people test the ‘formulas and vaccines’, as you stated it in your post above, Larry, is to go through those organizations and once there will be some ‘testimonies with experiences’, it will make a big change, but we must make sure beforehand that there will be no plagiarizing. Domtia

The same problems exist in almost any industrial country, in France and Europe in general, not only in USA. This is the first thing that my old french comrade - he is a writer, he has published many books and at the top of this he provides counsels to those who want to write a book – tells me during a long conversation we had together about how to publish a book for the first time and how to avoid the obstacles, so he gave me some tips which I want to share here.

1) First of all, for a book to be read by a large public it must be attractive in its style (the way a book is written), it must kept the attention right away as from the first page, otherwise if the reader is bored he will put it aside, eventhough there are important informations embodied in it.

2)The informations must be validated, on an experimental basis, by groups of people that are really dedicated to the improvement of medical care for uncurable diseases and the only way is to go through non-profit associations or organizations.

3)Once there are proofs of what the book is all about, the medias must be called upon for a conference and let them do the work of letting the good news out to the public after investigation and that will make the publishers think twice.

The main interest of this all – I am sure it will captivate many great minds – is that it is done with a humanitarian objective, without the intention of making any financial profit out of it, only for the benefit of those who are suffering of these illnesses. This is what I have gathered from a conversation with my friend : some thoughts to ponder. Domtia

It is uplifting to know that the work is on-going behind the scene and that all those who are indulged in this gigantic enterprise have not given up in their efforts to bring URANTIA on the path of Light and Life. Thank you Sue and Serara for this transmission, it is like a refreshing breeze that awake us from our slumbering. Domtia

When I first started my college secondary education in the 1960’s, the teacher in french language who was also a poet – he has written some poetries during his spare times – always told us, students : « Follow your dreams and never let anyone steals them ». He was very convincing and sincere, but he had never been able to transmit to the classroom how to define our dreams and to stick to it. My dream was to be a painter, I like paintings and even now I continue to make some drawings for relaxation when I feel bitterness. There is a gap that is difficult to fill-up between a dream one holds dearly and its concretisation. A transmission I received recently from the 11.11 Group says it all, here it is :

Alabama, Us of A, April 15, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About your Dreams.”
Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “In a world like this it is not possible for all the dreams of a human being to come true. Many want to do things with their lives and achieve things in the time they spend on this world, but there often is a big difference between expectations and reality. This is not fatalistic pessimism. The fact is that many strange ideas find a place in human minds and become like unwelcome guests who, once they have made themselves at home, refuse to leave.

“Many of the materialistic dreams of mortal life will never come true. Many of the things folks want to accomplish during this life they will not be able to achieve. But the fact is that many of the things you have become accustomed to desire – the things that society has told you you need – will not add any real value to your lives. Many of the things on which you spend so much time longing for and that sadden you because you have not achieved them, will not really make you happier.

“A human being who wishes to live a life conducive to wisdom and filled with true satisfaction must learn very soon to seek within him or herself the source of true accomplishment and the ideals of eternal value which will inspire the decisions and actions that promote true and lasting happiness; one that is independent of external circumstances. Those who place their trust and base their happiness on the things of this world are forever at the mercy of the ups and downs of chance. Those who place their hearts in the Eternal, experience the Peace and stability that is one of the fruits of spiritual progress.

“But even when your wishes and projects are inspired by the Divinity within your being, in a world as confused as yours it is possible that the goodness you try to express in your reality will not come to manifest in a satisfactory manner. However, when you live with the desire to know and do the Father’s Will, you can always look back and understand beyond doubt that you did your best and you really lived an intense life, full of meaning and with plenty of lessons learned. That is all that is required of a creature during its mortal transit. All the unfinished projects and undertakings of spiritual value you start here can be completed to your full satisfaction throughout eternity.”

Transtaled from Spanish by Silvia Adriana Cohane.

I know now what is best, not only for me, but also to all, what kind of dream we must hold to. Thank you Amethyst for this transmission from Joseph Campbell, I have heard about him before, but never interested to know his work. Domtia

Recently, I had a conversation with a long-timer friend of mine – more than forty years of friendship – who will soon turn 77 on the 7th of September and he said to me that the number 7 has something in it that makes him fortunate in life in different occasions. I have no idea if it is related to astrology, but he is looking forward to receive great fortunes with this triple 7. Being an historian and biographer, he is assured, till the end of the year, to go abroad for at least 7 months on a mission with a big contract at the key.

I wish you the same good fortune, Ron, for all that is waiting ahead and a happy birthday. Domtia

Thank you Phyllis and all those who contribute to this work of high caliber, you have indeed all my gratitude for that. It is my concern that the main criticisms will come from Big Pharma, it is to be anticipated and despite all the legal tools we have at our disposal to protect the book from copycat writing, they will try to get close to the treatment of Aids and autism cures with other ingredients of their own findings. There are many examples out there where people of good will are struggling with those pharmaceutical conglomerates to have their natural products to cure cancer recognized by all. Anyway, I am not so pessimistic, since we have the back of Celestials in this endeavour. Domtia

« Urantia is producing humans as intended by the Life Carriers that are capable of working the first outer space zone. »

« Right now, Satania in the foreseeable future will remain the mansion worlds we go to until the Orion complex is ready to treat those of us who are to receive that out space level training »

« But mansion world reception is different for Urantia and six other planets too for morontial training. Not everyone born on Urantia or these six other planets will go to Orion. It means that those who have other destinies as people, may still go to Satania for mansion world graduation. »

Sorry for being late to react to the thread, internet connexion problem has been keeping me away most of the time from my computer and I am not already done with it. The explanations about how all the planets gravitate and rotate out there are over my head, so I leave it to those who are well versed in cosmology, as for my part I will keep it simple.

From the above mentions, I deduce that the Orion Mansion Worlds are put on hold for the ‘elites’ – those who have some level of spiritual attainment – who are capable of receiving a training for the Outer Space Zone (OSZ), whereas others will still go to the Satania Mansion Worlds, in contrario to what has been said previously in another post.

Those of us who start with Satania Mansion Worlds up to the Father’s Embrace are called upon to be of service as Finaliters in the OSZ (correct me if I am wrong). Will the candidates from Orion, after their training, have the same embrace from the Father and be considered part of the Finalters Corps ? Domtia

Mother earth's song beautifully interpreted by a stunning voice from Ukraine.
Cries no more Urantia.....Your tears will be swept away soon. Enjoy

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