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[T/R note: Hi folks, the word "Multitasking" came to me as a prompt and I sat down in prayer and asked Father if there is anything He wishes to speak to here. The following transmission speaks for itself.]

Teachers:Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit
Subject: Multitasking
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 19/03/2019 11.00am(AEDT)

“Multitasking is ever in your abilities to use and is ever present. Why I state this is to allow you to know you can do more than one thing. The ability to listen, to translate my voice in written form and to word it in your vocabulary is something ongoing and persistent. Now there is ever the need to press you to stay the course in with intuition, understanding and keep this flowing in your psychic abilities. This will keep you in awareness mode of operation as we will require those of you to be in touch with the reflectivity circuit that is running in all areas of the Magisterial Mission. This is now in earnest to reach as many of you who can transmit and receive our lessons, messages and prompts. The ‘round robin’ that has been practiced by the four Commissioners in the meeting is a measure of reflectivity and is so that the service can reach as many that can do this work of receptivity in our communication circuits. As it works to bring the flow of communication and pressing matters to the fore in what may concern you in the coming transition that is very much imminent in all possibility when the incarnated personnel arrive to commence their operation in various areas of concern. I am happy to report this to you so in order to get those of you to resume your abilities in receiving our communications if you will. As you asked, who it is that is speaking right now and that is none other than your Local Universe Father that runs this circuits to allow the messages to come to you.

“I am Michael of Nebadon here to present to you the ability you have in you to multitask in this with me as you do now. So many of you can do this, but do not get off your duff to apply yourself to the typewriter and get going with what is easily flowing in the speed it takes to drink a cup of coffee.Sue has her eyes shut and is touch typing as fast as she can do it to let me speak as it ought to do so. So often the time I speak , the mind of the human shuts me out and does not let this missive have its proper inflow as it does here. Sue does not let this get in her way, rather she lets all the errors go and just keeps it open long enough for me to get going with what has to be relayed. Now this, keep with me all of you, I need your prayers and willingness to place yourself in service for the coming work we have to go with. The tasks are many and the skills you all have can be used well in many instances where it can be helped. So often, doubt creeps in and that is not helpful to anyone, when we need the courage of a bull to sternly take on what has to be taken on as things become really necessary to fight the good fight of faith and truth. As Jesus did so many times in his years on earth to stand tall and tell it as best as he could. You will also likely be my disciples in this as well. There you have the moment of truth and the moment of joy in the work that paves the way for many to come to know the Father as you do so well now. This is to be appreciated in the years ahead, although it will be a long road to get there and it takes the first step to place it now so others can learn how it is done.  Getting the to the top of the stairwell takes all those prior steps to that point and there is none other way to get there than to start at the first level and work its way slowly to that point of realization as is desired. So let us put our hand to the wheel and with many hands, makes lighter work for all that is willing to apply themselves to the work of goodness. So there it is in spades, and there is a lot of soil to turn over yet and it needs you to pick up the spade to work it well. Start now and then it grows as you work it better in each instance that this one does now.

“So, no matter the time or the condition, there is always something to receive from me, you need only ask and listen to the voice that I speak in you. Keep going Sue, as this is ramping up. [O.k.]  Good, now I have your attention, we have a lot to relay here as this is flowing nicely now. Sue’s ability to multitask is extraordinary and I am going to make more use of this method now. Make sure you prepare yourselves for a long sitting and are ready for the arduous task of keeping up with the speed with which I speak. This takes a well practiced transmitter to do this and more practice is good to improve on such receptivity as this is needed in the present global climate of change. Change is going to be coming in various areas of your social, political and financial concern as governments are coming under the pressure of their inability to cope with certain crises that emerge. This is why we may have to take on certain …..[the connection dropped out…]”

Mother Spirit speaks:

"Yes, Michael has to attend to something and the connection you have is disrupted. I take over for now to speak only to keep up these connections as we are now getting some work to commence soon and request that as many transmitters can step in while Ron is under the heavy influence of God the Supreme and is having to deal with so many obstacles to trial with. If we can get as many of you to step in to receive these messages, all the more merrier as we need more than what we have going at this stage, we have only several good transmitters who can do this work well but we are needing much more than that number as the need for it grows in the coming months of Mission operations. I will attend to this with Michael and ensure you who can transmit, be kept on your toes to keep up the workload that is increasing as things become real and tangible in your awareness.  

"I wish to add one more thing before I sign out, there is way more for you to know and much is coming to be presented in due course, so do keep with us and allow us to speak as it is in your best interest to have the knowledge to go forward in the days coming. Thank you for this connection Sue, it is a nice change to have it flowing in your relaxed state and this is good to see happening as it works well. Good day. K”


General Discussion / Visions, word symbols and a test
« on: March 07, 2019, 02:12:36 PM »
Just to share a few things. While I am resting from my night's sleep, while I woke up and dozed off, there it was another one of those windows with images, word symbols emerged among the constant array of black blobs, in view for me to concentrate to see. I asked my Father what is it I am to gain from this vision. "Never mind what it conveyed, it was not meant to be registered as making sense as they are universal symbols anyhow you do not know of yet, it is a test run to see if you have those abilities to discern, perceive, recognise, decipher and more and that worked brilliantly in an instance that this was presented. Relax for that was a test only. And you can go about your daily routines" . Well, at least I know what that was about and to trust my hunches more as they come to me. It is a very interesting morning. Have a nice day my dear friends and keep well, eat well and let us continue in trusting our Father who does marvellous things. I continue to work out the website thing and get something organised. Much love to you all.


Speakers: Serara, Mother Spirit and Michael of Nebadon  
Subjects: On commitment, teamwork and transmitting
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 04/03/2019 3.00pm(AEDT)


“Get up and go girl! And that is an order for one that is fused as you are, there is way too much to get going with and it needs to be placed through transmitters we require to be at their stations in these times as we go about what has to be placed well in sight of you all.

“Let it be known I require that you place your thoughts at one side and let the incoming message be relayed as this does at this very moment, let it fly as it comes please, you are good to let this come and that has to be flowing in a way to allow your fingers fly across the keyboard. No need to think this out as we get going in your ability to discern the incoming frequency of intelligence. Ron cannot do all of this on his own and we are ringing bells in those of you who are capable of hearing it well and write up what is to be as this does.

“Mission preparations are in order and we are good to go in all means to be at the helm of what is now transpiring in all corners of the planet, there is more to be concerned about in relation to all those aspects to do with the political, social and religious arenas of thought and values. No doubt we need to get revelation out to all of you to better the consciousness of your mind and understanding in relation to universe administration and influence. As your Magisterial Son of Record on Urantia, I as SERARA, along with MONJORONSON, (in capitals please Sue! Oops yes of course LORD SERARA!) are physical in your conscious awareness to so press the chords of truth that is apparent in your years of experience on this wayward planet. There is an opportunity to present yourselves afresh to the task and get it really running in the vein of real meaning to work with a renewed willingness now that you see a coming day of renewal, rehabilitation and schooling and so on as we align the Missions with the human need to be acquainted with our approach to helping you in the course of life on the planet.

“Let this sink in, the new reality of our placement among you. We really are here in your midst to instill the renewal and the intelligence that brings about the change for a better life in the truth we bear that holds well and is well. I am SERARA to get those of you to get on board, to be at your stations to type up these missives as it behooves you to be about the Father’s business which is well and truly on its way now.


“As it so often occurs, I am ever in the business of rearing each of you to the task that you each have a talent to flourish with and that is good to get this working as the rest that some of you have had is now over and it is time to get whipping into shape as the Sons are in full swing to issue the planet into an emerging alliance with the Father’s plan to bring the Ascension Career in full knowledge for all that inhabit this world. The rebellion is over, it is time for the transcendence of heart and mind into the Father’s will for the eternal life He so lovingly bestows in all the seven Superuniverses. This is your inheritance, your will with the Father and onward into the eternal adventure that is yours to pursue in all its marvelous levels of wonder and wisdom. I am never far from you, nor am I the missing element as I, as the daughter of the Infinite Spirit, keep the flame alive in the young at heart in each of you. I keep this with you and you keep this with me in all that is to be experienced as it ought to be for your overall spiritual growth and acclimatization. That is enough said for now as more and more you will come to know me and others who work with you in your earthly life and more.


“Yes, this is MICHAEL OF NEBADON here and I am glad that you picked me as my signature right now, I have this to say to all of you: count your blessings and now let us get on with the work at hand. It is time now not to sit on your hands and do nothing as that is not going to get any of us anywhere. We need you as much as you need us! It is a team effort and Sue knows full well how that works in real work life. Anyhow, as the revelatory book is now ready for reading, I am happy to report there is more coming after this one is out in the years ahead as such periodical revelations will be forthcoming as well. This is what these announcements are as they present themselves to be, to allow the ever present sense that I, and my Team, mean business and it is to be well placed in areas that do matter and will make a difference in the means and matters of the affairs of men.

“As some transmitters often wane in concentration as can happen often and then the message suffers a sudden ending, here however, I press this scribe to keep going when the mind seems to almost shut itself off. That will not happen as we take the hands and let it come on-board as this so happens in sudden burst of energy as it so does. I allow such to occur as we need all transmitters to get up and go with the work we have got going right now. No stopping the fuel in the car when you and I all need that to get the car moving nicely. You know what I mean and it is in plain sight. I am pleased that this is flowing and let it go as it does. Now I leave it there as this is enough to go with at this point. More is coming shortly. It is in short bursts as most of these messages purport to do and awaits someone to pick it up and go with it. Thank you Sue for being on the ball as this comes about as you are aware something is afoot and you are right to think of it too. I wish all of you well and that you take these as an encouragement to come to the table and commit to the task that is well defined in you to be gladly be about with me, Mother Spirit, the Magisterial Sons and the whole Team that accompanies all of us to help right your world and your way in it. I bid you a good day and may my peace be with you.


Hi folks, I am noticing that the temperature in York, PA right now is -21 degrees Celsius. I read a news article about the deep freeze occurring in the U.S.A and there was mention that temps are forecast to go down as much as -29 degrees Celsius. Please heed the warnings this presents for those living in affected areas and stay indoors for your own health and safety. This is deadly. Take care everyone and hope this weather vortex doesn't persist for too long and passes quickly. Meanwhile Australia has been experiencing extremely hot temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius and there has been bushfires, monsoon flooding in northern Queensland, and a well set in drought in various areas in the southern areas of the continent. The earth is certainly showing some extreme changes in climate.

Causes for these changes could be multiple as I think of it. I pray the Power Directors have this planet in check as the earth has to do what it does to find balance.

Stay safe dear ones and my prayers be with you all who are caught up in this unusually cold weather that is happening.


Teacher: Serara
Subject: The Magisterial Son Mission and the Evolutionary Adventure
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 29/01/2019 3.40pm(AEDT)


“As you may be aware, changes are inevitable due to the turbulence that so often happens on evolutionary worlds such yours is to be. Given the unnatural progression caused by the sequence of defaults in Missions upon Urantia, the incoming ones that Michael wishes to implement have precautionary measures in place to deal with the hazards that previous ones have run into.

“Knowing full well there are a large contingent of humans in the population who are unwary of our intentions to right a world gone so awry. It is in my steps to make corrections and issue various measures that is necessary in the ensuing planetary crisis you all will see in the coming months of this year.

“Hence with, do I, as your Magisterial Son of Record for Urantia, am beholden to the Father’s wishes to see to it that Urantia is rightfully cleaned up of the scourges that so many have been subjected to for such an unnecessary amount of time. It is for me to turn the clocks back and start over afresh the true intentions of your purpose upon this evolutionary adventure. But that it is far more accommodating to have the appropriate stage upon which you all can properly engage in to further your soul progression and I have this in mind to see it well done with Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirits’ objectives in line with the plans of the Paradise Trinity. With this, I engage myself with Mission preparations to ensure the optimal outcome to be accomplished. It will take the time to get a rogue world back to the starting line and when it is on that line, great things can and will emerge in the lives of those who meet the great awakening.

“This is Serara, your Magisterial Son of Record for Urantia and I am pleased to have Sue asking me to speak as she is sensibly coming to terms with the quiet space as we get on with what can be determined as best as can be done on a world so challenging in every way. No doubt, it has been a quiet spell for some of you, but be assured we are incredibly busy at work to see to it the ends and means of how we can be about the Father’s business in this side of Orvonton. Nebadon sits pretty between several Local Universes and has formed an amalgamation to enable greater leverage of universal input and personnel. Michael and I have worked tirelessly to see to it we get as many hands on deck, as you would say, in getting to the grips of the massive challenges that Urantia presents.

“Now that is well guided, we can now formulate ourselves to getting to the task at hand in readiness for what Michael has in mind to be doing with the approval of all that takes this as a signal of opening the doors upon Urantia to the divine justice and mercy that is to be unfolded in due course for all inhabitants of the earth to know their place with the Father of All.

“This is to be a beginning for many and for you who have been faithful to stand with me, it is a sort of a baptism of joy to be so still with me and all of us in the long road to recovery. I commend all of you for staying the task in prayer and in hope and it is well-founded in your commune with your divine fragment of the Father. While I depart briefly from this post of joyful beginnings, I will resume again and again to inform you of the progress being made over and over again as you and I join hands in willing partnership to embrace the Father’s will for you all. Let this sink in and let the joys of universe work begin, just as the flowers come out in spring, so do we likewise. May you have a good day and may you keep calm and of good composure with one another. Domtia.”


Some thoughts came through as I read an article concerning some issues that were being discussed and addressed at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland.

It was mentioned that while some of the world leaders cancelled their visits, the Congress Center did get some things discussed and grappled with the so-called “fourth industrial revolution”(FIR) which will see the world reshaped by artificial intelligence, robotics and other technological breakthroughs. While the big leaders stayed away it turned out a “good” reflection for those who did contribute to the decision-making process without the “circus” being there.

While I read this article I did think about how interesting it is that certain leaders who turned away, probably, for thinking it to be too irrelevant for them,  but also that they are too embroiled in their own country’s internal struggles. Regardless, it appears the Forum at Davos have had a chance to talk over certain things without such distraction that some of the pressing issues can be handled by those present who see it relevant and very important to address due to their pressing natures upon the economic well being of many who will face the growing natural threat they pose. It is interesting to me that some players were not there and that the Forum at Davos was able to sensibly get the issues discussed without it being sidetracked by egocentric leaders. I sense a certain purpose as to how this occurred and that the issues can be placed in the center for proper evaluation by all who cares about the planet we all live upon. Rather than the usual vying for national interest, I saw with the mention of the FIR, that it is in the vein of the emerging change in geopolitics that forces nations to cooperate to cope with what FIR presents as well as the issue of “climate change”. This is an article presented in the website: about the final day at Davos with the World Economic Forum and all the main things that came to light through the conference. It is good that some leaders, scientists, political activists and other prominent persons came to contribute and to force the point of good leadership in areas of concerns. I find it interesting that this conference has had such a presence and has gotten people to see so much and think so much too on things that matter to us all.

I thought I express my thoughts and interest as I enjoy seeing such a pro-active engagement in decision-making among world leaders and scientists and so on that can help engage us to lead better and pave a way forward for the well being of humans that have such an impact in our modern civilization. Although, much is groundwork in human endeavour, I wonder how much is going on behind the scenes too by our celestial spiritual administration who may even have been working as delegates in these important political meetings. Could that be occurring, I can only venture to hope that perhaps our Midwayers and the Melchizedek brothers have had made some light to these human proceedings.

It is a good measure by those who attended and while I feel like a spectator in my usual lounge chair, I am so thrilled that such events do happen and that those who do get to be in it and make a difference, then I am all the happier that there are people out there whatever walk of life they may be in, are making a change for the better, if only we all come together and not get so embroiled in political point scoring, but to do so for the common good of humanity as a whole.  This requires concerted effort by all players and not just one or a few, but from all who can and will desire for the best of our planet’s future well being.

Let’s hope those leaders who were not present and were so busy with their own noses that they may look beyond their noses to their neighbors that without each other we will not survive at all in isolation.

My prayers be with all those who wish well for the betterment of our natural ecosystem, for our well being as citizens in a growing technological wonder and to be as responsible humans that takes the issue of planetary sustainability seriously.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and give it a bit of interest in what could well be a groundswell of loving concern that it certainly appears by all those who cared to bring it on board at the Forum. I could not help but be reminded of the key themes that underlies the paper brought out by Monjoronson through Daniel Raphael on the issues of Sustainability and Planetary Management. Could this well be the plan all along in the Serara/Monjoronson Magisterial Mission after all?


I woke up, got up and while getting dressed, open wardrobe door, there it was, camouflaged on the inside panel of the brown timber door, a big huntsman spider! I freaked! Had to remove it somehow!?!?!?! How can such a little thing get so challenging??? Now it leaves me wondering what else is lurking around, those creatures keep cropping up, even a possum at my front door on a hot day the other day when it was 44 degrees Celsius! I think I'll get out and go for a walk on the beach! Need to get it out of mind and sight! Arrrrggghhhh!

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Serara - To Live In A Sustainable Way
« on: December 31, 2018, 07:40:30 PM »
Audio Transmission:
Teacher: Serara
Subject: To Live In A Sustainable Way
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 01/01/2019 10.48am (AEDT)

General Discussion / MERRY CHRISTMAS!
« on: December 24, 2018, 06:34:27 PM »
Today is Christmas Day in Australia, we just had a very hot eve and now a nicer day today, I wish everyone of you a happy festive season and a Merry Christmas! Christ is the Lord and is the reason for the season even though the dates are out of whack, still we remember Jesus' special day, and the angels who sing, "Joy to the world! And may peace and goodwill be among us all!" Love and blessings be with you and may you enjoy this time with family and friends xox, Sue 😁

Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Let These Words Dwell in You and Be My Flower Pot
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 24/12/2018 9.00am(AEST)

This is a piece unnamed and undocumented for reasons I am not fathoming only to just let this pass as it should. For recent events that left me both disturbed and unquestionably unenthused, the whole affair of the Second Contact Commission is not for me to enter into. This is not for me so said the Adjuster. Rather I am told to hold back and leave it be for others more able and equipped to take it on. Although I fit the criteria in most parts as outlined and I answered Yes to all three or four that was laid on the table. The last one most challenging to deal with that involves heavy criticism and that is one I see as a teamwork effort rather than a solo attempt.  Even so, I let it all go as the Melchizedek who spoke was heavy handed in dealing a heavy blow to our lack of answering properly what was asked. The problem is, that criticism makes us more wary and pushes us humans back into the closet of our own insecurities and doubts and so on.

The Adjuster, is the supreme spirit that enables me to walk and not stumble, it reminds, it assures, it mends, it soothes, it surely bears all things, only to tell me the following words: “ not think you are of no use, rather I miss the old Sue, the ‘flower-pot’ that you are in my garden. It is now time to get back to being that and let me water it as it badly needs it. You are my ‘look-at-me-pretty flowers’ and I wish it were that you get ‘pretty’ with all my watering as I grant it unto you. Don’t let what has happened bother you as that is not for you anyhow, I have more important work for you to be about and that is to let this ‘talk’ continue as it should as it is a natural extension of yourself. Too much administration can be too stifling and too little can be anemic. So you are one that falls between the cracks and that is where you are always getting caught in due to the tendency of caution and discretion on your part with the care of the adjutant mind spirits at work in you. You know when to hide, when to step back, when to step in and how to perceive what is meant to fathom one way or another as to its import. It is a built-in defense mechanism that keeps you from stumbling into a ditch. There, does that help a little to see better? It is no harm to sit still and ponder on what just happened, even if for some reason you feel so out of touch of what is so belted out repeatedly to get back on your horse to beat it well. Even the best horse has to stop for the blacksmith for new shoes on its hooves, while the rider needs some time to reflect, to think and to feel its way in what plans are placed even with all its unexpected changes in its wake. That being considered and for time to lapse, there is no need to dwell in the soil, but to consider the beauty in looking up and letting every drop of water nourish you and be the ‘pretty’ flower that I make it be in my garden. Can you be that my dear one as I miss your fire with this way you have with me?

“No doubt, you are taken aback by disbelief, shock and anguish over so many changes and disruptions, expectations and demands that it all becomes too extreme that you are now, after much caution, see better as time prevails as this is another testing regime for all that it imports it to be. Do you not see that most of the time is just that in all cases, to test the stamina, the will, the perseverance, the determination, the wisdom and the heart of you with my work that I have for you. These times are no exception as they pose more than you know now as the most difficult and challenging environments to tread in and that takes all that you are and can be to weather it as it is required of you. You can do this Sue, this is not for the faint-hearted, nor is it for the weary, this is for the most worthy of intentions and desires to be so ingrained with the mind of God and to stand tall as a “Sunflower” in all its glory, no matter if it rains, hails, shine or gails in your wake. I need the mighty among you. I need you! I need the best of heart and mind and silly humor at its best as that will get the glue working better in all and through all that has to work for all of you. You are my children and I am your loving parent that beholds each and every one you. No doubt, you are children of promise and are, understandably, childish and rogue, yet you are of potential to become great beings of Light in my garden. I hold you well as you hold me dear in yourselves. I am your Light that directs your paths before you. Come now, walk with me, continue in my way and allow me to fill the ground in which you dwell. I care much that you allow me to flow this way in you as you let it and that is the heart that melts in ways that you have not been for some time. Let the tears flow, my dear one, for too long you have held back and not let this moment flood you as it does now. I am here with you as much as Jesus is as well as your Creative parents, Michael and Nebadonia are as much with you in Spirit as the soul is enjoined in trinity with thee. God the Supreme honors such that come to the table of graceful humility and conviction. There is great happenings when one comes to me and is at one with oneself. This is purity in with oneself.

“Where no words can explain or describe, there is only that great understanding that underlies everything that brings all experience in with the divine totality of your existence. That is another revelation that needs expounding only when it is deemed expedient to do so when minds are capable of reasoning and absorbing the finer details of spiritual expression that surpasses even what is considered time and space and matter. The energy is pure, the spirit is pure, the entire essence of my being pervades all and in all. I Am simply IS. That is still to be understood by many of you, it is when you are fused with my Spirit that you see and absorb the essence of your personality with mine. There is more to it than that, but suffice it to say as Jesus said it beautifully and fully, in his earthly frame in these truthful words, “The Father and I are One.” That is a lot in those words simply stated in faith and love. You know me and I know you, we are indeed one and the same.

“Now it is time to let this silly season come to pass and behold your Jesus as one with you as he is the Lord and the Master that promised to return. Hold him dear all of you as he holds each one of you dear to his heart as much. There is indeed much work, but let not this become a burden unto you, rather let this be the soil in which much watering I let it be as it ought to be and allow you to be the rising “flower” that you are in it. Jesus is here to let you all see your potential as little sons of God and that you do have inheritance in my garden. It requires you to recognize your place in it and be proud plants that you are in it. Let these words dwell in you and allow the Lord of the garden to bring things in its proper place. I am the Lord, I am your friend, your brother, your mother, your father and your indwelling Spirit. That will be all for now, may you be in my peace and let my peace be with you in these last days of rebellion.”


[Hello dear friends,
This early morning as I slept soundly, I heard a loud bell, like a doorbell chimed. It woke me and I registered that in my mind and fell back to a nice sleep-in. This morning after being refreshed with breakfast, I sat on the lounge keeping warm under a nice warm sleeping bag (still cool here in the mornings!) and closed my eyes to pray and commune. The following gives you some idea what is given to me to assure me that what is to be is for the better, even we humans feel so uncertain as to how the earth will go in the coming “shift” that is spoken to us about. Today is the 26th November, it is shy of two days away on Wednesday which I go back to work and face whatever may happen. Part of me frets and the other part of me wishes to hide and not handle any fallout from humans that may freak out or whatever confused state they may be in. In any case, I am sure we are all holding ourselves well regardless of what is to occur and the following commune is nice to hear and to share with you all, hope this helps some of you who are feeling like I do in these crazy uncertain times on our planet. Sue]

Speakers: Pre’Mtor and Michael of Nebadon
Subjects: Prayer and The Unfolding
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 26/11/2018 9.25am(AEDT)


“Keep with me in prayer.
I superimpose upon your lives upon Urantia.
I am Father.
Keep grounded in me.
You do well to trust my course of action.
You heard well the bell in you this early morning.
That is me. I Am is here.
At your door and you welcome me.
Once you open the door, I come in and sup with you and you with me.
Let my peace be with you and let it be.
My time has come upon your world.
It is time for renewal of life.
Be still and know that I am God.
I am the Lord, the Giver of Life and I light your way into eternity with me.
Let it be known that your lives will change in more ways than it is now.
For behold, I make all things new before you.
Walk with me, my child, and learn of me.
Take my yoke upon thee, carry this with me as I with you. Kkk.”

[Sue:Thank you Father, will do.]

Father Michael of Nebadon:

“You have many thoughts, instances, scenarios in your mind, but let that be, let what may come be the unfolding of what is to be. Face the change with grace in your steps in knowing the reasons for such changes. It is the transition to the New Era and that has to be born out of the trials that bring new ground for better fertilization. You know it. It is deeply embedded in you to see it forthcoming. No new thing can be acceptable until it is warranted. Granted, you survive the fishy business that Urantia can be, still there is a lot of work coming to tame a resident beast that persists.There are forces that will occur that will make the belligerent beast untenable when it is truly mortified in essence of the great tidal wave of awakening in many.

“Hope is the seed to greater impetus of change in humanity. Let my peace be with you. The peace that passes all understanding that is in abiding in the force for goodness and prosperity. Kk.”


General Discussion / Tips on Public Speaking
« on: November 12, 2018, 12:10:18 AM »
Hi All,
I have a request if I may ask ;D Has anyone got some good tips on public speaking?

Today, I had a staff meeting to attend to and volunteered to share some points or issues that needed to be addressed and bring awareness for the attendees present. It soon became apparent that a microphone would be helpful as well as good listening skills. :o Also, is the need to be able to speak up confidently and speak loud and clear so others can follow the speaker. Now it seems that some of our work in the coming months or years may involve some sort of public speaking and I thought to perhaps get practicing on this area as it may come in very handy. My problem is my hard of hearing issue in which it makes it hard for me to hear my own voice in whether I am speaking loud enough, a microphone would be very helpful in this as I am not good without such amplification. Unless, it is in a situation where that is not available, I’ll need to perk up my voice more and get it out somehow and hope people can hear me. I’m too softly spoken in a crowd. ::)

It is something that happens and I got up to speak it anyway and share my thoughts as it goes from the typed up paper I made for everyone to follow it. It certainly helps to be professional and nicely presentable for others to take it. Today was a lesson for me to brush up on a few areas and I would appreciate if any one of you have some good experiences to share that helped you in this regard to speaking to a group. It helps to be relatable and sensible and that can have a greater reception by all concerned. Anyways, I better chime off and learn from you all if you can share some useful measures that can be adopted. Thank you in advance. :)


GENERAL INTEREST INFORMATION / Vision of "Actuality Infinite"
« on: November 11, 2018, 04:09:39 PM »
Vision of “Actuality Infinite”

Today is Monday 12th November, 2018, the night before on the 10th November, as I fell asleep, I got a deep “insight” and how does one put it into verbatim to do justice? I will try here, but something tells me it will not be adequate to include all that I saw. Perhaps it is “visionary”, or “insightful”, or “a glimpse into a ball” of what I saw as potentials into actuals, hence to me it was what I call “actuality infinite”. Why I say that I do not know; I know it simply IS. Witnessing the intricacies of what appears to be an atomic nature which is primarily unknown in material science and yet I saw something that lies beneath the material veneer. I saw what appears to be in three or four dimensional viewpoint of an occurrence in the midst of dark space. With particles moving in rapid velocities rotating at speeds that dart the course of its actions revolving or surrounding a central core that pulls it and makes it revolve by the sheer force it gravitates upon. All around it are sprinkles of stars that appears like white dust speckles upon a black canvas. Alas, did I chance upon seeing a lone rogue brilliant blue particle that shot about intentionally to its purpose in the whole of what occurs in the mighty atomic structure. Because of the blue particle, I was able to see what was going on with the others in relation to the motion they are all positioned to do in such force velocities they happened to be vitally active in.

Here is a “glimpse”, if I may call it that, into what I think is a force field as it pertains in the pre-particle components of action. Space permeates with it and it is highly active and the universe depends upon it as a source.

What I saw was powerful in the sense it gave me the sense of its motions, its velocities, its gravitational pull and the relation and interactions external to its own activity.

This may sound sciencey but it is not. What is seen is an actual activity in pre-material substance. Perhaps it is minute in what it may be, but its appearance was full-blown as if I was zoomed in to see its intricacies at work. The lone blue particle captured my attention as I love the color it emanated (a brilliant deep and yet bright blue) and it darted about the other neutral colored particles as if it toyed with the idea at all. It was truly adorable, it even seem to wink at me and then it went on its merry way as speedily as it came on its rotation axis as did all the others in turn. It was brilliant, truly exquisite in design and manner. Although explosively active, all the particles were behaving in concordance to what it has to do in relation to its place with the other. It seem to have an attraction element as well as a departing reaction. Perhaps there were some sort of synchrony going on in design or mechanism, I do not know, yet it appears to be in that fashion for some reason. The word “atom” seem to stick with me to explain what I saw and yet it was a giant machination in space.

That will do. Words cannot describe adequately, but the above will come close to it. Suffice it to say, it was a brief encounter and I begged for more time with it, yet as with all visions, it comes in a flash and leaves as quickly as it came. Truly, a beauty all of its own, brilliant in what it has to convey. It begged me to ask questions such as ‘what is it?’ and ‘If an atom, then just how active are those things we do not see with our material eyes?’ and so on it goes. It also begs me to wonder of the potentials that still lie beneath the material veneer, we humans, are yet to discover and realize. It is simply there, we humans, have not yet come to know of it; yet it is “actual” and “ever-present”.

I leave it there for everyone to ponder on it and if any one has anything to add to it, this would be greatly educating to learn. Thank you for reading.


As of today my time Australia, the following is noted:

"Most Online Today: 474. Most Online Ever: 474 (Today at 12:55:27)"  this reference is at the bottom of the Home page on this site.

Has anyone paid attention to the increase in the number of Guests here and it seems to be growing. Welcome to all those who visit here and are lurking. Ron have you noticed this too? It has surprised me for some reason as to the site being found and watched and I hope those who are Guest may find the courage to become Members and make themselves acquainted with us all here.

16/10/2016 8.35am (AEST)

And this:

"Anything worth a mention is to be a solid anchor in a sea of change. This is Ankara speaking as I do get heard here by this one with an Adjuster so well done in all that has to be. I like the fact that they are solidly calm." End.
[Sue with Ankara on 14/10/2018 8.49pm (AEST)]

General Discussion / Pre'Mtor regarding Enzymes
« on: October 13, 2018, 07:59:29 AM »
Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Enzymes
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 13/10/2018 8.00pm (AEST)


“The moment you are relaxed, it gives off so many enzymes……”

[Sue: Wait what? Enzymes!]

“Look it up will you.”

[Sue: Alright then this: from
“enzyme” -
“Any of a group of chemical substances that are produced by living cells and cause particular chemical reactions to happen while not being changed themselves: an enzyme in the saliva of the mouth starts the process of breaking down the food. (biochemistry)”]

[Sue: So what gives in this Sir?]

“It’s me Sue, your indwelling Adjuster and I aver to think you know well what is inferred here as it is to do with your ability to sit still and let it drift and then pop goes the weasel and now here I give you a lesson on how to sit still and listen to what this is telling you. You know that the moment you sit down after a long hard days work, you are wont to flake in the weary brines that work up in you, yet it is when you can hear this.

[Sue: So what is meant by being relaxed and then it allows many enzymes?]

“Yes, well as you survey the definition as contextualize in the Cambridge Dictionary above, it does tell you that “..the living cells produce any group of chemical substances..” and stimulates “chemical reactions” while remaining unchanged in themselves. Your living cells behave in a manner to stimulate and, perchance, the mechanism, by which, you can determine those reactions. This in conjunction of being relaxed in oneself, you are allowing your enzymes to circumvent your relaxed state of composure and so on that I can interject here with you and speak so as to enjoy you in participating with me in this little exercise I get you to be stimulated in. The problem is, is that you are not finding an avenue to interest you. The science of biochemistry will have you astounded in the variable ways your living cells can produce so many stimulus to enable reactions to properly have certain desired effects satisfied. And so on it goes.

“The reason I start with this in this way is to let you see that you have two ways of getting transmitting done, either by listening and writing or to sit in front of a computer and type up what may eventually flow off hand. The effect of willingness, to sit to write on the drop of a moment, in an instance of time, or even, perchance to record it via audio device application and speak whatever happens to be chatting away, then by all means, get it in writing, audio, or typed up. Either way, this one is done by pen and you are quick to notice this small little sentence that gets you prompted in good measure.

“The human body is a remarkable machine and has its own mechanism built in to fully be good to get a good dose of neural input that this purports to be in your mind at this point. Later on, this will flow better as you get used to the idea of the subtleties of my way in you in various areas of the cortex.

“Tiredness is not a factor to inhibit you, rather it is the unfortunate ways of the work-life imbalance that you find yourself in as so much of the best energy is spent and then you are home from work, rather spent than good to go. Here, it is that you are able to take away those distractions and let things sit and then pop does my voice come in to its central place for you to pick it up and let it run.

[Sue: Yes Father, let it run, so now you have my attention, what is going on for us to be aware of?]

“That is a typical question, you all may be asking and that is o.k. to ask, while certain things seem to you so unforeseen, let me assure you there is a lot going on to enable your cells to produce more than it has, to equip you with the necessary energy that is required to allow the flow-on effect of reasonable substance enhancement and intuitive discernment. This increases in each of you as you grow in prayerful intent in with us to see solutions to a world in distress.

“It is important that you remain calm in yourself. You know how the blood pressure can increase, the moment you are stressed and worried in severe trauma. This is a deadly trigger in the body and it is for you all to know the calming mechanism that you need to keep in one’s own enzymes to restore the metabolism of your own body’s defense structure and stability.

“This is probably to you, easy said than done, and you are most certainly right, yet it will behoove you to learn the meditation breathing technique in moments of stress or trauma or extreme concern. You recall the moment you had a brief anxiety attack one night back in 2013, and how you learnt to go outside on the deck on a warm balmy tropical night to get some air to breathe in and out in slow deep intentional intakes and out. With soothing reassurance and mental sharpness, those enzymes quickly came into play to enable you to respond, to assess and to adapt in sudden bursts of stabilizing factors that faith overcomes fear.

“Fear becomes a number one enemy in your human makeup and it quickly gets going the moment you let it become so overwhelming it could even paralyse you in numbness and despair. That, whatever it is, has to be acknowledged, recognised and accepted, before you can overcome the chill it gives, then come to your senses to quickly think, assess and adapt and move in a direction that is fitting in your purposes you see is a better way to go, than to fight something that you know you cannot win. Fear serves a defensive purpose, but it also creates in you, decisions that warrant your will in which way to go. In all, it depends on you to find a happy place in yourself and sit well with that as it has come to be resolved in your breathing to clear up what makes you so anxious. Not that you are at this moment, but certain things will come along that may or may not encroach upon you to cause you the anxiety reaction.

“To remedy this is to revert to the breathing technique, calming yourself, with prayerful paces to instill the calm in your living cells to be still and trust that it is going to be well when you sit well with the Father within.

“This will be all for now, as the weary body has to rest, yet your spirit self is truly keen to get this as much as I would like it to be. As Sue’s Adjuster, I am very much as keen and adamant that this will become more merrier in good areas of thought that is good for all to have. I am Pre’Mtor, and that is all I have to say for now but more is going on and will be prompted in Sue to get up and go what is natural for her to work on with me in all earnesty. Good day to you all.”

End. 9.26pm (AEST)

[Sue: Thank you Father, that has been very interesting and something I did not know much about, I very much appreciated the topic of enzymes. Good night and Shalom.]

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