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[I get the song/feeling/urges - “ can lean on me....”]

Speakers: Wave and Mantutia Melchizedek
Subject: Notification and Vigilance
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 18/07/2018 6.14pm (AEST) 3.14am (GMT)


“It is good that you apply yourself with us tonight. Let us keep this up as a regular vigil if you would please as we are pressing you to get on with so much we have to get out to all of you. You are right to think it dear, Ron is busy (up to his ear) with so much to do, errands, dentist and banking and all the while receiving instruction from Mantutia to properly conduct himself before those who materialise before him. You too will also be tasked with much of what I have to get you going with. As Wave, I am a Liaison officiate between Michael’s staff and with those of you who hear me well. It is here we speak of the subject of “notifications”. When I say that, it is very similar to those notifications that pop up on your phone to alert you on incoming messages you allow to place on your devices.

“So too, here with me and others we prompted you with your Adjuster to make notifications in your mind to know some pressing alert is to be paid attention to. This, you know and are familiar with in your past experiences when certain things do prop up in your awareness that make you take heed. So it is here as it goes.

“As aside to notification, there are certain pressures you receive that tells you of the incoming presence to be caring of. I am Wave and Mantutia wishes to speak now.


“Yes, thank you Wave, and while I have your attention, it is all systems go with what Michael has instituted for us to be about in a matter of weeks and there are some areas we wish to see smoothed out in the U.S. government politics as Trump stumbles in a very hostile group that sees no end of the ruffles he has caused from his overseas visits recently. The media mayhem must be ignored, if not stopped altogether, as it serves only to rouse more dissension than it already is. We await for the dust to settle before we can enter a world that is soon to be aware there are more things to worry about than what has just been a naughty playground of sorts for way too long.

“Your attention will be diverted to a bigger problem that no one can get out of, even if you did try. The earth will tilt and so does the tectonic plates with it and it is sure to be a dark and perilous time for most, but it is only to be foregoing for a month of your earth time. I reiterate what is said to you before only to allow you to be mindful that what is to happen is certainly a very imminent one. It is short-lived, but is a severe transition that leaves no stone unturned. Your lives will be busy during this phase and we ask that you take stock of the notifications Wave speaks of for your own good. Take the action it prompts you to be vigilant and good to stay calm, quiet and away from rioting mobs. Stay indoors if you can, if not, do not entertain anyone, just keep walking and not look back or sideways. It is important to stay alive if you can help it.

“While this is not the news you wish to hear, it is for us as a duty to inform you, to prepare you and forewarn you of the dangers this transition period you will face very soon. We can not emphasize it enough to tell you to watch out and pray you are sensible in what is the best way to handle, endure, navigate the situation that may be yours to face. This is not a time for preaching, it is a time to be wary, and do your best to stay out of trouble from people who are beside themselves.

“While I do not wish to instil fear and panic or so on, it is my intention to help you know there are dangers coming and you need to keep the peace in yourself when all else fails before you. Know that the time of the dark period will be short and it abruptly ends when earth settles in a stable position with the Sun to shine a little better upon her than it has been. The cooling will settle the unreasonable heat exchange the planet has been under pressure from Monmatia’s over-reactive behaviour of late. This , the Power Directors are dealing with during this transition period in conjunction with stabilizing the inhabited planets in your vicinity. Yours and one other.

“Thank you for listening, and I leave this here and return Wave for you.”


“Yes, Wave here, thank you Mantutia for those words of good advice and so may I add one more the list to be ready with and that is to take the time in prayer with the Father and that is an essential life-saver for you in relation to your focus and in doing so, this reinvigorates you in service with the Father and all that He has to confer to you in these difficult times.

“This is Wave here, and I end this transmission at this point so Sue can get to type it up at once. Thank you and good evening.”

End. (7.29pm)

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Wave On Language
« on: July 17, 2018, 04:13:52 AM »
I am on a roll with speaking Wave, here is another one.
Speaker: Wave
Subject: Language
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 17/07/2018 6pm local time


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Wave on Competency
« on: July 17, 2018, 03:36:26 AM »
Audio Transmission on Competency
Speaker: Wave
Subject: Competency
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Time/Date: 17/07/2018 4.52pm (AEST) 6.52am (GMT)


[Hello my friends,
Just a few words to say here. I have to be honest with myself these days. Yesterday, I have done things I have never done before. A tax return with the tax agent, installing a new printer and pairing it wirelessly with the PC and making decisions as to which way to go in this life so far. Here I am to refresh my pledge of service with the Father and place my apologies before Him and with Father Michael and Mother Spirit for not paying attention when I ought to be. I have admitted, there are times I doubted myself in relation to the t/ring work and felt way out of my depth when upon seeing how forthright Ron has come through with so much information, I feel like an infant in giant shoes. I am sorry to be so small Father and ask your help in allowing me to be better in service than I already am. Hit me on the head if you have to and let us continue please as I know no other way than to be with you. Amen. Here below I request for any one to come forward to speak and I hope I got all this right as I place my heart on the table and give my body over to the Deities to indwell and use as they please. My life is in your hands Father, take it, use it and be good with it please. Your servant, Sue.]

Speakers: Wave, Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit
Subject: Duty of Service in Times of Change
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 17/07/2018 12.40pm(AEST) 10.40pm(GMT)


“This is Wave and I speak for others representing the Wave group of Liaison Officers. Here, I speak on the subject of duty of service, even in the changes that are to be occurring in your lives upon Urantia.

“As it so happens with news of import, it is met with fear, trepidation, uncertainty and uneasy nerves. This is to be expected and, although you feel that, there are countering wisdom in knowing the Father’s Team who are so tasked to the Reclamation work of Urantia, are well advised as to what and how to engage their trust in seeing to it that the transition period will proceed in a manner that has better outcomes going forward for the life on the planet to exist in a more beneficial and peaceful way than it has in the old civilization.

“The duties I speak of is in fact what you do to apply yourself better with your Adjuster and with your willingness to so serve in the capacities of mind ministry you have bestowed upon you. This is an evolving process of growth in maturity you have bestowed upon you. This is an evolving process of growth in maturity in your morontial psychic circles and going onwards into with the abiding Adjuster who seeks your soul survival.

“Your other duties is also to do with acclimatizing with the spiritual energies of input to receive our messages, lessons of value and important announcements that the Michael Administration of Liaison wishes you to know about as important for you to be aware of.

“That said, there are things to be announced and forthwith said as follows:

  • Today is Tuesday 17th July, 2018, Australian time and this is a day of reckoning for the fused ones to find their place and priority in the work of God. The Adjusters are calling for commitment and over-the-top service to be applied by all who are fused and are being fused.
  • The Michael Foundation International is established and ready to go. This is the one stop show of Michael’s intentions in fully allowing education to be the showpiece for Urantians to be receiving for their own good.
  • The monetary policy you have all been privy to is to be incurred in the coming crisis you all will need it in any case. The currency parity will level out and reckon business in even terms of commerce and exchange. This in turn, strengthens the wealth and the well-being of people to sustain themselves.
  • While transmitting, you will find those moments of difficulties of concentration as your lives become more challenging, even so, you will receive import of substance, and that is to be paid attention to, in all honesty, trust your instincts!
  • While Sue struggles of late with receiving, it has occurred to her that she may doubt the import received and still she wonders if it is true or not, then finds Ron’s messages so upfront, it renders some messages as irrelevant or worse, still infant in relation to the many stops and starts of Mission changes over the long duration of universe manifestations.
  • What has to be understood is that most of these changes are to be seen as a planning operation to fine-tune some areas of discrepancies and so on. Now , it is cemented into a pattern so highly projected to transpire, there are those measures the Father approves as necessary to see put into place for the Reclamation plans to be workable.
  • As Wave, I am tasked to liaise and report and commiserate with the Deities of Michael, the Magisterial Sons and with Mother Spirit. In turn, I am given the role of liaison between them and those fused mortals to be seeing the work of communication be running smoothly for the purpose of dissemination of universe import.
  • Light is also part of this role with me as Wave, and we are the Liaison gurus to impart the knowledge necessary for your growth in understanding the ways and means of the Michael Mission and plans for Urantia’s rehabilitation and so on.
  • What is announced to you is to be taken seriously for your own well-being and survival opportunities, as the changes will hit hard on most of you who are to face the harshness of financial collapse and the tectonic plate shifts that buffett so many lives who may, in all likelihood, will perish in it.
  • York, PA, is the centre of activity soon enough and the fused ones will be asked to position themselves in with the assignments they are given to go with as the work becomes all too real before them. My liaison work will increase with these fellows as well as with the Deities who are so concerned for the successful outcome for all concerned in these Missions going forward.

Michael is here and wishes to speak -

Michael of Nebadon:

“Yes, Michael here Sue, and thank you for refreshing yourself to so fully align yourself to what you are about. Your life is finished on Urantia and you know it. What you do now in the flesh with and abiding in your Adjuster is the Father’s domain to be with and doing. So here you are with me to speak.

“I am honoured to have this place in you and can now speak with clarity in your own mind that is cleared of all the hurdles you have and are now out of the way for good. It is now a house(vessel/body) for Mother and I to indwell and others too as it goes and we are to incline our work to fully accommodate the house Sue avails for us to use. It is afterall, a vessel she inhabits and is happy to lend it for us to use to our discretion. Here, we go with and Sue is truly understanding of her place as we get busy with important measures we must put in place to enable the smooth transition upon Urantia as it will require it by the years end. So pressing is the crisis that we are to get going in an urgent manner and round up the fused ones to work in these coming trials we have going to face with.

“Yesterday, Sue has accomplished things she has not done in years and that is achieved with success. We are proud of her independence and the ability to overcome her fears and get to do this piecemeal is another one to be rejoicing about. She has made her decisions, committed herself freshly to the task at hand and is fully supportive of my hand in with her.

“Now it is come to my attention, she is apologetic over the concern of “inattention” her Adjuster could unfuse, if the ward is not careful and so she placed her apologies and requests the aid and assistance of me and Mother to allow the be [Storm just came through 3pm local time,  and i stopped this to close it down and unplug computer to avoid storm surge damage - it is passed, now i resume] ...reinstated as she pledges her willingness and support with us and her Adjuster. Good. I am well pleased with that assessment. Mother Spirit is here to speak - “

Mother Spirit:

“Yes, I am Mother Spirit and I commiserate with Sue on so many scores she lost count and is aware of her hit and misses on so many areas that touched her not. Here we are to the point of no return and she is fully fledged ready to pounce with the workload we have going with her in all earnesty and she willingly places herself to find the time and place to get these transmissions to be well placed before you.

“Now as much as it is about duty, service; it is also about commitment, loving willingness and understanding persuasion to be so available for the Deities to partake in her and others who are so inclined to place themselves with us to be doing the work of God in your midst.

“It is with my great pleasure to see a flower blossom and grow and so it occurs with the fused ones who place their lives on hold to get going with crisis mission that is necessary to be placed as Urantia is now looking precarious at any given moment this year as it unfolds so rapidly before us.

“So this is about enough to be said, but it is not over yet, it is the beginning of a long running episode of changes you hardly saw coming. I am Mother Spirit, and I abide in with you all who know me as I work tirelessly with my Ministering Spirits who along with Wave and Light, and other orders who are so well tasked to be with you. I bid you a good day and thank you for this lovely space in you Sue!”


« on: July 16, 2018, 06:45:55 AM »
Hi All,
Much is accomplished. Without saying too much, tax time is due and done, installed new printer and got so much done, now I am finding out by the ever prompting Adjuster, that the restive period is for a reason, it is also to be wary of what is occurring weather-wise. Here in Oz, we have severe weather warnings forecast for to eventuate by tomorrow, in the southern parts of the Australian  continent of unusual high waves, potential sea erosion, high gale force winds and a temperature drop to freezing wind chill climes. Adjuster says study the trade winds as that is the indicator of the winds and their behaviour as it runs around the planet. So I go figure....the science of the winds :)

Sue/7inOcean with Pre'Mtor.
8.40pm (AEST) 16/07/2018

See for example the following link:

Teacher: Probius
Subjects: Transmitting, Stamina, Energy, Determination, the Mentori, the SER and More
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 11/07/2018 1.54pm (AEST) 3.54am (GMT)

[Hello my dear friends,
Allow me to start by saying a few things before Probius starts with me. I caught on what needs to be done when things got so quiet. Each day in prayer, there were moments of quiet, despite this, I kept asking until I see that Probius was in on the act to get me going with messages and I am happy to be doing this with Probius and any one else who wishes to speak.

None of you asked me how I happened on the name “Probius”. Here it is. As I sat on the lounge watching television one evening, there popped right in my mind, be it spoken or highlighted in my third eye forehead (so I think) the word which was prominent in bold iterance. I could not mistake it. As it occurred, I was quick to pay attention to it and promptly wrote it down. It so occurred to me the sense I got as one with the Mentori and so I latched on that immediately. As I warmed to the word, I realise it is a name of one of the Mentori personnel. This sense is one of a high order and who is of important work to go with in all earnesty, and I knew it well with all that I am with my wise Adjuster that nudges me all day long.

So as is requested by our Father Michael today, to keep on going with receptivity, I wait for no taps on the shoulder, but get on with asking, requesting and seeking and Probius has some significant work with me and it is like I am tied up with him like a boat trailer is on the tow ball of the truck that is to tow it along. So we get on with work and relay what it is to be said at this point of time for all of you to learn of. Sue]


“Thank you for your time Sue, we have this to say, in all probability, the energy levels you have may wax and wane as it so occurs when you are wired to hear me speak. For this reason, we use a different type of circuitry to appoint you well and better to receive me and others in the foregoing mess that may ensue. When I say “mess”, that is in relation to the foregoing changes that may arise in your wake and certain behaviours may follow as it occurs.

“With greater concentration, you can pinpoint what I am getting at without the Censors trying to word it and you know as well as I there is more in the telling than what is before you at all. Some things can be confused and other things can be quite to the mark, it takes a trained eye to see the point being made.

“Stamina is going good when you sustain yourself well with nutrition and you are one solid mass, I am happy to go with right now. As it is, you know as well as I there is more in the pudding than what can be spooned out at a time. This needs to be done and taken carefully as some things are too hot to handle and others too cold it renders it useless. Still you stay the course in this and that is good even though this is your second session in a row this day and more is to be done as we work you to the wall if we have to.

“You see as I see how good it is to take this time out to polish this exercise with me in furthering our goals to achieve the lesson-taking it takes to make it real and tangible for your fellow’s eyes to see and acknowledge in themselves as fruit to enjoy.

“Your hospitable work drains you Sue and it is noticeable when you do attempt to receive me when you know yourself you are exhausted beyond human endurance. Even so, you persist and that is amicable and I take this opportunity now that you have taken a day of rest as you have today to refresh yourself and so it is well received what this is to be to take down.

“Energy is vital in your work here with us, the Mentori, we aver to think that part is crucial in sustaining the stamina as long as you can and when prompted to take messages as this one is running nicely, you are truly good to stand it as long as you do. You note the difference between a refreshed body and an old worn worker of the day’s strain upon you. Watch that, we prefer you refreshed, relaxed and primed in good order as you are great today.

“Here, we speak of the many trials of receptivity measures we have going with the condition and health of those of you who take on transmitting as Sue is doing today. Ron has endured much today given his state of tender transition, it behooves us to take care of the fused ones who take on more than they can chew. So, we do this in a manner of short briefings to the tune of anywhere from one page on up to five or more pages in length.

“We are already two pages long in Sue’s notebook, and still going strong.

“This is a lesson in Transmitter endurance and stamina and the role this has on the very work of messaging, we together, take on for the import it has to be relayed. In the past, we have dealt with other human transmitters and they have been good to use, they have gotten too lax to take on more. Here, with Sue, we find it slightly different in the energy she has with her Adjuster to see to it she follows this to the letter as it is imperative to work it to the umpteenth time to see that God is at work indeed in all of this that we do, even with the Censors.

“So, we as the Mentori, take on those of you who are of attunement in Spirit as Sue, Amethyst, Larry, Lemuel and Ron and a few more of you who are so inclined to be about the Father’s business as this is to be.

“As I am Probius, I also work closely with the Circle of Seven, with Prius who is attendant with me in this endeavour to reach some of you to hear us and get going with what is said or relayed to you. Michael has a million things or more to attend to and is up to his hair with much decision and we are called upon to relieve the pressures of the work of import we are so equipped to do and go with.

“Sue has taken on the level of faith that defies explanation, as she knows full well this is where you take that giant leap into the unknown and she is in agreement to that assessment. There are things said, you need to take it for what it is meant for, and there are things not said, it will take a lot of guessing what we hint at all with.

As much as this goes, logic sometimes does not flow here as some transmissions do for reasons we have that tells you to pay attention. Transmissions are a work in progress as well as a perfecting mechanism in attuning more in spiritual input as it comes your way in time and space.

“We of the Mentori are here to teach and lather you in preparation of the long road ahead of you as you are now in realisation of the ascension career ahead of you.

“We also are here to cement the realisations you will receive through the Sixth Epochal Revelation, that is soon to be issued and given due regard to its magnificent and voluminous papers that cover everything from the Father to the history of your planet and to Jesus who is to be understood better than the previous epochal revelation.

“Mantutia Melchizedek has achieved a marvellous set of papers, although he laments some things had to be cut out for sheer length, it is still a remarkable piece for all of you to enjoy.

“Now I see we are in our fourth page of writing and Sue seems to be fresh at this and we continue on.

“The next subject we wish to speak on is this: Determination.

“Determination of your intentions to seek and find your path with the Father of All is and ought to be your priority goal to follow. Recall Jesus’ words, your Master and Teacher, who once said two words, so simple yet profound in its implications. Those words are: “FOLLOW ME”.

“Herein, do you see two words that take a punch in what to do in your life’s journey inwards to the Source. Here, the Son of Man and the Son of God utters two simple words to follow who He is. He is the Son of God in those words to you. You are asked to “follow” in his steps, his examples of service and love and in faith with and in the Father. Following his steps in the sand is also another analogy to take those strides with Him who is very much present with you as we are as Teachers as Jesus is to you.

“You know yourselves the truth. That he who confesses the Father is a Son and he who acknowledges the Son is one with Him. The trinity effect of loving relationship with the union of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit is all encompassing in all areas of the pattern of God in the Universe of Universes.

“Now it is the fifth page of exercise and we will need to stop here before Sue gets burned with too much going at once in one sitting.

“The other lesson is to take the time to familiarise yourself with what is presented to you through all these lessons we have going. As Sue hit it well on her head as to what is transpiring is the old classic ‘hit and run’ and there we see what happens next. While that is in part true, there are some surprises yet to come we dare not entertain here, but do get this lesson as they come as it prepares you for the many exercises that you will all be exposed to when things go one way or the other.

“I leave it there for now and grant Sue a time to refresh. And when she is ready we may take up another lesson later.  Good day.”

End. (2.51pm)

Speakers: Michael of Nebadon and Rayson (Science Officer)
Subject: Censorship, Pole Shift Wind and Taking Precautions and More
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 11/07/2018 10.18 am (AEST) 12.18 am (GMT)

Michael of Nebadon:

[Michael, what does it mean to be censored?]

“You know things, but it cannot be said, when transmitting, certain details will be allowed and others held back for reasons of State. You are thinking well through what is relayed through these messages. The pole shift you wondered how that affects the wind velocity and I give you Rayson to speak to this.”

Rayson the Science Officer:

[Rayson, what do you wish to say on this, how does the pole shift affect the wind, how is it that the wind even stops?]

“That is because when the planet is moved on its axis to a slight 23 degree turn, it, when it rotates, causes the upper stratosphere to reverse its currents of upper air streams in that it affects the lower layer that in turns makes it reverse to a point of static point. Here, is where the velocity upon the earth is shifted in polar-reversals upon the axis rotation in conjunction of counterbalancing the action of inertia in movement. Here, it then goes static for a brief moment and at that point it causes electromagnetism to be so induced to the point certain charges of electric input is ignited, causing fires to erupt. In addition to that, the earth will have undergone some structural adjustments to accommodate the axial shift to its core.

“Herein do you as humans will feel the imbalance, the dimming of light, if not, a dark period for some thirty days to allow a rapid cooling to effect the planet’s sphere to avoid the boiling point which is already at an alarming rate.

“You note too, the population reduction is to be by half and that is by the measures this natural phenomena will have impacted on areas of volatility, as well as, the genome reproduction to be reduced by the actions and work of the Creative Spirit and her Ministering Agents.

“Monmatia, your sun, is at a very dangerous point and the Power Directors are working to stabilize its nuclear behaviour so as not to let it go overboard in heat transmission. Your earth and the other inhabited earth will be undergoing simultaneous changes to compensate for its inability to cool itself.

“This has been good to get this further clarified with you and I thank you for giving this aspect due thought and curiosity. Be assured, what is to follow is to be swift, and be on alert for the effects it has on food supply and water as that will become scarce as this shift takes its turn to do such damage to the already hot planet you reside on. Watch out for thieves, thugs and hungry people. Stay low, indoors as much as you can and do not entertain anyone as your life depends on staying alive as best as you can.

“I am Rayson, and although such news is fraught with consequences beyond our control, I pray you all have the good sense to take what we have spoken to seriously and remain as calm through this ordeal as best as you can. I bid you all a safe passage through this dark transition soon to be at your door.”

Michael of Nebadon:

[Michael, do you have anything to add to this?]

“Yes Sue, I do, and thank you for asking and staying the task for as long as this is. We do have a lot to say and Ron could not do all of it in one sitting and so it is fair to take it up with those of you who can stand the stamina as Ron has done so amicably.

“Sue is ready to take the gun at this point and I let it run with her.

“What has to be told is to take the news we say now as gold. You know what that is and it is precious and valuable at the weight of a tiny ounce on the market today. So with an ounce of gold, here it is for you to take and hold to your chest as it may save you a lot of trouble in the days coming upon you.

“Move, if you have to, if there is danger in your immediate vicinity. Fires, can be ravenous when they catch on with no wind, no water and no energy to curtail it. The earth has to move with the rotation and that will mean crustal movements as well, and you all know about the tectonic plates that abound all around the earth. It will be shifted in the cumulative shift the earth has to take in its wing. Be on guard, watchful and take what you need and do all you can to not care too much for what others want, as that will not be helpful for you in this emergency of survival.  Just as in an airplane, which has oxygen mask in emergency, it is vital you take that and put it on. Look after yourselves first before you go looking after someone else. It is the sensible thing to do at that point. So, do we ask, that you take all precautions necessary to do what it takes to survive the onslaught of disaster wherever you may be.

“I am Michael and, although this is not the kind of news anyone wishes to hear, but it is a corrective measure a Creator Son has to take in advance in knowing the dangers such planets are under if they are not taken care of in the first instance, which I must take in all good faith. Lanaforge, your Planetary Prince, and yes, it is “Prince” and not “Manager” Sue, as you were right to put it before, but we now rescind that in place of “Prince” for reasons we see as befitting the Divine Personnel who take on the responsibilities so charged to them to undertake. You will all be in his grace as he takes on the heat you all know is beyond your abilities to endure.

“As Creator Son, I am your Father; as Jesus, I am your brother, and so, we go about the work as fitting as a Divine Mission is to be. I end this with the words of benevolence, that I always bestow upon all those who have faith in me, “Be in my peace and may my peace be with you”. Good day.”


Speakers: Michael of Nebadon, Mother Spirit, Probius and Lanaforge
Subject: We Are Working Still To Make Things Right, The Need For More Transmitters and More
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 10/07/2018 10.33 am (AEST) 12.33am (GMT)

Michael of Nebadon:

“I am here Sue, this is Michael, we are working still to make things right, know that is so. There are so many things on the table and those things cannot be spoken to, but we are dealing with them. While it is not easy, it is not impossible for us to deal with. For all of you though, it would be a task not suitable for you to take on and so there are more able ones in my Team who can do more and with the efficiency and effectability to get some of those things done and accomplished.

“While all of you are so good to stand by and wait, you have been like ants on a mound who do not give up when the ground gets tough. I am heartened by your stickability to stand through the gales of such a moment as this is. While difficult, eerily sombre and rather chillingly quiet for your liking, it is a moment wherein you find the time for prayer, for supplication, for the air to breathe and to take in the last of the days of the old house that is soon to see its last days.

“While we, on this side of the veil, cannot say much at this time, we can say to you to hold on to your hats, stay fast to the hope that is in you and know I am here with you as you gather your strength and resolve to continue in working with me, with Mother Spirit and all her Ministering Spirits. Probius is assigned to you and so are all those of the Mentori. They await for you to open the lines of communication to so let the word come to you. The teaching lessons that are good for you to receive at this time of transition.

“Keep the faith, my dear ones, may you rest in my peace and let this pass as it should.”

Mother Spirit:

“Mother Spirit here Sue, there are many surrounding each and all of you at this junction of time. It is a very pivotal moment in your lives soon enough and watch out for those changes coming and  may you all have the good sense to keep calm and focussed on with us as these changes must be allowed to enable a transition to a more desirable outcome that is good for all it is worth.


“Probius here Sue, I am with Mother Spirit on this and support her work going forward. This is to be an ongoing mission in with you who seek to receive such import of messages such as this to be and more is coming.

“Do not be dismayed by the “quietness” of the Forum site, this too will be flooded with interest before long. Be prepared for the many questions that may arise and seek us for the solutions to them as they may arise. There is much for many to learn and much more can be learned by all of you who maintain the vigilance that you all do.”

[Thank you Probius, is there any one else who wishes to speak?...]


“Yes this is Lanaforge Sue, I have one report to make and it is this. While the world watches on with the twelve Thai boys and their coach trapped in the cave getting rescued, we are also witnessing the extraordinary efforts of “co-operation” with those who put their lives on the line to carry out such a risky rescue. This is the first of many such “co-operative” ventures that is to increase as the changes you all face come to your reality in the weeks and months ahead. This is the time of transition before we can see real progress being made for the good of humanity. I am Lanaforge, your Planetary Manager and am busily at work to prepare for the exigencies that is to be my task to oversee, in all earnesty.

“Stay with us as we need transmitters to be so doing this work of allowing such information to be passed on for you to know about, now and in the days ahead. I bid you all a good day and may you all be in Michael’s peace in all that is to follow. Domytia.”


[Thank you Father Michael, Mother Spirit, Probius and Lanaforge for all that you do, and may you have good success in the plans you may have going forward. Sue]

Teacher: Probius
Subject: Theme: A Stitch In Time
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 09/07/2018 12.18pm(AEST) 2.18am(GMT)

Theme: A Stitch In Time

[As I was trying to work out the Greenwich Mean Time to start this message - I hear this as follows…]


“Don’t worry about the time, as you were thinking when sewing up a worn out uniform with a tear, the saying, “..a stitch in time, saves a tear..”, when otherwise it becomes a thrown out garment. You might pause and ask: what is the point of this? On closer thinking, you do realise there are so many layers to this prompt repairment: on the practical side, it is true, it saves a lot. On the philosophical thought, it is pre-emptive to salvage something from further unnecessary disarray.

“The process in itself of finding the right tools to apply the task of sewing, enough light to feed the thread in the eye of the needle and good eyes to see at all. The knowing of how to sew in the first place is a skill acquired long ago and is again applied by hand and not by machine. The skills of the modern era is losing those ones that are done by natural hand skill-task, although an ancient acquirement, they are long forgotten or abandoned in favour by the sheer machinations, precision of automated technologies. One skill is lost and another is gained albeit the long hand once held the tear so well when the generations wonder how it was done in the first place.

“So, as you carefully place the needle in the garment and thread the cotton through, each stitch at at time is enveloping the fabric together in one stride that it is held in place and so avoids those separations that can easily be widened over misuse and, therefore, renders the cloth useless for its purpose of wear.

“The actual skill of sewing can be applied in spiritual terms as to its placement in missionary care and duty of tenderness. The stitch we place in the planet’s core, the stitch in government process, the stitch in one’s own level of progress, is all to do with the pre-emptive care taken to avoid the inevitable you know can happen if the action of avoidance is not taken in a prompt manner of time. Time prevails upon Nystoria and as it wanes, there are some actions that do divert certain courses of play upon the fabric of life you happen to entertain.

“Here, you call upon Father Michael and Mother Spirit of what is “becoming” and as you sew, it dawns upon you that very action is in progress, that it is true, in the Michael Missions soon to be and is really a “stitch in time that saves a tear”. How Michael applies the stitch is entirely to his skill and all those who accompany him in this endeavour. It is, as you know yourselves when sewing, takes a little patience, a bit of dexterity, determination, enduring painful needle pricks that make you wince, and then it also takes the joy of knowing that at each time one stitch at a time is made, the fabric is welded together one by one to hold well and be useful to wear way beyond its own expiry date.

“So, this is a one heads-up for the continuance of service. A stitch in time is all that it takes and so we continue on in a graceful and sensible manner to not throw things in the trash, but to save as much to make good of what is of value. The material has a long life when duty of care is given due value to it.  You see, we, your divine Celestial family, do value who you are. Your material lives have its place in evolutionary progression and our involvement in it for you, is also a stitch in time for your own fabric cohesion of existence.

“This is Probius, along with Pre’Mtor and Sue, like a garment stitched together, we are together in this service of love to you and see to it that we continue to progress in the work with the Creative Parents, who also work in this timely manner to achieve an abundant life to wear well.”


Threads for New Transmissions / Probius on Temperance of Heart
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Teacher: Probius
Subject: Temperance of Heart
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 03/07/2018 12.15pm(AEST) 2.15am (GMT)


      Temperance of Heart

“We the Mentori and a few of the Sentinels do participate in this endeavour in you to settle the fervour of soul and mind to allay your concerns over issues you have nothing to worry about. Let it be and trust in Father’s way as it becomes the mode in which you walk in as time prevails. Time does wonders to the mechanisms that builds those areas of temperance, humility and endearment to your heart with the Father.

“Now as we gather as one in mentoring, teaching and fostering your developments in spirit, we do count it a blessing to be among you and learn the patience of endurance in as much as you all do in the ways and means of correction, illumination and faithfulness. While that is quite a mouthful, it is like a ladder with many steps to take in progressive spiritual acclimatization.

“Let us speak as you desire it to be so. So we get on with the service of love among you and be apprised with familiarity of struggles you all do persevere with one way or another.  Know that you are not alone in these difficulties. Our heart is with you as one with yours.

“So here we gather around like seven around a table to seed the growth that is potential in each of you.  It is a concerted effort by our involvement, as it is yours in your willingness to so serve and be about Father’s will in what He and His Co-ordinate Associates have opening before you to take on.

“The new book is among other things, one step in the ladder of your developments as is the other areas of fulfillment that make more steps to progress in wisdom as well as in worship. Yes, worship is one that gets very little exposure as it is at the heart of you in each and every time you look northwards to the great Source and Centre of your being.

“It is in every detail, in every fibre of your being to reach out and be loved and to love in all the capacity of heart that folds you as one in the One and All.

“I am Probius, we are so assigned along with the Sentinels to grapple with the heart and soul of man as you are, and bring you up to the level as praiseworthy citizens of the Universe you are to be so certain of being one with. This is the goal of the ages in your earth and it is becoming of you, to enter into the new age of light and life of your new found joy with the Father of All.

“Keep with me, my able one, as I am assigned to you as teacher and mentor. It is all coming together and Father Michael will do what he has to, to make things right and good for this world and for the Local Universe he is father to, in all truthfulness. We support him as you do too. Pray with us that man has the heart to see the good that comes their way. This is a good session and more to be on its way soon and I wish you well and I bid you all a good day. Domytia.”


Speakers: Pre’Mtor, Probius and Michael of Nebadon
Subject: The Importance of Transmitters, the role of the Mentori Group, the SER and the realisation and demand for more enlightenment.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 28/06/2018 6.02pm (AEST) 8.02am (GMT)


“If you apply yourself with a little bit more pressure, a bit more momentum, it can go a long way when you do…”


“I am here Sue, we are awaiting Michael’s injunction here as he wishes to go about certain things and we stand by to support him in whatever way it is best in going forward.

“Now there, we have a small number of Transmitters to apply the pressure just that little bit more in the midst of your busy lives as you have it and we are pleased with your efforts even as you drop your usual chores and, what have you, to take a jot from the drop of a hat such as this can be.

“It is in these moments, you take a breather and the juices start flowing. Here is the low down as it so happens…

[There was a pause and I ask “yes Probius and?”]

“Yes Sue, I have Michael of Nebadon here who wishes to speak.”

[Wait, it seems a little different, how I do not get the signature this time, is that really Michael, Probius? As it seems a slight change here from receiving you Probius?]

Michael of Nebadon:

“Yes Sue, it is I, your Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon. I am using a different circuit here, mainly to allow certain Transmitters to pick me up as well as the Mentori who use a frequency that is like water that runs in a fluid circuitry for you to get it running better. Here I am to speak on matters that I need to get for all of you to know about.

“Here we have only a few number of Transmitters when we really need a lot more than that. For now, these Transmitters are using a certain circuitry that is encircuited in them to receive and get it down to the wire to require them to both, speak it and write it, when they are so attuned to do so. Much is to be relayed when I give the go ahead for the public view of the new Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER) and of my Michael Foundation International and that is to be installed at once, very early in the first week of July, 2018. Ron Besser who is our main frontman, is to take the heat of the initial fanfare and that is very shortly to be announced.

“The thing I really want to get down to you is this: pray, that you will hear the Mentori as they are bearing much of the brunt of criticism that may, inadvertantly, be thrown to you Transmitters as you get tackled to handle the issues between spiritual input and man’s contentions they may make issue with.

“As the Mentori is here to assist you and enable you, they are a group, and as a group, they punch a good deal of conviction and persuasion as to the import of the new book and all that it has to teach you. That is the main part of my word for now and Probius is waiting, patiently, to get back to have another say here for all of you.


“Probius here now, I would like to add to what Michael insists here with our group and that is we are set on target to gain more Transmitters in the coming months and that is due to the inspiration we get going with through the small group of Transmitters we have going with here and in other places. This is an important work. One that will grow as the demand for such that we impart will gradually catch on as the many realise the value we impart as well as the significant intelligence that is available, unlike anything seen in your world.

“It is like a small little campfire, that gets kindled bit by bit, by the many able bits of twigs, sticks and branches that can be added and, soon, the fire is enlarged, the glow is brighter and the warmth of the flame becomes more inviting, welcoming and comforting to be around as what is offered is the enjoyable camaraderie, shared dreams and aspirations to and of the glory of a new age to come.

“It can only be realized when it is consumed by those who first believed before seeing, and are the ones who stood the trials against all that could stand against such conviction, that nothing, not even in heaven or earth, could separate them from the love they know that is within them of God our Father, who is the fire of life that is known and understood. The One, who is the Source that has called out with a “still small voice” to call one to Himself. It is said and let it stand still, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit has to say”.

“I am Probius and it is a delight to be among you to make it known among you that the Father delights in those who walk in Him and trust Him, no matter the hour of day that is upon you. I bid you a good day.”


Threads for New Transmissions / Probius on Communication
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Teacher: Probius
Subject: Communication
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 25/06/2018 5.30pm (AEST)

[I am on a roll here, can’t help but be getting chatty and not even blah-blah will stop it...]


“O.k. well you know there are moments we can be quite peachy and other times quite blunt; it all depends on who is at the receiving end how that one can take it. We wish we could be more transparent, but doing that could make you (a fused one) go phish into flames if we even do. So, to avoid such a fuson-in-flames as you can if we are not careful, we do this through certain frequencies that soften the edges so-to-speak to enable you to take the round approach we offer instead.

“Communication is a tender one to use with fused candidates as yourself, Ron, Larry, Lemuel and Amethyst are. However, in saying that, you tread so energetically you find you speak the likes of me of my order and onwards as well with God the Supreme and onto with the Deity Absolute in your many dream encounters(Sue, in particular). This in all, is to say to those of you there is room to go to reach that area of good communication with many of us on this side of the veil.

[Wow, this is turning out different to what I started with and so this is one on communication, yes?]

“Yes, and more. All I can say to all of you is to keep going, keep going, keep going! Do all you can to pause, pray, ask and listen. Take it down and have faith in it. This is a milestone for most who begin it and, for the more seasoned ones, it is not a practice, but an engine to keep the oil burning so it doesn’t run out of momentum. Truly, no better way than to continue in your intentions to love and serve the Father as you do right now.

“Stay the course, stay totally dedicated with us as we are also so fully given. Communication is also to do with revelations yet to be given. Watch this space as it will grow as one strengthens its muscles in spiritual mind to receive the import it does as it looks Godwardly. I let this be for now as we soon allow you all to see the cover page of the new book “Nystoria: The Book of Revelation”, to be seen in material eyes. We watch how you take it and respond to it. We welcome your responses and wish for you to know that, be aware, there is more in the book then what is on the cover. It is said, ‘never to judge a book by its cover’, the cover is only a brief snapshot of a guide of the lengthy contents it entails. Just as you know The Urantia Book had way more to say than just its title suggest, so too, does the new book present such for you.

“Recall Mantutia Melchizedek is the one who has masterfully comprised this work and laments that much more could have been included, but for length sake it is best to allow the most outstanding points to be made first, and the rest can be appended in the following Yearbooks later on, to fully grant the justice of revelations that are given to you in the SER that you are to be seeing in a few short months from now.

“First, it is best to have it known and witnessed all over in different places to be getting the interest and peculiar attention it deserves by most who are truly seeking the information that this contains for their own edification and enlightenment.

“No other book can do what this one is meant to accomplish in furthering spiritual growth and profound insights. Upon receipt of such, there is to be expected a thirst for more and that is where these messages, the Yearbooks, the numerous archives of transmissions from the Teaching Mission to these latest ones installed by some of you who enlist themselves as transmitters of a high calibre to receive.

“I warrant that Sue is better at written transmissions and I concur with that at this point, mainly due to the high degree of fluidity this presents in writing on demand as it flows in a rapid speed that even voice can get in the way at times. Language is a difficult one to navigate and Sue can do both in a speed of light on this page as it is written here.

“We do not end sessions, and this may surprise you, as it is always on the go as we attempt to keep the lines open at all times to allow fluidity of communication happening in a steady stream. It explains why so many of you in different time zones around the earth can still pick up the signals and go with a message at any given moment when you are ready to receive upon request.

“It is said and it is literally true, “..Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will open to you..” Jesus is your wise teacher of many years and these words echo true to you in this day and going forward as you walk with God our Father.

“I am Probius and I am delighted to see Sue let fly with this one tonight. That is two sessions in a row today. And that is both excellent to have for you to see how things work and flow.

[Probius, I aver to think and feel that God the Supreme is in this too as well as the Deity Absolute, am I correct to think that?]

“Oh my, you are on the dot and I am thrilled you even picked that frequency is ever close to your chest right now. See to it you take a lesson from God the Supreme and the Deity Absolute as they are hankering very close indeed. I bow out for now and allow you time to recuperate and I hope to take up another time with you when you are ready. Good evening.”


Teachers: Probius, Prolotheus and Ophelius
Subject: An Introduction of the Mentori Group, the “nuts-and-bolts” at play, the Master Spirits and more
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 23/06/2018 5.57pm(AEST)

Sue: After looking at the news online and all that is, I am not at all enthused by the happenings that only stir more uncertainty, discord and more dismay. I hear this:

“Keep your thoughts in check Sue, we are here and it is imperative you hold us well as we go about things differently. There is more coming and that “more” is now!”

[Hold on, wait, you mean now, in all that I compose as one tired, befuddled and worn worker for the days busy and demanding work?]

“Yes, I interject in your mind to say that in the midst of so much turmoil can one focus on my voice. You picked it right!”

[So what gives, Sir?]

“I am Probius. You should know that by now my dear, we are a team. Mentori is a singular group with multiple personalities. I am one, Prolotheus is one, Ophelius is one and so is a number of us.”

[So, there is more of you?]

“Yes, now you have fattened on disappointments, and enlivened upon uncertainty,  you know the drift is already in the air. You crashed upon the realisation of Ron’s health and his suffering is one with you. You know you will join the corp of trials this one has been entertaining to the level it makes most up here squirmish and very sympathetic. You too join us in this as it runs in  your vein as a terrible agony no one ought to bear but one does to the point it defies all credence of procedural expectations. Father does what it can, but the human genome has to take it and transform it in its own system to operate and finds it cannot take the bait as it swabble so many chances to correct itself to no avail. It forms a reprint and then some more, only to hear the squeal of the one who baulks at even the slightest moves it takes to make it happen. Ron is to stay on course and allow things to take its natural course as it so happens.

“Now this: I am Probius, and not much is revealed but in the course of our sessions, you will come to know me. I come from a long way in your time and yet arrive at finality in such a short space/frame of time. You sense, “Roman”, yes, I was Roman as in the Roman Empire as you sense it.”

[Where are we going with this?]

“You see I hail from the time of the Emperor Caesar. I accompanied Caesar and was his closest ally in all things to do with decisions and strategy.

“You feel this is going so left field, and yet, I hold you in check as I know how this revelation-taking can be-straddle how you take it when it comes to you to take it down. Let us continue shall we?”

[Yes, Sir…]

“Good, as you can see I come a long way in such a short time. My main strength is strategy and wise decisions to do with what has to be achieved.

“You, my dear, (and you do not know it) have Roman blood in you. I am akin to your kind and it is for this reason, I cotton on to your abilities so kindled in discretion and planning abilities, it is quite built in you for so long it is a natural one you have and use every day, unbeknownst to you.”

[Well, I am admittedly both gobsmacked and surprisingly in agreement as to what you unearth for me to see, thank you and so, given that, where do we proceed in this regard as you say?]

“Ah yes, well done, you see, you have a knack to press on to the next you see?”

[Yes, see, “next”...]

“Yes, there is always “next”!!!! (bellows of laughs here!)”

[o.k. Well I gather you are here to teach, is that it?]

“Yes, and some more. And this is the “more” I speak of it as “we” the Mentori as one body move together as one mind and heart with what Father relays for us to be busy with. That “more”, is to do with coming to be with your mind to gather the chicks as a hen does to foster you forward in progression and press the “next” in your intention with Father who is infinite and wise.

“When I was with Caesar, there was always the quest for the next stampede of the Legions to press forward into the unknown territories we would always strategise our methods of impact. There was no easy way or hard way, there was always the challenge of expecting the unexpected and ever look both ways in the vanguard of play.  There is, in every strategist, as you do it too Sue, to look before you leap, as well as know how to leap.

“So as it goes, here I am with you, straddled happily in your saddle to get kicking with some real stories to tell; lessons of worth to feast upon; disappointments to fatten on and untold changes to hearten your senses that soon it all becomes a matter of course in the long duration, even I travailed as I journeyed to finality in the Father’s embrace. Here, it is no surprise nor any different in due regard as to your station in life. There we have a million surprises and it all comes to you as it rightfully does to an eternal child of the universe.

“Here, I do not speak of missions or anything of that nature to do with Nystoria. That is a place so transient you will soon see it in its location as one with fond memories when you will have come a long way in your career as a full-fledged Finaliter as I am and more to join the flanks of budding enthusiasts who want nothing more than to be about the Father’s business in His far flung, gigantic and amazing creations; even I, as the once mighty general with the auspicious Caesar at my side, who I once held so much admiration, trepidation and forethought, am very awed to be of service in this capacity once more to be so noticed as you picked up on me as you do in this way.

“From such humble beginnings do we come to your side and relate in more ways than one, do we go about our work in with the best of the bunch our Father has superbly managed to gather so well in His wing. You are one and so are many of you who hear Him and know Him in your own way.

“Well done my dear for coming to this part to play. So let us play for real now.”

[I gasped - so weary, almost tempted to sleep here at this point...zzzz...I turn the heater on as it is getting cold again….]

“I want you to write, no matter how weary you are, and with spelling mistakes too, stop making it right and let’s go with what is for you now!!”

[o.k. Wide-eyed like Popeye…]

“Good, this is Prolotheus,  Sue, I come in to say we are about to get this rolling nicely between some of you as you catch on the flame we kindle in you. Well, it’s not such a kindle of a flame; rather, it is a balloon of a fire it cannot be quenched even if you tried.”

[Alright Prolotheus, what do you wish to say?]

“Yes, thank you, you get my feet planted firmly and so I can tread better with you as you seem to pull me back into shape and not let me go all gobbledygook, yes that’s it, say that way as you like it, now I am pulled into shape, thanks to you and can get on with what can be safely said here for all of you to know. Father deems for us to proceed with caution with Nystoria and connect only with those who can hear you and understand what this is really all about.”

[So, really, let’s get to the nuts-and-bolts if that is alright to ask?]

“Yes, ‘nuts-and-bolts’ in your terms is to say the real parts that hold well and can be turned tightly to bear what it is for. Let us refer to the ‘nuts-and-bolts’ of what we are to be about in what it refers to our work here in all that has to be and for our part to brace it well as you put it in the terms “nuts-and-bolts”. We are the “nuts-and-bolts” in this and so it carries you too.  Hear us creak and you will know some turns will be inevitable. That is what goes and then some more inertia and energy to wield it better...

“Ophelius here, Sue, we relay through the Master Spirits, the Paradise Trinity and the union of the Father, Son and Spirit, the mind of the Infinite as we hold well in our own desire to see to it we are as one as you will all be in the fullness of time...

“That is all, Probius here to finish this session for now as we are now combining forces up here as Michael of Nebadon is rallying all that can congeal and go with a massive undertaking with revelation, education and correction on Nystoria.

“Nystoria! Nystoria! If only you would know your true destiny, that time waits and we are to allow the fruits to awaken you soon enough.

“I am Probius, I am the one who knows how to start something and how to stop it. I stand with you and bid you a good day or evening wherever you are on this luckless world.”



AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Probius on Confidence
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Audio Transmission with Probius on the subject of Confidence 25/06/2018 8.00am (AEST) by Sue Whiley/7inOcean:

Transcription of Audio Transmission with Probius on Confidence by Sue Whiley 25/06/2018:

This is a recording session 25th June, 2018 8.00 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time.

I take this transmission and this is a recording session.

“Yes Sue, we would like you to take this approach, this is another way we can communicate, you do this all the time Sue, the voices always speaks to you in your mind and in your heart, you know you speak of it, lets get with this and go with the flow of what comes with you.

“We are here, we are one as you all know by now the Mentori are one group. We speak here as one, although different personalities, we do speak as one. I am Probius, yes, PROBIUS, that is my name, I also join with other members of the Mentori, there are a number of us, Prolotheus, Ophelius, Probius, Arkarbius and there are a number of others and are here and we speak as one. I gave you a transmission, the day before, and you took that well and I would like you to type that up and share that. I know you are busy, you were exhausted and tired from your days work at the hospital, that is quite understandable. And now you are free to do this work today and tomorrow. We would like you to apply yourself as you desire to do so.

“I come here this morning, to present to you certain subjects to talk about.  Confidence is a subject, that I bring in your mind. When I speak of confidence, that is something you look forward to. Just like you take one step in front of the other. Do you look down to take that step? Or do you look up? It is a vast difference when you look up. There’s a whole vista in front of you, the view is much wider, broader and you take in a whole lot more as you step forward and know your steps are assured when you look up.

“In your view, you look to the Father and as you do, your steps, no matter which way they go, your foot might ….have trouble stepping over stones and they may trip over at certain points, but still you go forward, knowing that with assurance, with certainty, you push, you push forward into an unknown realm. Father is everywhere, He is everything.

“Look forward to what is beyond, I am here, Father is here, we are all here with you. We know you, we support you. We hear your prayers, we hear your heartbeat as one with us. We thank you. We understand the trials that you do have. It is not easy. But you press on. Sue you said just then, ‘Let Us Continue’. And we do. Let US, we are US. All of us together work as one. One in with the Father, with the Eternal Son and with the Infinite Spirit. Let us continue in the work. The work of u...upliftment. That was a word you have trouble getting that one out.  UP-LIFT-MENT. This is what we would like to see for you all. To uplift the mind, to uplift the heart, the soul and your spirits.

How do we go about doing that?

“Ah, you say, how do we go about that, it’s just like confidence. Confidence in looking up, not down at your feet, the problem is most of you are looking down at your feet. You are not sure where you’re treading, please look up, look forward, look beyond and know your destiny is assured. Know that. Try to avoid looking at your feet. So many times, the moment you look down, you doubt, you hesitate and you have trouble focussing. And yet the moment you look up, you take that faith and you journey, in trusting and knowing, that you can do so many more things as you look forward to the Father who reaches out and gives you all that you need to tread forward in confidence, in faith, in that, in that assurance that you do have in all those abilities the Adjutant Mind Spirits of wisdom, of worship, of discernment, of perception, of all those gifts. Use them well. Cause that will carry you through in your eternal adventure before you. I am Probius, I have a lot to say along with Ophelius, Prolotheus, Arkarbius, there are a few more yet to be revealed by name, but they’re, they are a little shy. I am Probius, I have so much to share with you Sue. Let us continue, this is wonderful. Confidence in the Father, have confidence in yourself, have confidence in all that can be before you.

“Rejoice and know we are with you, we are very understanding of your situation on this planet, this planet will be turned, it will take time, it will take patience, it will take a lot to endure. All in all, it will be reached to the highest levels of light and life. You will have that in your lives going forward in confidence. Great is our Father. I end this session, so Sue can have a break and she will resume this session at a later time, we are practicing here. This is a good one. Let us go forward, let us have confidence, trust your abilities. I am Probius and I will resume this lesson in another subject very shortly. I bid you all a good day.”

End Transmission.

Threads for New Transmissions / Probius on Awareness
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Teacher: Probius
Subject: Awareness
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 20/06/2018 9.45pm(AEST)

“Probius is my name and I accompany also with Prolotheus and Ophelius.

“You wonder of the authenticity of this connection and you need not be as we who are here with you are just as human one time long ago and relate well in your shoes as to how this is to be.  It is the reason of our relatable experiences that we can be placing such lessons before you. For how can a teacher relay a subject if it is not tasted with all the human emotion and tempers you all go through on a very earthly level?

“I make this a short introduction as we warm up to the more heftier subjects and so we speak on your level so as to get you going to be familiar with our way of meeting you.

“Now the subject today is: Awareness.

“Again, you saw the Plover bird cross your path, this time you notice its frame was smaller than the previous one and, alas, it is a younger bird. Immediately, you noted in your senses, there must be a nest nearby for such a young bird to be about on this section of road. You brake the pedal just enough for it to decide where to go and it quickly moved across the road just in time. That is in your awareness as to how you respond and reckon upon in the natural world you so happen to share with these other creatures.

“Your specie has developed well in attuning to being aware of the surrounds and knowing how to navigate such encroachments that can easily be avoided.

“Why I bring all this up is a lot to do with making the point of being acutely aware of even the slightest happenings, to gain better at being sensitive as well as sensible in what can be confronted in those areas of concern that matter most in your immediate environment.

“This is Probius and you note my presence (and yes with the correct spelling), just as you notice the little bird who happens to appear before you and prompts you to take necessary action as to what can be done. I am like those birds to you and I happen to be around and that is that. Get real and be aware I am here and happy to make some progress so our nesting is worthwhile and good for you.

“I leave it there for now so as to allow you to be warming up to these new signals that you get going with. Thank you and good rest for you as we will speak again shortly.”


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