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General Discussion / Tips on Public Speaking
« on: November 12, 2018, 12:10:18 AM »
Hi All,
I have a request if I may ask ;D Has anyone got some good tips on public speaking?

Today, I had a staff meeting to attend to and volunteered to share some points or issues that needed to be addressed and bring awareness for the attendees present. It soon became apparent that a microphone would be helpful as well as good listening skills. :o Also, is the need to be able to speak up confidently and speak loud and clear so others can follow the speaker. Now it seems that some of our work in the coming months or years may involve some sort of public speaking and I thought to perhaps get practicing on this area as it may come in very handy. My problem is my hard of hearing issue in which it makes it hard for me to hear my own voice in whether I am speaking loud enough, a microphone would be very helpful in this as I am not good without such amplification. Unless, it is in a situation where that is not available, I’ll need to perk up my voice more and get it out somehow and hope people can hear me. I’m too softly spoken in a crowd. ::)

It is something that happens and I got up to speak it anyway and share my thoughts as it goes from the typed up paper I made for everyone to follow it. It certainly helps to be professional and nicely presentable for others to take it. Today was a lesson for me to brush up on a few areas and I would appreciate if any one of you have some good experiences to share that helped you in this regard to speaking to a group. It helps to be relatable and sensible and that can have a greater reception by all concerned. Anyways, I better chime off and learn from you all if you can share some useful measures that can be adopted. Thank you in advance. :)


GENERAL INTEREST INFORMATION / Vision of "Actuality Infinite"
« on: November 11, 2018, 04:09:39 PM »
Vision of “Actuality Infinite”

Today is Monday 12th November, 2018, the night before on the 10th November, as I fell asleep, I got a deep “insight” and how does one put it into verbatim to do justice? I will try here, but something tells me it will not be adequate to include all that I saw. Perhaps it is “visionary”, or “insightful”, or “a glimpse into a ball” of what I saw as potentials into actuals, hence to me it was what I call “actuality infinite”. Why I say that I do not know; I know it simply IS. Witnessing the intricacies of what appears to be an atomic nature which is primarily unknown in material science and yet I saw something that lies beneath the material veneer. I saw what appears to be in three or four dimensional viewpoint of an occurrence in the midst of dark space. With particles moving in rapid velocities rotating at speeds that dart the course of its actions revolving or surrounding a central core that pulls it and makes it revolve by the sheer force it gravitates upon. All around it are sprinkles of stars that appears like white dust speckles upon a black canvas. Alas, did I chance upon seeing a lone rogue brilliant blue particle that shot about intentionally to its purpose in the whole of what occurs in the mighty atomic structure. Because of the blue particle, I was able to see what was going on with the others in relation to the motion they are all positioned to do in such force velocities they happened to be vitally active in.

Here is a “glimpse”, if I may call it that, into what I think is a force field as it pertains in the pre-particle components of action. Space permeates with it and it is highly active and the universe depends upon it as a source.

What I saw was powerful in the sense it gave me the sense of its motions, its velocities, its gravitational pull and the relation and interactions external to its own activity.

This may sound sciencey but it is not. What is seen is an actual activity in pre-material substance. Perhaps it is minute in what it may be, but its appearance was full-blown as if I was zoomed in to see its intricacies at work. The lone blue particle captured my attention as I love the color it emanated (a brilliant deep and yet bright blue) and it darted about the other neutral colored particles as if it toyed with the idea at all. It was truly adorable, it even seem to wink at me and then it went on its merry way as speedily as it came on its rotation axis as did all the others in turn. It was brilliant, truly exquisite in design and manner. Although explosively active, all the particles were behaving in concordance to what it has to do in relation to its place with the other. It seem to have an attraction element as well as a departing reaction. Perhaps there were some sort of synchrony going on in design or mechanism, I do not know, yet it appears to be in that fashion for some reason. The word “atom” seem to stick with me to explain what I saw and yet it was a giant machination in space.

That will do. Words cannot describe adequately, but the above will come close to it. Suffice it to say, it was a brief encounter and I begged for more time with it, yet as with all visions, it comes in a flash and leaves as quickly as it came. Truly, a beauty all of its own, brilliant in what it has to convey. It begged me to ask questions such as ‘what is it?’ and ‘If an atom, then just how active are those things we do not see with our material eyes?’ and so on it goes. It also begs me to wonder of the potentials that still lie beneath the material veneer, we humans, are yet to discover and realize. It is simply there, we humans, have not yet come to know of it; yet it is “actual” and “ever-present”.

I leave it there for everyone to ponder on it and if any one has anything to add to it, this would be greatly educating to learn. Thank you for reading.



Speakers: Ankara and Serara
Subject: “Spirit Polarity” and “Touchdown”
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date: 16/10/2018 10.52am (AEST)

Ankara: “..spirit polarity of the planet is changing…”

16/10/2018 10.52am



“This is to state that I am here on this planet in spirit form. You heard from Ankara the term “spirit polarity” and you ask what that means. Let me say this: just as you think of the north/south pole..”

[Sue: I looked it up as to the definition of “polarity” - meaning “the relative orientation of poles; the direction of a magnetic or electric field and/or the state of having two opposites or contradictory tendencies,opinions, or aspects e.g. the polarity between male and female.”(Google dictionary)]

“ as you think of electric field direction as in magnetism, when you now think of Spirit in the term, polarity, is that the energy field around the planet is changing in relation to the spiritual manifestations within the planet itself. I speak of pre-matter in the planet’s central core that is shifting in metallic status and will be imminent in flopping to one side of the wall in which it is confided in with its overheated magma and increased inherent pressure. It is going to cause the planet to roll on its axis any moment now. I am here and have presented myself with the Michael Team at Poughkeepsie to help organise what is to be a planetary emergency as the core is building in an unstable manner. The Power Directors have informed me to get ready for a move in polar shifts. The spirit polarity of the planet is shifting as we speak. This will require the remedial measures in planetary management and emergency preparedness. I have touched down as of today to oversee the pressing problems the planet will accrue as a result of the geothermal dynamics, as well, as some political and economic fallout this will transpire shortly. It is a complex array of circumstances, that will be causing multiple problems, no one on this planet is prepared for in such a planetary event as this is to be in a few short weeks of your earth time. I, as the designated Magisterial Son for Urantia, have serious concerns going forward as to how the pole shift will go, and on top of that, the looming trade war between the two big economic powerhouses (e.g. USA & China) are going to find themselves in hot water other than their own currency war. The land upon which you work on to make a living is about to be confounded with the sea. As it has happened in your ancient geologic past, the planet has endured the state of the struggles of the land-sea ratio dynamics. As it is a geothermal planet in overdrive, the planet could easily slip into being as a majority water planet, but due to the oxygen in the atmosphere, the planet will retain its continental drift in equal amounts to the pressure the oceans have upon them.

“Now, as it soon will become evident, those areas low in altitude will experience massive inundation by the sea that is moved by the geo forces of the movements of tectonic plates that will be forced upon by the pole shift. Such is the extent this will be experienced by all who inhabit this beautiful blue planet. The land masses will result in a reduction in size and length. As the sea will become the dominating ratio factor in order to cull the overbearing weight it has to stabilize.  

“Aside from the geologic report, I add that the Michael Mission is to get going in a more spiritual influence to grapple with the urgencies that is inherent in the governmental systems around the planet. None too much for humans to take on as that has to be dealt with by our emissaries we have already working in various areas of import. For you to be of any use, the work of revelation is first and foremost as this one is for you to see that all things pertain to the work of God as it is for the health of the planet and for those of you to survive the dark transition this earth has to remedy itself out of a tricky heating problem. This is getting the attention of the Power Directors to make the coming shift as less disastrous as possible, although it is still very extreme as what it has to do in any case.

“The “spiritual polarity” of this planet is about the top to bottom approach in order to get things done appropriately, then as things settle the bottom-top will grow in steady realisation of the divine mission in their midst as evident and true. Certain forces will be hard to ignore and that is for you to see how God works to make this planet right in all areas that is of concern.

“Now, there is work to go and be for all that it is. You are right to exclaim, my dear one, as you said it and I heard it, I think what you said is true, when you said, “come on guys, we have work to do have we not!”, and so we are to formulate ourselves at once and to be of service as that is well understood in your vocabulary.

“This is Serara, I have touched down on the planet and am ready to assist Michael in his endeavours to do with the reclamation of Urantia very soon. This is a conjoint effort by all those who are here to represent the Paradise Trinity and to see to it that this world gets back to the Ascensionary Program the Father has mandated for such worlds. I represent the Paradise Trinity and work closely with your Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon who is your Father and Creator in this Local Universe of Nebadon along with His consort, the Creative Spirit, your Mother Spirit, Nebadonia.  This is enough to say for now as things will become evident before long. I advise that you keep calm and remain focussed in with us as we handle the business at hand. I wish all a good day and a happy day. Domytia.”

End. 11.49am(AEST)

As of today my time Australia, the following is noted:

"Most Online Today: 474. Most Online Ever: 474 (Today at 12:55:27)"  this reference is at the bottom of the Home page on this site.

Has anyone paid attention to the increase in the number of Guests here and it seems to be growing. Welcome to all those who visit here and are lurking. Ron have you noticed this too? It has surprised me for some reason as to the site being found and watched and I hope those who are Guest may find the courage to become Members and make themselves acquainted with us all here.

16/10/2016 8.35am (AEST)

And this:

"Anything worth a mention is to be a solid anchor in a sea of change. This is Ankara speaking as I do get heard here by this one with an Adjuster so well done in all that has to be. I like the fact that they are solidly calm." End.
[Sue with Ankara on 14/10/2018 8.49pm (AEST)]

General Discussion / Pre'Mtor regarding Enzymes
« on: October 13, 2018, 07:59:29 AM »
Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Enzymes
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 13/10/2018 8.00pm (AEST)


“The moment you are relaxed, it gives off so many enzymes……”

[Sue: Wait what? Enzymes!]

“Look it up will you.”

[Sue: Alright then this: from
“enzyme” -
“Any of a group of chemical substances that are produced by living cells and cause particular chemical reactions to happen while not being changed themselves: an enzyme in the saliva of the mouth starts the process of breaking down the food. (biochemistry)”]

[Sue: So what gives in this Sir?]

“It’s me Sue, your indwelling Adjuster and I aver to think you know well what is inferred here as it is to do with your ability to sit still and let it drift and then pop goes the weasel and now here I give you a lesson on how to sit still and listen to what this is telling you. You know that the moment you sit down after a long hard days work, you are wont to flake in the weary brines that work up in you, yet it is when you can hear this.

[Sue: So what is meant by being relaxed and then it allows many enzymes?]

“Yes, well as you survey the definition as contextualize in the Cambridge Dictionary above, it does tell you that “..the living cells produce any group of chemical substances..” and stimulates “chemical reactions” while remaining unchanged in themselves. Your living cells behave in a manner to stimulate and, perchance, the mechanism, by which, you can determine those reactions. This in conjunction of being relaxed in oneself, you are allowing your enzymes to circumvent your relaxed state of composure and so on that I can interject here with you and speak so as to enjoy you in participating with me in this little exercise I get you to be stimulated in. The problem is, is that you are not finding an avenue to interest you. The science of biochemistry will have you astounded in the variable ways your living cells can produce so many stimulus to enable reactions to properly have certain desired effects satisfied. And so on it goes.

“The reason I start with this in this way is to let you see that you have two ways of getting transmitting done, either by listening and writing or to sit in front of a computer and type up what may eventually flow off hand. The effect of willingness, to sit to write on the drop of a moment, in an instance of time, or even, perchance to record it via audio device application and speak whatever happens to be chatting away, then by all means, get it in writing, audio, or typed up. Either way, this one is done by pen and you are quick to notice this small little sentence that gets you prompted in good measure.

“The human body is a remarkable machine and has its own mechanism built in to fully be good to get a good dose of neural input that this purports to be in your mind at this point. Later on, this will flow better as you get used to the idea of the subtleties of my way in you in various areas of the cortex.

“Tiredness is not a factor to inhibit you, rather it is the unfortunate ways of the work-life imbalance that you find yourself in as so much of the best energy is spent and then you are home from work, rather spent than good to go. Here, it is that you are able to take away those distractions and let things sit and then pop does my voice come in to its central place for you to pick it up and let it run.

[Sue: Yes Father, let it run, so now you have my attention, what is going on for us to be aware of?]

“That is a typical question, you all may be asking and that is o.k. to ask, while certain things seem to you so unforeseen, let me assure you there is a lot going on to enable your cells to produce more than it has, to equip you with the necessary energy that is required to allow the flow-on effect of reasonable substance enhancement and intuitive discernment. This increases in each of you as you grow in prayerful intent in with us to see solutions to a world in distress.

“It is important that you remain calm in yourself. You know how the blood pressure can increase, the moment you are stressed and worried in severe trauma. This is a deadly trigger in the body and it is for you all to know the calming mechanism that you need to keep in one’s own enzymes to restore the metabolism of your own body’s defense structure and stability.

“This is probably to you, easy said than done, and you are most certainly right, yet it will behoove you to learn the meditation breathing technique in moments of stress or trauma or extreme concern. You recall the moment you had a brief anxiety attack one night back in 2013, and how you learnt to go outside on the deck on a warm balmy tropical night to get some air to breathe in and out in slow deep intentional intakes and out. With soothing reassurance and mental sharpness, those enzymes quickly came into play to enable you to respond, to assess and to adapt in sudden bursts of stabilizing factors that faith overcomes fear.

“Fear becomes a number one enemy in your human makeup and it quickly gets going the moment you let it become so overwhelming it could even paralyse you in numbness and despair. That, whatever it is, has to be acknowledged, recognised and accepted, before you can overcome the chill it gives, then come to your senses to quickly think, assess and adapt and move in a direction that is fitting in your purposes you see is a better way to go, than to fight something that you know you cannot win. Fear serves a defensive purpose, but it also creates in you, decisions that warrant your will in which way to go. In all, it depends on you to find a happy place in yourself and sit well with that as it has come to be resolved in your breathing to clear up what makes you so anxious. Not that you are at this moment, but certain things will come along that may or may not encroach upon you to cause you the anxiety reaction.

“To remedy this is to revert to the breathing technique, calming yourself, with prayerful paces to instill the calm in your living cells to be still and trust that it is going to be well when you sit well with the Father within.

“This will be all for now, as the weary body has to rest, yet your spirit self is truly keen to get this as much as I would like it to be. As Sue’s Adjuster, I am very much as keen and adamant that this will become more merrier in good areas of thought that is good for all to have. I am Pre’Mtor, and that is all I have to say for now but more is going on and will be prompted in Sue to get up and go what is natural for her to work on with me in all earnesty. Good day to you all.”

End. 9.26pm (AEST)

[Sue: Thank you Father, that has been very interesting and something I did not know much about, I very much appreciated the topic of enzymes. Good night and Shalom.]

Threads for New Transmissions / Probius - Teamwork and Team Spirit
« on: October 01, 2018, 11:48:02 PM »
Teacher: Probius
Subject: Teamwork and Team Spirit
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 02/10/2018 1.00pm (AEST)


“You had a dream last night, do you remember much of it?

[Well, to be honest, not all of it as I can glean only some parts that stood out most. There were fields of long grass in one scene and in another, there was a patch where there was much work activity going on and the sweat of the brow was noticeable as we roll up sleeves to get going with much to do. There was not much slackness as the long grass was another encroaching thing to deal with. The fear of snakes everywhere was in my mind as we plowed our large truck through the long grass fields.  That was pretty much the scenery I get to remember. Is there anything in this I need to learn from in this Probius?]

“You pretty much got the gist of the work ahead is very much problematic in all that it presents to you. The long grass is the field of plenty and a lot of work to keep it from getting out of control. The work in the other scene has shown you how involving it becomes in how you relate with those you work with and that is with some others you are going to meet and get along with as this is to unfold in ways different to your way of life as you have it now. Teamwork is very evident in the scenario you have witnessed and that it takes a lot in dealing with the threat of wildlife such as the snakes represent. They hide well in the long grass and are very camouflaged you can mistake them if you are not careful. That is truly a frightening encounter when they can be deadly as they are in your country. This is also to keep in mind the necessity to keep vigilant when things get really harsh as you move on in the new life during and after the Dark Transition period on the planet. It’s going to be hard work and you seem to revel in it as it is portrayed in the dream. It is something fresh and new to be busy with and keeps some of you so occupied in doing vital work in areas that is requiring good management and so on.

“The lesson today is on the necessity of team spirit. This is going to be enhanced when you are engaged with various groups of people with wide-ranging skills in dealing with the challenges of renewing the way to live in the new lands you have before you. The manifold changes in climate, soil quality and water will become the areas you will all be confronted with to handle with the best innovation you can muster. It will require the spirit of brotherly love and support to get going with the principle of sustainable living and quality of lifestyle for all who work hard to make habitation comfortable and efficient.

“This is going to take the best kind of communication to have between you to others and with others to make things happen and work well. Understanding the nature of what is occurring on the planet is essential between humans and the way you desire to live in harmony with Gaia, the planetary supreme. This is becoming of you who inhabit a planet now being understood to be one of many inhabited planets in the Local Universe of Nebadon. The transition from the old life into the life of renewing the mind with the cosmology of the Superuniverse of Orvonton, is the stepping stone in enhancing the human experience in the levels of supreme evolution as it is unfolding for all to appreciate and cherish for many years to come. The schools of learning that will be established will prosper your growth as spiritual citizens of the Father’s domain. There is so much in all of you to grow in and are full of potential as the spirit of human brotherhood and fellowship becomes richer as it is embraced among the many who are left to support and love one another as it is befitting of little sons of God that you all are.

“Now with this spirit of camaraderie there is the potential for growing inward to becoming the morontial spiritus that you are to be as you acclimate to the spiritual circles of heavenly mota and intelligence. The spirit of the Infinite one is well and truly embedded in your being as you become more and more at one with the divine spirit that is in you, your divine and pure Thought Adjuster. This is the calling that is within you of the Source that is in you to be one with and be as one in all eternity.

“This is Probius, as I call it to be the spirit of oneness among you as you find yourselves in the new world of the new earth, that is to emerge for those of you who survive and thrive in a new age of renewal and revival of true goodness of the heart. Let it be the essence of goodness in each of you to flourish as you find the way to go forward is to be kind to one another as is befitting of you all as children of God.

“I bid you all well in the coming days and may you be happy with yourselves and keep the faith alive even as the darkness overshadows your day, let the light of God so light you and give you peace. I bid you all a good day. Domytia.”

End. (1.37pm)

Threads for New Transmissions / Probius - Warm Up Session and Listen Up
« on: October 01, 2018, 10:23:31 AM »
Teacher: Probius
Subject: Warm Up Session and Listen Up
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 01/10/2018 10.45pm (AEST)


“Hello Sue!”

[Yes, I sense this is Probius, hello Probius!]

“Yes, this is Probius. This is a warm up session to get you ready. We have much to get going with and I ask that you just listen up. It is time to work. None too soon and none too late, as it is already overdue and we have to make up for time.

[So what is the subject for today Probius?]

“No subject as this is something you need to listen to. It is to do with keeping you ear to the ground as you have just done the moment I dropped in to speak with you. You notice it and quickly got to action and that is good to see. It is vital you don’t get idle or complacent, the moment you hear even a whisper in your ear, as it is very much the way we reach some of you.

[Nice to have you back Probius and so can you tell me what is pressing for you to speak to?]

“Yes, thank you. I am here because there is a great need for teachers and transmitters to get it down to pat in the early part of the Michael Mission. As things get woolly, the tough gets going and that’s going to take a mighty effort to make innovation of certain parts to work well and better with new energy to burn. The micronised coal will come online in a matter of months as the need for transportation to get in urgent demand the logistics of supplies of food, water and equipment in places that have run out of anything and that is dire for those who are stuck in a sticky situation.

“This will require humans to improvise, to co-operate and make things work better in the conditions they are faced with. Medical supplies and medicine will be of top priority as people are going to need urgent medical help. Food shortage will creep upon you and that has to be another priority that will press hard on all who can help it. So too, does the need for better fuel to keep cars and trucks running to allow supplies and people to be in safe havens.

“Nonetheless, the reason this session is going is because we test the new circuitry running and that means all hands are on deck to handle as many ropes to reach as many, such as yourself, that can hear well these messages as they grow on you to take heed and take the action of dictation. Of course, there will come a time shortly, that your communications will shut down in the coming Pole Shift and this will create pandemonium everywhere as people are besides themselves as to what is going on and why and so on.

“This is why it is important to take heed now as I get this to you and recognise my signatures and those of others who may speak, such as Ankara, your Thought Adjuster, along with Michael and Mother Spirit who connect the lines so-to-speak to make this connection possible.

“As late as this may be as you are still up towards midnight, I chance upon you in the still of the night to get your attention as you are relaxed to take this as it comes. There is much to happen in a matter of a few short weeks, and as it goes, the material world you walk on is very much alive and is about to move under your feet. Be prepared for the worse and also be to live out if you happen to survive the worst of what occurs in the geological transition of a planet that is so hot it has to be dealt with as much external force to allow it to let off steam, in order to cool its metallic core embolism.

“No, it is not going to explode. Father will not let it get to that if at all possible and it is. What has to happen, has to happen to get some things out of the way and let it move on. It is a natural course of transition from one to another, just as the tides create shifting sands, so too, does the mechanism of earth’s embolism.

“I have to go now and let this be and allow you to go to bed for a good night sleep as we have much more to speak to tomorrow. Rest well and good night. May peace be unto you. Thank you.”

End. (11.22pm)

[Thank you Probius and may this continue on tomorrow as this is getting warmed up nicely, thank you, Sue.]

T/R note: I got a sharp feeling in my upper cortex - and Probius says that it is him and that I got the sense from him that Michael is testing the waters of who is paying attention and who is not in this circuitry relaying as it works here tonight with Probius. Something is afoot, that I know and am aware of. Sue]

Teachers: Pre’Mtor and Sue Whiley
Subject/Theme: The Unaccountable and The Accountable in the New Earth
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 29/09/2018 9.13pm (AEST)

[Sue: no quotes here as this is a thought stream that ran in my mind and I write it as it flowed.]

There is nothing more than the insane sense that there is that feeling of being on the brink of something just lurking to set off a whole chain of events. That sinking feeling of dread, yet the realisation of renewal in the wings. Just looking at the recent disasters of earthquakes, tsunamis and fierce storms, they do wreak havoc and loss of life, yet they do bring change and new life wherever and whoever is to remain. The washout takes away, and then there is nothing. Nothing in those parts that are gone. Such is the vastness and scale of the event that overshadows a once thriving place but only just. The disaster has taken it all away.

How it is that in one place it is left unscathed and in another, the loss is not noticeable because there is no one there to even notice it?  It is unaccountable. The accountable is what is noticeable and inhabitable. The lands are swept and new lands emerge. The renewal of earth is reshaped with new seas and new earth. The old earth is given way to new lands and a forming of a different way of survival. The evolution of life gives way to the meaning of life. So it lasts as long as you will it in yourself with the heartbeat of the Source of All.

A soliloquy, a thought stream, a rendition of the matters of what is, what is to come and what shall be in the new morrow. The earth has its song and gives it the breath it deserves for all life to breathe better as well.

I’ll leave it there as the matters of the heart knows there is a way to walk in, so let us walk in it in the light of knowledge that lights the way forevermore. Shalom.


Threads for New Transmissions / Ankara on Temperance
« on: September 24, 2018, 12:23:47 AM »
Teacher: Ankara
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 24/09/2018 1.26pm(AEST)


The subject today is Temperance.

Why temperance? This is about your composure, your disposition in relation with others and with yourself. Maintaining not only your focus on the goal of service, but also on how you conduct yourself before others in good manners and thoughtfulness, in consideration for others who place their opinions and thoughts to a point. There is a lot of give and take in the business of service. Most of it is freely given without much fanfare. You know that as you do that daily in giving freely all that you are as an experienced and knowledgeable team player. Although, very few are as experienced as those who are fused with a well experienced Adjuster. It is with pleasure we have so many of you in this endeavour with your Adjuster to so be given in the way of the Father in this work of reclamation and renewal of a planet that was unfortunate to experience rebellion under the auspices of a brilliant Son as Lucifer was. Why I institute the subject of Temperance is to do with moderating your tempers in with the loving guidance of your Adjuster who softens you to the approach needed in all that you undertake as workers in the field of light. Yes Light and Wave have much to do and accomplish and that is still going strong in the many they influence around the world at large. Your role is to do with keeping going with the task at hand in remaining with me in the going work that is to do with messaging, teaching and other ways of import.

Temperance is an area that needs working on in most humans and that is to do with levelling out the brain cortex in toning down the aggressive streak and allowing more serotonin to seep through to soften the unpleasantries that gets sparked in many areas of the cortex. Serotonin is a substance that causes the sedative effect of anger and frustration that gets built up in the nerve centre of the brain. How serotonin works is induced when you are subjected to a certain thought stream that softens or slows down the fast-streak of negativity that tends to wreak havoc in the nerve centre and wants to run and plow and mow and do more harm than good. Self control is a measure that can be applied if you are strong enough to allow that kind of will power to say “NO!” to what is not agreeing with you. That is a conscience mechanism, the right and wrong directive built into your consciousness. When self control takes it stand, the negative input is placed on the back burner and you have placed a certain peace at the fore of your thought processes. This allows an enormous amount of serotonin release to flow through the nerve circuitry where it tones down the aggression streak and lets the calming effect of the river stream flow and course through your heart chakra. Let that be the good temperance that takes place as you place yourself in with Father and in that faithful trust of knowing ‘all is well and shall be well’ even in the midst of so much turmoil that may surround you in your life. If not turmoil, hardship of being the servant of God is another term or experience you are living, that also is your lot in life of an agondonter that walks on the face of Urantia.

“Humans are known to have fluctuations in temperance, be it angry, frustrated, annoyed, hesitant, doubtful in one extreme and then to the other, pleasant, pleasing, happy-go-lucky, calmly trustful and confident are those areas of tempers that paint the person and their personality at any given time and situation. Many times you have outbursts of expletive words and other times you may be the most pleasantly spoken individual with words of praise and adoration. In the animal kingdom, the monkey can do pretty much all these variable emotional outbursts and show affection if it wants to.  You humans do have those traits too and have the ability to control oneself if you are willing to overcome your fears, your anger and your frustrations. The highest kind of deliverance is when you are yourself in the most kindest way possible that can be conveyed with the greatest understanding and kinship with the other who are in need of a little hand. Like helping one to look before it leaps and then know how to overcome the obstacles of all those difficult moments that one faces. Experience in all these areas enables one to procure much wisdom in where and how to function in the face of challenge whenever it arises. Let yourself be as you are and be the one to feel, to seek, to have and to hold all those things that shapes and moulds your character that you are.

“Take the time to let certain things come to pass, like you wait for a wave to crest before you take the dive under it to safely get through its voluminous waters. Not much else you can do but let it pass as it should and then you will see better for it when the passage of time has shown you more than what it was at that certain time. Be of good cheer and know that there is more in the pudding than what is first seen. Get your head out of the book and see the birds sings for the sheer delight of the freedom to fly where it wills. See it for what it is and be at peace at where you are at in with the guiding light that is leading you on in the wonder of God in our midst, just as the bird is in all its glory. Jesus saw the birds in his day and was amazed too how they neither sow nor reap and yet how the Father gives all that they need and how you are valued so much more than the birds. That is a real wisdom in his memory for all of us to treasure as well in many aeons of time that we travail and learn the simple act of faith and the joy of the Father that gives all to those who ask of Him. Being at peace with oneself is the first of many calming effect on your mind’s ability to attuning in with the Spirit of God and then onto the many wonderful circuit input that runs through you as you allow the peace to run and be.

“This is Ankara here and I let this lesson sink in as to its significance as to allowing you to find yourself and let the calm well over in you. Let not the things of the earth trouble you as this will pass, let the peace of God dwell in you and be with you. May the peace of Michael and Mother Spirit be with you all. Shalom.”


[Thank you Ankara for this wonderful lesson of temperance. It is much needed in our lives of so much angst and confusion that we often encounter. The peace that passes all understanding is very much something we all need to keep working on and let it sink in our hearts. Sue

Teachers: Sue Whiley and Ankara
Subject: Dreams of the Future - The Children, The Young Ones
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 24/09/2018 8.45am-10.18am(AEST)

This is an unusual presentation I make as it is to do with the input of dreams I have been receiving. And yes,I remember them, as they impress upon me such a strong sense of reality that I actually lived or am going to live it in a very real sense. It is so real that I felt I was actually transplanted from this time and place to a very different place and time. On two separate nights Tues (18/9/18) and Thurs (20/9/18), I had two different places and experiences and in both they involved children and young ones, that I encounter or were involved with. I share this here due it being another way that certain conveyance is being relayed and impressed in our minds. This morning I sat in front of the computer and waited on a message and I got Ankara telling me to start typing up the dreams and that something will be forthcoming as I type. So I give you the contents  on what I saw in these dreams and see where this takes me.

The first dream, Tuesday night, I will call it the Boatshed Moment:

It is here I dreamt a very real scene among other things as dreams go, I saw what was like a very modern and sleek building or structure that overhang the  sea water - sort of like an ultra-slick boatshed, only it was a commercial-like resort, a very large type, squared shaped hanger that protruded over the seawater. There were children, two, I think who were excitingly playing and were caught up with the dolphins (2 or 3) in  the water near us and the concrete wharf that surrounds the complex. The blue sea water, the dolphins, the children, the vividness of the scene and I was there pulling and looping some rope somehow and watching the kids playing near the dolphins who were smiling and were very friendly. In another scene, I was  also with a child, sort of in a middle of counselling the child who was asking some questions. It was touching. Then there were other scenes where I was sort of working, doing some cleaning tasks and doing some things, but were rather irrelevant, but it was the boatshed moment that captured me and made me feel so alive,  youthful, fresh and full of energy. It was a moment so endearing and I love every bit of it. Sadly, I was awoken by alarm clock to get up to ready for work.

The second  dream, Thursday night, I will call it the Hallway With Many Doors:

I saw a hallway. I went through the large doors that  were green as I looked back at the doors as I went through them and I went down the hallway and met up with some young ones to guide them back up from whence I came. I saw on both sides of the hallway as we walked, numerous wooden timber doors on the sides,  which I encourage to not pay attention and aim straight ahead towards the doors ahead which went across the hallway and are covered in green. The young ones were so curious with the many doors on the sides, but I kept them and myself focussed ahead instead of the ones on the side. We got to the green doors in time before my alarm went off to wake me up to get up to ready for work.

This is another interesting insight to a future journey that got me thinking as to the meanings of these dreams. Somehow, as I pressed my Adjuster on what can be gained here, the personality stood out and was prompted for me to ascertain. I write this paragraph on the evening of Friday night (21/09) after my work day and gather my thoughts while I have this time. Unbeknownst to me, I am aware there is a lot portrayed in these dreams and the moments reflect that stood out is who I was in attendance with. It is mostly to do with young ones, perhaps our grandchildren(?) or more. The main thing is, is that these are the ones in some future time for which I am involved with in some way. It occurs to me how I felt in these scenes. Mostly feeling youthful, alive, serenely peaceful, content, and just as eager as the young ones are to enjoy the adventures as much as it is for them as it is for me.

Now it is today, Monday 24/9 and I am free today to give this a do over of thinking. It  has kept me silent until now as these dreams have affected me in ways I did not expect. It has softened me and I am so speechless as to how it will be in the years to come. I got a sense of duty yet with a joyful tone and a sort of wonder in it all as the air is so much freer than it is these days. The energy seems so alive in those times and tells me how awful it is as we live in the old civilisation that we are subjected to.  Anyways, I now pause and let Ankara speak about this.


“Yes keep typing Sue even though your fingers are icy cold this chilly morning. It  will get colder as the earth tilt its axis soon in correcting some heating issues of its core displacements and that has to happen to cool not only its central gravity measure but also its massive atmosphere that requires a levelling out of pressure and heat. These dreams are of the sort to keep you at bay in yourself in relation to your work coming in these missions. That is to do with all things to do with those who are of a seeking and youthful heart in the coming transition. The challenges are there as you handle the ropes seen in your dream that you know that is your task. There are so many angles to be seen in these visions, as you saw with the many doors in the hallway as they are entry points for more deviations to learn but as always you are to keep focussed and centred onto the path ahead to the green doors you know is there. You not only went through them but lead others to them and that is a task-oriented mission goal that you have built in your mind circuit of late.  Keep this running as I speak, even though your fingers keep making spelling errors please! Yes Sir! Right, now this, as I get this out of the hairs of thought in Sue, there are many inputs to receive and that takes a solid stamina and stable mind to take it on. Sue took these dreams and was weathered for days as to its significance for her to fathom. It soon came apparent to her to see that this is one of many that she will have to enable the understanding mind and willing heart to forego what has to be and welcome the shifts of change that is at the door for her and many of you to walk in. It is not an easy reality to accept, but it is forthcoming and these visions are a wake-up call in preparing some of you to be as steely as you can be through some troubling transitions and then make it through to the times of renewal and renaissance. Jesus is to be the one to headstart an operation to ensure it stays on track and once established, he will leave it there for those to keep it on target as to the plans that Michael of Nebadon has in place to achieve in successive stages of growth and maturity.

“Whilst there is much to implant, the new book of the SER is to be the real beam in everyone's eyes and will have the impetus that is required to enable the great awakening in the soul of man on Urantia. It is a much needed jab in the mind to kickstart  the revival of human evolution into the ascension career as it is meant to be about for all to know and be achieving. Caligastia sidetracked that path and that is now out of the way and the work ahead is to fast-track man back on to the path of righteousness and the knowledge of the Ascension Career that is for all humans to have this known and be about it for their own destiny arrival. Soul survival is the business now and we are about this for all of you on this planet. That is what this is all about. Your soul survival, your personality existence and your fusion potential in with the Father who is and always is the Source of your being. While I am Ankara, Sue asked me last night of my order and I hinted to her of it and she is amazed. That I am of the Transcendental Order that Jesus has been working with. I am one of his many students. I know Jesus well, he is a brilliant teacher. Why I am here is to do with the business of experience that helps me and others of my ilk to know what it is to do with the nuances that Jesus spoke so eloquently about and in order to understand it, we come to see at first hand what it is that Jesus points out so well. This is seen in how we are dealing with you in these times of transition and how well you take in the communication that is relayed through the circuitry, Michael has allowed to get it working better. Caligastia really messed things up and it takes a team to get it back in order proper. It is now and it is here we and many who come to speak these messages can be properly relayed when your mind is attuned with the well-nigh Adjuster in you to hear it and get it down as this is today.

“Yes, these are extraordinary days as the night will turn into day in the coming times of great renewal that will sweep the land and gain traction in the minds of man. No more shall there be the old days of Caligastia’s ink, that will soon be washed out by the massive tides of inertia that is coming to change the very way you walk on the planet. Indeed, so much is yet to be finalised and still Father is busy in with those of you to attune you, to inspire you, to instil in you, to acquire you, to call you, to allow you, to enable you, and all those things that beckon you on to the pilot light that is deep within you to seek and find and know so profoundly as the Light that gives life eternal.

“I last as long as this scribe can muster and that is growing as it is applied in as much stamina as one can take on in one sitting, as it goes, so much can be done and so much is to be done and it takes one to just sit still and let it fly as it goes. Let the fingers go please! Yes Sir! Now I have a willing student to be at the mercy of what is being relayed, you never know what comes and that has to be let be and freed to come as it does. Know that you are all loved beyond measure and that the long hallway is all of us in it with you as we all get you to the green door you all ought to know is there and be adamant about it. Yes be adamant please! Yes Sir! So this is how I speak in this manner to jolt Sue to the point of keep on going on and not stop because you are tired, No! So there is more I have to get down on paper and that is in subject terms as it goes, one at a time, to teach the lessons that allows you all to measure yourself in relation with your attunement with your Adjuster. Your Adjuster is the green door! So get that and you are truly on the way to life eternal in that there is sooooOOOO many doors for you to pass through yet coming. How you find this is up to you. The requirement here is for you to be willing. Yes willing fully in with the Father. There is no other way but through with the Father who is the true spirit in you to lead you to the path before you. That is a beauty in and of itself as you walk in His way as it unfolds so gracefully in all your days. It is as Ancient as time is. As it is written, “ all your ways, acknowledge the Father and He will make straight your path before you..”, the truth is the Father is the one that helps you to keep that in mind and that is why it is so called a ‘Thought Adjuster’, it is the very essence of personality of ‘I Am’ is in deep within in and is You.

“I shall have to close this at some point and leave it for another session. Sue is waning now as she is not getting the fingers going well in the frigid cold. That the fingers stumble but the mind is eager to allow it to flow really brightly and that is good to have going here. I am really stoked this going as it should Sue and let us continue in another session today when this cold morning gets better later on. Thank you one and all.”


[Thank your most dear one Ankara for a great sitting with you and most appreciate the gems you spill here and I look forward to another sitting with you later on. God-willing.Sue]

Speakers: Ankara and Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Protocols and Procedures When in Service in the Michael Mission
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 17/09/2018 12.00pm-1.00pm (AEST)

[Sue:Thank you Ankara for your lessons, I continue in this vein in keeping the stamina and the drive to take more lessons as they arrive for me to write. So here we go again with another, if you will to share.]


Protocols and procedures when in service in the Michael Mission:

“There are a list for you to learn and follow in due process:
  • All who wish to so serve in the Michael Mission must pledge allegiance to Michael of Nebadon and declare the oath of service;
  • Dress requirements for staff is to be adhered to in relation to business attire and conduct;
  • The order of conduct is to be punctual, of good manners and reverence with respect to your superiors and to those you serve and attend to in what you are tasked to undertake;
  • Dinner or meal time etiquette is to be followed in the manner described previously as per good manners, small portion eating and good listening skills when discussions arise and realise that you are in the midst of esteemed beings of repute and responsibility;
  • All who are to take on the mantle of Michael must wear a badge at all times as to the bestowal of Michael in his endeavour to smooth out the rough feathers of Urantia, this is the authority badge you wear when working in the Team and in the world so that others recognise you are authorised in relation to a spiritual mission that Michael has opened upon Urantia;
  • Those who are fused and those who are to join in fusion, are to be on staff with their allegiance so pledged and approved to conjointly be tasked as to be on the Michael contingency team of service to humans on the planet;
  • A Supernaphim is assigned to oversee and protect each fused one who are on staff at York and elsewhere;
  • York is the headquarters of the Michael Mission and the Magisterial Foundation and is to be recognised as the location of revelatory work and dissemination;
  • Machiventia Melchizedek will materialise in human form to conduct the office at York and to institute the new teaching mission with those who can transmit the lessons and import to further the mission goals and purpose;
  • The Seven Fused, namely, Ron Besser, Lemuel, Larry Gossett, Amethyst, Sue Whiley, Wendy Winter and Steve Gitz are to be allocated the time and place for training and preparation for the work that is to be placed upon them as they are to face more challenges than it is and that will be made plain to each of them in turn, Ron as the main and foremost of the Seven is also placed to lead and instruct the human contingency group as to how best to run things under the jurisdiction of Pennsylvania’s State Government and its judiciary processes; Notwithstanding, Mantutia and Machiventia will guide and instruct the means of best practice and performance in relation to Lanaforge’s office on the planet;
  • Lanaforge is the Planetary Prince and is situated to get going with the issuance of planetary matters and to have the headquarters up and running well in York PA;
  • While Ron Besser is in charge of certain areas, it needs to be made clear that this is not a singular operation, rather it is a concerted effort of the Team to approach all levels of government to establish the mechanism whereby WE can operate and be depended upon when the dark transition becomes evident;
  • I am instructed by Michael of Nebadon to get Sue’s attention to type these points up and make it clear WE mean business very soon and things will emerge as it should as WE are very caring as to the plight of the world of Urantia at this time in the earth’s evolution;
  • Also, it is made abundantly clear, that the Mission will take on a more spiritual flavour and will be impressing upon the religions of the world, the political nature of governments and the science of the Ultimations that will be your world’s saving grace with the use of micronized coal for energy purposes to keep transport, food supply and things moving well as it should to avoid a massive shutdown of life as we know it;

“This is not the last of the protocols and procedures that is issued out from the Michael camp as much is to be stated and will handle the manners in which people must conduct themselves to one another. Be aware as of the first day of October this year, the Lucifer Rebellion is finished. The Michael Mission is officially inaugurated and established beyond any dispute. It is imperative that all who wish to so serve and make themselves known and presentable, the more willing ones among you we have, the easier the load of work for us to bear and work with. Remember, it is a Teamwork effort, the work of planetary peace is not done in one day, it is a labour of love by all who place themselves to task to see to it that it is seen and valued and cherished for years to come. I am Ankara, a specialist in working with Michael of Nebadon and Nebadonia as it is approved and ready to go by all accounts by the Ancients of Days. This is to be highly praised and respectively given due regard to the mighty efforts that your Creative Parents of Nebadon along with Gabriel of Salvington have establish the mechanisms that will work to ease out the pain of the Luciferian streak and to iron out the Urantian belligerence that needs to be put to bed once and for all.

“Michael wishes to speak and I hand it over here and thank you for sticking to your guns my dear one.”

Michael of Nebadon:

“This is Michael of Nebadon, the Creator Son of your Local Universe called Nebadon which is among many in the Seventh SuperUniverse of Orvonton. I have just returned from Uversa, the Capital of Orvonton, and have the delightful news that my plans are approved and ready to begin in earnest from the august group of the Ancient of Days.

“Certain things had to be addressed and iron out of the way for want of a better term. Now as it is, I have a million things to get under way and that has to be attended to in the month of October. Ron is already at task as I speak in writing and editing certain work I have for him to get up and running. The work will astound you. I have ordered that we require a teaching mission be organised and get functioning as this is a robust way to get the many areas of understanding to be placed for the people of Urantia to learn and grasp as it soon becomes evident that WE mean business in their lives.

“Here to, are the main points given by Ankara above that I am happy is settled in to get used to having as how to conduct yourselves when you have a spiritual mission in your midst and that is to be in ways that will permeate all areas of society as the earth begins to move on her axis.

“It is enough here to state that there is a long way to go yet and WE have to take one step at a time to go with the flow of the slowness of your people who are prone to be in grasping the concepts and meanings we impress upon for them to receive. We must respect the order of progression in evolution as it is and that will change as the revelatory work of the SER will permeate the minds and instil the great awakening that is well overdue to take place, be assured that great awakening is at your door and I am pleased WE have the Seven Fused ones well placed and more to join and be enthused as I am to have a working group in seeing the manner in which revelation can and will change many lives to come. I am Michael and wish all this to be placed before you to see that WE are a Team and are here to get started! Yes good Sue, I meant that as an excited exclamation mark as it is just that WE are all overjoyed to get going regardless of the challenges we face as you and I have come a long way in the journey so far and Jesus is happy to see something gets started and working as I am too. I close by saying that I permit this session to get up on the board as it is and would seek more to get on board too as the more hands on deck we have the merrier it will be for all involved. May my peace be with you all and do eat well and be well all of you! Domytia.”


[Sue: thank you Ankara and Michael of Nebadon for this astounding piece of news and the list of Protocols and Procedures are very helpful for us to get brushed up on and ready to address. My thoughts and prayers be with all the Team! Godspeed! Amen! Thank you Father!]


Have a look at this article placed on cnbc above. I am delighted to see this exercise will also involve  ".. to establish familiarity which helps to prevent conflict on the high seas and to co-ordinate disaster relief efforts.." .

What got my interest is that the number of countries participating and on co-ordination skills when this could actually come in useful in the times we know of great natural disasters that are imminent to occur. I can only hope this exercise would come in as invaluable to those participating and that Exercise Kakadu 2018 results with resounding success for all involved. Bearing in mind, how humid the climate is in the near equatorial areas of this part of the world. It is for most a sweaty ordeal to play in as the so-called "build-up" of heat ramps up in the far tropical north. When I lived there, August-November can be very humid and at times unbearable. I hope these guys and gals can handle it! The exercise sounds great but the heat can be testing in the extreme.

I thought to share this as it is good to see some efforts being made to undergo some sort of international "co-ordination" albeit even if it is on a military level. This could be a beginning of things to come.


GOD The SUPREME / Unknown Scribe - Time and its purpose
« on: August 28, 2018, 11:29:21 PM »
Speaker/Teacher: Unknown Scribe
Subject: Time and its purpose
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria AUS
Date/Time: 29/08/2018 12.00-1.00pm(AEST)

Speaker: Unknown Scribe
[I asked for a name, but cannot seem to hear any names so nothing is told to me who this is as it seems ultra secretive but very relatable in my mind as this unfolds..Sue.]

“This will come from the most unlikely source you know nothing about, but let this flow as it comes to you. No doubt as you all know certain missions are to take place in simultaneous fashion and that is to correlate in the plans your Creator Son has to go with in agreement with both the Ancient of Days and with God the Supreme. What it has to do is to bring a rebellion under control, to allow certain mitigating factors to play out to allow the fruits to be laid bare for others to see its true worth in all probability. The earth has to formulate its own stabilising mechanism in response to pressure and heat that has to be let release one way or another. That is certain to be unfolded in time.

“Now as you figure the issue of “time” in your  mind, it is a measure of all that is in your own conscious awareness and experience. It is a known parameter you see as a felt environment and adventure. Coupled with the maturation of understanding as you learn to appreciate certain life experiences, emotional outworkings and impressionable decisions that arise for you to make and live by what is in the best interest to move forward in time. Time is relative to your station in life, it is not only a teacher as such as it is,  it is also a momentum driving you onwards to a destiny that is built within you to seek. The Father has inserted that inward drive to look beyond the hill, to be curious of your natural instinct to wonder, to question, to look further and investigate all avenues of pursuit. That is a driven inertia, a force to improve, to develop and grow better than what has already been accomplished, the past is behind you, it is a felt accomplishment in your maturing circle of progression. The ‘present’ is your actual notable existence and life prerogative. You exist because you will to be alive. The ‘future’ is in relation to your present statement of willingness to live. That is your free will abiding and conscious choosing to co-exist in the present now as you are.

“Now how goes you see there are parallel interchanges of existence you are in relation to your development of spirit being with the universal spirit, the pure energy of the Source and Centre that permeates all space and time. That is the driving mechanism of the Supreme that lets out the time permutations that require maturation of mind and will. You see, you live it to grow and learn from an infant to a full grown maturing adult in human progress, here to you proceed in progressing through those aspects of recognising the spiritual circles you enter as you learn discernment, perception and wisdom parameters that is very much infused by your growing ability to relate mind with the spiritual heart of reasoning and deep thinking of mind with the heart.

“I am a being not known to you but is relatable to your kind in the experiential path you travel in time. The path you have is invaluable to adjourn with as it increases the felt parameters where intelligence do not have the capacity to realise it’s knowledge with the impact it has in real material terms. You have the ideal opportunity to know how it is to be felt -  pain, sickness, sadness, happiness, fear, anger, annoyance, frustration and loss are the few areas of human emotional outpouring that you do come into actual real physical contact with and thereby have the difficult task in coping mechanism that an otherwise intelligent angel would not have the ability to empathise with in any gratifying way. Words can convey but not feel. It is necessary for one to feel before they can truly understand the complexity of life’s challenges and the decisions that arise that make you the person you are today. You are a person of choices. You live by those choices and it is the parameter in which you go about your life. Although not perfect, it is enough for the moment to deal with in all good reasonableness.

“As it can be said, even the most intelligent of angelic beings or divine being, there can be no substitute for real raw experience and emotional maturity that can be derived from  it. It is the substance of your capacity as a person of free will to relate on levels with others of the same ilk who have also been down the road you know all too well. That is arrived at because you have also come to know what it is to be under the weather that belts you one way or the other to help you see not only your vulnerable side, but your  most noble side of human compassion and understanding. That is an everyday kind of experience you grapple with and is taken in your stride to deal with and this helps you to help others in their own struggles with oneself. This is a inter-personal interchange of understanding and maturing in relation to the day’s unfolding. How you see it, take it, respond with and cope with what is a raw and necessary reality to face. This is the crunch of the debate between experience and philosophy. One can know by how it is felt, the other can know by reasoning the unthinkable. These are two different time manifestations, one is in linear time progression of unfolding circumstances, the other is in an eternal space that has no bounds but has to make sense of its existence.

“Time to go, Sue is quickly waning in her concentration and I leave it here for now, more can be discussed as I have gotten her attention on this timely discussion about the issue of “time” and how it relates in your present journey in knowing and understanding the importance of your placement in the domains of God the Supreme.”

End. (1.07pm)

Teacher: Ankara
Subjects: Systems of Governance, Cooperation, Benevolence of Heart and Your Purpose in Life and More.
T/R: Sue Whiley
Location: Victoria AUS
Date/Time: 28/08/2018 3.00-4.00pm (AEST)

[Sue: Hello my dear friends,
I apologise for being so quiet here on the Forum for these past few or more days. Being hit with personal ups and downs and coming down with a common cold is one I have to deal with as best as I can and so I take rest to get well and recuperate. I hope to be back into the swing when my head is not so groggy and under the weather. I am sure you will all understand how this knocks the body out of sorts and that it takes time to heal. I thank you for your understanding. As always I maintain my efforts to receive the inputs our Divine Universe friends wish to share and I do so with Father’s help and in His grace. I have the following to share with you from Ankara. Thank you. Sue]


“Systems of governance will become, over time, a more holistic one in approach to meeting the needs of its inhabitants. This will become more of a priority in response to the changes that the earth permeates over the course of time. Your study (Sue) on the variance of political structures in terms of parliament; be it bicameral, unicameral or multicameral forms of parliament arrangement although interesting, how these structures serve certain functions of decision-making. They are to be viewed as the evolving transition of human progress. The political norms that exist in various Nation-States do set in place a form of stability and coherence in social values. It is one that you take interest in how these political arrangements take shape to enforce the necessary cooperation between various pressure groups and interest or concerns. These are dealt in the process of those represented to address the issues most pertinent to their respective constituents.

“As it is, it stands the test of service of one’s own in a land they pledge allegiance to uphold the best interest of national responsibility at heart. That is the nobilist of efforts made by those charged with trust to work in the interest of good intentions. As does the Universe at large in their many systems of operation, an orderly hierarchy of personnel and delegates well trained, well experienced and highly intelligent can place such responsibilities in the duty of care and management such impressions as they deserve.

“It is here, we, as in the Michael Missions, impose on the necessary areas to allow the cooperation needed in the impinging crises that will inevitably emerge as forces far beyond any one Nation-State to cope with single-handedly. It will require the mandate of co-operative allegiance of Nation-States to see a concerted effort of emergency response to prevail if it desires to benefit and improve life for its inhabitants even across borders as it will require it.

“Resource sharing, personnel teamwork and collaboration, technological innovation across boundaries and universal education that teaches singular language, oneness of co-operation on all levels of governance, tolerance toward the universal faith of the child of God and of humanity; these abounding potentials will arise as man gathers the sense of worth in himself and with his fellows, to see it can be better done than what has prevailingly failed him in years past.

“It is truly akin to the times of the ancient days of old wherein you realise the essentials of life is very much the simple life of basic necessities and being immersed in a rich time of learning and growing in becoming the aspiring ascendant being of light and life.

“Now then, do we continue to avail ourselves to doing good work and teachings of this nature to enable you to reach those levels you as humans of an ancient earth are so ready to take in your wings the capacity of ever growing morontial blending that creates in you the mind of God. The inward advance from the evolutionary progression of experience coupled with the inertia of Godward march to bond with the eternal source of your being. This is the meanings of your quest to further in life’s purpose. It is really in your willingness to seek the longings that tugs at your deepest heart within. That is the pure essence of spirit that calls you to find oneself with the I Am who is your Source and Centre.

“As I am Ankara, I am as one known as a teacher of renown, yet always do I learn the intricacies that goes on in the traveller who admires the views along the way and is immersed in wonder all the same as to the splendour and majesty of the Divine Father who makes all things possible with such truth, beauty and goodness to behold and adore for many ages to come into infinity.

“These are the many exigencies now being placed and to be realised by all who have an ear and an eye to see the finer print of the the “Unknown God” that dwells in the hearts of men. The lowly of low, yet of the highest potential to come are those of you to attain the greatest of benevolence that you are to become in eternity. I am beholden to you and am very much enlightened by your ever present persistence of faithfulness, perseverance, long suffering and true grit through the worst of the worst that has ever been seen on any planet this side of Orvonton, if not, in all of the seven Super-Universes of time and space. You are to be well studied, well deserving of due regard in your harsh adventure on such a challenging sphere of horrors, it is with all these and many more adversity, you stand the gales of much and still you amaze us with your dexterity of die-hard determination to survive against all odds.

“I am Ankara, and leave you with a short few more words to say. Stand well, as you are loved. Know that your Father Michael has your best interest at heart and will see to it this world will be turned into the splendour of joy so overdue, it is now in your making, as you join with us to see its true worth for the ages to see it in times to come. I bid you all well and a good day.”


Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 22/08/2018 5.30pm(AEST) 3.30am (GMT)


“Where there is a will there is a way, you all know these words as the practical outworking of what your intention is. Things get done and accomplished when you put your mind to it and get it achieved. The feeling of accomplishment is good as it paves the way for other things to do. The next step in the course of a day’s worth of work and seeing things you set out to do is well and truly done and out of the way. So whatever it is that has to be placed, let it be the very thing to see to it, it gets the attention it deserves. Otherwise, it sits there and becomes void and useless.

“However it is to be dealt, it requires your attention as those things will just not go away unless attended to. Inattention will lead to neglect and therefore the intended-for-thing becomes one that goes into disrepair, a mishap to the eye of the beholder.

“So there, as often as does happen, things do not go away unless you pay the attention to it to remedy it. It is always a case of where there is a will, there is a way in seeing it paid attention, worked upon, toiled upon until it is surely given a way in what you would hope to achieve as its end result. It takes your participation, your consideration, your mindfulness and your willingness to really get a class act of sorts to the final glory of satisfaction of achievement.

“No one else is expected to fill that place, but you who sees the need to get something done and in a way that is as expedient and as professionally that can be done in all you can muster. Do not expect others to fill your shoes, where you see a need, fill it; where you doubt, remember you once were a baby that needed milk and it was not refrained from you, you are loved beyond measure; you know there is an abiding maternal trust to do the right thing, for you take it to heart the things that do matter in the day. Do not grow weary in doing good and be of good cheer as best as you can be.”


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