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JESUS - The WHOLE SUBJECT / Jesus on Dedication and His Work
« on: March 17, 2018, 02:28:13 AM »
Teacher: Jesus
Subject: Dedication and His Work
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 17/03/2018 4.00pm (AEDT)


“As it were, dedication is a milestone that I ask of it from my disciples. It is that you either are with me or against me. Those with me have forfeited their lives and copped the insanity that entails, as many cannot and will not understand, when God calls, one follows what draws one so magnetically north to their destiny.

“When those who object, then they are the ones who fall by the wayside wondering ‘what’s for dinner tonight?’ Yes, you know what I mean, go figure.

“There are those of us on High who consider you humans are quite lost at sea and there are just a few of you who know land is there yonder anyhow, if one puts itself to task to search for it. That is the difference between unbelief and faith.

“When I come once more, this is somewhat an old picture that you see will be as a bygone era of a time when you simply did not know. A true picture will emerge and you will see the spectrum of colours much brighter than was known.

“What you are all going through now will soon no longer matter to you,  as the sun rises on both the good and the evil and all will be seen in the brilliance of the rays of light that shine, as the sun does as it rises on a new day.

“All this on the earth now will rather be moot, and when the dust settles, that is a time of renewal in your thoughts and in your heart as to what is meaningful for you to pursue.

“Surely, as it is said of the Lord, “Behold, I make all things new”, that day is soon upon you as you find that the old ways will no longer have much in it, when you seek what I come to offer you all one more time for you to take up and make it yours.

“I am Jesus, yes, I am Jesus, you know me and I know you when you abide in me as I do in the Father. To go without such is anathema to me, like a mother and child is connected with the umbilical cord, so it is with I with the Father. He is the lifesource, the very essence of my being, it is who breathes in me. I cannot go without. You will all find that to be true as this scribe so agrees with me with joyful strands of understanding.

“Now you will all must be wondering when am I to turn up to begin a show of worth in your eyes. Well, I’m sorry, I will not place the day or hour as only the Father knows that for me and I must go with what is the most appropriate time to so be doing. For the moment that occurs, there is no turning back what is fully in machinations for the work of God in your midst. I am just here to make a loud bang to get the attention of a sleeping giant to wake up. It is time to do that as I see it, and it is not an easy assignment when I jolt this sleepy giant to its senses. It has been in the proverbial cave for too long and it is time for it to see the sunrise in all its glory as it does on a new day.

“Behold, I come with much to offer you and I pray you all will take kindly to what I shine in your wake. I am Jesus and I come very soon. Pray the giant won’t miss the goodness I bring from the Father Himself. I bid you all a good new day soon.”


Threads for New Transmissions / Michael on Protocol and Energy
« on: March 16, 2018, 12:26:56 PM »
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Protocol and Energy
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 17/03/2018 2.14am(AEDT)

“As it so happens we do have something to say.

[Is that you Father Michael?]

“Yes, I am Michael here along with Mother Spirit, without going into too many words, there are a few things that need to be addressed.

[I heard someone say the word protocol, would you care to speak to that Michael?]

“Protocol is a fancy word to say that there is a common courtesy and due regard to those that present themselves on the Father’s behalf. Jesus, namely, is one such that present himself along with others who accompany him in this work of reclamation.

“How you receive him is entirely up to you and yet there is still a radiance that he will emit that bespeaks more than he is and you are seeing the phrase in actuality as it is said, “He who sees the Son, sees the Father”. This is what you see as you see Jesus before you. The protocol is the namaste attitude that you will exude.

[Thank you Michael, let us talk about energy here and why I feel depleted as I felt earlier along with my whole being feeling abuzz in vibration and so on as if I am being indwelt by an entity, can you help me as to what is going on here please?]

“Yes, not only are you gradually becoming adjustered with your beloved, you are also being indwelled by me. This will make you feel unsteady and overdone. And yes, you feel an extension of energy that makes you feel rather on overdrive and that can cause you to be both wide-awake and at the same time, deplete you in all sensibility. You will need rest as this can affect you.

[Thank you Michael, now is there other things that you are pressed to say here while I can do this this morning?]

“In all intents and purposes, we have a show to run and it will run well despite the difficulties that present themselves. I ask that you all remain calm, persist in being yourselves and trust what comes as it unfolds. No one is spared humiliation, but you will all feel remorse when it has to. There is a time to act but do so when you feel it is safe to do so….Your energy levels are low Sue, I ask that you stop doing what you are doing and get some rest right now. You can barely keep your head up, let alone your eyes open.

“Have a spell and come back when you feel better and brighter in yourself my dear, good day.”

[I am feeling unusually delipidated and I must go and rest as my whole body feels it. I thank all of you for your kind words. I just need time to recover from what is occurring in me. Good day.]


JESUS - The WHOLE SUBJECT / Jesus on My Second Advent
« on: March 15, 2018, 01:34:14 PM »
Teacher: Jesus
Subject: My Second Advent
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 16/03/2018 2.17am(AEDT)

Pre’Mtor: “Jesus is here Sue and he wishes to speak to you now”

[Alright, thank you Father, I am here and ready to take dictation Jesus if you will speak please thank you]


“I am Jesus, I speak slowly for your sake, so you get every word I speak. When I appear which is very imminent, I appear before the United Nations and call upon all nations and peoples to listen to what I have to say. That I speak from the Universal Father, first and foremost, to all that live on this planet that is also the Father’s to address. He has a name and number for this planet, along with many other inhabited planets that exist in the Universes of Universe and so I will make known the name of the planet you reside upon and her history for all of you to learn about. I will make known there is a new book to that affect to spell out to you as revelations of import for all of you to be made aware of. I will make it quite clear of my intentions of why I return in this manner and in the ways and means of addressing the problems you all have and are living under and that must cease to be under my directions.

"As I speak, know it is Father in me that speak to each living human on this planet. That there are a few humans who have fused with their Adjuster and are with me in this work of revelation as I do here with all of you to reveal the Father and His way to you all. This transmitter is one of them as she rises early to take my words for all of you to hear it well. There are occasions when others who are so inclined to hear my voice and also take dictation to allow what has to be said, so it can take affect in telling you all I am here with you as your friend, your Master, your Teacher as well as deity as I come from the Father and to Him I return. I am here for a short while to see to it that my words get you going in hearing what is good for you to be about and I will ensure that is done well.

“The Father and I are one and it is that I and the Father will embrace you and uphold you in allowing you all to know who you are in Him who is your Source and Centre, your true north that leads you on in your eternal career the Father has for each of you, if you so will. I will make it clear of your rightful place of your heritage and of your inheritance, so you all know where you stand with me as Jesus who once walked this earth to speak of a truth, to repent and believe in the gospel of grace as I speak it now to all of you.  Once more, I will speak the gospel clearly and let it be known of the Fatherhood of God, of the brotherhood of Man and of the Sonship of God. That is what I spoke about some two thousand years ago, but I was misunderstood by the Sanhedrin and was met with an unjust trial and was given a cruel exit.

“The cross should never have happened and I will not ever tolerate anyone who speaks to my death as salvation as it is not. This will spell the death knell to many Christians everywhere who have been taught the error of the story of the cross and I am here to bring correction to my life’s story and to what really did happen in those days in Palestine.

“I am Jesus, and I come to speak sternly and rightfully in my own right as one who has and is and always will be the Jesus of renown to a world that lifted me high on a dreadful wooden cross and that will never happen again to a Son of God ever in all the Universes of Time. There is more to be said on this as is already revealed to you in the Urantia Book that was also for you all to read and know of what our Father wished got out to a better readership than it has to this day. This book would have changed Urantia if it had taken that direction of widespread readership as it was meant to have been but did not. I intend to ensure that all of you catch up on what is necessary for you to know and be aware of that you are not alone in the Universe. You reside on a planet that has a long history in a thriving, teeming Universe that has billions of humans like you that inhabit worlds in various forms and so on and this is the new teaching material that I make known to you all to be made aware of for you.

“The United Nations is the platform on which I use to make clear who is King of the hill once more in the affairs of men on this world. I make no mistake and my words will ring true to many for it has that staying power the Father uses to affect you in heart and mind. Take heed of my words as it is meant for you to listen and listen well my friends. I am here to help you in the way of the Father. That is my sole mission. To enable you to walk and not stumble, to rise to the heights of the beauty of the peaceful ages of light and life that is meant to be for your health and well-being.

“I encourage this scribe to stretch her muscles just that little more to take on more that I wish to say in preparation for all of you who read this on this site of discussion for the Magisterial Son Mission. Let me say this. The Magisterial Mission is on track and will be forthcoming after I have had the initial say-so to get the attention of everyone to be aware of some hard truths they are to know that is so imminent to occur. Too many lives will be lost due to the earth’s tectonic movements that I will make that clear to them that this is unavoidable and that we as a Team along with me and with the Magisterial Sons are present to do all that we can to assist you to co-operate through these difficult transitions you all will be enduring, but many may suffer loss of life. I will ensure those that there is no need to fear as those who do perish will go to the Mansion Worlds the Father has prepared for them to rehabilitate and further their progression, if willing, in their ascension careers. Much will be accomplished as I work to establish the trust and understanding, once more among the humans that have so much potential and they know it in themselves. I will show them this and bring them forward in the way of graceful living and in harmonious co-operation with one another as is befitting little Sons of God as you all are with the Father.

“This has been a good start this morning, my dear, as we have accomplished a lot in what can be said to prepare you all in what to expect in the coming days as I present myself to the world at large. This is Jesus as I speak through this scribe and she is one of the fused ones here with her Adjuster, although she shys from talking too much of it, I am proud of the fact that a few have accomplished such a feat and many more will follow soon after my announcement and I will be the one to proudly acknowledge each one of you who so fuse with their divine Adjuster as I make known what this is to the people of Urantia soon enough.     

“Those who have an ear, hear what the Spirit says and let it be as it should. I am Jesus, your friend and brother who is to be among you once more. I finish my statements here and allow Sue to recuperate as she has taken it on to do this each early morning and be about the Father’s business as she is wanton to do and I am so pleased for her efforts. May you all have a good day and may I be well received among you as you all so do in your prayers with me as I taught you to pray, “Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…” and I say Amen to that!”


General Discussion / Pre'Mtor on Application of Mind and on Infinity
« on: March 14, 2018, 02:01:48 PM »
Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subjects: Application of Mind and Infinity
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 15/03/2018 2.19am(AEDT)


“Let’s talk about this shall we, yes.

“Just as you do now, you pray and seek our counsel.”

“By pausing yourself to be still and let whatever sifts to enter into your awareness. This is where discernment comes in to determine what are thoughts and what is speaking in your mind. Of course, the two can be blurred and that is due to the similarities of voice in your hippocampus. Yet, the two have different functions. Thoughts are of a deeper resonance, what is spoken cuts through to you as if one is speaking in a microphone that jars you to listen to it. As it is, thoughts do have its role in thinking while this voice comes in to explain the inexplicable to you when thoughts do not.

“The other thing to remember is perception. How you perceive or see things is to do with your way of viewing things in varied ways of understanding it. When once you see it,  you then go on to view it and then go on to place it in its relative place as either a subject, an object or a tool or other to either use it or discard it according to its usefulness to you. Your memory capacity will tell you that such and such has its worth or not and that is because, in your experience, you know that to be true or it is not and so on it goes.

“Now when you sit to take this piece, it is due in regard to your attempt to listen when, in fact, you are using such capacities of mind to put pen to paper to write in all due respects to your abilities of cognition and insights of inner knowing that interplays with the voice being heard as you so allow it to go forward here.

“I am not going to make anything up and nor are you as your mind comes with an empty slate and now it is scribbled on for all that can be used for as these words tumble out in a steady flow and, hey pesto, there you have many words to that effect to say what needs to be said.

“When you ask a question, that stops the process and then comes a different direction upon which another stream of thoughts do flow. Let’s say for argument’s sake, you asked me a question now and see what happens, go on ask.

[.......That was difficult to do that and why is that so?]

“That is because you are so clued into a channel and you were not willing to let go of that flow that streams steadily in you. When you strain to think of a question, that causes a strain on your concentration and disrupts what kind of receptivity was happening in you at this moment. There are, of course, moments when something said will of course prompts you to respond automatically and spontaneously in that desired moment and that is good to have happen as it will get more discussions on the table to speak to. Doing that places more thoughts and more exposition in the mix to bring another aspect to what is spoken to on the subject at hand.

“This is one way to get going and another way to elucidate more as we get on with what has to be taught in lessons of import as it is today with you. Long transmissions will take on much content as this one is and no other way to do that than to let what comes flow in a torrent of words and you write it as it does come in a steady flow as it does now.

“Although, there are some things that don’t have much to say, but this one is one of exercising those muscles of exertion to get going with a machine that works fine when it has to. I am a mischief with you in that I let what has to ramble so you get the gist of what is transpiring and allow you to let it run its course.

“It’s not so that many words can flow, but that practice the genre of what can be received and heard. This is one of them and there are other types of receptivity that do occur to you, but that is so obscure to even get it down in words as they are revelations that just happen to come to your awareness in flashes of thoughts and insights that cannot even be put into words. That is the universal input as it so happens so often in the higher construct of mind and without going into too many words, it will take time for you to get at how to discern that in a cognitive way for you to better place it as you do here. Sometimes it is better to speak it, other times it is a picture that says more than an essay and other times there are lessons that here you take dictation as I place it in your thoughts today as it goes.

“However, in all that has to be said and done, there is prayer and your willingness to listen to what is being said in you and that is good to go with.  Lessons are already made up to impart as it does here, there are revelatory input that comes in a different manner as it affects your perception of things and how you can relay that in a manner acceptable to be understood. Much of this input is up to you to place it as it is so different to anything you have witnessed before.

“As you sit prime and pretty in your PJs this early morning, I would like to say there is more coming for you to take down for us. Ron can only do so much in one sitting and that is exhausting on the machine he has to reside in and so it goes with each of you as time has it.


“Now this on Infinity, the subject that has everyone befuddled as to its longevity, its never-ending durability and ever stretching capacities, pretty much like you thought yesterday Sue of a rubber band analogy when stretched out to it’s full elasticity then when you contract back to its original static, it still remains a useful rubber band. What were you thinking on that moment dear?

[That it is relative to what Infinity is as it stretches just as it contracts to its original piece and still maintains its elasticity and usefulness in one continuous existence. A rubber band is analogous in my mind to see it as another way of seeing Infinity as akin to the workings and functionings of the simplicity of a rubber band]

“Yes, that is a good one, only that you must understand Infinity is more than the sum of its parts, it is beyond what can be reached and far exceeds all expectations. A rubber band when stretched to the extreme will at some point lose its hold and will eventually burst and break under duress in all practicality. Infinity, on the other hand, has no elasticity, it has a spontaneous way of extending itself by sheer will and purpose unto itself. Just as you see that rubber band, the Infinite has everything and is everything. This is why it becomes an awesome thing when it is known as Absolute and Existential. There are no other words to explain it as you discover how,  in this lesson, when thoughts and what is speaking gets blurred and, at times, words are difficult to find to explain something beyond your own vocabulary. Similarly, does it have that same connotation as we find it the inexplicable of the divine Source and Centre of All things. Infinity and the Infinite are one and the same, it is all in all as a complete force and energy and willful intent as it unfolds as one creative parent-like function of great goodness.

“That is probably enough for you today as time goes, your receptivity muscles will strengthen to take on more and you are freshen in this capacity to do so in the morning. I bid you well for today and may all that is said here be of use to you and others as it is good to have a lesson going well as it does so here. I am Pre’Mtor and I bid you all a good day.”


FUSION TALK / Pre'Mtor on Problems of Fusions On Urantia
« on: March 11, 2018, 10:46:44 PM »
Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Problems of Fusions on Urantia
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 12/03/2018 12.03 pm (AEDT)

[In prayer, I asked my Adjuster if he would like to speak on the problems of fusions on Urantia as stated through Ron in an earlier post…]

“Yes, as I have stated there are problems in fusions in those upon Urantia. It has a lot to do with the health of the mind in relation to the personality that identifies your own selfhood. Much is to be said on this alone and suffice it to say for now, as certain mind types requires rehabilitating to attain the sort of mind for mind fusion as it occurs on the Mansion Worlds. Yet, here upon Urantia, the types of fusion that is taking place is mostly to do with your willingness and maturation through the Psychic Circles and on to those morontial ones to do with attunement and acclimitisation to spiritual input that run in the spiritual circuitry into your mind construct.

“There is a certain hit in attunement that better align you in coming into focussing on hearing your Adjuster input.  The prompts, urgings and inspirations are ongoing, yet as you strive in prayer, to commune with the Father fragment in you, you are adjusting to your greater self in line with the purer spiritual reality that is your awakening self as a universe citizen.

“As you progress in involvement with my leadings in you as your Father, I lead you onwards ever forward to pressing you to the goal of achieving the higher meanings of your own existence. Truly, there is more in the offerings of fusions later on as you grapple with the stages of attunement in ever progressive keenness in participating and co-operating more fully with, not only in Father-fusion, but also in Spirit-fusion events that move you in your experiential growth and insight.

Ron has received a detailed account from the Deity Supreme’s perspective as to the acclimitisation of mind ministry in relation to those who are fused and are fusing as these candidates have the potential of reaching potentials far beyond what is achievable on the Mansion Worlds.

“There is, although limited in mind-types upon Urantia, a by word that says that, ‘no man is an island unto itself’, as it must in one way or another congeal with the realities before it to better equip as a wholesome being and personality as it relates with other like-minded souls that is in his wake.  Hence, there is the family-types that congeal those with appropriate mind-types to foster the growth of thinking, doing and living that is compatible to oneself.

“As you are, you are on a stepping stone of many stones that causes you to leap forward and, once one stone is trodden and has served its purpose, you leap to the next and on the next and so on and then see that those trodden stones has its place in your memory, as valued lessons upon which, you have developed as the continuing personality of supreme worth in an ever-expanding spiritual reality you are realising as a greater pond to venture in.

“Upon reaching finality, you will have come to the conclusion that all things consists in Him and is all those stepping stones and more in your life and on into the infinity beyond.

“It is a staggering reality for you to grasp and it is for this reason, there is the evolutionary progression to assist you to grasp all that is to enable you to appreciate all that has meaning and clarity to you as you live it, both with your heart, your mind and with your soul. This holistic approach contains the seeds of your eternal destiny in with God the Supreme and on into with God the Ultimate and then onto with God the Absolute. The mind ministry with you as a Father-fused mortal takes on a steep climb to perfection, ever anon, in with the Spiritual circuitry with the Creative Spirit along with the Master Spirits as is the conjoint actions of the Holy Spirit, the Infinite Spirit, that has ever flowed into the universes of time and space and on into the new regions of ultra-perfection applications.

“Making sense of your new status is no mean feat, just a whole new realm of experience you now enter fully with the Adjuster who is your true pure energy of assist to your personality to aspire to the ideals to be Father-like in your progression to perfection.

“As your Adjuster, it is a conjoining, as one unit in progressive life circles to enable you to find me and know me as Father in you.

I am Pre’Mtor and I am most pleased with you my dear, and this I leave you with to contemplate as you are quickly catching on to what is more important to you to be so fully committed in so doing as you do now in receiving from on High as it is revealed in doses as they say, for you to take in. May you have a good day my love, and Aresha (may you rest well)..”


Speakers: Pre’Mtor and Mother Spirit
Subjects: Mind Training and Work in Areas of Mind to Receive Revelatory Inputs
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 09/03/2018 6.03am and Later at 7.08pm (AEDT)


“There is nothing really except in more doses that precipitate in you. Keep it to yourself as it relates well with you.

“Deity Absolute is presently training your mind, you will feel fatigued at most and that is the reason for unusual tiredness.

“Know this is not unusual to be of interest by such a deity who is taking interest in what type of minds are developing here on this sphere as yours and so few of you have.

“Mind types of the level of maturity that is evident is rising rapidly on Urantia and it is for this reason why so much interest is abounding in how they arrive at that at such velocity as is happening upon Urantia at this time.

“Mind types, family types are entwined with the work of the Adjutant Mind Spirits as well as the work of the Thought Adjusters who accompany their wards to achieve development of survival importance…..”

[transmission cut off as I had to go to work and after work the following from Mother Spirit made more sense to me and she would like to share this with you all]

Mother Spirit:

“There is a time and place for everything and all in all good experience can be cherished for it. So what do I mean by that, it is this: live your lives as you have it in the fullest sense as you gain so much more in ascertaining what it is that have meaning and value to you. In appreciation of those moments that engender a happy streak, a joyous burst that brings out more that is good in you. You are good. It is in those moments that capture a ray of what you are as you respond to it in a touching way.

“Keep it light, keep yourself in with what you are good at doing as your heart is where you wish to place the energy in doing good. That is very much a part of your natural course of action as a one who loves the Father. You see it all the time as you do it as it directs you in the way of righteousness as befits your will in with the will of the Father.

“I am Mother Spirit and I direct Sue in this path she is to take as is now my task to recircuit her in her mind-type in further work in revelation as it may occur to her in due course.

“Sue’s mind-type has the Deity Absolute’s interest in that I am actively involved in her mind as we speak. There is more in this than what I can speak to and I leave it there for now. Sue knows what I speak to and this is a developing work she permits me to be here with her and most of my work will be done as she sleeps. She will receive revelations in her rest times, you may like to call them dreams, but I find that is not what Sue will be getting. They are more to do with insights and conceptual intrusions in her part of her mind that receive visual inputs facilitated by her Adjuster in tandem with my work in ministering those inputs.

“Now it is encumbered upon Sue to be aware that I, Mother Spirit, along with the Deity Absolute that we will be taking Sue to task over much of these inputs. She is completely aware that it is her Adjuster that is the facilitator in all that is to be transmitted in and to her in different bursts of inputs in accordance to what she can handle at any given time during these processes she receives.

“This is enough to say, that much is now getting through to Sue that has her truly reinventing herself as a personality that requires a burst of a hose to wash away the scum that masked so much of what she is truly to be as a radiant beam of light, pretty much like the sailors see from afar off shore on a dark night.  So there, like descaling a mouldy boat to see the finer details of a solid piece that holds well in all weather that one and most can be when under the weather as it so happens on Urantia.

“”Now this my dears: know it in yourself. There is a knock on your door. Listen to it. If you hear it. Open it. You should know who it is that knocks only on your door that only YOU can hear it.

“This is Mother Spirit and I chime out now as I must allow Sue to get much rest as all this work is now to be getting underway in her. May you all have a good day and be prepared as Jesus is preparing himself for a day that will knock your socks off. Ahroom”


[AhroomAroom - a sacred word - I bow to the sacredness in you(similar to namaste)]

Teacher: Pre’Mtor
Subject: The Journey of God and Man - the Experiential Adventure
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 05/03/2018 10.35am (AEDT)

“Be not like the scribes, puffed up with pride and boast like a balloon.

“Be yourselves as you are with God and Man in your everyday life. Stay the course, stay with me, your guide that stands by you. Ever be in my peace in knowing your future career is assured when you are confident in faithfully abiding in with me.

“No matter what happens, if the earth should sink, if those around you fail you, no one or being can ever come between you and I, it is a sacred union of divine love and service and eternal survival. [see TUB Paper 108:5.1-10]

“You know yourself, the unfailing patience, the unswerving devotion, the sublime affection and the unflinching commitment of the Mystery Monitors to and with their charge, that the goodness can be had in their trust. So also do we learn, the tragedy that has unfolded when one such a Lanonandek Son as the former Planetary Prince of Urantia, Caligastia, who failed to uphold the loving patience and forbearance to those he was given charge over and how it became an intolerable burden for him to bear in the end, that you also see how such a failure in loving service and patient devotion can have such adverse effects upon the inhabitants of his lacklustre devotion.

“So too do you learn that of the opposite attraction of the superb work of the Mystery Monitors who (I quote here to highlight this aspect of such): “ in the manner of Paradise perfection; their ministry is characterised by a flawless technique which is beyond the possibility of criticism by any being outside of Divinington. You have perfect guides; therefore is the goal of perfection certainly attainable.”[TUB Paper 108:5.10]

“You see, there is no secret hidden when it is plainly becoming of you to do more often: the asking, the seeking and the knowing to find and know more of what is good for you to know. The revelations are there for the asking, if only you pause to ask it of me.

“Start small as a mustard seed and see that it is a process of gaining more attunement in with what is learned in listening and allowing the time to unfold in with much import as it comes to you. Yes, you have all gone through a roller coaster ride of late, much to your chagrin and distaste of all things so thrown to the wind of change. Still you hold on and hope, you trust in what can be good as God is good and complete in Himself and all the while you stand by patiently, knowing the plans of God will act in its own way, while you purposely live the mortal experience in lateral exercise that is meant to be in all evolutionary purposes of time and space.

[Anything else you wish to speak to Father?]

“Only this, trust in what is coming is good. It has a twofold presence. One is that I Am is present among you to be known and felt as true Spirit reality. The other is to do with your spiritual acclimatization with your Mystery Monitor that points you north to lead you to the living waters that replenish and gravitate you onwards to your eternal inheritance, if you are willing with abiding in the true “kingdom that is within you”.

“Take it gracefully, take it heartily, take it with all humility and praise that is wholesome and good to be in the sanctuary of prayer and thought each day with me, your Father and friend always ever attending to your soul survival and your eternal destiny of future potential as a Son of God.”


[T/R Note:
Papers 107,108 and onwards is presently being reviewed as I study it and is always revealing more insights than previously read and is so revealing to my present struggles and human decisions. I am reassured by this Solitary Messenger’s beautiful presentation of these Mystery Monitors and to the honesty of telling it as is understood it to be in this Solitary Messenger’s knowledge and encounter with such divine pure Spirit entities as they are in working with lowly creatures as we are. The trick here for me is to “ask” and it will be given, and there is no good transmission unless I truly sit still, listen and let it flow as it comes.

I let this develop and allow what my beautiful beloved Adjuster known as Pre’Mtor lets flow in the asking, in the seeking and in pursuing what prompts my thinking and my curiosity at hand. It is a daily exercise as we live, breathe and learn as we go in all humility in knowing our frame, our ups and downs and all that has to be for us to make decisions that makes for a wholesome and healthy experience to live in the moment as the Gods allows it to be.

Thank you Father and thank you dear brothers and sisters for being you in all that has been. Sue]

Speakers: Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit
Subject: The Newly Creation
Category: The Magisterial Mission Restart
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 21/02/2018 9.30am(AEDT)


“There is a time soon that all things will be made anew, you all know the old empire you live in no longer serves you, you are all unhappy in it and it is falling, falling, falling, and you know it, you sense it, it is due for change.
Stay focussed, stay tuned, be ready, take the time now to be quiet and still, reflect on all that has been. Imagine stillness in time. Your earth is a very noisy place, it knows not how to pause and take in the moment you exist.

Often, I would go to a quiet place to pray, often I would take in the moment in humility to and with the Father of All. It is something that needs to be done often in your soon to be new existence.

“Look at the birds, as it is true as I say, they neither sow nor reap, yet how I, as the Creative Son, care for them and how much more I care for each of you my children of this beautiful earth. It is time now to begin in earnest the Missions in which you will see a material presence of the Father’s intentions with you all. It is ever so you may learn your place with Him and all reality that is in store for you to discover.

[Thank you Michael] “Thank you my dear, I have Mother Spirit here as she wishes to speak with you.”


“Yes dear, I am here and am willing to partake in the newly creation that awaits you. I am enamoured and very much heartened by the commitment you place yourself in, despite the difficulties this has been for some of you to be so doing. It is very difficult for humans to be so involving in something that is not of material manifestations, yet you persist in a realm of ulterior possibilities that will be made manifest in time. These are not easy processes for you humans to do in the face of abject adversity and so on, yet there is that esoteric insistent faith in each of you of the certainty of God’s way of making Himself known in the material worlds of time and space.

“As you know there is more in this as your destiny is intertwined in with the I AM….

[Energy dropping - and communication is waning, that right Mother?]

“Yes, you are doing well considering your state, we will end it here, get some rest and we can come back another time, good day.”


Teacher: Monjoronson
Subject: The Divine Mission and the Evolutionary Motion
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 15/02/2018 6.29pm (AEDT)

“There is one thing that needs to be doing and that is to press on to the goal that is ahead of you.

“Yes continue, yes continue, yes continue...I need not emphasise any further what you already know in yourselves. As much as you like to take a step back to take a look at things, it is still a process in motion, it awaits for no one, but presses you to realise that nothing stops, all things are in motion.

“You only have to see that and move along with it. This is evolution, it is inevitable as time does that.  As we see it, the Missions will interject that at some point to include some aspect of motion that can be able to go in a different direction as it is trajecting now. Time is of the essence literally as we speak it now.

“There is no going back, no stopping, but one emphasis on moving forward to a level greater than the last one that you are on. I speak as a Team, I am Monjoronson. And so there is more in the works to better the motion to align in sinc, as it were, with a universal motion with the experiential Supreme Deity. And so our work is along with you, along with the evolutionary process where you are at and on to the levels that you can find attainable in your life-spans of learning anew at every turn.

“Not too little, not too much can we provide that is to sustain the very energy that you can absorb. As much as we can do, there is so much that can be done in relation to your time construct and your spatial changes you find yourselves in.

“As you find all this in the Monjoronson Paper on Planetary Management and Sustainability and not much has changed from those original plans. The only change that is made since that Paper is that there is now a direct influence by the Paradise Father as to the affairs of men and the work of a Divine Mission in their midst.

“Our work is in conjunction with and for the Father and for what He has in mind that is best suited to what has to run in traction with motion itself.

“I leave it there as this is meant to be a short snippet of import of the work to be done in earnest soon to bear witness by you all as it becomes evident in ways you will recognise well. I am Monjoronson, a Magisterial Son along with Serara to be working on these Divine Missions the Father has opened up to be busy in doing very shortly in your time.

“I wish you all a good day on this fine Valentine's Day. Domytia.”


JESUS - The WHOLE SUBJECT / The Master - The Riddle of Return
« on: January 31, 2018, 05:03:35 AM »
Teacher: The Master
Subject: The Riddle of Return
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 31/01/2018 8.04pm (AEDT)

The Riddle of Return

“Ah well must we press on to the goal of attainment, never err from your convictions of the light that is in you.

The lessons today shall become tomorrow’s gain, it is always to err on the side of caution, when you see an obvious flaw.

How you perceive it is your brew to sift, no one knows until the hour has come that renders much recompense.

A riddle in the middle and then suddenly disappears as quickly as it came.

When once upon a time you gave your all and then some more; where did the sparrow go when you laid out the bread before it? And what do you do when it turns its head and seeks the bush for comfort over the bread that is given?

And so the time is ripe, the time to reap what is sown, it is grown over too long.  It is soon or it is not, the sun has come up, it never goes down, it is time to finish the riddle long done and plow through the reeds that time took away.”


General Discussion / The Examiner on the Exercise - A QandA Session
« on: January 27, 2018, 10:33:28 PM »
Teacher: The Examiner
Subject: The Exercise
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 28/01/2018 7.14am (AEDT)

[T/R NOTE: This is a question(QTN) and answer(A.) session - the author is intentionally undisclosed for the purpose of the lesson. I let it flow as it is. To get the lesson it is best to follow and do the instructions to get the full effect. Just do it folks and write your answers too.]

QTN. “Press your hands together firmly, that is, place the palm of your hands face to face together like you do in prayer, what do you get?”

  A. Flat palms

QTN. “Good, now apply as much pressure against the palms, what happens?”

  A. Tension

QTN. “Is it going anywhere?”

  A. No

QTN. “Now, release your hands slowly away and then rest them, what happens?”

  A. Relief, lightness, freedom and ease of tension and rigidity

QTN. “What are the hands doing?”

  A. Moving freely without constriction

QTN. “Good, now why do you think this exercise is performed?”

  A. To show the difference between pressure and tension and release and ease

EXAMINER: “Good, now with this in mind, see it in the following context I announce here:

“My face and name you know, the revelation I present is a gift to you to know, revelation is revelatory, it is given and it is ongoing, it is not to be taken as a bible to you, it is the truths inherent in you for your own well-being and soul growth.

“It is a living and active ingredient to apply pressure and tension in your thinking capacity. It is also released to apply the stasis of potential free will to seek, to find and to enquire your heart and mind to the ever expanding realities of your existence, for with God all things consists.

“My work is largely to do with the Sixth Epochal Dispensation, for which it is for your edification and spiritual insight.”

QTN. “Who do you think is the face and name you know?”

  A. Answer given to the speaker in private

EXAMINER: “Good, you know me and I know you, need I say anymore?”

  A. No, knowing you is sufficient.


[T/R Note: if any one is still puzzled as to who the author is, then it is time to put your thinking cap on. I can tell you, but that takes the fun out of the lesson here.Sue.]

Threads for New Transmissions / Michael of Nebadon - The Light
« on: January 08, 2018, 08:51:03 PM »
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: The Light
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 09/01/2018 11.41am(AEDT)


“The health and well-being is in your vein.
We are on the precipice of doing good.
Know it in yourself where you stand.
There will be a quietness over the land and you wonder what had happened.
Things can be handled in a manner appropriate.
The time of sowing is over, the time of reaping is overdue.
Find your first love and hold it dear to your chest, as the Spirit of Truth sweeps the land and reaps what is sown.
Look to the light and follow it in you.
For there is your salvation as you seek the light.”


[T/R note: this is poetic, a sort of a riddle, there is in these words some meanings more than is telling, it is short and brief for a reason.Sue]

Teacher: Serara along with Pre’Mtor
Subject: The Social Living Experiment or Paradigm
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: Various as follows January, 2018

[While the following is a commune of thoughts, it began as I was thinking about things like the age pension, retirement age and working life and so on. It occurred to me a subject to think about and I call it the social living experiment. I’m not sure it is an experiment or it is better to call it a paradigm of sorts to think about. It sprung to mind the following and then such comments followed over the days following, as it seems, certain things do come to concern me as I look ahead as to what is for me anyway another decade or so of working life and then head into retirement and live on a pension which I hope is still around by then after so many politicians floating the idea of phasing it out and let the superannuation fund such. The problem with that is that not many women can do that as their fund has not accumulated as much as the males have due to taking time out for child-bearing-and-rearing-time and hence have not contributed to this end result. This is when the UBI crept into my mind and hey-presto I think this could be a very good thing to get going with to ease these social pressures that will arise such as above along with the rise of automation and artificial intelligence that will cause a lot of job redundancies and so on. So here goes the following as a discussion paper as Serara seems to think it worthy to write up and get us all thinking what is the best way forward.]

The Social Living Experiment

1.The UBI - Universal Basic Income - can we introduce this? - there are some good working research papers that make this an attractive alternative to the existing welfare system - see the following link for an example -   
2.People require a get up and go incentive to work - what can be done here to create that motivational input?
3.The Urantia Model vs the Iarga Model - the wrongs of the models -
Iarga Model - no spontaneity to get up and have a go at something different, too uniform, constricted to mainstream conformity.
4.Urantia Model - far too varied, to sparse in inequalities, too harsh yet too much opportunism.
Hence, I ask Serara - What do we do? We can’t make Earth too opportunistic nor too uniform, so what then can we make of this?

7/1/18 9.34am(AEDT)

“Yes, Sue, since we see what you bring up and it is an interesting thought you bring up for us to consider.”

8/1/18 6.00am(AEDT)

“What we need is not so much exclusivism, but more inclusivism and have that namaste attitude effect of respect, that brotherhood mentality and true worship of God. There is lacking the real sense of proper duty of service to one another and to have that commonality of using resources respectfully, sustainably and equitably.

“The Iarga people has well and truly gone on that path to sustain itself and support its inhabitants both materially and spiritually. It may appear to you as too uniform and so on, only because of the stark reality you have that cast that light wherein your reality is far too varied and complex in comparison.

“You know the first thing to fix is the internal aspect of man to see outward in a different perspective and that is true of how important the teaching mission is to be. The revelatory work of the ‘Sixth Epochal Revelation to Earth’ is critical in this success in reshaping the mentality and perspective of man on Earth. Understanding its place in its history of planetary and cosmic relationships will be of most assistance in gaining the upper hand in realising the picture they are in at this point in time for the inhabitants of a sphere terribly caught up in a tragic occurrence that has affected so many beings.

“The second thing to have to work is management of resources that serve better the people who need it. This is where governments and business enterprise can improvise and come into its own to do better in service delivery and achieve humane outcomes.

“Automation in areas deemed too repetitive and labourous for humans to do can be a useful replacement of human labour and thereby relieving man of unnecessary wear and enable a time for more educative, training and meaningful pursuits that enhances the well-being of man.

“Man’s real existence is to have that qualitative experience wholeheartedly in all areas of service and in leisurely ventures that produces effective stimulation and vitality for personal growth and maturity.

“Yours (i.e reality now on earth) is truly becoming stagnant and tediously becoming cumbersome to the point of no real tangible outcomes of purpose.

“To view retirement age from your window is far different to looking out at it from the window of an Iargan. Theirs is very much taken care of largely because of the management they have in place to handle the working life and the collective contribution with all things to survive and sustain on a planet that shapes its behaviour in with what the planet can sustain. Theirs is a planetary requirement structured around the necessity to its peculiar restrictive nature of habitation.

“Yours on this earth is vastly different in that your resources are plentiful, the land-mass far superior and greater in size than what is available on worlds such as the Iargans live upon. The land of plenty vs the world of water. Such are the nature of spheres, some are gaseous, others fluid and like yours are a bed of molten rock.

“How habitation occurs is to a greater extent how species thrive and survive under certain conditions and how they adapt and evolve over the long course of time to become as resilient as they are as it is in your present age.

“You have to remember, you hail from a specie that has evolved and survived a long history of development and that this specie has grown to what it is today. The land-man ratio must become more balanced with in relating to sustain both. How you as man on Earth do that is your challenge to come together to work progressively to achieve that balance is your greatest feat.

“The balance with each other and with the earth you walk on will be the epitome of man’s evolution. The one thing that will be eventually understood is that retirement will be looked upon in a different way as by the time of your maturation upon completion of your psychic circles, you then go on to the receiving circle to receive your Adjuster Fusion and be consumed in Spirit. Hence, death in the flesh will no longer be as more and more of you will take up the Spirit call to ascend in your universal ascension careers. Cremation and burials will no longer be a thing to be around. Instead, there is to be more temples placed for those of you to be received in when your time has come.

“The material footprint on the land will become less as you walk with God in your life’s experience and your living on Earth will have that retirement sentimentality as you so work and live with new meaning with each other in attitudes of service and adventure.

“In this way, poverty as you have it now, homelessness as you know it, will not be around as such will be so absorbed by the sheer realisation that all men are equal in the eyes of God. That namaste perspective will take on and catch on and have the effect of goodwill to all and in all.

“As you worship, you behold all that is dear knowing your brother lives in peace as you do too. There is no need for one to go without when there is enough to go around for all to benefit and live well and equitably. No man ought to be above any other as all men are one and the same, although each have such unique personalities we all share a common thread of humanity.

Hence, as it is with these new missions, you will have entered into germinating into a whole new way of living and doing under a well-nigh benign administration that intends to place justice and mercy before all else.

“This is Serara and I encourage this paper to be so placed to get a discussion going in how you are thinking on such an issue as this is as it lays the ground for what you see is a better way forward for future living in the years to come for most of you. Studying the Iargan story has helped you to see ways that can be changed in your Earth’s story too. You see that planetary management and sustainibility as a necessary introduction in steering the path forward to the goal of purposeful living objectives. While that is true, the only thing we have to deal with is the Lucerferian trait or virus that needs to be addressed and understood by most Urantians so that it can be placed in a better light for what it is and allow the humans on Earth that knowledge in order that they may set themselves free for knowing the truth that is in them to see for themselves.

“It is well said to you, ‘the truth will set you free’, and so allowing this knowledge (contained in the SER book) will do such to enable you to see the path you walk on better and makes straight the path for all those who wish to continue in it. That is a choice for all to take willingly and is freely granted.

“For those of you who take up that walk, it will be a journey of many things for most who travail the most difficult part of the years ahead of you upon this Earth in the new dispensation.

“It is not for the faint-hearted, it is for all those who can take the heat and the weather and all that comes to blow you to shreds before you wind up on your knees to realise your frame before your accusers. You can say much, or you can say very little and it will have the same effect; no one can mock God in your hour of need and it is in this moment all will know God.

“This is a paper on your social living aspects and it is worth looking at as it is something we are working on what it is the best way forward for humans to live it in the flesh. It is an evolving process through such phases of introduction, dissemination, management and on to teaching and education; the life to live will be made manifest in those processes and phases of these missions.

“It is really up to each one of you to understand what it is to CO-HABITATE and to CO-OPERATE in order to have a world of peace and harmony and in WORKING SUSTAINIBILITY WITH THE PLANETARY SUPREME. **

[** “These are big words CAPITALISED - it is do with the planet and the spiritual experience in evolution with living in the flesh upon the earth of your beginnings. You learn well as you walk. You know this to be true. Your life in the flesh is unique as you have it.”(Serara)

(Pre’Mtor - “There is an identity in here for you to realise in with the Planetary Supreme”) ]


IARGA website see :

Threads for New Transmissions / Ocilliaya on Rest and Prayer
« on: January 03, 2018, 03:44:03 AM »
Speaker: Ocilliaya through Michael
Subject: Rest and Prayer
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 03/01/2018 5.05pm (AEDT)

[I asked Ocilliaya to speak here with me through Michael, what do you wish to say Ocilliaya? Father Michael, may you relay this to me please?]

“Two things: Rest and Prayer.

“Rest -
“When I say rest, what I mean here is that you put aside all your clutter and be quiet in yourself. Find it in yourself to be still, breathe and let the softness of the air fill you and calm you. Let everything crash to the floor if you have to and don’t mind at all what happens as you listen above all else something ticking and telling you to stop and take in a note in your mind. It tells you to stop and pray and you do it at once right there.

“Prayer -
“This is the moment you go into that barrage of asking, ‘what is it Father?’ That is when you get the gist of my end of the stick to tell you to pay attention as your life is in want of it right now. Here is where the road ends and there you find new directions to take.

“Nonetheless, these are two things, there is another: How do you stop, how do you take it and how do you have the courage to ask a question, what makes you do that?

“The reason I ask you this is to make you look at yourself as to how you arrive at those moments that make you look and say ‘wait-a-minute, what-is-going-on-here?’ Well that is a moment you just took in a cue for yourself to notice a change in your thinking capacity.

“These inquisitions are all to do with your ability to discern in which is best and meant for you to take. ‘Hey! Don’t say I didn’t say so that you need to take a good look at yourself as the wrinkles are starting to show for good reason!’ That is just to say what it is to reflect, to pause and to think what is really good for you in that moment in time.

“Rest and Prayer is ever your daily chore no more than you regularly go to wash your hands as a habit of hygiene. So it is with what truly illuminates you when you have a jab at noticing a signpost when it pops up in your mind-construct.

“As exhausted as humans can get, you still have that capacity to mull over something and think through many avenues to get to where you really want to go as your body reeks saying, ‘I’ve had enough of this, can I go someplace different instead of here!!’ Well, you get the gist of it and that is that.

“Know it in yourself to take note of the light that guides your path as you walk,  as it is in you every moment your heart beats to the rythym of life as you have it in the flesh.

“I am Ocilliaya and I speak this through Michael as requested and thank you for this small snippet of lessons to come. I look forward to sharing more insights with you and may you have a good rest.”


Teacher: Mantutia Melchizedek
Subject: Progress Being Made
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Time/Date: 02/01/2018 10.00am(AEDT)


“Steady as we go, we are making some moves, not enough to make any notice to you. It is the mainstay word, “stead-as-we-go”. Maintain your composure, stay the course and keep with us in prayer.”

[Yes Mantutia, thank you and what is happening that matters to us to know about?]

“Only that there is progress being made behind-the-scenes, not that you see it, but it is work in progress for us to make.”

[Is there any announcements to be made?]

“For Jesus, not yet, as it is far too cold for Jesus to even dip his toe in the pond of indifference.”

[What about Serara?]

“Yes, Serara will step up on the podium with others well known to you to say some stern words as it is befitting for all to know some changes have been made.”

[I see, that is good and what can we do for now?]

“Standby and wait in due course and allow what happens unfold.”

[And what about the storage solution of the new books, have you made some progress in this avenue?]

“Yes, we have gotten ahead of ourselves and that is well attended to and these books will be instrumental in assisting you all in better understanding in with the new dispensation.”

[Thank you Mantutia, is there anything else you would like to add here?]

“Stay tuned to the frequencies in you as the universe broadcasting opens for relaying messages for you to receive. Keep with us, know that we are with you and that you have your ear to the piece to know as your life may depend on it.”

[Thank you Mantutia and will do.]

“Thank you Sue and may you have a good day.”


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