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Hello dear forum authors and readers,
it makes more than 1 year I follow this forum. I hesitated to introduce myself because since the beginning I was waiting for some proofs that never came. I like the discourses of Ron very much. They touched my heart but as they never materialized I was always disappointed and still I am.
There were many times I said myself it isn't worth the time to continue on this forum but I couldn't leave nevertheless and stayed and read everything that was posted here every day. 
So here I am still following your posts and still waiting for something to materialize like the unbelieving Thomas who needed to touch the wound of Jesus before he could believe.
Now after such a long following I thought its at least time to say Hello and tell something about me.
I am living in Switzerland, my real name is Tony, 59 years, 4 children and 1 stepchild (31,28,17,7,1) from two marriages where my son has 20 month now. The article about children (flashing human eggs) encouraged me to introduce me as I have seen Ron loves children too.
My mother tongue is German but I understand well the language of Lemuel where Ron's style sometimes demands more than I can fetch. I worked as an IT engineer but lost my job in the bank and I am currently unemployed and its very hard in my age to find a new job here. So my career is a mess at the moment and everything seams dark and no future. I want my life and the world would change without this materialistic differences between poor and rich. So I am following the transmissions of Ron with open mind but got always disappointed until yet.
Now again greetings from me and my appreciation for your work and I hope it won't be in vain as it sometimes seams to me. I still hope Ron is right with his declarations and I am looking for Michael's rainbow soon to appear and Ron's health finally to improve.

Kind Regards

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