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How this planet will change! The fact that we here are all to witness the most wonderful of all announcements that have been the desire of every Christian alive now, or in the past. Two thousand years of waiting, praying and hopefully seeing, is over for us and for all who live now, in this time, in this place. An event unparalleled in all of this planets' history! WE WELCOME YOU JESUS--BACK TO THE PLANET OF YOUR EARTHLY LIFE!!
I am ready Jesus to stand by your side, a wish I have had for all my life. To actually see you and hear you speak as you did so long ago!! I am blessed to be able to say this in public. It is with great love in my heart and the hearts of all who heard of your life and your message to hear you and it is with tremendous joy that I offer all I have to you in whatever capacity I can to serve!

I'm in the same mode as Clency---Fusion I need and of service I will be to the Missions. I am also just waiting for the time and place to finally be true one with my Beloved TA.

I have Amazon prime and downloaded it temporarily from Amazon. Len and I are reading it right now! So far, so good!

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Ron
« on: May 02, 2018, 01:26:14 PM »
Ron, our friend, Len and I are here to congratulate your moving to the next level of your life and wish you the very best in your morontial career. We hope all is well with your transmission to this new form. You have been a good leader here in human form and we have no doubt as to your increased ability in the new! Best to you Ron!

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