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Thank you and Lanaforge for this update, my major concern today is to have more info on the tectonic plate shifts, I may ask Ron what can be done to inform those who live in the Pacific Fire Belt, some transmissions require full attention.

There's something I really appreciate in TRing, whether what Celestials say occur or not, this helps us be on our guard 24h/7, I visit various spiritual websites and come to the conclusion that all have one single goal: Help us be on alert.

To Ron: Thank you for all, and I'am certain that Michael and Father will congratulate you in due time.



Experience with Father and in Father is personal, whether Ron invents his transmissions or receives them from Celestials, what difference does it make? so far as you get no means to check how true or false they are, you've got the option: take it or leave it. Your insisting on their credibility is a provocation which does not fit! Let us build together instead of unbuilding!

What's more, this site belongs to Ron,

However, what I can put in the light of info at my disposal is that Celestial actions on Urantia will be visible in 40 years, no now, so is it about time for the dreamers to wake up. Revelations are just up there and need to be picked up.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Turn to Me
« on: March 10, 2018, 04:13:10 AM »
This message seems to be directly intended to me, I needed such a transmission this morning. Thank you Lemuel, 's Adjuster and Clency.

Mother Spirit Nebadonia,

Every info/revelation that regards mind type is of great interest to me, and you know that when you give one, we will suggest that you provide us with our different mindsets. Mind Types were once provided by Ron via a transmission, but what about the newbies!?

I would also like to have the name of my Adjuster, His Family Group on Divinington, how many wards he indwelt before indwelling me.

Ron, thanks, the below list is just a request if possible:

PRONTO Psychic Circle 4
Adjuster's name:
Adjuster Family on Divinington:
Mind Type:
Adjuster's Identity Number (at least the first 8 digits):
Guardian Angels if any:
Type of Sperm/fetus Ultimaton if any:
Name of the Mighty Messenger in charge of my soul defence at death on Uversa:
Name of the High in Authority in charge of my soul prosecution at death on Uversa:
How does Paradise Admin qualify a soul who asks too much questions? If any:

Homo-Spiritus may have these details on their future birth certificate.

Regards and thanks.


FUSION TALK / Re: Substantial Indication on 6th Candidate Fused
« on: March 09, 2018, 12:42:01 AM »
Thanks Ron for the lesson, it is now quite clear in my mind, life itself wouldn't be that rich if there were no discoveries and mysteries along the way. Your case is unique and unless we had a second Ron with us to give us this deep insight, it would be difficult to let you go, Lemuel or Larry or Sue are encouraged to work harder to keep doing the work once you leave us for service in Higher Worlds of the Spirit.

Thanks and regards in Michael's Love and Tenderness.


FUSION TALK / Re: Substantial Indication on 6th Candidate Fused
« on: March 08, 2018, 06:15:14 PM »
Thank you Ron, Father and Jesus as well, to my understanding upon reading Ron's post above, there could be an infinite varieties of fusions with the Adjusters not yet exposed on Sonarington. And I also suspect Adjusters to experience various types of Fusion with their respective wards. I also think that co-creativity is also seen in Fusions. The way my Adjuster will fuse with me may by far be different from another Adjuster's way of Fusing.

Ron, I also think that two fusions will never look alike, as well as the 8 billion inhabitants on Uriantia are different from one another.

Ron, I don't get the point of Father when He says: "As usual any change in status of a process brings questions I do not fully yet comprehend from the Deity Absolute." Please be patient with me, is there something Father cannot fully yet comprehend? But on one hand, Father acquires experience through us, so there's still a good deal of experience Father has not gone through yet, and therefore may not comprehend all.

However, Father is said to know everything from beginining to end... so I'm in a big trouble in terms of comprehension...




You are incredible, how do you manage to produce such a profusion of transmissions in no time?! Hmm, in about 6 years or so, the transmissions produced on seraraforum are as thick as TUB, and we're just at the beginning of revelations.

Thank you, that's what I can say, I just hope we can grasp them all, some day people will ask; How come do you mere people know of all this? And I may reply: 'It's a long trip, a very very very long spiritual trip, during which it is not easy to ride two horses: The Spiritual Horse that rides us into higher Worlds, and the Urantian worse that wants us to remain just on earth.

My thanks also go out to all those truthseekers for their daily contributions, and I'm quite sure that even those who are banned from the forum keep visiting everyday. I would suggest that Ron gets back to his decisions and sees how those who want to come back may be allowed to post again, in the name of their Thought Adjusters who once lead them to this glorious forum! After all, it does not help much the forum to empty of its heroes.


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: some info on future service
« on: March 07, 2018, 03:36:57 AM »
The talks on the issue of cells number in human brain are good, we have at our disposal some info that we need to check with our Teachers from on High.Thanks Ron for your answer over my question above.


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: some info on future service
« on: March 06, 2018, 07:25:34 PM »
Dear CoUDJ,

I'm both happy & satisfied with your description of my spiritual standing, I have so many things to say and so many questions to ask and so many spiritual experiences to share, but I need to be careful not to offend Admin and Michael of Nebadon, for fear to be banned, therefore do I find it necessary to remove some posts I deem to be designed in a rude way.

Father knows what I'm doing and Father knows I'm terribly working hard to advance in the psychic circles. Should I have an opposite opinion of what can be posted on this forum, I will not let it know, but so far I do recognize I'm stuck in my fourth psychic circle.

Indeed, I posted 10 other questions to Christ Michael yesterday, but after several readings I found them too rude and finally removed them but meantime I asked myself: "What will be Ron's reaction if he reads these questions?"

Just one question tonight if I may to You CoUDJ:

The Isle of Paradise was a sphere in its beginnings, and went through up and down pressures by Father from above and the Unqualified Absolute from beneath. And this flattening process lasted for billions over billions of years to finally be flat as it is today. Where was the Eternal Son at this time as both Paradise and the Eternal Son came up simultaneously?

Pronto, I am not going to involve the Consummator on this one.  First of all my friend, Paradise did not start out life as a drop cookie.  Betty Crocker does cookies that look little round brown things and you drop them on your cookie sheet and they flatten out into small planetoids to eat.   Paradise flashed into existence exactly as it appear today, and is so large it would fill an equivalent universe the size of time and space and may be even larger than that.  We do not tour guides to confirm that for us yet. 

At the same flash appearance of Paradise there also appeared the Eternal Son, in person if you do not mind.  There was no Unqualified Absolute until there was an Infinite Spirit, did you know that?  I suggest you go back to your drawing board and clear your mind for some good study in your Urantia Book and prepare yourself to truly learn how it all began.  Best wishes!  Ron

If You say that both Paradise and the Eternal Son are existential, which means they have no beginning, then what was the Eternal Son doing while both Father and the Unqualified Absolute where flattening the Isle of Paradise?

Thanks Ron and best regards to my Lords from on High .


I was refering to the high content of melanin. The indigo race has the highest concentration of melanin, which plays an important part in the astral perception and visions.

For the Indigo Race that visit this site, the following news may rejoice your heart and soul. The complex astral trips by former member Assale have long intrigued me until I read this somewhere by a Life Career:
Life Career: "Black eyes are much stronger and give a much better view. Eyes have an important function and are very close to the brain and under the epiphysis (third eye). A high content of melanin also offers the ability to develop extra-sensory perceptions, perceptions that go beyond the sight of physical eyes."
In this case this African boy may be in the last group; Group 12.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Thoughts With Michael
« on: December 31, 2017, 02:11:48 PM »
Welcome back Larry and thanks for this wonderful and touching transmission from Father Michael. Hello Dorian, also nice to read.

Dory, Amazing Grace is performed with an ever amazing voice! Just 02:55'', so short and yet so touching! Thanks for this wonderful song.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Facts and Admonitions
« on: December 22, 2017, 05:39:30 PM »
S. Queen, I've just said something to Ron's post of the day, and your transmission miraculously provides the answer to my concern posted there. Thanks for the transmission.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ MELCHIZEDEKS 11
« on: October 22, 2017, 05:53:41 AM »
Thanks for the reception and transcription. Machiventa is a hard working Celestial whose works in various fields are appreciated by my surroundings. His recent outputs on air & water pollution and sustainable food production via Michel Levasseur are all masterpieces. Thank you Machiventa.


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