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My head is nodding in upmost agreement to all of this. Ron's concern over too much power, which is or has been a worry to me too,  when humans look at it as a cultic thing;  but given the immense gifts bestowed and the rarity of gumption on the part of any one human to take it on,  other than Ron himself, who saw the wisdom in giving it the chance and the platform, Spirit would otherwise not have to start with. Recall how Amadon and his associate Van who paved the way to create a garden for the arrival of the Material Son and Daughter, Adam and Eve, this can be seen to be another faithful effort that becomes just as historic as the Garden of Eden was. These Corporations are our modern day version of what Van and Amadon accomplished. This time what Ron does in relative terms, is for real for us and our esteemed Lords, once again in the brave vein of "Van the Steadfast" (see for example, Paper 67 TUB). Thank you so much Ron and to the many responsible in this work as a Team. We hold our breath and bide ourselves for this all to be fittingly placed as is required to be acceptable to the eyes of men. Godspeed to this groundwork, and may you have good success in the coming days of these crucial meetings. Our prayers be with you all.


Peace and Joy comes in the Lord, great things abound in the Father of All, Hallelujah! Blessed are they that wait upon the Lord our God and upon His Son the Christ, Jesus our Master and our Lord, Great is the Lord and greatly is He to be praised this day and all the days of our lives! Welcome Jesus and may good things come and flourish once again in the land of your travels so long ago. Praise be to you, and blessed be the feet of those who come in the Name of the Lord our God.


I particularly enjoyed reading all this and that the PRC will issue bite size readings that will be more easily taken in shorter sittings than the epic SER. This in a series of bite size revelations will get the readers warmed up to be more ready to take on the huge volume the SER presents. I see so much revealed here in this post that I am appreciative how much more is now getting updated. Thank you and Mantutia Melchizedek for so much given here.


General Discussion / Re: Announcement About Com Circuit Down
« on: December 04, 2018, 07:18:23 AM »
Ron, a quick one back to you. Thank you and will do indeed. I feel blessed and very much emboldened to get back to transmitting and applying myself better. Thank you Jesus, Christ Michael and Mother Spirit. Thank you to the MMT Team. My prayers and best wishes in your work Ron to getting so much organised. I wish I was there to help, well, that looks certain some time soon by the looks of such investment by our wonderful Team. Thank you all so much.

Dear Amethyst,
I just want to say that I particularly enjoyed reading your reception from Mother Spirit and I had a chuckle on her comments on "some bad dudes that are wrecking havoc" and on "what humans see as someone who is obnoxious and appalling.." and yes I agree with the many we may visit on the Mansion World from different worlds from our own that we need to get used to. This is a nice idea in breaking it up in a three part series at a time. Very good idea Mother Spirit. Thank you Mother and dear Sister Amethyst.


General Discussion / Re: Announcement About Com Circuit Down
« on: December 04, 2018, 12:38:57 AM »
Hi All,

Let me first thank Wendy and Amethyst for their kind and thoughtful words of good advice.What beautiful Sisters in the Lord you are!  Wendy sent me a private message and while a lot of “knee-bending” is good to do, frankly I am not good on these old knees for very long and have to do with laying on the bed and breathe, thank you Wendy for being a good friend and quick on the dot. Amethyst, I am very moved by your posts and lost for words only to say, yes I agree too. Thank you both so much.

Now this for Ron, well Ron I don’t know what you mean by ‘Bette Davis’ although I vaguely recall seeing her in old movies that has such steely eyes that sends a shiver down the spine, geez I might have sounded that way although Bette probably only has to give the look!  Now the part that is said of the move to America. Can I say what I immediately said, “goodness gracious dear Ron and Father Michael, do you know I can get a flight now if I want to and be there as soon as can be possible, I really don’t like procrastination anymore than you guys don’t, but please lets get on with what needs to be done for the work of these missions! I am happy to be in York to do what training is necessary. I googled on the internet on Ham radio and it comes up there is a local club here in Geelong,  that has education to train as Ham operators with a licence and so on. I have no idea what Ham radio was until you mentioned it. Is that CB radio and how does morse code work in this? I gather there are some codes used as I checked the internet that some morse are being used. I am happy to learn and hope I can managed to hear okay. Yes, hearing-aids are great, but when I don’t have them on I am about 60-70% deaf which is, in audiologists terms, a moderate-to-severe hearing loss in both ears. You and Larry have what is called old age hearing loss, which is normal for aging, and that is probably in the range up to 30% hearing loss and can easily be corrected with hearing-aids. Mine are stronger and more powerful to compensate for the loss and that is built into my hearing-aids so I can hear in normal listening environments. So basically, I hear well with them but not without them. Hence, how highly I depend on my hearing devices to manage everyday life.

Now to move and whatnot, let me say I am flexible as long as I can get enough notice to leave my present employer (I will require at least two weeks notice, if not a month to give my employer), and I will require a continuance of salary to pay my end of bills and loans and so on. I understand you are still in the process of the finance side and nothing can proceed until this is settled in the bank account for you to operate sufficiently. The other issue is that you have mentioned to Julio Da Luz about the immigration papers to file and mine would also need to be filled in, if that is to be the case also for me, or do I just visit USA and return to Australia to be posted in some safe place to do transmitting work. Whatever is the case I am okay with and I am happy to be wherever is best as long as I can function to pay living expenses and so on.

Now as for companionship, well, it would be greatly ideal if a bunch of you are all in the same local pub and that will be mighty fun, although I know that is not going to happen anytime soon, I will have to settle for some leisurely fun where I can find it, I know I have been cooped up and working like a bee at the hospital, I realize I am not actually “living” rather just sort of like sitting and waiting and that is not doing me any good.  Anyhow, I am ready, willing and busting at the seams and looking to pound meat if I can find some meat to pound! I know, deep down I am ready for action, to learn new skills, to give the old life a wave goodbye and time to move on. I am super keen to meet you Ron as well as all who attend these Board meetings, speaking of which, that is another area I will learn a lot in and will likely surprise myself in being in this too. I have been at meeting in workplaces in my past and while they vary in their way, the same thing about getting down to the agendas and to educate ourselves in a number of areas that need addressing. That I think is still a process used and I think I can handle some of that. Its when things get so serious it becomes too extreme without some humour and fun in the mix. Like you Ron, I enjoy fun and humour too and that takes a lot to do when things are so so so serious, it renders the whole charade as rather too heady with no earthly practicality in what we are so good at doing. I like the term “quixotic”, what an appropriate and nifty word!  Being natural and being yourself is so important to do and to be. And no you are not a guru Ron! You, Ron are a brother and a friend with very special gifts to share, and that to me is a good mix as gurus are just full of the dogmas and not the real essence of what it is to be both human and divine. Anyways, I am here and willing to be placed when that time comes Ron and Michael and Margul and all the amazing MMT Team (MMT-Michael, Magisterial, Trinity- Team) . Go Team MMT!! Can I have a jersey now with the Team Logo please! Really, I am being funny, but also I can see how I have come to the point of leaving behind everything and going for the goal. YUP, I have not taken my eyes off the GOAL, like any good player would have the good sense to do!

Keep me posted on what to do next Ron when you have all the goods to go with and when I can be there to take the task head on if I have to. Talk about taking the bull by the horn! Mate, with the grace of God, I am ready and waiting as long as it takes.  Much love to you all fellas. Cheers big ears to ya all, and no I do not fancy a “woman’s whisky” too much as I would probably be floored and sick the next day, my organs don’t like me for it!! Cheers everyone! Merry Christmas to you all! Thank you Christ Michael for your marvelous work in getting on with getting on with touch down with us band of rough cuts out of the old stone of Urantia. May it all come together well and hope I can be there in York for when it is suitable. I am both humbled and in praise for the Father for being so with us all through all the testings, trials and hardships that has been and still is for some time to come. God bless you all!


General Discussion / Re: Announcement About Com Circuit Down
« on: December 03, 2018, 09:20:43 PM »
You know what I think? Well, in saying this, and this could sound like a two-year old tantrum, the following words could put me in jeopardy, but it appears no one has the gumption to admit some obvious contradictions that begs to break out to be seen and heard and cannot be ignored anymore. The above posts are standout examples to be noticed and felt for its undesirable impact.

First thing I think and wish to say outright is this: The Gods must be crazy!!! To pull a stunt like that, pulling a leg and so so many swanky changes of “stops-and-goes”, “on-and-offs”, “pull-backs and rescinding”, it appears to be a circus romp and is becoming ludicrous that this latest one with the “comm circuits down” syndrome to be the last straw that breaks the camel's back to me. It is proof in the pudding, we humans cannot take what they are testing.

The second thing, I have been subjected to is depression that has led me to despair, some bipolar lapses and that even is harsh for me to deal with. I am trying to weed out some demons and some areas of me that led me to go into a dark cave and not come out at all for a long while. I was simply intimidated, overwhelmed and scared-stiff. I was also simply disgusted and did not want to play anymore! I am being honest and frank about what is happening to me. I really think mental health issues are going to be hell to deal with in the coming days for a lot of people on this planet when the Dark Period (if that is not another swanky stunt like all the others!) hits.

The third thing is, I am angry, frustrated, annoyed and frankly exasperated by the Deities who think they can just do what they please. No wonder why Caligastia rebelled and if you think humans are going to be “won”; the way it is being done and not done for aeons, is not going to work wonders, since the “credibility” issue is stacking up so high and is increasingly looking so dodgy. (I make no bones about it. It is the truth and the reason why so many have come and gone over the years on this forum site.)

Fourth, I have had to contend with a sort of internal psychosis between the “human self” and the “spirit self” that conflicted with one another. In one breath, I am of the opinion to quit the whole affair in disgust, and on the other breath, I know there is wisdom in staying the course through thick and thin as it has been. But this is getting so draining, so painfully slow, so arduous in human involvement in mission work, I wonder if Michael of Nebadon is right on by saying “to go at sea” with even bothering with humans at all in his mission plans. It is, in my assessment, too much to handle for we humans to take on. This, I hope I am right to say as I am sure the angels and other ministering beings can far out do this work than what can be achieved by our own retarded efforts alone. Again, what are the Deities thinking!?!?! Having us on board is futile in my view in seeing the gargantuan efforts this is going to maintain at any length of time. How Ron does it is very, very, very rare and so hard to come by, by all accounts. I feel totally intimidated and splashed out by incompetence in what he is able to do. What is my business doing here anyway, I wonder!?! I remember how even the disciples were simple men who knew nothing but fishing and I feel like a little disciple anyhow and I happen to like fishing too!! I miss those times with my earthly dad and brother in the boat out in the fresh crisp sea air.

Fifth, I have to be fair to say that I am half-deaf and for that I find the task of sitting in board meetings and hearing everything is quite a challenge and rather beyond my abilities to follow the proceedings as normal hearing people are capable of doing. It is my weak spot and I feel left out in this domain when “hearing” is an essential element that most take for granted. I am far better as a “Jill-of-all-trade” type of person and fit well in field-work activities and on one-on-one meetings. To put it mildly, I try to ‘be all things to all men’ and that sometimes can get me into trouble when I can’t hear very well in certain situations. This isolates me and I can get quite saddened I can’t help in ways that otherwise can be helped. It would help to have microphones and speakers in meetings if that is still something I am invited to do and this would be an advantage for others too who are having difficulties like I do.

Sixth, I am now realizing the change of style in transmitting. It is no longer the flowery type nor the lengthy discourse. It is more to do with the heart of the issue that presses and forces the point to be made. No longer are we to be pretentious, but to be frank and to the point. I am hard-pressed between a “dark closet” and a “bird-singing-beautiful-morning”. The Lord has put me to task with my emotions between depression, despair and hope beyond hope. It is enough to put any human through the treadmill and come out so worn thin I wonder if I am really losing myself. Is this the desired end product, a test or is it of my own making? I am rather befuddled what is happening to me, yet I can at least sit down and think to write as cool, collected and with as much frankness as I could sustain without going insanely furious.

However this may be, I still am counting the days and am grateful for the experience, even though I cherish very little of it right now. It is not pleasant and still is. I am just hanging in there as best as I could while I look and see how crazy things are on all fronts both in the world and out of it. As pessimistic as this may sound, hell on earth is very real and the demons are having a fine time pinning me down in the dumps and I am fed up with it. Time to put this in its place. I am at sea as to how and what to say next…...all I have is the vibration that at times is so ramped up it sings its way and so repetitively it drives me nuts at times. Yesterday, all I got was the singing tone that says, ‘go your own waaayyyyy….’ and that was fine but to go on and on for long stretches begs me to wonder what that really means. Are the Deities trying me? I feel it. Part of me thinks and feels to “shut up” and be kept in reserve for some reason. I know my participation in the forum is lackluster recently, mainly because of the wrangles I have going on deep within that leaves me rather cold, numb and aimless. Talk about “at sea”! Well, I could be on a desert island and still wouldn’t even notice I was on it. That’s scary in theory and worse when it’s real. I chastise myself over my own internal struggles.

Does the Deities want us to be put to such a task, to experience the lowest of the low? Well, it feels like that to me, and it’s becoming another wardrobe I wear and I am getting used to it fast. So help me God through the valley, lead me not into temptation and deliver me from evil. Forgive me Father, for my trespasses as I forgive those who trespass against me. Grant me your daily bread Oh Lord, and heal me from my afflictions. Help me Father to walk in Thee and not stumble, to seek you and abide in your way of faithfulness all my days. I long to sing your praises Father and to be lifted up and not be weary in your goodness. May mercy and goodness follow you Father now and forever more.


Thank you RonB and our esteemed Lords for this notification on the meeting this coming few days. I read this earlier this afternoon and then the website went down. It is now back up. There are so many words to say but I am learning a lot too in all of these amazing points made. I understand the need for an updated new SER in light of the astounding new elevation of the Deity Absolute to being God the Absolute and for God the Supreme to personally be resident upon our Superuniverse capital which makes this so intimately connected. Before this site has a chance to crash on me, I would like to say this: as much as I would love to be present in the meeting, I am with you three and those who may be present in spirit. My prayers and thoughts be with you in your deliberations in gaining the best way forward to get the new revelation out as best as could be done. I think it is so important to get this new Urantia Book out as soon as can be expedient. I also see too the necessity, perhaps some time later next year or so, for a follow up with schooling to be placed so readers can come together to further their growth in learning and in mind endowment potentials and so on. I like to see the Adam and Eve Schooling technique to get a footing in various locations around the planet. I am happy to still be here in Australia, if needed, to take up the idea of an office to promote the book and so on. In any case, I go with whatever is best Father! I am your servant and I seek your will to be done.

Just keep in mind though, it is one thing to read a book, it is even more fulfilling to have what is read to be better grounded in with communal schools of learning to enable higher meanings and values to flourish in our minds and our hearts with one another. Pretty much like what Jesus encouraged whilst teaching his disciples as a group and as with one on one discourse lessons.

These are my many thoughts to progress in this area on the revelatory work to be done.

Hope you bring this on board with the following meetings with my fondest regard to all who work so marvellously to get the new book up in fine tune to the unfolding changes happening as we speak.

Many regards and may all this go well Father Michael and Team and thank you,

[Hello dear friends,
This early morning as I slept soundly, I heard a loud bell, like a doorbell chimed. It woke me and I registered that in my mind and fell back to a nice sleep-in. This morning after being refreshed with breakfast, I sat on the lounge keeping warm under a nice warm sleeping bag (still cool here in the mornings!) and closed my eyes to pray and commune. The following gives you some idea what is given to me to assure me that what is to be is for the better, even we humans feel so uncertain as to how the earth will go in the coming “shift” that is spoken to us about. Today is the 26th November, it is shy of two days away on Wednesday which I go back to work and face whatever may happen. Part of me frets and the other part of me wishes to hide and not handle any fallout from humans that may freak out or whatever confused state they may be in. In any case, I am sure we are all holding ourselves well regardless of what is to occur and the following commune is nice to hear and to share with you all, hope this helps some of you who are feeling like I do in these crazy uncertain times on our planet. Sue]

Speakers: Pre’Mtor and Michael of Nebadon
Subjects: Prayer and The Unfolding
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 26/11/2018 9.25am(AEDT)


“Keep with me in prayer.
I superimpose upon your lives upon Urantia.
I am Father.
Keep grounded in me.
You do well to trust my course of action.
You heard well the bell in you this early morning.
That is me. I Am is here.
At your door and you welcome me.
Once you open the door, I come in and sup with you and you with me.
Let my peace be with you and let it be.
My time has come upon your world.
It is time for renewal of life.
Be still and know that I am God.
I am the Lord, the Giver of Life and I light your way into eternity with me.
Let it be known that your lives will change in more ways than it is now.
For behold, I make all things new before you.
Walk with me, my child, and learn of me.
Take my yoke upon thee, carry this with me as I with you. Kkk.”

[Sue:Thank you Father, will do.]

Father Michael of Nebadon:

“You have many thoughts, instances, scenarios in your mind, but let that be, let what may come be the unfolding of what is to be. Face the change with grace in your steps in knowing the reasons for such changes. It is the transition to the New Era and that has to be born out of the trials that bring new ground for better fertilization. You know it. It is deeply embedded in you to see it forthcoming. No new thing can be acceptable until it is warranted. Granted, you survive the fishy business that Urantia can be, still there is a lot of work coming to tame a resident beast that persists.There are forces that will occur that will make the belligerent beast untenable when it is truly mortified in essence of the great tidal wave of awakening in many.

“Hope is the seed to greater impetus of change in humanity. Let my peace be with you. The peace that passes all understanding that is in abiding in the force for goodness and prosperity. Kk.”


General Discussion / Re: A new dream about tsunami: The three waves
« on: November 24, 2018, 02:06:06 PM »
QUOTE: "... My appearance as Jesus will let many people feel they are losing their lives, but that just not so.  Jesus appears soon to make people listen, and as Ron says to us,  make it a good one Michael! and make them listen!..."

As Clency and I just discussed about what it is to be in the Dark Period, this is a welcome move as there needs to be a public awareness made so people will "LISTEN!"  - my response - YEEEESSS I AGREEEEE!!!!

General Discussion / Re: What will be, will be
« on: November 24, 2018, 06:01:30 AM »
Yes, thank you for this analysis Clency. I think that all that is to occur given that the Pole Shift is due to occur in relation to our earth's core heating problem and that the metallic metamorphosis, as has been reported in previous transmissions that RonB has received, will likely flop to one side and make the earth move on its axis. This movement, depending on the severity and pressure, may incur some external changes to our exposure to sunlight, temperature changes and unusual duration of light and darkness wherever we may reside upon her sphere. Recall, how Ron explained about not only a Shift but a tilt as well and that will make exposure more pronounced.

The northern hemisphere at current seasonal habit is presently entering into the winter season and the Southern Hemisphere into the summer season, which I am at the far south of the Australian continent, making the exposure still problematic. With the tectonics plates around the mantle, I would think that given the immense pressure exerted by the core's activity would eventually place some seismic pressure on the crustal area called as the Ring of Fire. Lately, I have noticed the variance in seismic activity in this region and some more pronounced than others. All we have left is that time is ticking and it's a matter of when the core will need to find balance in her structure. I am sure Father Michael is well aware of this and has made it known to us in the past days for better understanding on what is happening and not have us or our fellow humans in disarray over what is a planetary geomorphomism.

Also, I am alarmed by the news of the dark islands in space near our system, that is causing some problems as well. My response is that it is well nigh, to get on with the Missions as this may mean we could face a planetary evacuation if those dark islands in space takes shards off from Urantia itself in the coming years or whenever that is. (And I hope I am getting this all correctly in my own mind in understanding what this is referring to) Anyhow, that is a another problem our Creative Parents have and how best to have a planetary awareness and readiness. Like all here who love the Father, I would rather a spiritual journey in safety than to see a complex 'space issue' emerging that hampers all this amazing effort so far made over two millenia and more. My thinking is, that we may well have to ride this out as best as we can and hope for the best or be prepared for a real bumpy ride and so on. There is a saying, " don't know how you would react, until it hits your front door.." until then, keep the faith, regardless what happens. I know there is eternity with the Father, and nothing can take that away from me. I join the Apostle Paul of Tarsus when he states, "..for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.." .  You are right Clency, what ever will be, will be, Father has this in ways we know not, we just need to trust Him through and through.


General Discussion / Re: Am I creasy this morning or what !!!!
« on: November 22, 2018, 01:50:58 PM »
I also join you Antonio, I thought I saw an echo in the room! Thank you Ron for levelling it. It is important that everyone to remain calm and let our Father Michael sort out what is best to be done on Urantia, it is such a mess already. I am constantly in prayer and keeping vigil as to the means of God's way in the affairs of men. It is now five days to go until it is the 28th November. The Pole Shift day of reckoning. Stay safe everyone and eat well. My prayers be with you all.
Much love,

Thank you Father Michael and Ron for this superb progress report. I standby along with all here who are in vigil with thoughts and prayers for these corporations and for the Michael Mission to begin in earnest. It's great news to receive, thank you so much, and may you have good success in all that is being organised to begin with.  Much joy and hope be ever with us all.


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Site Performamce Problems FYI
« on: November 13, 2018, 01:42:25 AM »
No worries Ron, I got that, thank you so much for letting us all know and explaining why the site may be offline when it does happen. Thank you for all that you do in this respect and for those technicians who work on this, it is very much understandable given the age of this site and so on. All the best in this new endeavor and hope it all comes back well. My best wishes and support be with you in this transition.


Most online ever is breaking the ceiling! 

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