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Well,wellwell, what a truthful assessment of both the dilemma and the necessity to keep the connection alive! I love what Uteah has made quite clear. And I thank Chris (not Greg) Maurus for receiving this message from a Trinity Teacher Son. Please also take note of the date this message was received. It is almost a month ago and it makes me realize how long we may have been harrassed by those rebels still lurking to hamper our progress in receiving/connecting. I have to laugh at some of the colour displayed, for example, in the words, "...nothing about Urantia is normal and it does require extraordinary countermeasures to move it past it delusions.........nothing much has changed in millenniums - the money changers are still in the temple..." , the humour is that it is so true! And while I agree with Amethyst's assessment, I still reckon, we can't go down without a good fight to make our lost brethren here on this planet see that God is Spirit! And that is a mighty truth as it beholds us all to our great Source and Centre. Paul of Tarsus, preached it well when he said, "without Him, we are nothing." Today, I had to bring a few matters to attention at my workplace, so other staff can get more involved and be more responsible. That takes a bit of preaching, and more of it, it  seems,  as the message still needs to sink in! It grates me to see my efforts in part did go ignored but little by little it will make the difference for the day to be better flowing for all involved.

How we all do, depends on our commitment to keep persisting, keep the oil burning, keep the light shining so others can also see the good sense it brings. So let's keep preaching in connection with our Father Michael of Nebadon to see this train wreck of a planet be resurrected and transformed into a great butterfly! Keep the dream and let's action it today. The "hands-off" approach is nonsense, the "interference" is also ridiculously overstated, we need help and that can come when we truly are in contrition and sorrow for all that has been. Our world needs the truth to be revealed as it has been given lovingly and so beautifully in the Urantia Book. I read Larry Mullins History on the Urantia Papers and it is truly wonderful we have this book in our hands today. The evidence is given, the story is given, God has revealed the truth already and it is up to us to listen and take account for our destiny depends on it.

Thank you Ron for bringing this beautiful transmission to our attention, I loved it, because Uteah spoke all the truth there needs to be sufficiently said.

Many thanks,

Well I am going straight to the point. Me too. I am getting so hit by all sorts of negativity, I am even disgusted with everything and myself. I am choosing to be aloof and quiet about it, but reading Ron's experience in the post above, makes me feel familiar to what he, Lemuel, Steve Gitz and Larry Gossett may be feeling as well. The "revolution" seems to help explain what is going on. Last night I had dreamt a lot of input, an address and the address numbers was so repeated to me, I even woke up and wrote four numbers down. It left me both bewildered and stunned for any better words. Right now I am speechless. I agree (in the above post by Ron) we are seen by our Seraphim beings as rather inept and backward, and I don't blame them for seeing it that way. I fought over the disgust I have been feeling and even said vocally, concerning the MSM and all that has occurred and so on, "well, for all it's worth, it seems to be going no where all of this! Where is the dough? I've had enough and don't want to play anymore, good riddance!"

I am slowly getting a picture here and seeing what Ron is seeing too. There is certainly something afoot and it seems to be amiss, rather off.  That's it folks, I leave my case and hope this horrid cloud lifts off's a battle of mind, will and sanity.

Thanks for shedding some ray of light to the matter Ron, Mantutia, Father Michael and Mother Spirit. All I know right now is, is to ride this out as best as I can handle it. The one thing I learn mostly is humility and contrition with the Father within. And to study sciencey things to keep my mind interested and healthy, otherwise I may find it too looney when things seem to lag on and on and on for God knows how long it takes for Michael and Serara and Team to come to grips with sick old Urantia. I keep saying, "I am done here! Can I move on?! Feels like groundhog days here, hummmmmmmm......"

Sorry, I needed to get these things of my chest and share what I also am battling with.
It's a weird one and I felt swamped with moods that I didn't know how they crept in and got me so aloof, I didn't want to speak at all. Maybe it is true I am loosing interest and maybe that has put me off. Or is this all part of the sentiment I am feeling from our angelic host? If so, this is a grave one to be feeling and I am weighed with how this affects me. I understand their frustration and annoyance, I too sense this, but I hold it at bay, in the faith in with the Father that He will see this through in His own way in the lives of so many of us. He has me and I am in His grace going forward one step at a time in prayer and in hope for the reclamation of our beloved Urantia.

I hope this is making sense to you all.


Russian to English translation( for Prozonov's post):
Ron. Capitalism and communism are still controlled and controlled by the Talmudist. Their God, in their own words, Lucifer and money. They hate Christ. As long as they rule civilizations, the planet is doomed. We hope that the declared cataclysms will clear the Earth from Lucifer cancer.
Ron. Capitalism and communism have still been ruled and controlled by the Talmudists. Their god, in their own words - Lucifer and money. They hate Christ. As long as they rule civilizations, the planet is doomed. We hope that the claimed cataclysms will clear the Earth from Lucifer’s cancer.

Thanks Clency, my response to those temps is this:

WHAT!!! THAT IS INSANELY COLD!!! You may as well be in Antartica! BBBRRRRRR.....

I only experienced once -1degrees Celsius one chilly morning and that was very unusual, any further and I would be ice!

Love the sunglasses on the face Ron before the 7 trillion inhabitable planets! Your typewriter is funny! I enjoyed the sense of how many and how huge this entire universe wheel is presenting. Nicely rounded figures and why the universe likes the numbers seven? Hmmm, curious gets the better of me :)


Hi folks, I am noticing that the temperature in York, PA right now is -21 degrees Celsius. I read a news article about the deep freeze occurring in the U.S.A and there was mention that temps are forecast to go down as much as -29 degrees Celsius. Please heed the warnings this presents for those living in affected areas and stay indoors for your own health and safety. This is deadly. Take care everyone and hope this weather vortex doesn't persist for too long and passes quickly. Meanwhile Australia has been experiencing extremely hot temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius and there has been bushfires, monsoon flooding in northern Queensland, and a well set in drought in various areas in the southern areas of the continent. The earth is certainly showing some extreme changes in climate.

Causes for these changes could be multiple as I think of it. I pray the Power Directors have this planet in check as the earth has to do what it does to find balance.

Stay safe dear ones and my prayers be with you all who are caught up in this unusually cold weather that is happening.


Thank you Ron for the answers. You have explained it well and I am happy with that. I now understand the problems and why you have stood down so "they" can work it out. Well stated and well put. I have just received a message from Serara and you may want to take a look at it as I posted in the Threads for New Transmissions under the heading - Serara - the MSM and the Evolutionary Adventure. I will keep at it and work my tail off if I have to, to find out more. God bless you Ron and also to Steve and Larry for all that you do. 

Many regards, 

Teacher: Serara
Subject: The Magisterial Son Mission and the Evolutionary Adventure
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 29/01/2019 3.40pm(AEDT)


“As you may be aware, changes are inevitable due to the turbulence that so often happens on evolutionary worlds such yours is to be. Given the unnatural progression caused by the sequence of defaults in Missions upon Urantia, the incoming ones that Michael wishes to implement have precautionary measures in place to deal with the hazards that previous ones have run into.

“Knowing full well there are a large contingent of humans in the population who are unwary of our intentions to right a world gone so awry. It is in my steps to make corrections and issue various measures that is necessary in the ensuing planetary crisis you all will see in the coming months of this year.

“Hence with, do I, as your Magisterial Son of Record for Urantia, am beholden to the Father’s wishes to see to it that Urantia is rightfully cleaned up of the scourges that so many have been subjected to for such an unnecessary amount of time. It is for me to turn the clocks back and start over afresh the true intentions of your purpose upon this evolutionary adventure. But that it is far more accommodating to have the appropriate stage upon which you all can properly engage in to further your soul progression and I have this in mind to see it well done with Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirits’ objectives in line with the plans of the Paradise Trinity. With this, I engage myself with Mission preparations to ensure the optimal outcome to be accomplished. It will take the time to get a rogue world back to the starting line and when it is on that line, great things can and will emerge in the lives of those who meet the great awakening.

“This is Serara, your Magisterial Son of Record for Urantia and I am pleased to have Sue asking me to speak as she is sensibly coming to terms with the quiet space as we get on with what can be determined as best as can be done on a world so challenging in every way. No doubt, it has been a quiet spell for some of you, but be assured we are incredibly busy at work to see to it the ends and means of how we can be about the Father’s business in this side of Orvonton. Nebadon sits pretty between several Local Universes and has formed an amalgamation to enable greater leverage of universal input and personnel. Michael and I have worked tirelessly to see to it we get as many hands on deck, as you would say, in getting to the grips of the massive challenges that Urantia presents.

“Now that is well guided, we can now formulate ourselves to getting to the task at hand in readiness for what Michael has in mind to be doing with the approval of all that takes this as a signal of opening the doors upon Urantia to the divine justice and mercy that is to be unfolded in due course for all inhabitants of the earth to know their place with the Father of All.

“This is to be a beginning for many and for you who have been faithful to stand with me, it is a sort of a baptism of joy to be so still with me and all of us in the long road to recovery. I commend all of you for staying the task in prayer and in hope and it is well-founded in your commune with your divine fragment of the Father. While I depart briefly from this post of joyful beginnings, I will resume again and again to inform you of the progress being made over and over again as you and I join hands in willing partnership to embrace the Father’s will for you all. Let this sink in and let the joys of universe work begin, just as the flowers come out in spring, so do we likewise. May you have a good day and may you keep calm and of good composure with one another. Domtia.”


Thank you Larry for clarifying this, wowsa! All the very best in your studies and preparation. We can all hope that things can be sorted out nicely for all involved. Many thanks for your wonderful work.

Much love,

Thank you Amethyst, I totally agree with you, but I am puzzled as to the sudden change, despite all the hassles that the threesome have gone through to get it to work. Their efforts are valiant but to hit a snag is so discouraging and I sure hope and pray Michael of Nebadon is still on the ball for Mission work with or without our human involvement. Either way, some headway has to begin somehow or we risk another default. These are my thoughts running as it goes...thanks for your input.


Dear Ron,
Can I place a few questions here in relation to rereading the two statements that is placed for all of us to absorb? I know you will have a clearer answer later in the week, but to so place statements now allows us to think a million things as to what it all means. Just as the first Contact Commission did with its Forum/Study Group (as it is outlined well in Larry Mullin’s book on the History of the Urantia Papers), I also would like to place questions just as the first Study Group did place good questions to the first Contact Commission many decades ago. So in the same vein, I place these questions here as I feel what is lacking is a good dose of healthy, well thought out questions to get some juicy feedback from our illustrious divine beings who are so keen to prod and sus us all out at a safe distance! Are we that unpredictable!?! LOL!

Right, here we go.  


  • These are some of the questions I have come up with and I hope some more members can come up with questions too. I have enjoyed Clency’s effort in raising questions too over the past so many days and that is good we get some feedback as to what is proceeding. It feels like we are in a quandary of sorts as things seem to come to a stall as to Mission landing. Did our Divine beings get jittery over touching down on planet Urantia?
  • Quote: “the SOP for actions to come was completed in Draft 3..” . Ron, what is “SOP” and “Draft 3”? This has been mentioned a couple of times so far and it leaves me to wonder what that is. Is it to do with the papers on Autism and AIDS that you have been working on and it “suddenly disappeared from sight” over the weekend. Is this another intervention by God the Supreme who is road blocking these papers for reason of State?
  • What has caused such a “resignation of spirit for Urantia workers” and why is the second “Contact Commission” now folded and all of a sudden is there a new named taskforce group to be placed instead and titled a “Reform Commission”? What is the difference in the naming from “Contact” to “Reform”? And why the change? What is going on?
  • I think we all deserve a better explanation as to what is occurring behind the scenes and why Michael of Nebadon approves such “action” as so stated in the “#2 Statement for you”?
  • Am I right to think that the Higher-Uppers are not happy with the idea and work of the “Second Contact Commission” and hence a road block is placed to prevent it to proceed?

I leave it there and hope some good sense comes out of all of this. Thank you in advance for any feedback on the above queries.



Another article of interest to do with the future of language, it certainly got my attention as to how the English language still stands today although it is being dominated by other ways to communicate.

Many regards, Sue

Some thoughts came through as I read an article concerning some issues that were being discussed and addressed at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland.

It was mentioned that while some of the world leaders cancelled their visits, the Congress Center did get some things discussed and grappled with the so-called “fourth industrial revolution”(FIR) which will see the world reshaped by artificial intelligence, robotics and other technological breakthroughs. While the big leaders stayed away it turned out a “good” reflection for those who did contribute to the decision-making process without the “circus” being there.

While I read this article I did think about how interesting it is that certain leaders who turned away, probably, for thinking it to be too irrelevant for them,  but also that they are too embroiled in their own country’s internal struggles. Regardless, it appears the Forum at Davos have had a chance to talk over certain things without such distraction that some of the pressing issues can be handled by those present who see it relevant and very important to address due to their pressing natures upon the economic well being of many who will face the growing natural threat they pose. It is interesting to me that some players were not there and that the Forum at Davos was able to sensibly get the issues discussed without it being sidetracked by egocentric leaders. I sense a certain purpose as to how this occurred and that the issues can be placed in the center for proper evaluation by all who cares about the planet we all live upon. Rather than the usual vying for national interest, I saw with the mention of the FIR, that it is in the vein of the emerging change in geopolitics that forces nations to cooperate to cope with what FIR presents as well as the issue of “climate change”. This is an article presented in the website: about the final day at Davos with the World Economic Forum and all the main things that came to light through the conference. It is good that some leaders, scientists, political activists and other prominent persons came to contribute and to force the point of good leadership in areas of concerns. I find it interesting that this conference has had such a presence and has gotten people to see so much and think so much too on things that matter to us all.

I thought I express my thoughts and interest as I enjoy seeing such a pro-active engagement in decision-making among world leaders and scientists and so on that can help engage us to lead better and pave a way forward for the well being of humans that have such an impact in our modern civilization. Although, much is groundwork in human endeavour, I wonder how much is going on behind the scenes too by our celestial spiritual administration who may even have been working as delegates in these important political meetings. Could that be occurring, I can only venture to hope that perhaps our Midwayers and the Melchizedek brothers have had made some light to these human proceedings.

It is a good measure by those who attended and while I feel like a spectator in my usual lounge chair, I am so thrilled that such events do happen and that those who do get to be in it and make a difference, then I am all the happier that there are people out there whatever walk of life they may be in, are making a change for the better, if only we all come together and not get so embroiled in political point scoring, but to do so for the common good of humanity as a whole.  This requires concerted effort by all players and not just one or a few, but from all who can and will desire for the best of our planet’s future well being.

Let’s hope those leaders who were not present and were so busy with their own noses that they may look beyond their noses to their neighbors that without each other we will not survive at all in isolation.

My prayers be with all those who wish well for the betterment of our natural ecosystem, for our well being as citizens in a growing technological wonder and to be as responsible humans that takes the issue of planetary sustainability seriously.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and give it a bit of interest in what could well be a groundswell of loving concern that it certainly appears by all those who cared to bring it on board at the Forum. I could not help but be reminded of the key themes that underlies the paper brought out by Monjoronson through Daniel Raphael on the issues of Sustainability and Planetary Management. Could this well be the plan all along in the Serara/Monjoronson Magisterial Mission after all?


Ron, for some weird reason, I get so much relief when the pressure is off us. I agree totally how you feel too as things get so heavy loaded we just cannot do so much when we are so caught up in our daily lives just trying to make things meet. I do feel that the onus is really upon our Celestial overlords who know better and can do better than all of us combined when a Magisterial Mission ought only be done by a team of highly specialized spiritual beings that is approved by and is with the Magisterial Son commissioned for our very peculiar and problematic planet. For too long, I feel that it is really a Celestial job to do and not for any of us humans to be loaded with as it is far above our heads to handle. I often times feel overwhelmed. And that is true for all of us, may I add. I have looked at different articles of interest. One on the language the world uses and the other on the World Economic Forum at Davos. The Davos one I will discuss further in separate post elsewhere, suffice it to say, I see an underlying pattern emerging and sense that maybe "they" (our Celestial Team) are afoot in some of these areas.


Maaaate! Those creatures in Oz can be lethal, I remind you Australia is home to some of the deadliest spiders and snakes. We have to watch out and for some of them to turn up, then it certainly is cause for concern. So there! I have had a number of these critters in my past but that was when I had someone nearby but it is different when you are solo and have no body to turn to for a simple outburst! Anyhow, I got it and its outside anyhow! Tough girl that manage things in a swift!

Got to laugh and scream anyhow!!!


Thanks Jack, at least you know what it you mate!


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