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General Discussion / Re: My dads (Antonio) health
« on: May 21, 2019, 04:11:04 PM »
Well spoken Mother Spirit! I totally agree!

I am just as concerned with the possibility of another World War as things seem to look so precarious. I wish Antonio well and thank you Tony Jnr for letting us know.  My elderly mother is not so well either as she has dementia and a heart failure and other health problems that she is deteriorating so much over the time, she is in hospital at present and may go home once more but I see she may not go on for much longer given her heart condition that is not pumping enough blood to keep her functioning as it ought. I also have been going through some heartless trials and long for a good laugh anyhow despite it. At times I feel lost, but as Mother Spirit relates so well as to how dire it is getting on the planet I am not surprised. It is rather depressing and gloomy and my Adjuster keeps me at bay to encourage me to stay the course and to shine light wherever I can. The days seems like they are counting down and I know it is such a hopeless picture but can anything good come out of such a place if disaster as our planet is so renown for.

Thank you Ron for staying the "wild boar", you just inspired us all to keep up the temperance and hope for the best. Given the dreadful Planetary report, could it be possible that a planetary evacuation be on the cards instead of the supposed missions(which look like they are facing an ever increasing battle to make any impact)?


Amen dear Jesus. I am with you as yourself.

This "eye of the spirit will behold the Son of Man.." is certainly something that we all will have mixed responses. To me, it is true to form of his words to his disciples long ago and still is for us. So does this mean that Jesus takes on the morontial form for this purpose?

Thank you Ron for sharing your troubling experience and how this is now looking for us to see. I envision at once a scene we are all standing behind the invisible Jesus who stands at the lectern speaking and looking out at the people who are just as amazed and astonished at what is happening. Just a few instances of thoughts here. Thank you so much Jesus, may you be well received.


Discuss This Web Site / Re: ELVARDIEL
« on: May 11, 2019, 04:13:59 PM »
Thank you Ron, Larry, Clency and Pliktarious, that is very interesting and good to be on the watch. It struck me because I never saw a Member all in blue colour except Admin who is always in red, all other Members get the regular black colour in the list at the bottom of the front page. Pliktarious, you are correct, I checked it and it is a country north of Greece. I am pleased that this is checked and I hope the newbie is not offended or if it is another hassler, we may have averted wisely. It's just that we must be alert to certain changes and report to Admin for the well-being of this Site. I am happy to remain a watchdog for you Ron! :)

Many regards,

Discuss This Web Site / ELVARDIEL
« on: May 11, 2019, 07:02:03 AM »
Ron, I notice this, and all in blue in CAPITALS. Is this a new addition to the Admin work here on this Site? The name jumped out to me instantly for some reason, it almost seems a Teacher name.


Thank you for this clarification Ron and to Father Michael, Margul and the Trinity, I am so grateful for the work you do to stem these rebel forces that still run around. May we all stand firm in this lockdown and may our thoughts and prayers be with you Father for all that you do. Shalom.


Quote from Margul in above post:

"“We are assuming Ron you are rock tired and you are ready for a rest soon.  That will be given to all of you sooner than you know, as the Trinity will lock down Urantia in a few days or so and ask that all who have a place to stay, that you stay there, as we are unleashing a broadcast over all circuitry to stop this madness on Urantia and end the Constitutional crisis Trump is formulating so he can do as he pleases..." End quote.

Hi Ron and Margul,
I have not seen the term "lock down" before, is it possible to elaborate on this term and explain what is going to be "locked down" to enable that "rest" that is mentioned prior to that statement?  Thank you for such an interesting development and for us to stay where we are for the reasons stated.

Thank you for the meeting results and I wish all the best for Larry in his new post.


Ouch.....I am still here White Stone...waiting, trusting, because I have faith in Father to see this through. Yes, so many old members have come and gone, so much has prevailed and Father knows us more now for it.

I remember them all too,  those ones you listed and my prayers be with them and you.

May the Father's will be done and may the Magisterial Mission and the Return of Jesus now to be known as Joshua Ben Joseph be the wind in our floppy sails, no matter how long this takes, it takes for us to hold those sails long enough for it and the wind of God to take it up with His great love for us all. And may God help us all.

Keep the faith dear one and trust that all will be in His good timing.


I'm happy to join in too, with my fly hat with hanging corks, transition glasses, zinc sunscreen on the nose and holding thongs to flap anyone who even thinks to touch my fly hat! I'm ready to defend the charming bloke! :)

Teacher: Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son
Subjects: A Time Reversal, the Dalamatia Schools, Adam and Eve as Teachers, Joshua ben Joseph to light the way, and the SER and Periodical Editions of revelations to come.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 07/05/2019 9.30am (AEST)


“Let it be known here to forthwith that the times of old will be revisited. It is a step back into the ancients of old where you learn your origins, your heritage and placement...

[There is a pause in transmission, is there more Sir?]

“ Yes but there is a reconfiguration, the lines are getting busy now, we continue as it were”  [Ok. Let us continue, Sir.]

“Now what I am saying is that there is a time reversal to learn anew the ancient method of esotericism in that there once was the School in Dalamatia where it was that many aspects were to be taught in the arts, structure and architecture, engineering, agriculture and of course the art of religion and philosophy in mota form. There was instituted an advanced form of learning for the ancient humans, but the progress of human learning was at a snail pace slowness that was met with the difficulties of gaining any interest. The history is to be learned and restored to understand why and where your human progress has been derailed at that juncture of evolutionary progress.

“Notwithstanding, the times you are in are very wanting of the need for that missing link in your human ability to gain with greater insight than it is now. Had it been set in progress long ago, your world could very much be in the early stages of Light and Life at this time scale. I am Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son for Urantia. I bring these lessons to bear in that it is necessary to allow such healthy insights in what level of time manifestations that has been to your planet’s evolutionary health. Unfortunately, the Lucifer Rebellion and the Caligastia betrayal has led to your planet to be placed in isolation due to contain the fallout of rebellion in your Local Universe of Nebadon. Your one time Planetary Prince, Caligastia, was tasked to bring your peoples to that mark of spiritual upliftment in those ancient times. However, due to the rebellion, the uplift did not get the impetus due to the lack of wise counsel on the part of the rebellious Prince who caused so much more harm than good in the years that prevailed.

“Never mind this now, let history stand as a testament in learning, it is now to be placed in a time reversal back to the days of Dalamatia once more to instill the high learning and schooling your generation requires to set the course of spiritual upliftment that is so necessary in your evolutionary experience of living and doing in a manner far more different to the so called “house that Jack built” (modern civilization)  all these years. Those years is an interim and it is time to take a step back in time to relearn the first steps of the ladder in the Dalamatia Schooling it once was so magnificently set for you. Adam and Eve your material son and daughter will take on this new initiative to gather such an impetus of high learning of the arts, the history, the agriculture and the inner religion of heart and soul and mind. There is a lot coming in your world to enable humans to progress in the ascensionary adventure that is for you to climb onwards into the eternal path of great mota and fusion status with your Thought Adjuster. Yes, each one of you are bestowed with the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth from Christ Michael and you are endowed with the gift of the Mystery Monitor that guides and prompts you in your inner path to find Him and seek Him who is your Source and Center. As much as it is unfolded for you in the revelatory papers contained in The Urantia Book, there is more to be told and corrected and added to these magnificent Papers for you to learn of, as it comprises so much more that is not contained in The Urantia Book. There is to be further revelation to be imparted to you as to be contained in Periodical Editions as well as in Epochal Papers to be issued in the near future for the benefit of greater understanding of what is not revealed to you in this moment of Local Universe history. What is contained in The Urantia Book is limited in language and scope and not all was placed in these Papers for it was not the time to be so revealed due to the level of human ability to absorb the advanced stages of insight. Now you are all at a level that is ready to receive the greater part of revelation that is necessary to set the history in its proper context and relation to the evolutionary stages of your progress.

“Herein, do we pertain to the task at hand to unfold once more the necessary detail of human progress, the many changes your Local Universe has undergone in response to the Lucifer Rebellion and the newer amalgamation of five other Local Universes to conform to resourceful collaboration in many ways unknown to you. This information is to be placed in your new second Urantia Book also known as the Sixth Epochal Revelation. It is ready to be so placed before you for your reading and profound impact on your own mind in relation to the many things now coming to light for you to understand and accept as very much relatable to your experience. It is with the experience of such a harsh environment and life that you are greatly undergoing an intense level of many facets of emotion, choices and life challenges. Such is the life of a Urantian. Most other worlds in the Local Universe do not have such a long drawn out wash as you do even now. There is evolution, but in real terms to us, there ought always to be ascension in learning and spiritual progression. Your world is yet to reach the heights, the depths, the widths, and the lengths of a “rubber band” that is your experience with the superb and sublime Adjuster that is your light and life forever. For this we come to bring forth, to let it spring into your activity more and more as a natural extension of yourself as it is already.

“It is now time to close this session and let it stand as an insight into the stages of life to come for you. Joshua ben Joseph is to allow this new torch to be lit on your paths to know where to turn and follow your pursuits to excellence and perfection as it is your calling to climb the ladder in the schools that is soon to be opening up in various centers. Know that is so planned and so intended to get as much to learn and to progress in a more rapid expansion as it is the ripe time to channel all your enthusiasm and energy in the good purpose it offers you. It holds more meaning for you to follow the path of God where you know there is an eternal adventure to pursue to the heights and depths and widths of the Almighty Paradise Trinity who is in every way very much at one with you as you are in Thee. It is your destiny to so choose the Life Eternal before you. This will be all for now, be well and good day.”


[Thank you Margul for such a wonderful lesson in learning about the Schools that will help us all to progress so nicely, I look forward to these days, may it all go well soon for Joshua ben Joseph and His Team. Sue.]

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Synchronization of the Spirit
« on: May 06, 2019, 07:23:12 PM »
This is wonderful that you put yourself to task dear brother Julio, thank you for such a clear and concise message from your beloved Adjuster,  Joshua and the Magisterial Sons. Is it necessary for you to send this to Ron for publication or is this a new procedure? I am always prompted to place it here unless it is way too sensitive to make it public in this point in time. I understand how daunting this task is and a lot of fear is still there for most to even give it a go. I miss the times when there were much practicing sssions yet it seems we are getting so close to an event that the messages will be very much in line with real actual work in the public domain. Our work is to be ready and willing to receive what comes down the pike and have the courage to hold it well to impart what is given and let God look after the rest. Thank you and God bless you Julio.


Teachers: Pre’Mtor and Michael of Nebadon
Subjects: The presence of Joshua ben Joseph and the coming crisis to be prepared for
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 06/05/2019 3.45pm(AEST)

Sue’s Adjuster,Pre’Mtor speaks:

“So you are here to listen and thank you for placing yourself with me. I have much for you to relay if you can stand the traffic that is building, no punctuation or stops as we go here, you can edit this later.

“Suffice to say we have Michael doing hula hoops to get with his incarnation and to deal with the humans on the planet of his nativity. As your Adjuster, I align with you to place this here in readiness for you and others who are to get going with the work of transmitting the messages and lessons we have for you to know about.”

Michael of Nebadon:

“This is Michael here Sue, I wish to speak here if I may, [go ahead Father Michael], good, I have two things to speak to and that is of import for all of you to have the heads up on these two matters. One, is to be for you to know I am orchestrating a lot to get working well in due course of my eighth and final bestowal to Urantia. I am to be known as Joshua ben Joseph and that is to be widely spoken of in relation to who I am among you once more. As your brother among you, I come; as your Universal Father, I lord it as a Shepherd among his flock of sheep; as a teacher, I bring the right way to learn and grow for most who care to listen to me. There is the second one, of what matters to you and that is, of your human survival and safety in the coming confusion that my incursion will make, I stress calm in the midst of the storm, which is temporal, and this will soon pass, as things become more acceptable, for many to receive as true and natural in their course of awareness. Understanding my presence, is the biggest hurdle for most to overcome and the real purpose of my mission among you. Why now you ask? [Yes Michael] Well, it is quite simple and that is because I can’t stand the thought of losing too many of you without the knowledge they require to take with them in the adventure that is before them to take if they will. You are all my children, and I care to let the cat out of the bag, as it were, to tell you the purpose of your life and your destiny. That is the main reality I must bring to your ears and for your heart to be in with the Father of All, the Source of your being.

[Thank you Michael for explaining this in simple terms, can you tell me what else you have for us to know and be careful of in the wake of your arrival with the host that accompany you?]

“Yes, there is a host indeed, some will incarnate and most will be morontial to guard and to manage the massive upset I may cause in the initial stages of my bestowal. I do not wish any harm or danger, but there needs to be a start somewhere to get going with, in the terms of what we are soon to face, as a challenge when the Planetary Supreme has to move in the polar shift that is already creeping to the level of cracking. The Power Directors have managed so far to keep it from bellowing prematurely, but there is only a matter of time for it to collapse, under its own weight of pressure and high temperatures. The planetary core is now at a level of heat that needs venting very soon and requires to be released any moment in the very near future. Hence, why my presence will be the tipping point of focalised attention, both in terms of planetary emergency and management, both politically and economically. That will be all for now, more is to be forthcoming when I can settle the incarnation process that I am to undertake. Keep well and be well all of you, may you be in my peace and good day.”

[Thank you Father Michael for these precious words for us to learn and be well aware of what is to come. May we be well prepared and understanding of all that has to be and may the Father’s will be done. Amen.]



MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "I saw Ron opens several of their pages and read them.  He laughed.  It takes a sense of humor to believe somebody knows enough to put up a really great looking web site but has no clear concept of what they wish to do with it.  Ron has it mostly right and that was without my help or Rayson.  All he had to do was absorb how they indicated they would get a communications network done by forcing AI to learn spirit dynamics of instant analysis of problems they as it to solve.  Ron rightly reports to you that all who transmit are already in that network they want to build with AI.  I am really curious what the appearance of Jesus would do to their thinking?  Any comments?"  Jesus here:

JESUS; "I speak with you Ron as you try to fathom who thinks like this now days and what type of men are these.  I tell you I looked too and they are in their fourties and are graduates of elite universities as Ron suggests and are without any real means of income except they love computers and make mistake after mistake as what to do with them.  Ron is no fan of AI and for good reason, it is as limited as machine and HAL the red eyed computer in 2001 who rebelled against the space crew, was not AI, it was a man dressed up like Lucifer and held nothing better to do but to plot itself out of existence.  Go figure."


Ron and Occerpa and all,
Thank you for this interesting snippet. I agree. While AI is becoming a very useful tool diagnostic, even my son is tasked to work on this in relation to his medical imaging work as it so happens to be a new aspect placed in imaging technologies and diagnosis. But, and this is where I begin to question AI, is where does it stop when we humans have the ability to be creative, imaginative, innovative, inventive with our experiential capacity built in us over time. Thiis becomes a time space for us to explore without machines thinking it for us. We only have to see movies like the awful Terminator series with Arnie Swarzennegar in it that blows us all to smithereens and then it's the future of machines versus human militant survivors. I don't think we all want that to happen and it is the fear that is so prevalent among entrepreneurs such as Mark Zuckerberg has and contended with Elon Musk who thought AI can have some useful contributions to make. This is highly controversial and to make things worse is when websites like this try to convey that AI can do a spiritual take. We do this already and much better in terms of human relation to our experience than how machines do it. I can almost hear old Spock say the word, "illogical!"

Well, I'm sorry to say but the AI is here and is getting a lot of attention among many businesses, even in the making of automated self-driving cars. While it has some advantages, it does have a lot of disadvantages and it ought not be used to replace human innate abilities that is so very unique and inspirational.

Antonio, I remember this picture that was shared and discussed long ago here, and how this face and my face looks so similar, we both have the long nose and dark hair features, what a striking similarity. It reminds me of my handsome earthly father and one of my younger brother who are both brown haired with similar facial features. Anyhow, thanks for that. I also remember there is another picture of his face Ron has in a frame up on his wall and it is quite a beautiful one. Joshua is certainly one we all can connect with very much as he is of those features of a man who once walked the earth many years ago. I just wonder if he is going to be of a height higher than six feet or more?! As to what Adam and Eve were when they appeared in the Levant in the times of Caligastia as Planetary Prince.

Appropriately said Wendy, I like that very much thank you! The only thing is, is how to get the body used to turning it around as it was in reverse. I was brought up to eat breakfast lunch and dinner, the first too quite as you say but the dinner was like a feast and now I tone it down smaller and smaller with the right proportion of protein with vegetables. I agree some heavy consumption can be too much to sleep on yet the body requires certain calories, protein and minerals and so on to keep the body in healthy consistency.

Aging does turn up, and for women, our reproductive functions change when we go through menopause and then there is no interest in former libidos but more to be looking after ourselves with bone density, muscle strength and heart function. I work all day on my feet and it gets tiring by the end of the day and I feel it at the most when all is said and done by the day's end.  Another woman works there too and is in her early fifties and regularly is she so worn before we even get going with the day ahead. I somehow just gather the impetus in me to keep going and going and going even though in my mind it says how "if I want to survive long enough, I must never give in, ever!" So how to do it: eat, sleep and dance! Life has its moments of joy along with its moments of reality checks. 

Thank you!


What an interesting thread and thank you Amethyst for transmitting the Planetary Supreme and her painful admission of bearing all the harm that is being done to her. How I read this and felt her pain is so truly reminiscent in me as I too feel enough is enough really. I also feel akin to the symptoms of what some of our members are getting and relate so well to the discussion here about it. Thank you all for sharing your experiences as it helps many more of us to relate what is happening to us. I get the ringing happening on a regular basis on and off, yet still, instead of ringing, I get the vibrations rumbling away nonstop and at times it sounds like singing too and, like a jet in the distance, rumbling away its huge jet engines. Most of the time, I allow it and accept it as a part of my makeup with an Adjuster that is so there, patiently nudging, me to get going with mind adjustments and so on.

Last night was my last day of the week’s grueling work at the hospital, and after having a shower, getting dinner and sat down onto the couch, I simply was so exhausted to do anything. I was so so so tired. I felt like a one hundred year old human in a middle age body! Early in the week, I transmitted something from Rayson, and passed it on to Ron for his perusal and advice. Ron’s response was helpful. And I accept that, although difficult, I also see too that if it were Joshua in his place, I would have got the same response too, and I wish to thank Ron for his wise counsel and I am realizing not to do transmissions while my body is still in an exhausted state. Today is my day off and I feel better and refreshed to write this with a clearer head to use. There were certain things I transmitted and, even I had a difficult time understanding most of it too, and yet like a messenger, I let it go without asking what this meant or what that meant. It certainly got me to think laterally in terms of certain concepts and terms used by the teacher and ask before leaping into the deep end. I am learning to take baby steps and that is to learn humility and be asking more of what it is our teachers are trying to convey in our transmitting of their teaching material. At the time, I was certainly struck with failure in perception of what was going on. It is a case in point for me to stop and think and ask questions related to what is being conveyed. Thank you Ron and Rayson for such a valuable lesson.

While a couple of you have had the ability to see the morontial Joshua with hands or his presence, I have not had that happened yet. Although the rumbling vibrations seem to be notched up a bit, I sense my Adjuster is getting ready for something in mind and the coughing discussion above, is certainly happening to me too over the course of many years. I get it in the morning and settle it with a couple of cups of coffee. And I am good to go. Last night, as I sat on the lounge, out of the blue, in my tired state, I got some loud ring sensations, almost bell like in the rings and it certainly got my attention. Yet I was too tired and couldn’t care less at that point to pursue anything in my tired state. I just wanted to sit and watch tv for a while to ease out all the week’s harshness and challenges that I endure with as much aplomb as I can handle.

Certainly, the recent post made from Ron to do with the political side problem with Jesus with the U.S. president Trump is something I do not wish to get into as that is to do with American politics. Something I learned early on not to meddle religion with politics or vice-versa and the dangers when that happens is something I dread. It is not a pretty thing to see happen, but for all its worth, Joshua ben Joseph has got to see too, that it’s a case, in human history, that sometimes when things have to happen, it is better to be seeing it as a case of the saying: “its now or never!”. I couldn’t see how a delay in showing up would do any good when so much is happening now that makes things even more tricky down the proverbial evolutionary path on this planet. To be honest, it’s probably a good time now to use what is there as we have not seen a world wide internet and the scale of geopolitics as we have seen now. It’s ripe, but only our Father knows the true scale of human affairs on this planet and when it is good to play the game of revival.

I know something is coming, it is long overdue, and we are sitting ducks all in a row waiting for something to get our feet paddling really good in the pond of incredible creation. For too long we have worked, for too long we have labored, for too long we do not know what is to become of our beloved planet when all around our young ones are getting itching feet to see good come out of the wasteland that is piling up before them. How long Father must we tarry in thick mud? I gather it will probably be a while longer before we can see green grass and tall trees again. I feel like I have gone all over the place here, as so many threads of discussions have emerged in the past few days and there is way more to be discussed as to how Joshua ben Joseph can emerge in the pond we are in now. How can we help Father Michael to make your eighth bestowal an even greater one than the last one? You say you have a group coming with you and that is good to hear and that tells me you have a few surprises up your sleeve too. We can only wait and pray for the best that can be for all involved. Thank you.


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