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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Had a good week?
« on: February 15, 2019, 06:28:00 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Had a good weekend ?

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. This morning, I just want to ask you all a simple question : Have you had a good week ? Here we are Friday again, time flies by so quickly, it is almost as if everyday is a Friday and we have a full week in front of us. Well, this is what I like to think, I ask myself the same question : Have I had a good week ? And the answer is ‘YES’.

This week I have not had to see a doctor, this week I have not had to visit the dentist, this week I have not gone to see a psych, thank God I have never had that problem. Well, I am just given a thought from my Beloved to say : I live in Catalunya as you know, in Spain and you will not beleive the amount of money that people spend in America on going to see a psych as you refer them a psychologist, it amounts to one billion pound, well almost in industry you can call it. I find it staggering so many people think they need to go and see a psych to sort out their problems.

Well, this in fact is a big insanity, we can talk about it for hours asking ourselves a question : why is it that people think they need to go and see a psych and the simple answer is of course because their ego cannot cope with the problems that they think they have. The words coming to me now – people are broke down – I hope you understand that expression ‘to be broke down’ in something literally means you are stuck. If you have the unfortunate event to fall into a broke, you are broke down because you simply cannot move, and of course you are sinking and you die and that’s it.

People in a similar way can get broke down in circumstances that are always associated with past events. You may have been hurt and offended by what somebody has said or what somebody thinks of you or whatever it is and you hold this into your system. Your ego will not let it go and perhaps your ego is so strong it seeks revenging some way. This problem can grow and grow, and people find themselves being broke down with so many problems that they think they have, only because they will not let go of past events.

It is only your ego that holds grudges against someone, it is your ego that makes judges about other people’s appearances or behaviours, etc..Other people’s opinions about you hurt you and affect you and all these things help to keep you broke down if you are not able to let go of the past. So, I ask you the question again : Have you had a good week ? Have you been able to smile at people sincerely, strangers as you pass them by in the street.

I have been very fortunate this week because I just remember a few days ago a lady’s smile, I am glad really. I am not perhaps a next teenager and she smiled at me and it was a gift, it went straight to my heart, it gave me so much pleasure and of course I made a thank-you mentally, how wonderful. Of course if one is able to do this spontenously, it is such a wonderful gift. When you walk along the streets everyday how many people do you see smiling ?

Hardly any at all because they are so broke down in what they have to do or what they have done in the past or what they have not done in the past, etc…Their face is full of worry and concern, in other words what you see in upfront in their face is their ego, the false personality that is not them. It is a great shame. If only people can let go of their past they will find that not only will you have the odd good day but eventually you will have a good week and a good month and a good year and of course a good life, if only you can let the past go.

Don’t allow yourself to remain broke-down in things that have no importance whatsoever and also this means that sometime it is necessary for you to let go of all relationships. People with whom at one time you were very friendly, you were very close, sometime it is necessary to let them go, let them go on with their lives as you must go on with yours. Wish them all the best of course, you can continue to send them love, light and blessings.

Dear brothers and sisters, as I mentioned in the beginning, here we are again another Friday and a weekend in front of us. It all remains for me to say to all of you : I wish you a most happy, a good weekend, and for the week that is coming I wish you all a very good week. Thank you for listening, bye-bye for now. Domtia

LOVE, with capital letters, should be celebrated each day of the year, not only romantic but in all its aspects, just to remind us that without LOVE there is nothing. In our modern way of life, it is a pity to notice how much the real meaning of the word ‘LOVE’ is distorted in the mind of many. People have become so distracted by all sorts of entertainment that they don’t see that they are surrounded by ‘LOVE’ – a smile of child, flowers in spring time, even a rainy, snowy or sunny day. LOVE is everywhere and in everything.

My musical knowledge, I dare say, is very limited. The only kind of music that I am used listening to is love songs, and eventhough this is not the right thread, I want to share with you, on this Valentine’s Day, a song from one of my favourites romantic singers, it stirs up a chord in me each time I listen to it – sweet memory of my first dating. Enjoy

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

St Valentine’s Day

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. As you all know, to-day is Valentine’s Day and it is appropriate to talk a little bit about this very romantic day. It is a nice tradition when one is concerned about sending cards to somebody you fancy or fall in love with or whatever. I must say, looking back over my life, I have never sent or I have ever received a card and that is a great shame. I am joking but I’ve never sent or received a card. That is not to say that I never had a romantic feeling or intention, not at all.

So, here we are, St Valentine’s Day and it is celebrated throughout the world, as far as I know – I don’t know about places like India or China, but certainly in Europe and America. It is a nice tradition, it is a way of expressing your feelings and emotions for someone, whether anonymously with a card or literally by coming straight out and saying : ‘I LOVE YOU’.

It is always nice to hear those words when they are really sincere. When someone says to you : ‘I LOVE YOU’, it does something to you, it goes straight to your heart and it makes you feel good. Yet, I think how strange it is that there are people, beleive it or not, that find it so difficult to accept love and I have come to the conclusion that it really means that they have not found it in themselves, to love themselves and they don’t expect or can’t understand why anyone else would love them.

In my life, I have known two or three people, two men and one woman years ago, who had this problem. Let me say that I personally never had a problem by telling someone that I love them, man or woman, I never had that problem. Most of the time, it has been accepted in strange ways by giving or not a smile, specially if it is a man, but also when it is a woman, they give a strange smile, they are not really to be accepted that someone can say ‘I LOVE YOU’, unless that person is the husband or wife, but for a friend, it is strange to come out and say ‘I LOVE YOU’.

For some people, it is beyond their comprehension and I find it sad because it is again a lack of spiritual knowledge. If we had a spiritual education, of course everybody will understand that we are indeed all brothers and sisters. Of course, their is natural sibling love between all of us, so it is also true that it is easy to say ‘I LOVE YOU’. I understand when you were younger, you may want to say it, but perhaps you feel embarassed, inhibited in some way for some reasons, but certainly in my case I can say ‘I LOVE YOU’ to everybody.

I love trees, as you know I walk in the countryside very often and every bug that passes my path I say : good morning, I love you, have a good day. I really mean it and of course if someone is near me they would think I was crazy, but I can’t just really help it. If I feel it, it comes from my heart and the words come out of my mouth (well my Beloved is just giving me a thought : ‘Lemuel you are a walking St Valentine’). It is true, I never think it that way.

In any case, dear brothers and sisters, I wish you all a very happy St Valentine’s Day and I hope you receive lots of cards from unknown admirers. I hope that someday you crash on someone or the person you fancy and some day you get together and have a wonderful time. This is what it is all about. I signoff for to-day, wishing you all a lovely St Valentine’s Day and I hope to speak to you again really soon, so bye-bye for now. Domtia

One step at a time……slowly but surely – these are my mottos – but we have to start somewhere and not waiting for the appropriate time because there will never be, so it must be created or invented. I am not claiming to be the one so proficient in decision-making, but if I am given the authority, my first action, that can lead to open-doors, would be the dissemination of the SER which is ready for that, in my understanding, but is still sitting somewhere. With the Book in our hands, there can be plenty of opportunities to pave the way for the appearance – incarnation in the flesh – of our Celestial Helpers. Domtia

The plan of the Magisterial Mission for the rehabilitation of Urantia is so huge in all of its three aspects that tremendous difficulties are surely to be apprehended and the more the Mission lingers, the more difficult it will be to disentangle the situation. Even if the Mission started in a near future, visible to all, several generations will pass-by before there will be a certain stability in the world affairs. My wish is that it can be done in a smooth way with the renewal of human potentials and mindset on this beleaguered planet. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Self Acceptance
« on: February 13, 2019, 05:35:27 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Self acceptance

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. We would like to talk this morning about ‘Self acceptance’. I remember many years ago, in Edinburgh, Scotland, I was still in the army at that time and on one social occasion I met a local lady from Edinburgh and she was so funny, she was so hilarious, she had as all a laughing at her and why was that ? Because the first thing she said to me as I remember : ‘Lemuel, look at me, I am short, I am fat, I am ugly and I am forty ; I don’t care a shit’.

The point I am trying to make is this woman, I think is the first time I really saw someone who fully aceepted themselves as they were and she quite frankly said that if other people can’t accept her, this is their problem and I remember saying to myself if only everybody could be like you. I remember her name was Audrey and she really was short and fat. I would not call her ugly, I would call her very plain, but I suppose that was the first time it really came home to me that how stupid and short-sighted people are when judging others by their appearances.

This girl, Audrey, was a wonderful company, she really was like a bottle of champagne and of course we accepted her as she was because she was such a wonderful personality. Then of course, on a most serious note, there are very many who cannot accept themselves as they are, and the problem is of course they accept themselves as they see themselves in the mirror. As they say, you can never judge a book by its cover or you can never judge a bottle wine by the shape of the bottle. We all understand these things, but when it comes to one’s personal appearance, it can be very different and of course it takes great courage and maturity to realise that you are not a body, you are much more than a body.

We know it is extremely hard taking into account all the publicities that one is constantly bombarded with in newspapers and television, specially for women, how they are supposed to look. You know what I am referring to, everyone is supposed to be slim and beautiful. It is such a tragedy to have these stupid adverts on tv all the time. Nevertheless, it is a sign of the time and we have to get use to it. I feel so sorry for young people and especially teenagers when they start to change, peeples on the skin and that sort of things. I mean the problems that teenagers have and then of course if they are criticized and teased by their school friends, it’s terrible and they do suffer and of course that can also lead to bullying which is another thing and it is a terrible tragedy.

In fact here in Spain, I live in Catalunya as you know in the north of Spain, but in Spain there are so many teenagers who commit suicide every year from bullying and from the inability to accept themselves as they are. What a tragedy ! I only wish that I had the power to so influence the society, to educate society not to consider the appearance of anything as being the most important. Surely, you must come to understand that it is the content, the whole personality of someone. What does it matter, ugly, short, fat or whatever. Also, the other problem is of course people begin to act a part, especially if they can find a way to be accepted.

Maybe they can discover that they can be funny, that they can make jokes, it is more easily for them to be accepted by their colleagues and that of course is a very slippery slope because you could be attracted to do that all your life, pretended to be certain that you are not, just to be accepted by others. In fact, it is a tragedy because where there is comedy there is always tragedy. People get depresed because they cannot continue to be funny and so they turn to alcohol and drugs and as I say it is a very slippery slope. It is such a shame that people think that they have to act a part to be accepted by other people. This of course is a lack of education and schooling from the very beginning at home with your parents and at school to learn that the most important is one’s personality and the totality of what you are, but of course it is very difficult and I accept that.

So, this chat to-day about self-acceptance, I hope will give a message to some of you, I hope not of course, but perhaps there are some of you who are indeed still find it necessary to act a part so you are acceptable to other people, but I will also ask you a question : why do you think you have to act a part for a particular person ? Because that particular person may not be worthy of your company. Do you understand what I am trying to say ? Why bother to try to make a friend with someone who really does not want you as a friend, but only as a comedian so that you are able to make them laugh ? You see my point. In other words, the bottom line is if you can reach the understanding and accept of yourself and said okay this is who I am, this is what I am, this is how I am and you just have a deal with it and that’s it, full stop.

Well, as they say, it takes a degree of wisdom and great maturity to be able to do this, but I sincerely hope, those of you here on the forum, who have been lead here by your Beloved Indwelling, speaks volumes in the sense that you have been able to co-operate with the impulses that you have received from Him, may be unconsciously, and I hope each and everyone of you do and have accepted yourself exactly as you are because you know full well your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment accept you as you are, even before you were borned He accepted you as you were then and as you are now because He knew very well how you would be and He loves you beyond your human understanding. So, think about this, your Beloved loves you as you are and so why being concerned about others who perhaps do not, well, that is their problem, is not it, and not yours.

Thank you so much for listening, I bid you a very good day and be happy, having fully accepted yourselves, bye-bye for now. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Living with God.
« on: February 12, 2019, 09:09:21 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Living with God

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Yesterday, I had the occasion to respond of a message from a member of the forum and whilst doing so my Beloved Thought Adjuster decided that He also would like to say something and I think that what my Beloved Thought Adjuster had to say has tremendous value and I think that to-day it would be the same if I allow my Beloved to say what He wants to say regarding this to the rest of you, forum members, and so here is my Beloved Thought Adjuster.

Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster : Yes Lemuel, thank you and good-morning. I am Lemuel’s Thought Adjuster and I want to say to all of you something that I had the occasion to say to a member of the Serara forum yesterday and that is simply to talk to each and everyone of you about your Indwelling Thought Adjusters. Now, it has been mentioned before, but really it needs to be stated again, because in fact you have not really taken on board what it really means to have God living in you. Just stop for a moment and think about the word I have just mentioned.

You know perfectly well from reading the Urantia Book that from your infancy, the first time you made your moral decision, you immediately became indwelled by your Thought Adjuster. Now, beleive it or not, your Thought Adjuster knew everything about you even before you were borned. Your Thought Adjuster investigated your parents, where you will be borned, which country you will be borned, what type of environment you will grow-up in, the customs and the traditions of the the country you have to live in. He was so excited and enthusiastic when you finally were borned and made your moral decision and so He came in and began His indwelling in you and He was so happy.

Of course, you knew nothing what so ever about this, but nevertheless everyday from that moment, even up until now this very moment, your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment lives in YOU, is YOU, knows YOU and wants you to feel the same way about Him. Everyday your Thought Adjuster wraps His loving arms around you and waiting eagerly for the day when you will respond by wrapping your arms lovingly around Him. Please stop and think what I am saying, because this is Truth, this is Beauty and this is Goodness. Like no other, your Beloved longs for the day when you will also be indwelled and be one with Him. That is the purpose of your lives and it is the reason that you have your freewill given by Him, so that you freely decide for yourself to return your life and your love to Him who gave it to you in the first place.

Now, dear brothers and sisters, please I am asking you for you to become ever mindful of this truth - you and God are walking around this beautiful planet Urantia together, but you are not really fully aware of it, but you must become aware of it. You are literally sons and daughters of Father, so begin to demonstrate, show your light, show your love, show your compassion for your other brothers and sisters who do not have the knowledge and experience that you now have. To come to that understanding really is a great step in your ascension career and of course it is something that you will not and cannot ever forget. You and your Father are one and you must really take this on board, so that it becomes part of your life, part of your breathing, it is your existence with Him.

I know it is amost impossible for you to understand the love that Father has for all his children, but I can only say that those of you who do have your own children, of course you will love them dearly, but it still stands unclear of what your Heavenly Father feels for you, wants for you and hopes for you that all you may achieve together. So, remember, you can walk through this life with your hand in God’s at all time, remember this and be aware that you need no other. This is not to say of course that you cannot have your own romantic relationships with sons, daugthers, wife, husband, etc…We are not saying that, but what we are saying is : you and God are ONE, so begin to live it and demonstrate it, so people can see the light in your eyes and they will ask you what is it that makes you tic and then you can with compassion, love and understanding, you can tell them the Truth, the Beauty and the Goodness of sharing your life with Father.

I bid you all a good-day. Domtia

Since the subject of sexuality is controversial I will not bring it to a degree of discussion where it does not deserve much of our attention, but I would just want to point out that it is a part of the biological process of human being, like breathing, eating, drinking, sleeping and that there is nothing wrong with it until it turns out to a level of perversion, so it can be harmful to a spiritual growth if used by the ‘adversaries’ as a means to create mayhem. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Keep letting your light shine

Lemuel : This morning I have UTEAH here with me. Uteah is a Trinity Son and in fact He has been on my mind for two days and now I will let Him speak.

Uteah, Trinity Teacher Son : Thank you Lemuel, I am Uteah and I want you all to know that we are aware of what is going on and we know why, so let me start at the beginning. There are many high ranking spiritual beings who do not want to see a presidency started here one Urantia, they do not want to see any involvement of Celestials with human-beings. Michael of Nebadon is obviously aware of this as are we all. You have also been told that Father Himself wants Urantia to be regained and to be returned to Him as His planet.

I work for and represent the Trinity and I also work hand in hand, so to speak, with Aya, Master Spirit No7 of the Superuniverse seven and also spoke-person for the Trinity. We both are aware of the situation. One other reason, if not the most important reason, is this : it is actually a miracle that Urantia has produced human-beings who have become fused with their Beloved Indwelling Thought Adjusters. Now this has never been achieved in any universe, consider for a moment what this beautiful planet, an almost beautiful blue planet, stuck right on the outside of almost everything in this universe of Nebadon.

It has suffered like no other planet has suffered. The teachings of Machiventa Melchizedek many years ago at the time of Abraham which are mostly lost. Then came the material son and daughter, Adam and Eve, and they defaulted, but they all started from the very beginning, and then along came Jesus and the Fifth Epochal Revelation was not complete, has not succeeded as it was hope to succeed and that mainly because Jesus Himself took the decision to go ahead with the crucifixion. So, the Lucifer rebellion and the left-overs of Calisgastia, what he left, the situation what he left behind, how he did and how he treated human beings is unspeakable.

So, we still have this question : how is it possible that this planet Urantia that has been so bombarded with problems from the Lucifer rebellion ever since and yet out of Urantia has come human beings who have fused. It was said long ago at the time of Jesus : how can anything good come out of Nazareth and it has been said : how can anything good come out of Urantia. Now, I am sure you all can see the picture, you understand, apart from those high spiritual ranking beings who are against setting-up a presidency here, but they are not actually rebelling against it, so I don’t want you to misunderstand what I am saying, they are simply of the opinion that it is not a good idea.

But there are also those who really are dead againt it and we fight tooth and nail to avoid this from happening. So, we have this situation that we are all aware of now and this has come forth particularly because of humans that have fused and those who are near to fusion here on Urantia. Also, the idea of settle-up a contact commission for the sixth and in the future the seventh epochal revelation and as you all know Ron Besser is working on books of the most wonderful contribution for medical opportunity – books on autism and aids and also the book on coal can change the idea of producing cheap and clean fuel in the future.

So, putting one thing after another, you find yourselves again under attack, but we are aware of this and we will sort it out. It is not very often that I bring such tidings to a planet. I am the most happy and positive of Trinity Teachers, that my message this morning is really just one of informations and in a sense it follows that, in a certain way, Lemuel’s transmission yesterday. We saw the things that have been talked about and the reasons for its absence and the attack he has been under and some others of you. It is only because of the light that you shine forth all of you on the forum and others throughout the world. The darkness is very aware of the increased light and they are afraid and this is why they attack it.

So, my message this morning is for all of you to take heart, you all know the saying : recognize the enemy is half way to defeat the enemy. The enemy has been recognized and it will be defeated, because now you are all aware of it. I ask you all to continue letting your light shine, eventhough the darkness does not want to see it, but there are millions who do want to see it and need the light that you have and they will come to you, wanting to share your knowledge, your experience and your light and so continue to go forward, being what you are – brilliant sons and daughters of Father – and do not concern yourself about the shinanigans of the dark. I am Uteah, the Trinity Teacher and this is my message to all of you this morning : be of good cheer and I repeat – continue to let your light shine. Good day to you all.

Lemuel : Thank you so much for that Uteah, thank you and to you, my dear brothers and sisters, thank you for listening, it is such a pleasuer to talk to you again this morning, I bid you all a very good day, bye-bye for now. Domtia

Dear Lemuel, there is no need for me to transcribe your audio transmission, since it is of a personal concern, but I am glad to learn that you are going well and that you are ready to resume your activity soon. I would like to thank you for taking the step, under the coercion of your Thought Adjuster, to open your heart to something that is intimately of your own. You know what Lemuel ? I also am harassed, from time to time, by the thoughts you have mentioned and like you I am bewildered. I do not suspect for one moment that I can be under such attack, I now know what to do and I am sure there are others that can relate to this and benefit of the lesson that comes out of it, if ever they listen to the tape recording. Domtia

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: "Analysis of the Second Rebellion".
« on: February 09, 2019, 12:24:23 AM »
‘‘ Apparently this confusion created by those remnants of the Luciferic rebellion will continue until the last one is placed behind bars and taken care of. ’’

So, those rebels have not been all reduced into silence since there are still out there who are roaming around and who knows in the meantime they are convincing others to rally their cause, by thus increasing their ranks to create more havoc. Actually, it seems that the only way for Celestials to put the deserters out of the playing ground is to use those in the front lines as a baited flesh. May the Father gathers us all under His Protective Coat. Domtia

Ron : ‘‘ The older members of the frat would harass you and do what they call hazing and it lasted a week of difficulties until you were voted in among now a loving brotherhood or sisterhood ’’

That history reminds me of the time of my primary schooling when I got bullied by others each time I gave a wrong answer to a question from the teacher ; for that reason I became mute for a long period of time, loosing confidence in myself, until I became a teenager. But even then I always stayed on my guard, fearing of not doing it right and this is something that is ingrained deep in myself up to now. Transmitting is indeed a privilege and an honor while still in the flesh, I dearly cherish the idea of being able, one of those days, to perform this kind of service in my entire capacity and with the assurance of not misleading others.

Lanaforge, Urantia’s Planetary Prince : ‘‘ All in all we must report that the rebellion clean up was successful again thanks to many of you who had to take the bullet somewhat to bring the apostate creatures to jail and they are on their way there now. ’’  

For being a witness during my younger years of the effects of bad spirits upon the human body and having gone through such experiences myself at a certain time of my life, fortunately at a very low level, I welcome this news heartfully with the hope that none of us has to bear anymore such trials. Domtia

Excuse my ignorance about the working of good governance from above, but I must say that it baffles me to see how celestials of high ranking are struggling to find a way to come to terms with a decision making, particularly in regards to those renegades. How can it be that those trouble-makers are still free to create mayhem without them being put under arrest ? In a transmission by Amethyste, Mother Spirit advised those in the front lines – the fused ones – who are the main targets of those shenanigans to pray for protection by imagining being surrounded by a ‘cone of light’. This kind of protection should be bestowed by fiat to anyone, fused or not, who is engaged in the task of reclamation of Urantia. Domtia

The transmission above, from the once Teaching Mission, delivered by Machiventa and Abraham, posted by Ron (thank you Ron), has been sitting here for some days now, but since my first reading it has been kept on the back of my mind and I cannot help thinking about some crucial points that have been dealt within, particularly about how to convey Truth to others.

In this world of developed technology, where young people let themselves be distracted, it is really a great challenge to make them pay attention to spiritual matters. I am grateful for the many tips given by Abraham about how to go about it and they can be resumed in those words someone once said : ‘If you want to change the world, change the way you look at it’ and may I add – one person at a time.

India is the land where most spiritually enlightened individuals come from with a certain amount of ‘truth’, even up to now. It is my pleasure to listen on you-tube, during my free time, to the talks of Sadhguru, a wise man from India, who is frequently invited to deliver conferences around the world. His teachings are based principally upon the mechanism of the human body – knowing how one’s body works.

Abraham : ‘‘ It appears as if there is some incompleteness in some of the neuron connections and there are pockets of gray matter or shadows that are not allowing the neurotransmitters to complete their job and at times there are certain physiological conditions fostered by certain foods. This can trigger the incompletion of exchange and create pressure and headache. I encourage you to look at those healing modalities that help to re-electrify and re-encircuit the neurotransmitters. There are certain homeopathic and aroma therapeutic substances that will be beneficial.’’

What Abraham suggests here for the healing of neuro-pathology looks familiar to the ‘vegans’ way of life – eating vega food and entering deep meditation with aromatic substances. I am not a follower of this wise man from India, but I do acknowledge this is what he teaches his students at his ‘Ashram’ to get in alignment with OneSelf. The only missing link is the wit to know the cosmology. Domtia

It is to be expected that those kind of individuals will showup from time to time, trying to sow doubts in the mind of people with contradictory arguments and the best way to deal with them is not to allow them an audience. Domtia

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