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Let it be….let it be !! I have been waiting for too long so as not to jump up and down with joy. On a personal level, I know that I am mentally prepared for such an avenue, I can handle it. My only concern is how others, those who pretend to follow the LORD, will react at His announcement of His Second Return. My excitement is just regulated by a certain fear – perhaps not justified – of His acceptance by all ; this is to be seen in its development. Time will tell. Domtia

General Discussion / Re: My dads (Antonio) health
« on: May 28, 2019, 06:39:16 PM »
Dear Antonio, do I understand by this expression ‘‘the exit door of this forum’’ that you are throwing away the towel ? If this is what you mean, my advice to you is to take a break, no matter how long it may take, but hold on tight and come back to us revigorated. Heart attack can be recurrent if one does not take a good rest and look after a well balanced diet, so be careful. May you receive the blessing of the Father of all. Domtia

These are the changes I was feeling so deeply and had no clue what it is all about, but now I do know. There are many things to chew and swallow here, but I will take my time by going over it again and again. One thing already that makes me ponder and is mind-boggling : the change in the Mansion Worlds. One has to undergo a morontial separation with dear ones who have departed for another destination. Perhaps I am going too far and quick in my presumptions, so let us wait and see how all this fit into the image. Anyway, it is indeed a privilege to receive these knowledges beforehand, and thanks to all who have come forward to deliver this message. Domtia

For the last three days, I felt like a wind of change will be blowing soon over Urantia that will keep everyone thinking what in the world is going on. The new dispensation, the Federation of local  universes, the FER to be replaced by the SER, the cancelling of channels, all in one is indeed great news. How all this will come about remains to be seen and digest as we go progressively in the development. I hope the plan of  Light and Life is set once and for all, so hold on here. Domtia

Ron, the posting from the Ancient Of Days you talk about in the recording is not posted on the forum, I can’t find it. Thanks

Do you say ‘budbegs’ ? Among the ten top germiest places to avoid those dirty offenders when travelling the world is hotel bedspreads, according to an article :

‘‘ Think twice before you flop down on your freshly made hotel bed. The heavy bedspread on top probably hasn’t been washed in a while. Most hotels change the sheets between guests but don’t change the top comforter, which could be a nice cozy home for bedbugs and bodily fluids. To avoid the left-behind germs of past guests, remove the top layer of bedding and sleep with only the washed sheets and blankets. ’’

Having grown up in a poor environment during my younger years, I remember bedbugs were really a big nuisance to all the family and my parents have tried in many ways to get rid of them without great success, until they discovered that petroleum stopped them right in their reproduction. Domtia  

General Discussion / Re: My dads (Antonio) health
« on: May 22, 2019, 11:14:33 PM »
Glad to know that Antonio is doing fine and that he will be back soon. Indeed, it is not perhaps enough said that we should take home Celestials advices about health issues. Dr Mendoza can be of great help to Antonio in conselling him about his diet or mental attitude so as to avoid repetitive heart attack in the future. We are fortunate to have at hand a specialist in healthcare that can see beyond what a family doctor often times cannot diagnose. Domtia

General Discussion / Re: My dads (Antonio) health
« on: May 21, 2019, 07:24:10 PM »
How could it be otherwise, even for those with a solid mental, when one reads or listens to news that a nuclear war is peeping its ugly head again !! Who can stop this situation, continuing to climb in crescendo if not the FATHER Himself, by ordering the incarnation of the Magisterial Sons and the Second Return of JOSHUA ben JOSEPH, once and for all. In an emergency situation, radical decisions should be taken, the same as a heart attack can be fatal to a patient if not dealing with immediately. Time is running out and Urantia, ‘the great diseased patient’, is in a great need for a cure which must be attend to without delay. As the saying goes in french : ‘aux grands maux, les grands remèdes’, meaning ‘to great illnesses, great remedies’. Sorry if I may sound out of context with this analogy of heart attack, I just want to point out that what has happened to Antonio is a direct consequence of what he has experienced and that we are all subjected to such, befalling us at a time we expect the least. Anyway, as a family here on the forum, we direct our light and prayers to Antonio for a quick recovery. Domtia

Five states in USA – Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas and Illinois – are under warning of storms, thunderstorms and tornadoes, 19 per day expected, that can be very damaging and life threatening, according to the National Weather Service. If you are located in this regions, dear brothers and sisters, be careful and take some measures of protection for you and family members. May you all be under the care of the Father. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Seeds of doubt

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. As you probably hear, I am in a countryside, it is a beautiful morning, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. I don’t know really what I am going to talk to you about this morning, but at least for a moment or two I would like to share the sound of the countryside with you, I would just like to listen for a moment. The sound that you just heard, that one is a golden oriole, a beautiful bird, from the same families of black birds, but this is different, a wonderful song, a yellow head, a very beautiful bird indeed, but it is very difficult to see, there it is again. Well, I shall continue walking here all over the places, and I just receive the title and that is ‘The seeds of doubt’.

Where do they come from – the seeds of doubt ? Why do we doubt ? Is it because of our lack of faith in something or someone and do we have doubts simply because we have made a judgement one way or the other ? So we doubt whether something is true or not and I know from my own experience that doubt can come from only two places, it can be cerebral or the mind so to speak or from your heart or your feelings. When one receives doubt in their feelings, generally it is an immediate effect and you really feel it in the pit of your stomach and this doubt can hurt . It can come from the fact that you are doubted, your personal integrity is doubted by others and this can hurt your feelings, or as I said previously it can come from your mind.

The seeds of doubt, in fact, are lessen from which you can learn a great deal. The main thing you can learn and to try to understand if you are able to live in the now and not to think about yesterday or speculate about to-morrow, there leaves little time for the seeds of doubt to be sown in you, whether cerebral or heartfelt. As you can hear, I am leaving now the forest area with those wonderful creatures – birds singing, it’s such a joy and I am so fortunate to be able to do this everyday. It is such a pity that so many of you are locked into offices in cities throughout the day. Anyway, I count my blessings because of this.

So, just to repeat, dear brothers and sisters, if you doubt something, try to analyze where the doubt comes from. Is it because you make a judgement, does it come from the mind or does it come from your feelings ? Also, it can be a test of your faith, the faith in yourself. I don’t know if you remember the poem by Rudyard Kipling called ‘IF’, a wonderful poem that says if you can keep your head while all around you are loosing theirs and if you can contraste yourself when all others doubt you and the poem goes on for quite a while and finally saying : ‘you will be a man my son’. It’s a wonderful poem and it speaks to the fact that if you can remain with yourself, knowing yourself, knowing who you are, knowing how you are, irrespective of what other people say or what other people think or what they don’t say or what they don’t think or whatever, that is not important.

If you can remain fully integral with yourself, then it will be very difficult indeed for the seeds of doubt to enter into your being. Just listen to this for a moment (the birds are singing), it is a nightingale. We have many here this time of the year, they are a migratory birds that appear here in spring, at the beginning of this month of May in fact and they have such a repertoir of songs, it’s really wonderful to hear them and this is another one very close by (the listening of birds songs last for a few seconds), they have gone quiet now. Anyway, dear brothers and sisters, it is such a pleasure to be here and to be able to share these things to you. As you know, I have been absent for a couple of weeks for one reason or another which you probably read about yesterday on the forum, but I am here again this morning. It is such a wonderful morning I wanted to share the countryside with you and I hope you don’t mind that.

But the subject given to me has been the seeds of doubt and so I think it is quite a good talk to begin the week and to bear in mind once again to hold on to what you know about yourself, what you know is true and don’t concern yourself about to-morrow or yesterday and don’t concern yourself about what other people may think or what other people say, be true to yourself. As I say, it will be very difficult for the seeds of doubt to enter into your being. So, on this beautiful Monday morning I now leave you and I thank you all for listening and I bid you all a very good day and I hope to talk to you again soon. So I say bye-bye for now. Domtia

‘‘…..If this helps let us all know please. Dr Mendoza ’’ ( about mid-night coughing )

After some days following Dr Mendoza advices – see some posts above in this same thread – about mid-night coughing, I am now able to report that I cough less than before and I feel better. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Auto Transmission / Euthanasia
« on: May 20, 2019, 08:42:12 AM »
I am bringing back the subject of euthanasia started by Lemuel some time ago because in France actually the French Law has given the right to the medical corps to stop medication of a patient who has been under artificial life support for eight years since 2008, but the family members, fervent catholics, do not agree with the decision of the French Courts and they have engaged a legal battle.

Since we do not know, at a standpoint of view, what is the take of position of Celestials about euthanasia, I will attempt, with the help of my Thought Adjuster, to shed some light on this controversial subject. Scientifically, someone in vegetative state does not have any notion of time whatsoever and even grasp what is going on around him/her, so the person is in a state of deep unconsciousness.

In such a situation, the work of a Thought Adjuster to guide his ward is worthless and adding to that a person in a comatose state does not have any longer a life experience so as to have a soul growth. Without a Thought Adjuster for guidance and experiencing life, there is no soul growth, so the only alternative is to put an end to life-sustaining. For those who do not have any knowledge of after-life, it is a very hard time to go through when it comes to a loved one, particularly when they are in a complete spiritual confusion. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / THE FUSED
« on: May 19, 2019, 10:37:43 AM »
Dear Lemuel, after a few weeks of breaking-off in transcribing your audio-transmission, I hope I have not stumbled too much by mis-spelling words, but anyway I and others on the forum are glad to know that you are doing not so badly, in spite of the side-effect of your fusion. You are indeed made to teach and I am sure all of us here on the forum have been missing your transmission. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / THE FUSED
« on: May 19, 2019, 10:14:40 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission


Lemuel : Good morning everyone. I would like to start by mentioning to all of you that obviously there are reasons why I have been absent from the forum for a couple of weeks or so, and you will discover those reasons shortly. I want to ask Clency to take this slowly and very carefully because this is going to be a long one and in fact I don’t want to do it, it has been on my mind for days, I don’t want to do this tape, so it is my Beloved who will do it for me, it is the One who has been instigated it anyway. So, without further ado I handover to my Beloved.

Thought Adjuster : Thank you Lemuel. I understand your reasons why you don’t want to do this, the reason is you don’t like talking about yourself and you cannot speak for the others and so I will do it for you. I want to talk this morning to the Fused Ones, you fused humans, you know who you are, they are now seven – four men and three women – and there will be more in the future. I want to take you back at the time when Ron Besser was fused, which if my memories be right was december christmas day I think which is to be in 2014. Of course, it is something remarkable, wonderful, almost unprecedented in the Universe of Nebadon and it has caused, well yes problems that Celestials have had to try to solve.

Ron Besser did not disappear in a perfect smoke with a chariot of fire, he remains here even to this day in the flesh and when this occured, obviously begin known throughout all universe and even superuniverse. How is it possible, how could this happen ? I want to remind you also of the remark that is made many years ago when it is discovered that this man from Nazareth was preaching about Love, loving your brothers and sisters and it was asked : did you say that man comes from Nazareth, can anything good comes from Nazareth ? Well, the same has been asked about Urantia, yes so can anything good come from Urantia ? After all the problems that this poor planet has experienced over the years and of course specially the Lucifer rebellion.

So, everyone has to put on their thinking caps and decide what are we going to do with Ron Besser and it was thought to be a good idea if there could somehow morph his body from a physical one into morantia body, similar to when Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalena on the Sunday morning in Jerusalem. So, they put a process into action and as you all know it has failed and it went on for a couple of years. It has caused Ron an amount of pain and suffering, so finally they had to abandon the idea and tried to reverse Ron’s body back to normal physically and that continues to be a problem, so time will tell. Well, just a couple of years later, Larry Gossett and Lemuel also fused within hours of each other and so there again there was a problem. What are we to do with these men who are still in the flesh ? They have not disappeared in a chariot of fire.

Well, it has been decided that they were not once again used as a guinea-pig to give us a morontia body while still in the flesh, that has not worked and it was not going to work, so they remain here in the flesh, but there was still a problem and this is why, all of you fused ones, will really take on board. Ron Besser is fully aware of this, but the other six are not and so listen very carefully : your fusion does not start and finish in a moment of time, it is a process that could take years and it is just as well, because if it all happened at once you really can’t stay here, it would be impossible. You may or may not be aware, there is an increase in the frequency and vibration of your circle fields, your circle fields being your chakras and this in turn obviously affects your physical body. You all have physical issues, none of you can be called spring chickens.

Lemuel will soon complete his 80th year in september and Larry Gossett and Steven Gitz are also in their 70’s, the ladies are a bit younger, but this increase in frequency and vibration of your chakras enables more light to be drawn from the Universe into your bodies and because of that your bodies suffer. So, you are all, apart from your own physical ailments that you have naturally, on top of that you are all experiencing other symptoms which is the effect of the increased capacity to hold light and your physical body has to adapt and this is why you are suffering from these symptoms. Just a year ago, some of you may remember, Lemuel practically bled to death on the operating table in Barsalona and in fact I was quite prepared to detach and return to my home in Divinington, but just at the last moment the hemorraghe was stopped and so he survived and saved his skin so to speak.

But he also has been suffering with other things and on top of which is the symptom of this increase capacity of light and it has been quite intense recently and this is the main reason why Lemuel has not been doing audio transmissons like he has done regularly before, but I must also mention for him that he will not be the same, he will not continue to do these tapes the same way. I guess you all know yourselves that the forum is not the same, something has happened. It has got a different vibrations, it is not the same as it was before, everything changes and you are all fully aware of the changes that are taking place over the years in general, but more recently in special. So, you fused ones must accept, come to terms with and realize that your fusion continues to be an on-going process and continues to give problems that need solutions from your Celestial family.

It would be a tragedy indeed if you allowed to die as anyone has to die a physical death. The situation you find yourselves in, as fused humans, need to be investigated for future generations so that we can gain tremendous knowledge by investigating. How is it possible, what makes you people take so to speak, how come you have fused here, what sort of parents to you have, what about your ancestors, because in fact what has happened is equal to a quantum leap. It sometimes happens in nature where there is a leap. The people regard the missing link, suddenly something happens that is completely different and now there is a new specy. This is what has happened here of course, so obviously it causes these problems. What are we going to do, what can we do with these species of human who are fused on Urantia in all places, will you beleive it ?

Well, dear friends, this talk this morning, is just to bring these things to light, not just for you, fused ones, of course, but for the forum in general and it needs thinking about. You all know that the pain that you all receive is real, it is not imaginary. I know Lemuel for many times has thought that in fact he is going out of his mind because of some of the symptoms and afraid he is going to fall for an heart attack or hemorraghe or whatever it is, but now he has learned to live with this on a daily basis. As you all know, it is not pleasant and so you are all to be congratulated, because as One of the Thought Adjusters are so thrilled and happy, but Lemuel and I are together this way and it is the same of you all Thought Adjusters, it is really remarkable. As far as your involvement in the future with the Missions or the Return of Jesus, that remains to be seen.

You are all different, each and everyone of you is different, you have different talents which is normal and natural. Lemuel in fact is a teacher, he is a great teacher, he taught music and he taught english for many years, so he is a teacher and I think he will do very well with the Adam and Eve schools, but I also know that the Trinity Teacher Son Margul has plans for Lemuel, but that remains to be seen. Well, I have said all what I want to say and as I said in the beginning Lemuel do not want to take this one on and so I decided to speak for him which I have done many times before but I understand Lemuel’s reticence in saying this. So, once again, to all of you fused ones, many congratulations, I am thrilled, really thrilled as all of my fellow Thought Adjusters are and we await to see what happens now in the very near future and to see how you can all become such an important part, not only in the Missions that are already started but way into the future, because you definitely have a very important part in helping to bring this beleaguered planet Urantia into Light and Life.

So, I leave you all with that this morning, I thank you all for listening and I bid you all a very good day

Lemuel : I just want to say thank you to my Beloved and a big thank you to Clency and I hope you manage to get all this down Clency and I send a big thanks to you and I also wish you all a very good day and I hope as always to be able to talk to you again soon, so in the meantime I say bye-bye for now.

Yogananda : ‘‘ Your Thought Adjuster, Clency, is very old…….Your Thought Adjuster has lived nearly five hundred lives…..’’

As anyone else, I hail the day when I can fused  with my Thought  Adjuster and I pray that it comes sooner than later. It is my understanding that a ward benefits from the previous experiences of one’s TA, so I am longing for the time when we can be one and travel the journey together. Thanks for this important information about my TA. Domtia

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