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Threads for New Transmissions / Rejoice! The time has come - Ocilliaya
« on: September 25, 2017, 12:10:58 PM »
Teacher: Ocilliaya
Lesson: Rejoice! The time has come
Category: Typed transmission
T/R: Don Crownover
Location: Kansas City
Date/Time: 09/25/2017 09:44 AM CST


Father is there a message from spirit today?

I am hearing “Ocilliaya is here”, but is it from my memory or is it now. “It is Now.”

“We also want to say, to the enlightenment of all, that the skies are gray and soon to be blue upon your world.”

“Rejoice in the developments that have transpired throughout the ages because you alone are the living beings that will witness those many telling stories of prophetic revelations about God’s salvation to a wayward peoples. His forgiveness, his blessing and his salvation to all, not to be mocked, by true onlookers and not hear-sayers. We Trinity Sons tell of Ocilliaya’s story. One of true love and mercy with the spirit of truth to pervade all mind and thought.”

“Ocilliaya is here to help this world out of darkness and into the light, beginning as the First acknowledgement from Paradise Spirits. It is a wondrous story to be told, your travels from wicked intentions of selfish-belonging, through merciful guidance and patient hope, for the turning back of selfishness to worshipful honor into the right and true path of happiness. So many examples of just this has been done that proves God’s course as the desire of most.”

“Rejoice, Rejoice the time has come, Glory to the Creator Son. His love and care is always there. So do not dismay any longer but rejoice in this time of affirmative action to his reign of righteous rule, to those that have been calling upon him for correction since it’s very first conception.”

“Thank you All. Have a good Day.”

“We Trinity Sons send our love with the voice of Ocilliaya to lead the way.”

Thank you Ocilliaya and Trinity Sons. May the Father hold you in his palm to show us the way.

Thank you Father for this message from Ocilliaya. Is there more message Father? “Rest today and absorb our energies.” Thank you Father. Amen

(...Father, Please tell me and help me to receive more clear and profound message to not suspect semi-transmitting, some of this seemed to be my words. “Yes some were but not to worry, it is OK. Rest today and receive energies from above,” Thank you Father, Amen.)

Teacher: Master Spirit 4 the Father and the Son
Lesson: Sincere Servants
Category: Typed transmission
T/R: Don Crownover
Location: Kansas City
Date/Time: 09/23/2017 11:55 AM CST

(I was confused as to who this teacher was and asked Ron’s guidance. After reading paper 16 again it was clear. Please refer to Paper:16 The Seven Master Spirits and Section:2 Relation to the Infinite Spirit)


At this time Father I wish to ask for presence, in my humble lowly form, presence among Holy Spirits of God for a message of importance to hold within my heart and share with the Family of God, my fleshly brothers and sisters of Urantia. Is there a message Father?

“Messages come and go and accumulate to create form and picture of God’s current activities for his servants on the surface of the planet. We are beginning to understand with this information that you can share. To those that are watching and who really care. We share with you as you all have become part of us in this development of God’s Kingdom rule to bring about Peace and Security to all now and all to come.”

“Firstly I say, to those of you who are sincere for service to others and not yourself. Congratulations! Well done. Be you Happy! You are all welcome to our abode.”

“Some have error and lessons learned to be at Fathers Business is never selfishly earned. Your importance is of little concern in comparison to the many we want to see gathering under our care.”

“Be you humble, be you free, be you servants of the Three of Me. I am the voice of the Father Infinite in Spirit to lift you up and let you fly with me to spread the Fathers Love even independently, with our Son’s grand teachings of humility.”

“My Voice carries out endlessly throughout all of creation to know your Father and his Son we Three are One. Blessed is the soul that opens its heart, to allow our presence within at the very start. We will bring all those into our fold, of loving kindness and many services to your brothers and sisters to behold.”

“Be at peace and know that correction is a reward of great honor to those that hasten to bow into the submission of our gifts to them that will sharpen and true your words from us as the only source of knowing and acceptance. To your knees and bowed head is how it is to be told.”

“Great news is coming to your world, news of centuries old now becoming new to unfold. Once again we are searching for servants of pure heart and humble servitude.”

Great and awe inspiring is this feeling my God and Light of Truth. Please use me to your Will and my will of humble service. I am overwhelmed with your knowing of my name and feel so humbled to speak your message of correction and encouragement.

“Be at peace my son, as is to all of our servants with you.“

I pray most Holy one of God that your powers and love to be felt in all of existence, to gift your love and mercies from Father and Son as you reflect upon us all powers of Three. “We bless all of creation, even those of wishful thinking and will take into ourselves your gifted love.”

“Thank You All.”

Oh my goodness… Father, is this true? Have you brought to me the most holy presence of the Infinite Spirit? I am so much more humbled now and overwhelmed with the need of a century to rest and absorb this occasion of most important message. Thank you Father. How could there be more message, I can not fathom.

Thank you, thank you my Father. “Good day son.” Amen

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Not to worry, Be Smart - Father TA
« on: September 23, 2017, 12:04:11 AM »
Teacher: Father TA
Lesson: Not to worry, be smart
Category: Audio transmission
T/R: Don Crownover
Location: Kansas City
Date/Time: 09/22/2017 09:18 PM CST

Audio Attached.

Father this evening I would like to ask if there may be a message for me Father, or for the forum?

“There is a message to be told, for you, before you grow old and before they grow mold.
Not to worry about the changes that are taking place.
Just some regular old formalities, not serious maladies.
Take Ron’s words to heart, not to worry, be smart.
Let it past as it must, a new day forms... rust.” (rust not spoken as I was listening for deeper meaning)

Is there a message Father that I can make note for these changes?
As has been said already, there are going to be changes with the forum site.  Along those lines... not a biggy, no real change.”

Thank you Father. I’ll let this rest and see how things go.
“Good day” Thank you Father, Amen

What a beautiful message from Ocilliaya to your mind NewStarSaphire. I needed the calming down from a very early, busy and frustrating start of a day. I will read it again and again today :-) Thank you 

Threads for New Transmissions / Pray for Peace - Sentenact, Father TA
« on: September 21, 2017, 02:52:14 PM »
Teacher: Sentenact, Father TA
Lesson: Pray for Peace
Category: Typed transmission
T/R: Don Crownover
Location: Kansas City
Date/Time: 09/21/2017 12:08 PM CST


My Father, is there a message today for posting on the forum?  

“Go ahead and type my message, this is Sentenact. I am with you and hear you my son. We come together often and observe you and your activities.” Thank you Sentenact and I welcome you into my life at all moments for scrutiny. Please advise me in the ways of the mind of Christ. “Your activities are acceptable and getting better towards use in doing the Fathers Will and our requests along that path.” Thank you for the encouragement Sentenact.

“Today I want to say that many infractions upon the worlds governments will take place to help needed changes towards better government. We are involved and standing ready for those in power, those with a good standing to make wise decisions towards our open hands of known waiting assistance. So much has to change to make headway towards better leadership. A leadership that the peoples can be comforted with, knowing and hearing changes for the better. These good attitudes will be carried over into the next transition and the next transition and the next transition until we can reach somewhat of a normalcy to world governments. One of peace from wars, security from abusive groups who want nothing more than complete control. Peace in the eyes and ears of the populace will open the doors for continual change all the way down to the local communities. Family-First is the notion, individual uplift that involves every individual to consider their actions as important to other persons and just as important as the actions would be to themselves.”

“Creating Unity with ones own goodness towards all others. You on the forum can set this example with your unity of spirit, actions and involvement with your neighbors and communities once the mission is established and known among the populace in general. These attitude's of goodness will spread like the summer breeze to refresh and bring pleasantness to the minds of all.”

“Most of you are well prepared for the initial chaos from sudden planetary changes and collapse of current civilization frameworks. It will be quite an experience that will open up the true heart motives of every individual, the hidden intentions will come to the foreground. True humanity and heroism will create much strength and vigor to do what is right, and for the majority we hope!”

“Prayers are so powerful! Teaching them the truth about God and his nearness will help comfort and strengthen people to pray even more. Prayer, yes prayer even by the very young are listened to by God with sincerity for the soul salvation of those prayed for. Come to the Father in prayer. Your individual Father sparks are the voice and power of the Universal Father. Do this each and every day as Father is with you and he is also pointing to the path of righteousness and goodness to others every day.”

“This is Sentenact wishing you all a good day of Peace and Joy. Domtia”

Thank you Father for this message from Sentenact. Than you Sentenact. Success to all your endeavors I pray.

Is there more message Father?  “Being at your side... so, feel me and know me. My Master Spirits are the first representatives to all of creation. I share all of me, with all of my creations. Likewise, share all of you with your creations.” Yes my Father, I will. My love to you is complete and unswerving. To be like you is my worshipful longing. “Good day son.” Shalom my Father.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Let's Get Started! - Ocilliaya
« on: September 20, 2017, 03:28:20 PM »
Teacher: Ocilliaya
Lesson: Let’s Get Started!
Category: Audio transmission
T/R: Don Crownover
Location: Kansas City
Date/Time: 09/20/2017 12:21 PM CST

(End of previous failed audio session: ... I must do more audio receptions, I have only been trying them from work and unsuccessful. “Take your time to listen.” My way of receiving has become difficult. I felt that I am semi-transmitting Father, again! “Yes you are. Stop and pause, relax, meditate and then try again.” Yes Father, Amen)

Audio attached.

Father, with this second attempt with an audio transmission of receiving from spirit, I have caught myself semi-transmitting a couple times, I wanted to restart, “Ocilliaya is here! Son begin!” “Yes we are around you. We are with you. We come to help you.” Thank you Ocilliaya. "We want you to do this regularly, we want you to come to us often, the transmissions clarity becomes better."

"Ocilliaya is here to speak for the forum about matters concerning all of you. To tighten your belts, to prepare for your work, to step up to the bat and Lets get started! We find so many of you ready now, more so then ever before, ready and motivated, and accomplishing things to get on the right track, the fast track. Keep up the good work. Pull together, communicate, become closer united and share your experiences, and become one! Create that unity, that those in past done, that were pulled together at times of mass distribution of information. The times after Christ, the times with the Melchizedeks, and times in the beginnings with the planetary prince. Mass reach-outs of information, this is going to be happening. And they will come, people will want to know, they will want your leadership, they will want your guidance because of knowing it is from God.”

“Those people that love mother earth. Those people that love life in general, life of there own creatures and earthly creatures. They will eagerly want to help. During the disasters many will help. There will also be those that will try to take advantage of the situation, and we will do our best to handle those. Focus on the needs of goodness to your fellow man and to your fellow brothers in the mission… Yes sisters too” Thank you Father. “Take the time that you have now, continue studding, ask questions when needed. We will be giving lots of information in the future.

“Have peace for now and realize the joy that you are actually experiencing at this time. None of you will ever forget these times. So pick yourselves up, stand and ready, prepare yourselves for use and assistance and service to your fellow family members on earth, All of them are your family, all of them are children of God. Teach them! Teach them to love the Father and to Love one another."

"This is all for now. We Trinity Sons with Ocilliaya bid you a good day.” Thank you Trinity Sons. Ocilliaya, thank you.

Thank you father for this message. Is there more Father? “No, this is good for now.” Thank you Father, Amen.

Teacher: Trinity Teacher Sons, Ocilliaya, Father TA
Lesson: Our participation with Michael into God’s Plan
Category: Typed transmission
T/R: Don Crownover
Location: Kansas City
Date/Time: 09/21/2017 07:02 AM CST

With love and appreciation Father, I come before you, marveling the images of our grand universe. Is there a message that I can receive this morning?

“Orvonton is the one universe that has the most/best opportunities of capitalization over the grand universe for expansion into the master universe of ultimate and absolute values. We see so many of you as capable to join our ranks with Michael on this path of his Following the Fathers Will. For now we have our simple beginnings but simple not in importance, these are the most important first few steps to make in our journey with the Fathers Will under Christ Michael's leadership. Orvonton is a precious holder of sacred spheres to come. Born out of rebellion and purified with light of truth, beauty and above all goodness."

"Come with us children of the light, into the pathway created for you and by you. We all will journey into perfection as the Fathers will to create perfect spheres of mixed realities. From Havona to Orvonton we will mingle and unite our creative abilities as a balance of eternal perfection to hold up all of creation.”

“By authority of Orvonton we speak to you this day. Please tell your associates on the forum of our story. The Son’s have spoken, We Sons of Authority, Trinity Sons.”

...Please Ocilliaya, come to me and confirm this transmission please? “This is the voice of Ocilliaya speaking to you. I am one of seven with these Sons of authority. Go your way and tell these things of grandeur today.  The Beauty of our organization, is controlled by the Father, First Source and Center to spread his goodness far and wide throughout all his mindful presence. Michael will keep his truth held high while we together will set the lines of guidance to follow.”

“This is Trinity Teacher Sons wishing you a good day.”

Thank you Trinity Teacher Sons and Master Spirit for this gem of an image and goal to ponder.

Thank you Father for this message. Is there more my Father? “Go now and spread this good news, it is your calling, tell of Gods plan and instructions to follow.” Thank you Father, Amen.

(I was, afterward in reading this remembered experience, compelled to add “of Paradise” to the salutation by the TTSons as this was my impression but not typed, but then I wondered if it was actually Master Spirit Seven speaking through the Teacher Sons due to the statement “by authority of Orvonton”?)

Overmind: Or could it be that Michael's combination with the infinite spirit through Nebadonia allows this to be true, to be in more than one place at a time, to have powers over both space and time. As the daughters of the Infinite Spirit takes on the personality of the Master Spirit upon creation??

Thank you Wendy for pulling the message out to Forefront.

Thank you Ron, I will await any further instructions, Don

Threads for New Transmissions / Enjoy your journey - Caleb
« on: September 16, 2017, 01:58:48 PM »
Teacher: Caleb
 Lesson: Enjoy your journey
 Category: Typed Transmission
 T/R: Don Crownover 
 Location: Kansas City
 Date/Time: 09/16/2017 12:00 PM CST

 Father, I pray for spirit connection, is there a message at this time? Listening to higher frequencies, there are many I hear and I beg for reception and understanding.

“Worlds away we watch and listen to your worlds activities to evolvement of spiritual matters. We encourage you all to be alert and read all messages, to dig deep into their true meanings. We will help individuals and groups who are seeking for such help, but you must be seeking to find.”

“Love and Joy we send to all, with many cheerful greetings of your progress and entrances into the light of truth. Keep up your studies and prayerful contemplations of the lessons and teachings within the Serara forum and the Book of Truth. Telling of your experiences on the forum is exciting for us to know and we wish to enlighten you also of the great joy you all have to come, when once leaving the strenuous climbs of faith there on Urantia.”

“Be at Peace and know we are proud to be your Fathers from inheritances past. Be of Good Cheer and know that all is good under the Son.”

Can I ask please, who do I have this pleasure of hearing. “This is Caleb leader of a Molek tribe, once on Urantia. Enjoy your summer of exciting fun while you are there."

(vision: Image of tall slender man, standing on hill, dirt brown possibly grass skirt, no top, necklace and jewelry, left arm elbow forward to upward stretched hand of closed fingers, back of hand facing me. Then slowly dropping hand/arm down graciously with head bow also, indicating his mind to mine of “happy Journey”, as custom to travelers).

Thank you Caleb, we will honor our human heritage with much success to teach our brethren truth beauty and goodness.

Thank you Father for this message, Amen

Yes Ron, I most certainly will never stop receiving and delivering transmission. Only, as Michael instructed, to Stop allowing those that listen to me to expect an exact timline of events.

You Ron, here on the premier Transmitter training group, you have my complete submission and whole heart and I will always continue and never give up under any circumstances.

I'm your's Brother!

Ron, I want to let know that I understand the exact occurrences of misrepresentation by myself that Michael spoke of and I prayerfully acknowledged.

I will stop and respond to persons that the MSM rate of increase, even upon my outward involvement to effect employers and others, will only become known at the rate of acknowledgement from MSM authorities and not by the timing to anyone else's wish or desired timeline.

Thank you Ron for this transmission, to my correction and I will also very carefully consider all the much more information for all of us to apply.

With honor from your loving brother, Don

Thank you Sue, so very much, for posting this parental message of assurance and comfort from Christ Michael, our Creator Father and Great Teacher.

These words from Christ Michael are the most dear and close to my heart as ever hearing!

I will print these upon my mind and heart and hear them every day.

Love to you Sue.

Thank you Lord Christ Michael for bringing us to the Father. In his footsteps I will also step, alongside your loving care, and point the way to my fellows... Much Love and adoration. DonKC

Teacher: Monjoronson
Lesson: Warnings have and will come to those that listen
Category:  Typed transmission
T/R: Don Crownover 
Location: Kansas City
Date/Time: 09/14/2017 12:00 PM CST

Father is there message at this time, for guidance, warning or encouragement to the forum and peoples of Urantia?

“Come with me Don. I am Monjoronson. Here to inform you of upcoming events to tell. If there is ever time to talk to your world about changes to come, it is now. Many calamities will unfold upon the seas and shores of many parts of the planet. Moving away from any shore is advised to all. Fateful lands will rumble as signs of upcoming pains to disperse and move land masses apart with ferocious jolts upon every part of the land. This movement alone will cause damage and death to many, then the incoming seas of dropping land will engulf even to inner parts of land masses.”

“Do not despair, your time of warning will come to warn the faithful and to ones who fear but with faith in God. Your concern of warnings will come in time to those that will have their eyes open and ears listening. To all I say, study the past listings and recent ones also, so that when you get the warning you can be accurate to not askew the news to others. This is Monjoronson. Have a good day.”

Thank you Father for this message from Monjoronson about my fears.

(Monjoronson comments relate to the known documents and forum posts of changes to land mass and seas)

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