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From Ron Besser
York PA 2030 Local Time
15 February 2018

Dear List,

We are not well supported by our supplier who handles our account mostly as one of a kind type service, and as such we are going to have problems of sustaining the software.  I much prefer our own server, but I am not competent to run such things and there is no one here who can help out with that need.  Meanwhile we are suggesting you use my personal email

to contact me if something pressing to know is required from you and if traffic is heavy there it takes a while if I have dependable service too to get to answer you perhaps not very quickly.

Also this:

For the past 48 hours I have been struggling to keep up with celestial traffic and that means something big is up in a little while.  The way they work is not predictable to name time and date, but let me surmise this thing for you:


We are going to see more than we want to see I am guessing in the next few days and by extension in the next few weeks.  I will attempt to get a major announcement in my transmission work done so far that supports my view that we have a large contingency of Melchizedek incarnations going on right now.  We have a large amount of workers, spirit and morontial and Material Sons ready to enter the Reclamation Zone known as Urantia or just plain earth who are not informed.  I have been transmitting Michael and Jesus off and on all day and the intimation that is starting to dawn on me, is the idea that the prepared activation of the Jesus Return and the Jesus Mission is ready to be shown to our media and broadcast over them and off them if they try to pull the plug.

Therefore. I am expecting increasing Internet problems until some of us figure out how the intentions of what I think are being made work out and how well our communications can stand it.  I detest operations that a re so helter s0lter one cannot depend on Internet services but they will learn a good lesson if I do not miss my guess.

For those who are interested in details I have a very large transmission waiting to be completed and edited to put out on this Category since the Consummator of Universe Destiny lets out with some interesting revelation, and he updates the disaster scene which is not pretty to look at even for York to maintain itself in the chaos.

I am hoping to have the new transmission done in a couple of hours and will return to it now, but I place this message on site so you are aware in case we have problems of communication the next few days and weeks.  Thank you.
Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - BE AWARE that Ron catches me very well and I am yelling at people to take their places on board to Urantia as the “GO” has been given by the Father in consultation with the CoUD and others of similar rank.  It is a rush to get it on now and we do our best to remain calm.  Thank you.  Michael of Nebadon

MOTHER SPIRIT - I AM sure most of you have been through this drill before but the Internet is not dependable right now and stability problems persist and that is to be expected with a glutted service now that governments are allowin anyone on who wants to be on and that includes India that now has one billion subscribers new as of today and yesterday.  It is easting of bandwidth so quickly there is poor stability here and there and we are warning you could lose the Internet unless they stop service every personality with a finger to press buttons on and off without thought of what they are doing.  Members only: use the Besser email given above and hope for the best if there is even more trouble.  I thank you.  Mother Spirit.


“We are surprised Ron is so unsettled tonight as he suspects we are in full motion and he is correct.  Now you can run for cover or you can move into your assigned places and you Larry are not going to get away with feeling bad over issues you cannot control.  Step up to the plate and so as requested.  Lemuel you are trying hard and succeeding and Congratulations for getting a whopper of a transmission to post here.  In most ways we are split between Larry and Lemuel as to which holds the best record and which holds the best means to act as the Chief of Staff for Ron’s work as chief in the HQ building selected for now.  Larry you need to reorder things if you are going to make it well enough to brag to your friends of your new stratus if it is you who becomes Chief of Staff.  Anyone else who can do it must be fused!  As it is that is Lemuel and Larry.

“Now this: we are not concerned with Ron very much but he is experiencing a worsening of his physical ailments today including increasing blindness.  My check tells me he is being taken over by the Father Adjuster and it is that Entity that performs the delicate operation to see again and to walk again as it is Paradise Power not Unversa power that will correct the inhibitions of that which comes from Spirit Fusion, Son Fusion, and Father Fusion, all in a four year period and it debilitates the material senses by causing all sorts of mental and serious remorse of a life suddenly seeming to be ready to die.  Ron feels it fully and works until his last breath.  However his Adjuster reports to the Trinity that this is temporary and necessary.

“I report this too since we are now out of synchrony with the Consummator for today and maybe forever as this is most unusual to report ever.  I am sure He will make whatever is truly important available to Us in the Trinity, but you all must understand this is the last month and the last days of true normal concerns on Urantia.  Ron is attempting to finish a gigantic transmission but it is long and arduous to put together so you can read it for yourself.  I am Margul and I await for Michael to return to the dais. “  

“I speak slowly to all of you.  This is an emergency message for all to consider.  The tract Ron has taken down is already 15 pages long and it has five pages to go at least.  We can finish that in an hour and we will but it needs gone over and shortened and titled and read up because there are sudden darts of subjects not necessarily germane to the present subject of a dire emergency approaching Urantia in a short period of time.  I will not waste any more time here and leave to complete that transmission to Ron now.  Good day.”

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