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•          Revisions to Disaster Reporting for The Coming Tribulations to Urantia
•          Magisterial Plans to Promote Peace and Tranquility to Urantia When We Arrive Shortly
•          Punitive Designs to Imprison Trouble Makers and the Spiritually Dead
•          The York Protectorate
•          The Pennsylvania Outer Protectorate
•          Planet 114
•          The Jesus Return Team
•          Circle of Finite integration

Introduction to the Transmission:

I am preferring my own voice to introduce this transmission as Ron does quite well but does not always cover the highest points I wish stressed. He loves hyperbole but cuts it out flat when we start the editing process and he has cut pages out of the original transmission.

We report what is necessary but not always plainly and Ron does that for us.

There is also a large section on Jesus that must be held back due to its import to Paradise and we remove that too. Otherwise you have it as given. I am the Consummator of Universe Destiny now permanently assigning my self to this Transmitter and with a little help to the one in Spain, Lemuel as he has done exceedingly well to hear me at all. Good day.


•          MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son
•          Immanuel of Salvington
•          Michael of Nebadon
•          Mother Spirit
•          Saint Paul of Tarsus
•          The Apostle Peter
•          Jesus

York, PA noon local time
February 14, 2018

•          Visual Contact with the Transmitter & Need for Readers to Listen Up
“I am about to chastise no one but I must remind everyone you have some obligation now to listen carefully for what is being told to you. I am visually in contact with you Ron, and you look wonderful considering you are still in your PJ’s after a rough nite with Michael and a misfired dart that hit you in your privates and your screamed at them good after they had the temerity to burn your feet at the same time!

“Be assured what you are receiving now is the piece de resistance not even found in the new Urantia Book whatever its title now is. We keep changing it and Ron said so in his brief post to you yesterday on the subject. Be assured as well that the change in physical conditions for you is just around the corner when you are finished being doubled up from this morning’s treat.

“In all good class consciousness what we have to say this morning from the Consummator of Universe Destiny, is worth understanding from the highest view of URANTIA one can ever get from anything including the Paradise Trinity, who actually listen when the Consummator pontificates his viewpoints. We shall begin then with a new transmission from the Consummator immediately:”

•           Harsh News Is Yours To Hear
•           But Do Listen Carefully for Your Particular Area of Possible Devastation

“I am delighted we have Ron available this morning after body work for him misfired and hit him so hard in the groin he had to stand up to lelt the tears sink back to his feet. I am also delighted to learn that Ron forgives when the pain is gone for hours. In acy case let us begin a very serious subject:



“I am to tell nothing more than what has occurred up here and that is that you all have been saved by the bell and no one is going to faint with the vapors over why we have to deal with Urantia so harshly. It is a planet that has been weakened and destroyed by the pestilence of man and of his wars and his manufacture of war materials that have so polluted the atmosphere and the land and the water, remediation is impossible in its simplest of terms.

“The oceans and particularly the Pacific Ocean is awash in plastic from the careless work of the yellow race and its demands for fresh food and beverages and so on to the point the Pacific must be disavowed as a body of water to be cleansed. It must be destroyed! It will do no one any good as it is being destroyed to worry when land masses appear in it that can be remediated with what is left. The Pacific may be filled with land masses as large as the Eurasia land mass that today contains Russia and Europe.

“If we decree such must be done I am ready to supply the place called Urantia with a new ocean off the east coast of Eurasia (the Japanese side of the mass). And the Atlantic must be smaller and less deep than it presently is, due to the fact that Urantia is water logged before its time and must be reclaimed as a place with a land mass to water ratio with greater land mass to ocean size. Right now the ocean ratio to land is much higher. In our view of Urantia, this will require a bubbling of the ocean into steam and vapors we prefer not to identify but that will cloak Urantia with cloudy skies all day for centuries and kill off all plant and life and then all human life. This requires us to look at Urantia as it was in its very beginning where a shallow sea covered the entire globe without any land mass at all. However, we will speed up the process as fast as we can and tilt Urantia slightly to evaporate much water into outer space where it can be used more propitiously. Urantia skies with this scenario will not cloud up permanently but will make sunshine available within months of the change occurring.

[Ron: We suddenly transition from ocean replacement to Planetary System replacement. It seems and is out of joint but the item is important to learn about, We continue with the CoUD (that is short for Consummator of Universe Destiny when not used as a heading.) R]


Consummator of Universe Destiny continues
The New Planetary System for Urantia

“Ron looks at this and wonders if he is dreaming since it seems we are speaking in gargantuan terms without any sense as to how to regain the entire world and keep men and plants and animals alive in such a period of ocean regeneration. We have a solution that helps but not entirely yours to complain about either. I tell you that Michael of Nebadon has proposed that the planet you know as Panoptia be allowed to participate with you in a New System too and be added to its placement with Urantia into the new Planetary System known as Trifolia and that is the official name of the new Planetary System which Urantia will start to live in. We are not sure we will keep it in that System name either but that is not to discuss now.


“In reviewing what we must do about polluted oceans now, we see that the Pacific must be completely remade over. Well, it does need remade over completely, but the rising land mass west of the American tectonic plate off Oregon and Washington State needs to have a water gate between the new land mass and what remains of the American west coast to keep the remaining land mass from becoming too arid or hot or even cold at times. This will require Monjoronson to ream the present system of tectonic plates into a better configuration of land [.e. to channel water between Oregon etc and the new mass arising from the Pacific.

“To do this the land mass that is the new mass spoken to above must be redesigned to fit neatly into most of what is now the Pacific Ocean, and then repopulated with a population of trees and rivers and animals that now occupy Borneo and Indonesia. Borneo and Indonesia must disappear for cleansing purposes. This will disrupt population to the point Urantia will lose eight tenths (8/10ths) of its people quickly and so on. We see this an intrinsic to the need of Urantia to recover its fauna and its health and to repopulate the land with easy living land animals and not the gargantuan dinosaurs of the past, but we are sure a new species or two will arrive to give you elk and antelope in plentiful supply over the grazing cattle that have so much ruined the lands of South America, Borneo, and the Savannahs of Africa.


•          Eurasia and Europe Inundations and New Land Masses in the Mediterranean
•          +/- 2045 Ice Age To Appear:

In this scenario the land mass that is now Eurasia must be reconditioned to accept inland seas and large ice recovery to the north of its shores. The Arctic Ocean will be expanded to cover the top two thirds (2/3rds) of Canada and all of Iceland, and then followed when we induce it, another but harsh ice age to recapture fresh water as an emergency supply for the planet should it have to go through another dry spell again too.

“Ice Age conditions will appear in about 2045 and will become difficult to navigate because the ice flows will cut across what is left of the norther land mass of Canada and get lodged on the American east coast from Newfoundland down across new Hampshire and out to sea just north of New York City. In this scenario we have six new sub-continents and each is described as follows:




1 - North America - All that exists now without Mexico and most of Central and South America to boot.

2 - South America - A continent the size of Greenland remains and will emerge missing most all of Brazil and except Argentina and the souther tip of Chile. Brazil will revert to large islands along now what is the Amazon River where two tectonic plates collide and then settle peacefully as one is totally submerged.

3 - The Kuril Islands north of Japan and off the eastern coast of Russia will see a massive chain of islands rise up and replace the present Japanese Islands south of the Kuril Islands. Tokyo and north to the Kuril Islands will be destroyed and submerged into one thousand feet of sea water.

4 - SE Asia - The Islands of Sumatra will be destroyed and in their place will be a new chain of islands unnamed and they will fall victim to east Asian populations that survive in souther parts of China and Tibet and Cambodia. Vietnam will flood from north to south and it is unpredictable just how it will survive to rebuild itself. The Japanese will be predominate and will survie living further north than they do now and their new capital will also likely be called Tokyo, The Koreas will stay above the waters for the most part and fights will erupt over who holds what lands for the future.

5 - Great Britain and western Europe will be linked by a great sandbar off the coast of France and the Chunnel (tunnel between France and Britain) will be wrecked by flooding sea water opening up a channel between southeastern France and the southern Mediterranean Sea. This makes an island out of Gibraltar and most of Spain to its north and will make living there a lot less hot, The area known as Castile will survive intact and may bolt to become its own country.

6 - Russia itself will be divided into two with the Arctic Ocean slipping between the present eastern outskirts of Moscow and diving deep into the Caspian Sea to the south.

Australia is part of the Indian and south Pacific areas ready for total devastation leaving only islands in the wake of these changes proposed by the highest entities outside of the Master Universe at this time. Australia leaves nothing in its wake for the most part and its one hundred million people will either run for it or go beneath a much colder Pacific Ocean since the tropical areas will fall to ruin after the planet tilts another two or three degrees west to about 25 or 26 one half degrees as the new magnetic North Pole takes back the meteoric disdainer by producin a new and very strong magnetic north pole. In summer time the pole tilts become easterly to 20 degrees east or so and prevent over-heating of the northern hemisphere.

•          Further Descriptions of Urantia Land Masses from Michael

“I have provided Ron the full transmission of the Consummator of Universe Destiny I am able to. The rest of the lecture concerning Urantia is full so devastating we doubt anyone will read it with pleasure. But let me summarize some of the report through me as Superpersonal Michael of Nebadon.

1 - North America will break up into six major islands to start with. The Pacific northwest will submerge. The areas of the high plains with Kansas and Oklahoma will be diminished by half as a tongue of the Gulf of Mexico will intrude to the present are of the Great Lakes. And the east coast of the United States that is called the mid-Atlantic states will be surrounded by a cold sea that intrudes through South Carolina and southward and up to about the souther border of West Virginia which will stay above the water too as will some of Ohio and Tennessee. The warm stream known as the Gulf Stream, will disappear as the tropics will be less inhabited and the warm seas there will be closed off by other land bridges not mentioned here. The large land mass to appear of the Carolinas will be responsible for many landings of future explorers and the like when it become forested with Pine and Maple.


2 - The Gulf of Mexico will rebound as noted above. It will belong to a new sea type known as continental seas and will be quite large as they embraces all of what is now Central America fully underwater and South America and part of the American Great Plains.

3 - Our work for Eurasia has been satisfactorily covered by the Consummator of Universe Destiny and we stand firm in having that entity become a familiar speaker when we get his permission to do so.


The YORK AREA Under Little Attack
4 - We are quite sure the area of York will survive intact, but the Chesapeake Bay will inundate Have de Gras and other northeastern Maryland land areas. Ron has often walked these areas of sand and calcium deposits of cliffs overlooking the Bay. It is a beautiful and scenic area quite ancient already and some ot if may be preserve by us to keep the memory of what was a beautiful place to visit. York lies on a granite interface and is one of the reasons we selected it as a place to headquarter (HQ) ourselves with these divine Missions. However, York is a sooty town and needs cleaned up too and we will make sure that the areas that Ron must work in with Lemuel and Larry and others not named now, will be soot free and be prepared for healthy living.



“I do consider it Ron, but it is too soon to discuss its use as we must ascertain what we just learned from the Consummator of Universe Destiny as viable or not. If it is correct we have to hustle to get life preserved in some form and that is not configured at all at this time in our plans with the Salvington Power Directors of with the Consummator of Universe Destiny. York is ideally located and will preserve its hills and valleys and good farmland and you might consider buying a farm to help out.”


MICHAEL OF NEBADON continues . . .
6 - I wish it to be known that the York area is contiguous with the capital at Harrisburg, Gettysburg to the west and central Maryland and that most of eastern Maryland including Baltimore will be fully inundated. Washington DC will disappear under the waves of the Atlantic and a massive effort will be made to move that US capital north, and that has to be above the State line of central Virginia too.

7 - Northern Maine will remain above sea level in all probability but it will become ferociously cold and will not be suitable for plant and animal farming.

8 - The potato crop at 2709 Sunset Lane where Ron lives, failed due to excessive heat and dry weather and the blight it encountered is a tropical problem and that will disappear again and potatoes (Kennebec) then grown will come back fully. One should attempt to store Kennebec seed potatoes in underground silos Ron. and not bring them inside to eat them later.

9 - The trial to live well on a planet receiving such rough reconstruction will be to find enough food to survive and that can happen in York too, but to be sure there is sufficient ground available to farm and grow good things. Peaches and cherries and pears and apples and other fruit trees grow well there as does corn and ground vegetables and tomatoes, all truly love the place.

However eating watermelon will be a thing of the past unless you grow them in a hot house and you may wish to build a hot house on the farm you purchase, Ron. He says this is getting pretty dicey to afford and he is not wrong but that is something to work out in the next few years while there is a little time to prepare for these awesome changes.


Ron here: We now we come back to the CoUD and a higer view of earth changes seen from the Architects of the Master Universe in many ways. This narrative goes to the heart of planets and what we do with a Urantia that has been bombed out of its mine for centureis with so much creosote in the ground it grows only poppies in places (Flanders). Her is the Consummator of Universe Destiny once again to speak to these horrors.



“I am please we have this much accomplished so far, and Ron has decided to place this message in the Disasters Category and do so, but also publish in Who Is God? category too.

“We have one major sector to get through yet to come and we will place it here since it gets placed in two categories on the discussion forum.

“First let me say that I detour sometimes around even more harsh pronouncements and let them accumulate more than I should.

“This is one of those areas you must read carefully, as we must protect what land areas you have left that are not so polluted they cannot be used again for centuries. A lot of that land is being taken down to the bottom or the oceans, but some of it will stay above ground level. The Russians themselves have created a monstrous problem by sealing off Chernobyl, the atomic power plant that went ballistic in the mid to late 1980's. and it will continue to burn for decades until we put it out and then freeze it for five hundred calendar years on Urantia. It blew a sector of its radium tubes becase some fool forgot to flush a vacuum syphon on the side of the building in early 2005 showing inspectors why it blew so badly. The weather in that area is atrocious and those living in that area have no real water supplies except to tap ground water above a certain eleveation in those days. Someone tapped the Chernobyl water supply and it was reduced to almost zero. This accident predates the accident in California near the Oregon border, and there it was contained in the nick of time. In any case the Chernobyl accident stands as the worst nuclear disaster ever on Urantia excluding Three Mile Island which was so minor it cannot be classified so much as an accident but a minor glitch in its operation and that is within thirty miles of Ron and supplies the power to his home as well. In any case the soils around Chernobyl and the aforementioned California accident, are so badly polluted they cannot be saved and need to de de-radiated by us at some point in time if they survive the inundations at all.

“We must thank Michael of Nebadon for coming to the rescue at Chernobyl, for he mobilized seven hundred tons of creosote batteries we use on Salvington to press out problems we create by trying to pulverize radioactive materials that get into reactors we use to heat and store planets built to order, the architectural spheres used as universities around Salvington among the 495 planets around Salvington to supply home spheres of Local Universe Sons. In any case we dropped the Chernobyl celestial work force about seven hundred (700) of them to keep the plant going into a consummate nuclear explosion due to so much hydrogen accumulating inside of its massive nuclear rod facility.

“All of this ends well in the case of California but not well for Chernobyl since it was placed into a concrete crypt by the old Soviet government and it now must be classified as a danger to the entire planet due to is malformation and inability to vent at all and it must be left to Michael to determine what to do about it if anything at this state of the dramatic rescue of Urantia today.


Ron here: We have next another ackward transtion to an entirely unrelated subject from bad soil, the Chernobyl accident and so on to somethat is truly new revealtion, and I do not remove these things because they are so important to learn and know and add to our new ideas about God and Who Is He? And how this works in the material worlds of time and space and for Urantia, which is in so much trouble. We now jump to something the CoUD calls the Circle of Finite Integration. It is a huge concept and worthy of paying attention to:


CIRCLE OF FINITE INTEGRATION (seen through Urantia civilizations)                            
“As the Consummator of Universe Destiny, I have little interest in this description, but I know what it contains. The finite consists only of the various levels of the finite that pertain to time and to some extent, space. In most ways space is an Ultimate, but it really is not as Mantutia Melchizedek points out in the first Urantia Book. But in so many ways the House that Jack built (civilizations on Urantia), are imposed on space as splattered bugs may be found on some transport windshields. I say this because western civilization is too small to contain what science has developed on Urantia as Ron is too small to live on Urantia for another thousand years. We will compensate him but we cannot compensate solid determinations like western civilization has
been determined into 2018, the year this is written in February of the year.

“Western civilization has failed badly through so many mistakes it cannot find its way back through any massive social change. The 1960's and the 1970's were am attempt tp reset it but that failed so badly no one wants to remember them well at all for the most part. If we could count the many times civilization did successfully reset itself we would have almost anything to tell here. By 1990 there was a reward for being good and the cold war ended but its rewards were lost with a pig headed administration that did not know how to bring the old Soviet Union out of its misery and they became enemies once again in the twenty-first century. Needless to say we cannot fix that but you all must understand that the Cycle or Circle of the Finites has a particularly difficult reward for winners and losers alike. That reward is predictable if you learn the cycle correctly. It is this:

1) Finite curricula is always self defeating and must be reviese moment to momen to have plans work correctly;

2) The Finite Integration with Spirit is never purposive but explosive and it ends with spirit winning any set of plans made for it by the finite creators and will declare itself bankrupt at the end;

3) Ron prepared magnificent waays for spirit to enter Urantia yet it blew up in his face and is only now being reused by Michael of Nebadon to prevent excalation of evil on Urantia and Ron is one of the very few to see redemption of his theories to work with spirit on their level and not in the finite and the loss of integration for the most part.


“It will be record in a history somewhere that Besser placed a bet and actually won a long shot as Michael was prepared to drop the entire thing in his lap and let him suffer the consequences. But I looked at it with Father and saw a design in it that actually worked for spirit. Cpunt yourself lucky Ron as in 99 percent of these cases it does not work due to finite integration being too weak to hold spirit to any justified cause. I rest my case for now.”


Ron here - Let me say this: I will never attempt this kind of thing again since it has exhausted me and all of you with the ups and downs we had to take to follow what this Mission is really about. Let me also say I did not have any sense of winning or losing anything when I accepted the invitation by Monjoronson in 2005, to be part of the Magisterial Mission as then conceived. Waht happened next should confuse historians good and proper because Michael of Nebadon entered into the picture and actually encouraged me to make plans with corporations to support the materialized Magisterial Sons. But it soon became apparent in 2008 something was serious remiss and we completed my corporations and organization only to learn they were useless as declared by Uversa and then Paradise. By 2010 I was encouraged to finish corporation building but then learned that Michael wanted even more corporations which I obliged by filing for them. In any case two more failures went by that would not accept me on the staff or me as a human ever on the Magisterial Son’s staff and finally Michael threw me out for good this past February. Suddenly again I am reinstated, and as the Consummator of Universe Destiny intimated, he save be body and soul and integreated me back into the entire idea that I was on staff again. This has not been easy folks and it has taken its toll on my money and my home and my health– not because Michael or Mother did anything wrong, but because I accelerated an agin process that I still do not understand how to this day. Michael wishes to speak to the circle of finite integration next:


“Ron has learned a very hard lesson and potentially the disaster of the century as I did encourage him as Michael of Nebadon, but I never coordinated with Paradise or Uversa. We made a good team and enjoyed our daily morning briefings for years, and then suddely Paradise objected and then Uversa objected and we were left no integration and only spoils we would divide up of what was left of the little corporate empire Ron had designed for us.


“However, this past week I received a call from the Consummator of Universe Destiny. I seldom spoke there but He asked me what to do with Ron and I explained I dumped him good and was not going to revisit the problem or the situation. That was when he reminded me that Ron had in good faith thrown all he had into the bag to help us get started with a dicey Magisterial Mission. I concurred with the Consummator, but made no move to reinstate Ron until Ron complained at the rough treatment as being thrown slight into the air lying down in bed, and twised in a solitry loop twice around the body axis. We landed hard but well and Gabriel shouted to him he was discharged and who then left for other work.


“ Ron has worked his tail off this week contending worsening blindness and very sore feet and body muscles. He gave us a start by determining that his life was pretty worthless unless he had a way back into the missions at least but saw no way until the Consummator of Unvierse Destiny arrived in a direct transmission not of my doing and I swept all thinga aside and rant to the receing station to see what was happening to Ron again.

“You know most of the story or will, but I was blasted by Paul of Tarsus and no help me to give Ron anything, but my Apostle Peter chipped in and asked why get rid of Ron when he provides so much intelligence to design our plans for the Magisterial Mission. Ron remembers John Zebedee most kindly and remember how hard he worked but was never on the Jesus team with the Apostles yet John Zebedee saved Jesus precious years to teach and he never forgets John for that ever. Now we come to the present day mass murder of my associates on the ground on Urantia, and I admit what happened but never understood the consequences of what happens when you are done iwth an old rag that you do not throw it away but clean it or burn it. We burned it first and it would not burn so we cleaned it.

“Today I am confirming he is back on Staff of whoever, and is back in my good graces after yelling at him for days to stop complaining that he could not see or walk and to at least clear that for him if nothing else. I did not like his tone but he was not nasty but just persistent. I asked Father how to do that and Father said with my good wishes and we went to do it and nothing happened at all and I was in toruble with Ron again, and off we are to the races again for clarification as to why that Adjuster insists on such harsh treatment to Ron now.

“The answer lies in the bed time story I told Ron once that he is okay so long as he walks within the will of the Father, and that was truly his choice, but the Father has decided that nothing at all is without his will but Ron determined against all odds to stick to his original theory that all is well that ends well and selected death with Gabriel if that is all that was afforded to him at that point. Ron felt there was no solace on Urantia, and that he had nothing left to live for except to keep 2709 Sunset Lane’s grass cut and nothing else really mattered after that, I saw the picture as grim and unrelenting sadness on his part and then asked Mantutia Melchizedek for a recommendation, and he said that Ron was special and that he needed some sense of justice for all that he had done and got thrown off the payroll that fast when I had what I wanted.

“As a result the entire idea was taken up by the Consummator of Universe Destiny, who surprisingly agreed with Ron that the Missions had a better chance of making inroads to Urantians and that we had nothing to lose but to try it. I fell apart at that point and prepared to rescind my orders when Gabriel reminded me he yelled at Ron to break the heart just a little in order to get him to dislike the entire matter enough to throw us out too, but he reported that Ron was upset at the treatment and had no idea what a decision like that was all about as he saw no other problem.

“We now close this transmission for the day and have Ron post it as planned as soon as I am done her a littl past 1 am his time. I also remind all of you that even a Creator Son can be wrong for something he worked with well and now saw no reason to continue about it. It all comes down to the Circle of the Finites and this one dandy of an operation to watch as it could have vast repercussions for Urantia and even what we do with certain other Magisterial Missions still pending in Satania. Good day.”



(Michael) “I see now where I went in the original idea Ron present to us months ago, and you are all in for a treat to read something I must make clear or we lose the entire idea of saving Urantia for the future ages. Someday the planet no longer harbors humans but becomes strictly an educational world for teaching the trends of the results of the Lucifer Rebellion and perhaps other unknown happenings yet to come to our ears.

“In conforming to Ron’s idea he put forward to SERARA one day last year, Ron asked to be able to work on a map that he called the York Protectorate. In that map he drew a circle around the immediate York City environs and to include about ten to fifteen municipalities, and it is found up here Ron but you lost it I think in your computer glitch thanks to a Microsoft mistake of huge proportions as they killed about ten thousand computers with that too.

“In any case, we must make amends and to tell you that the Protectorate is like the entire Commonwealth of Pennsylvania hereafter referred to as just “State.” That State sits as the northern reaches of the silted areas of the east coast that now permeates all of New London, Connecticut, and ends in northern Virginia, but why you call Connecticut, New England is not clear to me as it is just as rolling hilled as PA is. PA is better defined as a Protectorate by us as it has coal and forests and rivers and streams that will stay about the same, except the Susquehanna River will fill its banks in great flood so persistently that Three Mile Island will have to be moved further by another fifty miles to keep it dry and safe, and the Brunner’s Island hydroelectric powe plant just below Three Mile Island will be destroyed by explosions of gas trapped under the generators when they were originally installed to be run by gas instead of electric output of the generators themselves.

“The Pennsylvania Protectorate will be used to rule the continents and will be the center of all Mission activity until it appears we can do better in much later years.


The Last Normal Year for URANTIA Approaches Now


“I am the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and Ron uses an abbreviation of this designation I have learned to like since it is short hand for that long title that gets tiring to type out all the time. I am happy to use CoUD, as Consummator of Universe Destiny in a more informal approach to what work I do with you in these last days of any kind of normal living on this planet called URANTIA.


“URANTIA is leaving behind one of the worst records ever conceived by the Architects of the Master Universe. They did not plan this to happen; no one planned this. In so many words we have to make it clear that God had nothing to do with what Lucifer trialed us to do, but that Caligastia aided and abetted Lucifer so well, he became a great favorite of Lucifer when Lucifer saw the handwriting on the wall, and that was to immortalize the name humanity by killing humans off on Urantia in prodigious quantities in order to save their own philosophical skins.

“To do this, we have to remove all of the hours and times spent teaching humans they were loved and prepared to work for God someday as the current Urantia Book speaks to even today. However, we need to be serious and look at the consequences of what has happened to seriously curtail a Magisterial Mission that was quite happy to do as it does in other places quite well and today is being looked at as a Magisterial Mission, that has no beginning and maybe no end on Urantia since we must establish a present view that URANTIA must all be destroyed to make it better again.

“AS the CoUD I understand that the place called Urantia is full of mice and moles and horror beasts that can still tear man apart and eat him; however, they are disappearing rapidly and will not come back until they have a place to live in peace and make Urantia the zoo it currently is, We must tell all this:

“Elephants will survive in Africa, but the Indian species is doomed over the fact that its land mass will completely disappear and none of the present species there is too well done to figure out where to move to when the land starts to subside. In other places the Bengal Tiger will learn its days are numbered too as it cannot move fast enough to avoid drowning in a contaminated sea and secureless waves as it too will kill a billion people and make them fall into thousands of feet of a water grave. The giraffe is gone and so are the hyaenas and so are pythons and the black mamba so dangerous to children and man alike as they hide well and strike with anger at being disturbed.

“My refuse is that I do not participate in cycles of death or life or both. But I carry the heat of God in my suppressed representation so far to a place inside a place I helped to invent but have nothing to do with how it works now that the Father has allowed this Voice to speak. Further, I speak with a growl now as the last days of normal life on Urantia will likely trigger a war on the Korean Peninsula, and that will devastate many millions upon millions of Koreans in our estimation too. In any case we must continue with this tally:


Spiritual Explosion to Reverberate on Urantia

“In about two weeks time there will be a huge spiritual explosion over Urantia. That is how we start a divine mission. What is a huge spiritual explision? Nothing you can see or feel, but your mind MUST react to it in order to be part of it and Mother Spirit has already prepare Ron and the other fused persons to participate in the undoing of manhood on Urantia and to place what is left of humanity in the care of the Father as they must. There are just three Fused individuals on Urantia today and it is likely it stands that way shortly. Two other candidates have refused to participate in the Fusion process and they must be allowed to develop under other circumstances now. Be assured others will fuse but after this seminal event.

“The spiritual explosion is the blast wave to blow back the human mind into subservience. This is a contribution of Ron who forced me to look at the term spiritual explosion and to tell him what it is to do and he now understands that the explosion in what you would could an air blast, is realy to the mind and it sits back and listens by being forced to conclude they are stuck as they are and need a way out to a saner life.

“This Spiritual Explosion is manufactured on Uversa, and they import it to Salvington to set off when Urantia refuses the announcement of Jesus on television and radio and tape and film, that nothing will help them except Him.


The Life and Times of JESUS are About To Begin on Urantia

“I am to tell you this: When Jesus Christ returns this time, be aware he precedes the Spiritual Explosion. That means Jesus will not be speaking to minds that are cowed to listening but minds that will object mostly to the disruption this means to people who do not want to deal with what they call religion.

“Life for Jesus is unusually circumscribed these last few days before this announcement. That is because one has to remember that he is first a Finaliter, and then made a Transcendental Being (see the Glossary for this section posted separately), and now is FORCED to come back to Urantia, in spite of all these changes, and resume a human life as best he can under these horrific conditions now existing on the planet as is today. He is also made a Deity by fiat of the Father.

“While I am the Consummator of Universe Destiny, I am also outright free of any consequences to the Master Universe itself, but compassion reigns up here too and we need to conciliate what we see with what we feel too and Ron does that beautifully for us all the time. We need a billion of him to make any real headway, and many think this aggrandizes Ron but it does not as he knows exactly his standing with the divine and Deity. Nonetheless we have lost two potential Father Fused individuals by sheer stubbornness on their part, and they are really suborned on the Lucifer concept that you do not fool with what I want period and that is the real cause for many of your problems too Transmitter. The refusal to submit to Fusion is not a sin but a problem of direct intervention by Thought Adjusters who are ready to apply the Besser-fusion style which is replete and fully able to complete the cycle involved with all Fusions, and that is to stabilize the life of those who are fused. That is stabilized on Urantia but that is not what it means on Paradise at first light of the fusion process.

“I now leave the ideals of Paradise alone for this report.

“But I now address the main issue and it is this we are not favoring continuing when we have so much to do but will in order to complete this in a timely manner. I point out that Jesus does not particularly care what you do so long as you do it and that is what the Transmitter accomplishes second to second, and we report that Jesus himself is outside of time and even space but then that is on Paradise as a teacher to Transcendental Beings.

“A Transcendental Being is perpetrated into life on Paradise on the western side of the Isle as picture drawn by man only show the eastern side and peripherally yet in order to keep a semblance of balance when looking at that huge materialization that is large enough in peripheral space to fill the entire space-time partition from outer Havona to the first outer space level. Realize your drawings lack scale and have too much music attached to them while showing really nothing.

“Paradise has enough surrounding environment to classify itself as a universe all unto its own, but its “land” is something to see. It has rooms inside it, and it has rooms over top of it, and you can walk on it infinitely and never come to a rest stop to do that. Space comes out of its northern end through huge dynamos of heat and vapor and space “dries out” as northern Paradise spits into a vacuum cup and then blows it out forcefully to make it enter in to the streams of space to areas it must eventually fill completely.

“But Jesus now says he must make amends on Urantia and the spiritual explosion spoken to above must take place immediately after he incarnates and is seen in the television and other communication announcement. Jesus wishes to follow that spiritual event explained to earler.

“I am Jesus speaking now:


Jesus Explains the Current Interpretation of Ron Besser and As His Helpers on Urantia

JESUS - “I now speak clearly again. We must realize that I require total silence as I must transfer my seat of power from Uversa to Urantia for this brief encounter here. I see nothing wrong is speaking about a spiritual explosion, but it truly is a house fire in the mind, and we want people to feel good about it and ask questions about why they feel so differently. I am leaving for Urantia now and Ron catches me as I am going out the door and I will speak to Lemuel about this later today if I can get his attention. I bid you good bye.


Ron here. We are about to conclude this transmit and I have already removed a fascinating discussion by Jesus on his Return Team, who is on it and what our work is to protect Jesus and keep him schedule. But I left in place the next area Michael discusses when Jesus makes his announcement and the place goes up in smoke and God know what else. Please not the next dozen or so actions the Magisterial selective service will help Michael and Monjoronson and Serara to remove violence and crazies from starting fires in the end times. I find this fascinating and I hope you do too:  




“At this juncture we must make amends and see to it this message is posted clearly and well and so complete its main attraction which is to make sure we can place before you the most immediate information for your own concerns. I enumerate:

1) Space prisons have been placed around Urantia as non visible satellites for those we must immediately remove from earth;

2) Space detention centers are ready to be constructed outside of your prison system for the truly dangerous and that school shooting in Florida is the last attempt by spiritual dead individuals to make waves in the public school system or any system in the world and especially Florida, California, and New Mexico and some new England interests too, as these are the vulnerable areas in the United States in particular that harbor the most criminals and the most dangerous mass murders;


3) Space accommodations for all Urantians is available if we must place them at all as the assessment is from the Consummator of Universe Destiny is that Urantia will suffer far more devastation than earlier predicted as noted in the first part of this transmission;


4) We count ourselves fortunate to have Ron on the ground as he is excellent at foreseeing weak spots in our planning and we must hit the ground both as material incarnations and spiritual spikes on our shoes to stop runaway panic and desolation of material property which we expenct in NYC and other great cities in the United States;

5) We are consistently reviewing how to help Ron out of his periodic depressions over being unable to keep awake and moving to help us and himself to end the probationary period while we wait for all things to fill in as to our planning stages and what not, and now need clear heads to join us in the material realm;

6) A joint commission is to be established with Ron and a few others of you to determine how best to field out planning. Mantutia is to lead by placing the main items for consideration to talk about and this Commission will be held in York in or around Ron’s home;

7) Urantia is to receive a huge surprise in personnel soon by allowing major figure heads of major religions to appear incarnated briefly. They are to appear as they were then but in modern dress, and the Arabs will have their own dress to appear in. We also are preparing huge receptions for the newly achieved Kingdom joiners and they will be protected at all costs;

8 - Ron reminds us that the definition of revelation of epochal status still prevails and that they will be viewed with those newly attached to the Kingdom, but will not be allowed to proselytize with new people as old Urantia Book readers are without the cunning necessary to do this propertly;

9 - The Urantia Foundation in Chicago will be disbanded promptly and the new Urantia Book Foundation York given the go ahead to start immediately processing books that are orderd on Ron’s volunteer list and his other list he does not know about of other people who are to receive them post haste in China and South America and elsewhere when we finally decide who needs the books most’

10 - Jesus affirms his speech above and repudiates nothing Ron said about using current Security Networks at stadiums and university places of mass meetings;

11 - All people who long to join will be asked to join, but we know the difference between “me too” and genuine seekers of the Kingdom. I also congratulate Lemuel who has tied into a long transmit from the Consummator of the Universe Destiny and Ron is delighted to hear it;

12 - The delight of the new York office will to supply Monjoronson with his office on the first floor of whatever we get and that York will hold the Minister of Interior for Ron as he deserves a title now and then to wow them on trips of fully escorted Ministers we provide to all who are named as Ministers. Ron will have a uniform of splendor and will be seen in all the right places for a little while before they are underwater in all probability;

13 - Mantutia Melchizedek is missing in all of this. He will attend to Ron’s portfolio as Minister of the Interior but must aver to Machiventa Melchizedek who says he must work at Melchizedek Headquarters on Salvington. He objects but passes it for what it is worth as a big promotion is coming for Mantutia and that is to be guard of honor to Besser when he travels to Spain to bring Lemuel back to the States and his own home. I am Mantutia - “I am leaving for Salvington soon Ron and you will be taken in hand by Malvantra and sometimes by Mantutia who will not abandon you for a few short years at headquarters. I will return after logistics are figured out.

14 - Deleted

15 - Deleted

16 - The present situation warrants a much greater designation of human personnel but we have not finished that plan yet and will later on tomorrow Ron. Thank you.


Rom Besser - I conclude this transmission with a word of thanks to the Consummator of Universe Destiny, first by saying I am amazed this could happen at all and it is a dream to me to find out what I have been asking about for years: Is Infinity a System and if so, who put the System or the idea of the System to the I AM. Second to the marvelous and very kind Michael of Nebadon and the Creative Consort, as they must work very hard to translate the Paradise speech forms to Uvera forms to Salvington form to Urantia, our planet, speech forms in English. I am well aware how tricky that can be believe me. I also close this with John Zebedee in mind fully and truly as a hero who should be sung to more often as made the intelligence net work so well for Jesus and the Apostles, I do not think we would have had much of a Jesus teaching mission without his support and gift of seeing in so well. I also wish to thank those on high who we do not get named to help me do these transmissions which are long and arderous for me too as it takes hours and hours to get rid of most typos or misstatements and both abound in this one yet I did not catch. However it now is almost 2am I am calling it quits as soon as I can get it posted, My translator is Doris, a Midwayr only 37,512 years old and I adore her help as she helps me with formatting problems and spelling when she can guess where I get hung up. I also thank Bzutu for forming a brigade to help me over my physical rough spots for there was a time today doing this I could hardly see the computer screen, but they gave me enoug henergy to overcome that hazard and we made it to the end this early morning of the 16th. To all I say good night and enjoy what time you ahve left to see things as normal. Ron



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« Reply #1 on: February 16, 2018, 02:09:38 PM »
Hi Ron, it must have taking me three hours to get through this post since my brain refused to believe what my eyes was telling me.This must be one of the greatest revelations since the beginning of time. Eight off ten humans will be wiped out according to the consummator of universe destiny which will be a hard blow against humanity. I understand their way of thinking since Urantia is doomed in any way and the only way forward is to wipe the slate clean and begin a new chapter. There is a lot of discrepancies in this post but that's probably due to not reveiling certain facts. I'm certainly going to treat every day as my last day from this day on.Thanks to all of our celestials for being in our presence, and thank you Ron for this post. Domtia.

Ron Besser

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« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2018, 03:13:02 PM »

I appreciate your efforts to read and understand a very complicated document transmitted to me over six hours yesterday alone.

First, please understand, what I should do with such documents is to edit them to three or four pages, but this one does not allow me to do that.

Second, I am forever battling their mis-statements between platforms and that means that one spiritual agency will say one thing and another spiritual agency may contradict the other or bend it in a way the reader can truly wonder what they did mean to say.  I am not expert enough to figure it out and frankly I let most of that concern go in hopes the reader can arbitrate it as well as I would attempt to and even then I may fail to do so.  In other words, I just have to let go what I cannot correct because they said it.  This is what we have to put up with under the circumstances of not receiving revelation except through dictation, and that brings up a whole another subject:  Am I to blame for the mis-statements?  I believe I am but the devil is in determining if or how I mishear a long line of diction or a short statement where in place of the word now I write not.  I have caught that several times and I am not proud of myself of getting that accidentally wrong due to some dyslexia that occurs in my brain.

Third, this particular transmission was very hard to clear out of my brain at night and I sought many ways to clear my mental function.  I say this because to transmit six hours straight tires the mind to the degree I have to start watching me lose interest in all of the detail I must attend to.  You also must realize that Spirit seldom if ever writes something to chisel it in stone like an epitaph on a grave stone.  They just won't do it, yet we humans want to hold them to such an exacting degree in details they just sometimes give up and walk away from our nattering and noise over what they said or what we think they said.

Fourth, I seldom if ever give my opinion on what is stated in these transmissions because I am really just a messenger boy and have no authority or great insight into something new.  It is new because we never heard of it before and it is exceedingly difficult to say much about what is new without getting into a bias I try to avoid stating to the public.  I want the public to establish what it thinks as best it can and not get into what the transmitter thinks of it too.  However, let me tell you this:  It is entirely possible the Consummator or Michael or the Trinity or anyone else dictating to me may have over stated the issue my several degrees.  That is always possible for two reasons:  One: they see it that way today.  Two: They determine tomorrow it is not the serious for all sorts of reasons.  I am not directly referring to earth changes spoken to in this recent message but speaking general on what could happen to their evaluations on high.   And second to this statement is that I fear like you do.  This scares the be-jabbers out of me because of the loss of life and income and homes and education and living without fear because somebody will shoot me for a loaf of bread some day.  You should evaluate all of this with the idea that whatever will be will be and hope to God you got some of it right.  Mother earth is treacherous when she changes her skirts and her land and her air and the central core of her existence, and I do not doubt in the slightest we will see fire, volcanoes, floods, tsunamis, and collapsing land masses, but I do pray that we minimize the worst reduction in population since the year 203 BC when the Euphrates Valley flooded so bad no one escaped it and over one million people died in that catastrophe,  And there have been other similar floods for example when the land bridge that is now Gibraltar collapsed and flooded a beautiful valley to the point five million goats dies and 30 thousand humans died just walking along and were swept up in the approaching sea.

And finally, these long transmissions are difficult to assess even on high.  This morning after finally getting out of bed with little sleep, I decided to just let it lay and work on what answers I might give to emails like this one.  I trust that Spirit and Beyond Spirit see it correctly and have given us sufficient warning that nobody but a very few are safe with what is coming.  I hate the idea of losing children and innoncent people and innocent men and women to the angel of death far before their time to arrange a burial at least, but it appears this inundation is Biblical in its implications, and I feel for you too Pliktarious for even knowing does not guarantee Russia or yourself any safety net at all.  Thank your for your post.  Ron


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« Reply #3 on: February 16, 2018, 04:40:38 PM »
Thanks Ron, and take care of yourself.