Author Topic: Category Deletions on 17 Feb 2018 and 25 February  (Read 429 times)

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Category Deletions on 17 Feb 2018 and 25 February
« on: February 17, 2018, 01:09:53 PM »
We have deleted two categories that no longer are useful for now and can be added back if we have a need for them in the future.

1 - In August of last year we went through the exercise of looking at the possibility of the changes to Urantia and how that would affect governments like the United States.  We discussed if that would change our constitution by understanding that the United States lives under the motto:  "UNDER GOD WE TRUST"  as it should be.  However, there has been a total lack of interest in the subject in the months since then, and frankly we have had no further input from Salvington concerning what some nation states might do once God has a direct and physical representative placed on our shores.  We also know that the proposed divine changes that come to our world include using the United States as its physical and material headquarters here in York, Pennsylvania, and how that might affect governance in the Commonwealth as well as its recognition that the Federal Government may also change in some way unknown to us and that such a change could eventuate into a Constitutional revision to accommodate the material and heaquarter building (s) in York, Pa of unearthy jurisdiction in their midst in the Keystone State.  I have also learned we may be under attack by others for presenting these speculations, and feel since we no longer discuss this issue any longer, to delete the Category entirely.  Thank you.

2 - Phase I outline by Category of the approaching Magisterial Mission has also been removed since we no longer have distinct phases like this as originally planned for late last year and into today.  Phase I has a certain ring to it that has been modified by Michael himself and we are on a collision course with how they (Salvington and others) wish to present the events of the divine missions to come and therefore I should remove any suggestions by this Category that may be counter to the desires of the Mission.


 - - God the Father has replaced the Category of The I AM and modified to include posts on the Consummator of Universe Destiny.

- - Who Is God has been let to stand and also allows posts on the Consummator but when we can get agreement on how to handle this Category, if we retain it, we may modify it further.  Meanwhile the original post in this Category has been duplicated in the Category. GOD THE FATHER

-- FAQ's as a Category have been removed since they are so far out of date due to changes in the mission, is just is best to start over if we ever want to establish this Category again.

Note: I must look at this entire Board now that we have a lot of contentious issues not settled yet with me or other agencies with an interest in keeping this Board alive.  The deletion of the "Restart of the Magisterial Mission," Category is now obsolete and is removed because that discussion is just not germane to present considerations and issues.


Thank you
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