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« on: February 19, 2018, 01:43:24 PM »
Speaker: Thought Adjuster/ Lemuel
Subject: Silence 
Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
19th Feb 2018  17:56 Local

Lemuel.  Well, here I am, dear brothers and sisters, thinking and intending to practice my T/Ring
and all is silent. Not a peep from anyone so I think perhaps it would be better if I just sat quietly
and had a little chat with my Thought Adjuster.

L.  You here?
TA. Of course! Where else would I be?
L.  Well, I thought I would ask because all seem to be very quiet here this evening and I need to 
      continue practicing T/Ring.
TA. Yes, I am aware of that but sometimes it is also good to practice doing nothing, without you
       feeling guilty about it.
L.   You´re right. I do feel a little uncomfortable when nobody comes with a message but at the same
       time I know how vitally important it is. The Magisterial Mission needs many more who can T/R
       and at the moment there are so few of us.
TA.  You are already doing what is expected of you and your work is very much appreciated and
       read by many people around the world.  
L.   I know that and I am very much aware of the great responsibility this puts upon my shoulders and
       all the other T/R´s.
TA. You and the others are not given tasks to perform if you do not have the means to carry them out.
       Coming into silence and doing nothing, just being with me, is just as productive as you
       transmitting ten pages of a message.
       Remember above all, it is always your intention that counts for everything. When from the heart,
       your intention is to serve by practicing consistently, day after day, no matter what, that in and of
       itself speaks volumes and We Thought Adjusters see it and love you for it.
L.   Yes, well ok, but I can´t help feeling that I should be doing more, especially as I have the time.
       For an instance, you know that I live here in a home for old people and I think I must be one of
       the youngest, as most of the others, already have one foot in the grave, so to speak. I don´t mean
       to be unkind but that´s the situation. They just play cards or dominoes etc, and are just waiting
       to die.  It is so sad and I see this every day.
TA. But my dear, I have just reminded you that it is your intention that counts. I know you have
       already, from time to time, sent out love and light to some of them and they received the benefit,
       albeit unconsciously. The power of thought is little appreciated by most people and that has
       added to the very dire situation you are all facing. 
       You can and you do help your neighbours here, when you simply smile at them and open doors
       for them to enter or leave, it can and does lift their spirits.
       You are still concerned about the fact that you do not speak their language.
L.   This is true. Whilst I am quite fluid in Castellano, I fail with Catalan, but at least I am able to
       make myself understood. But how can I speak to them about spiritual matters? This is a Catholic
       country and as they say, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks.
TA. On this point, I agree with you, Lemuel. Nevertheless, it is no accident that you are here and by
       your constant surrendering to my Will, you are in the right place at the right time, even if you
       may think differently. However, things are moving rapidly along and great changes are afoot.
L.  Yes indeed. I am very much aware of that. After living here, in a foreign country, with two
      languages for more than twenty - seven years, I can say that I really am looking forward to a
      change. But, as I am sure you already know, the only thing that keeps me cheerful and on 
      an even keel, is our beautiful relationship. Where would I be without You?  Up the proverbial
      creek without a paddle!
TA. Quite so Lemuel.
L.  Well my Beloved, I have enjoyed our little chat this evening. It only remains for me to say
      thank You, Good night, and I love You.
TA. I love you too!  Goodnight!



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Re: Silence
« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2018, 02:21:19 PM »
 :D    My brother Lemuel, ..., it's fascinating to see such a conversation evolve between you and your Personal Thought Adjuster,..., I just love it!!!

   Like you, my dear friend Lemuel, when I do not receive a message, I feel guilty,..., considering the request from our Celestial Family for more "TR person" for the needs of the "Magisterial Mission" and the importance of practicing the "Stillness" and "TRing" as much as possible and better yet,..., practice it every day!!!

Very nice, indeed my dear friend Lemuel and tank's to you Thought Adjuster.  ;) 8)
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