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Michael of Nebadon
Mother Spirit
Margul, Trinity Teacher Son
Original Michael; Original Creative Consort
York, Pa 22:00 Local Time
February 25, 2018

“This is Michael of Nebadon, and I wish to convey a simple message tonight.  Ron made the horrible mistake of saying something to you very early this morning in a post to the sayings of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, when He gave you a new Census of population on Urantia in unusual categories.  Ron caught it immediately why that was done, but a bunch of you are offended by the use of the term, THE RAPTURE.

“I am now giving you a lecture on why he used it and how it is correct.

“Several decades ago I was watching a church group hallelujah themselves into a frenzy over a proposed return of Jesus.  That minister was a fruitcake, but he was truly a man of the cloth, as he heard the discussion we were having on Salvington through Gabriel who transmitted to that individual.  He heard Gabriel say that Jesus was returning soon enough and that there was to be a big parade for him in that city sometime to come.  The minister was promising a real rapture to follow it and he made every effort to convert the congregation to a born-again frenzy over who goes and who does not.

“Fast forward to Ron’s incision with the Consummator of Universe Destiny and his Census on Urantia Population you just read less than twenty four hours ago.  In that Census, the Consummator made reference to population groups who had Thought Adjusters who were ready to fuse if there was any one on Urantia that could explain to them that tier heart’s desire, Jesus, was waiting for them on the other side and all would be well in their lives again.

“Now I happen to know Ron did not fully discover this until he started posting it the forum as it all started with him revising the Time Line and adding to the Census of 2005, 2016 and now 2018 and he placed them together for easy comparison.  When he completed it, he found that there was no direct correlation to the broadcast that originally was connected to the Census and let it lie.  As he looked at it he decided it should be posted to the discussion forum to inform people of this rather irregular Census and did so mistakes of first draft and all.  We were delighted he recognized its worth but he looked later and saw there was a pattern to it that gave new revelation and meaning to the Second Return of Jesus.

“He chose to use the familiar term “rapture,” which some of you dislike intensely, and that is because you associate it with born again individuals who are so rabid they cannot talk any normal sense about spirit without going into swoons over the rapture.  In the born again parlance, there is no real rapture but a sorting out of people by their spiritual attributes.  Ron saw the Census as a sorting of spiritual attributes and how many of the Urantia population fit it.  He is absolutely correct to this.

“However, he added something I would never have told, and it is preciously destructive of our plans to call it the “attributes of fused delights.” when Jesus suddenly appears on the screen of some TV’s soon enough.  What Ron said is absolutely correct: the appearance of Jesus before the population on Urantia will trigger Thought Adjuster fusions for those ready to fuse but have no way of making the move to understand this is even possible and then the Adjuster holds back and so on.  Jesus appears and it changes the, what Ron calls, the spiritual economy, and when that spiritual license for Urantia is modified by the return of our Bestowal Son, Jesus, those Adjusters in various population groups will fuse them.  Ron used the term raputre to signify the common usage of fusion variations on Urantia.  Now why would I get upset about a bunch of people who are as sour as all get out today and refuse to comment on the discussion forum?

“The answer does not lie with Ron or me or the Consummator, but with Jesus.  He told me Ron is as rare of hen’s teeth, and that he made the proper announcement, but some of you took offense because you thought Ron went over to the born-agains.  Not so, but we now realize you as a group now are as bad as other religious groups in that you disdain being talked to freely, but in a certain language Ron does not adhere to either.  He calls them as he sees them, and Lemuel when he was awake enough to read the post almost fell off his bed side and wondered if Ron lost his mind.  Ron carries one of the rarest genes in the world and it is capable of hearing so clearly and so well you cannot easily fool him what a religious statement is about.  In so many words, you got the truth but failed to understand because Ron had no other jargon than to use the term rapture.

“I am Michael and we have concluded this issue is not worthy of restatement but to advise all of you to be on the look out for changes in vocabulary, and as Ron has pointed out to us this evening, there is no English language vocabulary to speak to these events other than the Christian theological teams known as born-again Christians who recovered the term from episcopal diocese brethren of the late Middle Ages.  Then it was considered anti-social to speak of Jesus in terms of spiritual accolades but rather it was important to speak to his wit and charm with people in the street and for whom he did so much.  The Rapture was in a sense a trial to speak well without falling into tears and/or chants and tongues.

“Now I caution all of you to leave your learning aside and begin to realize that many events will not have an explantion in any language, and knowing Ron he will invent the language to at least describe what it is that happened, and that is because he is fairly well secured in understand what we are capable of without getting his shorts into a know over how to explain it.  He just lays it on the line and the term Rapture fits exactly what will happen in some of those groups the Consummator of Justice and Universe Destiny listed for you.  I am Michael and I wish you a good day.”

“I seldom give Ron any clue to his ability to hear so well as he assumes it is because he hears someone fill him in when the time is ripe for him to have a good idea what is about to be done.  He is guessing at a lot and saying very little to any of you because you do not take the time to think but merely to react.  We say this to all of you: the time is coming to let things lie in your views as Ron has already turned the corner over the issues of the Second Return and dealing with the Missions divine and otherwise to come to Urantia in a matter of weeks for most of you.  For some of you it is probable you will quite the forum and strike out on your own and then find out what a chore it is to be informed at all as to what is to be expected.  You are gently warned that being your own boss loses the identity patch you carry by being on this list and your information is then open to other kinds of verification than you are used to receiving.  Good day.”


“I am the original Spirit of God for time and transcendent time.  I participated with the first and only Michael of Paradise Sonship that was both transcendental and time-dedicated at the same time and successfully as the only Creative Spirit that has high standing in the Councils of Paradise as the memory of all God-seeking individuals of all humans on every planet in every Superuniverse in time. 

“This is not a rant or a diatribe against any of you, but you castigate everyone who does not understand the difference between the Eternal Son and the Creator Sons of which there are many.  Ron understands they simply do not know the difference and will never know the difference unless they partake in a revelatory experience along the way.  Jesus intends to separate the difference between ignorance of such facts and fulfilling the prophecy of what it means to be the one and only begotten Son of God.  That will create headlines for a change for the right reason.

“Meanwhile, so many of you are quite sure you have the right horse to ride in the coming storm, but before you entirely commit to any particular way of becoming ennobled on high, recognize that the trial to be good is only half the battle and the rest of the battle is to be understanding of those who simply do not know the difference for lots of examples they will have to use revelation to learn and know differences they have never thought about in their lives.

“I am a Creative Spirit with a name like Nebadonia, and my general name is the First Creative Spirit to apply to universe Bestowal an Progress.  In the case of the first Michael, Creator Son ever to exist. He speaks as follows to all of you:”

“I am that first Michael and I greet all of you to udnerstand that this transmitter worries over everything and nothing as he keeps his pace with my tongue as you would call it and it is very easy to type when speaking with any Creator Son as we intrinsically speak the language a transmitter has and we can do it by noting his voice in the airup here and listen to his inflection, and then know he is what he is and that settles how we can use his language as he speaks it.  That said this transmitter has two outstanding attributes: 1 - He is capable of great truth and revelatory practices with is guide Mantutia Melchizedek; 2 - He can hear a pin drop on Paradise if one should do so for him.  I am truly taken by this transmitter as he laughs easily and can easily hear my friendship too.  The Creative Spirit takes him to task sometimes because he laughs in a he-haw way and agrees he would not want to listen to it either.  However, she now forgives him for many acts she never understood before and listens him not crow over anything but to get moving and done with what he has to do and finish for the Salvington group of Paradise Deities on that headquarter world of the Local Universe of Nebadon.  Thank you.”

“You all are learning a process in which you must fight to get a true transmission of truth in it.  Ron has speculated about the rapture and he is not wrong about the technique of Adjuster fusions to come.  However, they are not truly a selection of the elite, so much as a selection of those ready to fuse with the Father on His terms for them at this time.  They are not all Adjuster fused but translated for their own purposes some day in the future on the assigned mansion worlds of Satania and perhaps Tirina, but that name is not fully decided yet but that is what you have been told to date that it is.  Now this:

“I am Margul, a Trinity Teacher Son, and I am moving my headquarters of thought to Urantia but I am staying on Paradise for the time being unlike what I told some of yu before.  Ron is aware of the statement and may not have published that transcript for lots of reasons these days.  In any case I am not removing me or the Trinity from Urantia due to these Missions, but the Consummator of Universe Destiny, has provided another scenario for Light and Life on Urantia which is simply gorgeous, and that is for you to learn about in about six weeks after Jesus appears.  Ron was to hear from Jesus in this transmission, but it was aborted due to the insinuation Jesus had that some of you were not doing all you could to get ready, and so it was dropped to keep things copacetic.  I am a Trinity Teacher Son who enjoys people on Urantia as they have undergone so many trials and difficulties they can be vary funny in dealing with the desires of Deity to pet them down and get them happy again.  Ron is one of those who has become explosive over issues we cannot remit but he insists we can and you see the problem I am sure. Good day.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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This is a wonderful thread and there is much in it that we should be alterted to when we consider all of the work that will be done on Urantia to "correct" so much  information that is false, misunderstood,  and any number of other ways that Urantia  has been so far out of the trusth of Spirit and Religion.

I rushed home from  work on   my lunch break since I so much wanted to  resopnd to a couple of things that is great advice and counsel for us.  It is contained in the following from Michael:

“I am Michael and we have concluded this issue is not worthy of restatement but to advise all of you to be on the look out for changes in vocabulary, and as Ron has pointed out to us this evening, there is no English language vocabulary to speak to these events other than the Christian theological teams known as born-again Christians who recovered the term from episcopal diocese brethren of the late Middle Ages. and
“Now I caution all of you to leave your learning aside and begin to realize that many events will not have an explanation in any language, and knowing Ron he will invent the language to at least describe what it is that happened, and that is because he is fairly well secured in understand what we are capable of without getting his shorts into a know over how to explain it

 Thankfully we will receive the Supreme Teachers of the Universe when and as the Melchizedeks arrive to take on  a most monumental assignment as they will lead Urantia and  her citizens to  coordinate and  unify this worlds religions and goodness knows how long that  will take.  There are so many religions, sects, dominations, off chutes and even cults each with their cemented dogmas but hundreds of languages to deal with as well, and many different forms of  governments too!
When one stops to think  of the past, it is usually the religious leaders that cause most of the major set backs to progressive religion and revelations.   It was the Sanhedrin , the prime leaders of that time, that conspired and were successful in the murder of Jesus.  You can rest assured that  that will again be something  that will be made apparent and  now we have the rantia Foudation who will be in extreme resistance as well.

This counsel from Michael is so important for us to  keep in our minds as these events take place.  Urantia is so very violent.. much worse that in the time of Jesus.  It will require great attention, discernment and wisdom in the beginning but I think we will learn rapidly and expoentially  by our experience.

I was researching  the map of the worlds major religions recently just for my own interest and give you the link for it below if you are interested.

I often think of what all may happen for people who have never heard  of the Urantia Book for they are going to "blown away" from so much that is so far beyond normal thinking.  

I am so thankful for this information  and I think it is so very imortant for us  to take into our hearts and minds.   I have been thinking about it almost constantly since having read it..   I sm so sorry that I have to go back to work.   These "damnable" early morning shifts that I have been having to work for the past couple of weeks are a pain in my keister!   I must hurry  back to work.

"What you are today is not so important as what you are becoming day by day so Let us be about the Father's Business"

Ron Besser

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That's good Larry and thanks for your extra effort to get home and contribute to our gainly knowledge-ways with information lately.

It is my intense desire to correct the way spiritual events are reported by media and I am willing to bet I will become numb and very angry with stupidity and ignorance so dense and black that even when I know what actually happened they will confuse me too!  Politics will be divided along spiritual lines- you know that don't you!  The Special Prosecutor over Russian interference with our 2016 Presidential Election will become Mueller's failing to understand the difference between the Eternal Son and a Creator Son on a Bestowal Mission.  And we will have to figure out how to get a 12 pack of Pepsi in our home fridge because stores west of the Pittsburgh are are being delivered to with promises for next week for sure by empty fulfillment trucks.

The Rapture is the buzz word in most churches that allow one to speak off scripture, or at least out of  non-Biblical,  non-licensed scriptural anomalies, and that is because no one has bothered to read the Urantia Book of what that acutally entails.  Instead let's read Saint Paul who predicted it.  Read this fascinating Scripture first:

.Corinthians 15:51-52
 51"Behold I show you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we
 shall all be changed, 52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, 

at the  last trump;  for the trumpet shall sound,  and the  dead       
 shall  be  raised  incorruptible, and  we  shall  be  changed."

Read verse 52 in the above very slowly, think about the order
(sequence) God inspired Paul to list these  three events:

 1 __At the  last trump  (i.e., the 7th).  [Ron: I believe that refers to the seventh year before Jesus appears]

 2 __The  dead shall be raised   (first Resurrection).
[Ron: Paul wrote this resurrection was before Jesus appeared]

 3 __And we shall be changed   (raptured). [Ron: vague but I think it refers to the rapture now taking place, Paul does not seem to think the rapture occurs on earth but after resurrection on the mansion worlds.]
So, does the Bible tell us when the resurrection will take place?
Yes! Jesus Himself tells us in John 6:40, and John 6:44, that the
  Resurrection  is on the Last day  (see also John 11:24). So, if  [Ron: John tells us the last day of the seventh year before Jesus' Second Return - others interpret this somewhat differently]
 the Resurrection is on the Last Day, as stated by Jesus,  and in
 I Cor.15:52,  Paul  lists  the  Rapture  after  the  Resurrection
 Paul  has  told  us  the  "sequence" of these 3 events and Jesus
 told us "when".... On the  Last Day! ....          Note #1----->
 ....Is this such a difficult concept to comprehend? Clearly, these
 two verses teach a Post-Tribulation Rapture  at the Second
 Coming of ChristHow can the  Last Trumpet sound__then
 the__Resurrection of the dead (in Christ), and the__Rapture,
 all take place  seven  years __before__ the Last Day?
[Ron: Paul answered a group called the Thessalonians. a struggling new Christian Church contemporary 1st century Paul of Tarsus, with a clarification of what is remembered in Corinthians above as he wrote it there, until bad men are removed, and any copy cat Christs are sent packing, then the lifting up of those who believe and the Rapture then takes place at resurrection.  Below is the text supporting that summary]
I Thessalonians 4:16

 "For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout,
with the voice of the archangel,  and with the trump  of God:
and the dead in Christ shall rise first."
Again the word  "trump"  is used,  but the Thessalonians  were
 unclear as to "when" this would happen. Paul apparently heard
 that they were troubled about this, so he then wrote a  second
 letter to clear this up, and this reads as follows:

 II Thessalonians 2:1-4, "Now we beseech you, brethren, by
 the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ,  and our
 together (
i.e. rapture) unto him,         2   That ye be not soon
 shaken in mind,_or be troubled,_neither by spirit,_or by word,
 nor by letter from us, _as that the _day of Christ_ is at hand.
  3  Let no man_deceive you_by any means:   for__ that
 shall not come_
except there come a *falling away  first, and
 that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition" ( false christ).

 *Falling away,  
is #646  "APOSTASIA"  in the Strong's  (Greek)
 Concordance, and translates "Defection from the truth, apostasy."

 In this  second letter Paul, this time  makes it  very clear that
 the false christ comes first and, (v-3) not to let anyone deceive
 you. Then, referring back to the first letter he wrote,"Then (after
 the false Christ)  the Lord descends,  with a shout,  with the voice
 of the arch angel, with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ
 shall rise  first."  This  is  the second coming of Christafter the
 tribulation. So, with this  second letter  Paul is making it clear
 that this trump is not  before  the tribulation it's after.  It's a
 post-trib rapture, at the Last Trump, on the  Last Day!

Ron: For a rousing Rapture believer read the text on this site for details that seem quite varied.

"I am Paul and Ron dug out Scripture attributed to me but really was written by my secretaries at the time, as I had so much correspondence from eleven new churches when this response was written.  I  never meant to set the time for the rapture because I saw the rapture as a place where God relented his scolding and held us in peace in heaven.  That is why I believed the so-called Rapture was after human death on the planet and achieved with God in heaven at that time.

"Later on,  one of the Gospel writers, probably John himself, wrote that the Rapture was before the dealing of Jesus in his Second Return, for we all believed Jesus would be back within a decade after his crucifixion as many did down through the ages and as late as 1835 the Millenialists predicted his return in those years and many a strange incidents happened then but no Second Return of Jesus occurred.  I leave you with this to ponder:  before I died crucified too by the Roman Emperor Vespasian  (circa 62AD) we were told by Peter that the last hope for the Return of Christ was nearly over as heaven now sets standards so harsh we who were Apostles are no longer given updates as to where we stand with seeing Jesus again.  Ron sees this as happening now and you better believe he is in hot water if he takes it too seriously, for the trial for Jesus to Return is already set and quite soon.  The trial Ron refers to is about getting people both ready and/or removed to get trouble makers out of the way/  Thank you.  I am Paul."

Ron Besser - Paul is correct and I remind the reader we are, if we follow the concourse of Rapture theology, near the last days of the seventh year before the appearance of Jesus Christ.  The Second Return is a figmented belief system, but I fully trust Paul to point out that we transmitters are catching the sacrifice of ". . . heaven now sets standards so harsh we who were Apostles are no longer given updates."

We are all Apostles to the loving care mediated out to others through our ideals belonging to Jesus in the first place.  And in that sense we do get set out or set back or truncated bu any message to update us as to the status of these events soon to take place.  Now that should somehow gel with the idea that Michael and Margul and the Creative Spirit do not finish everything they start resulting in partial transmissions I constantly get now and for the past few weeks at least.  We too have also lost a number of transmitters by attrition and I will let it go at that for now as well.  What is left to dependably transmit are those of us who have fused.  Do you who read this, do you truly understand that the culling of who shall serve in any capacity must have sufficient Father-Adjuster attunement with the indwelling spirit of the Father, and that if you do not have it as such, you will mostly watch from the side lines?  The Rapture to Paul was concise; but to me,  the rapture is by attuned groups who NATURALLY FLOW TO GOD by their attention to spiritual progress during their life times--  see the 2018 Census for these group listings elsewhere.  Jesus will do as He pleases with what happens to mortals in those groups but if he creates the circumstances for Adjuster fusion (the Rapture) through the transcendence of flesh to spirit personality, then we have a whole new resolve for Urantia to be healed and be retained for its new destiny as a collateral sphere of the Salvington Complex of university planets on the horrors of the Lucifer Rebellion.

I thank Paul for breaking his silence on this unusual and perplexing subject and I assure you I have a lot to learn too, but we are at least starting to get that information underway for a greater understanding of what is to come soon,

Ron for Michael of Nebadon; Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son on Urantia again and who will lead Urantia into Light and Life, and possibly faster than the original projected one thousand years plus into the future; and.  to all the Midwayers and Midsoniters, and with Jesus Himself, I thank all for your contributons to this post and the information it contains.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania