Author Topic: Audio Transmission/ Being Honest with yourself  (Read 203 times)

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Audio Transmission/ Being Honest with yourself
« on: March 03, 2018, 05:22:09 AM »
Speaker: Beloved/Lemuel
Subject: Being Honest with yourself
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain
Date/ Time  03 March 2018  11:20 Local


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Re: Audio Transmission/ Being Honest with yourself
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2018, 08:08:38 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission
Being honest with yourself

Lemuel/Beloved : My subject this morning is « Being honest with yourself », in other words : stop pulling the (…..) in your eyes. It is a well-known expression and I am sure you understand it. Being honest and being true to yourself is the first and big step in discovering who you really are.

If you are able to stop all pretense as you go through your daily life, acting a particular part, one moment the husband and the next the friend or the father or the neighbour or the worker or whoever. If you can really be true to yourself you will not wear different hats throughout the day.

I am sure you all know how it feels when you meet someone and you start to talk to him, but already your mind is somewhere else. You are not fully 100% with that person at that moment. So, in other words you are acting a part of being kind and generous and interested in that person, which is not true. In other words, you are pulling the (….) in your own eyes.

Stop acting that part, it is not necessary, because it is not the real you. Also, being honest with yourself is to have the ability to look at all your faults, and yes you all have faults. Some faults may be undearing, but nevertheless they are faults.

By faults, I don’t mean sins or very wrong-doings in your life, but faults in the sense you may criticize other people or you criticize yourself and you look down on people or you are envious of your neighbours’car or whatever.

These are normal characteristics of people and actually it is sad to see they are not being themselves, they try to be something else or someone else. Being honest with yourself is so necessary so that you can be honest with all your brothers and sisters.

I am talking of 100% of honesty with yourself first, by being what you are and not pretend to be someone else, by acting a part throughout the day. You know what I mean. When you are honest with yourself, you are honest with your brothers and sisters.

That is when they can really truely see you for what you are, not through what you pretend to be. So you see, it is a great disservice to your brothers and sisters when you keep acting a part and they of course will judge you for that part you are playing.

So please, my dear brothers and sisters, be honest with yourselves. Honesty brings integrity and sincerity. So the time will come when you will find it impossible to save a life, even the smallest whitest of light will register in your heart and you will regret it.

This is the sort of honesty I am referring to. You have your Thought Adjusters to help you with this. When you recognize that you do act parts throughout the day, confide in your Thought Adjuster and ask for help, but be sincere in your asking. So your asking must be honest and sincere as well of course.

I don’t need to say anything more on this subject, I know you understand, it is a very good lesson to learn and it can be very hard, I know, but it is so very necessary to be honest with yourself and therefore honest with everybody else.

I thank you for listening. This is Lemuel and my Beloved signing-off for this morning. We bid you all a very good week-end. Domtia
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