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The Purpose of Emotional Pain
« on: March 18, 2018, 01:03:35 AM »
Topic:  The Purpose of Emotional Pain
Teacher:  Amethyst's Thought Adjuster
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:        March 18, 2018   12:10 AM

   "It is natural that humans try to avoid pain.  It is not comfortable. But it is not meant to be comfortable.  It is put there so that you will go within.  And that is where you will find your own personal Adjuster.  Sometimes pain will lead you away from situations that are not healthy, and sometimes pain can be a prelude to a greater understanding of important things that you need to know.  It can serve as a guidepost if you can learn to understand why you have it.  Don't confuse emotional pain with grief.  Grief is indeed painful, but that is not the kind of pain to which I am referring.  Pain can serve as a warning of danger and it can also show you a blessing, depending on the situation.  That is why it is so important when you are feeling emotional pain that you go within and let your Adjuster show you why it is occurring.
   "Far too often we see those who try to avoid pain turn to drugs and alcohol as a means to deaden it, and this is the worst thing you can do because, not only will you not learn from your pain, you will be temporarily severing the connection you have with your Father Fragment.  We Adjusters need to be able to reach you, but that can only happen when you cooperate with Us so that We can help you on your spiritual journey.  I make room for Sananda."

   "When I was with Jesus, he felt deeply and that included emotional pain.  Go to your Urantia Book and read the section on his night alone in Gethsemane.  You will find his pain at one of it most intense levels.  That night our beloved  Jesus suffered a great deal.  Beads of sweat rolled off his forehead.  He was troubled because his disciples slept instead of being and watching with him.  He turned to me and sought comfort as he knew his fate was to be atrocious.  Your Adjuster is the place you need to turn always,  and they are close in those times of discomfort and pain.  They love you deeply and will help you with all of your spiritual needs."

Amethyst:  Now back to my Adjuster.
   "Pain is a necessary component of spiritual growth.  It stretches you, and helps provide more inner space that allows for more reception.  It shapes the soul so that blessings can truly be appreciated for their precious nature when they come.  So try not to avoid unpleasant and uncomfortable emotion.  It serves a purpose.  By going within, you will find your Adjuster and He will help you get through it.  This is a place where Amethyst is now and together we are working on it.  By sharing the experience she is having with me at this time, it may be useful to you who are going through emotions that you cannot understand."  

Amethyst: You may learn more about the pain Jesus experienced in The Urantia Book, 182:3
The last sentence of paragraph five, "It was just one of those awful human moments when everything seems to bear down with crushing cruelty and terrible agony."

Blessings to you all.
I thank my beloved Adjuster for providing this transmission to share.


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