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Eighth (8th) World Water Forum - Brasília - Brazil
« on: March 20, 2018, 01:18:45 PM »
         Eighth (8th) World Water Forum - Brasilia Brazil
Between March 17, 2018 until March 23, 2018
Forum Theme: Sharing Water
To all
             I miss everybody.
              After several months without accessing the Serara Forum I am returning, little by little.
              I had a nose job in the first half of January 2018 and everything went well.
               I moved to the apartment that I bought near the place of work earlier this month of March 2018.
              Nonetheless, I continue with some renovations in the apartment.
               Reforming a home (or apartment) while inside is not easy, but it is a time of transition that we need to have a lot of patience.
               Changing the subject. This morning I was at the Citizen's Village at the Eighth World Water Forum that is happening here in Brasilia, Brazil (place where I live).
                At this eighth World Water Forum, for the first time a free space was created for the local people to be able to participate without having to spend money, and thus get involved with the issue that is of the utmost importance that is water. In this case, the free space is called "Vila Cidadã" (Citizen Village), with many parallel events on the awareness of water use with various approaches.
                Unfortunately, it is only a few days of this important event that is about the importance of water to the whole world.
                In my opinion, the theme of this Forum is extremely appropriate: Sharing Water.
                I believe that the verb "to share" is extremely strong and makes the union between people and people exist.
                           Share Water.
                           Share Food.
                            Share Love.
                A big hug for everyone.
                Julio da Luz


Oitavo (8º) Fórum Mundial da Água - Brasília - Brasil
Entre 17 de março de 2018 até o dia 23 de março de 2018
Tema do Fórum: Compartilhando Água


A todos
                    Saudades de todos.
                    Depois de vários meses sem acessar o Fórum Serara eu estou retornando, aos poucos.
                     Fiz uma cirurgia no nariz na primeira quinzena de Janeiro de 2018 e tudo transcorreu bem.
                     Me mudei para o apartamento que eu comprei próximo ao local do trabalho no início deste mês de março de 2018.
                    Não obstante, continuo com algumas reformas no apartamento.
                     Reformar uma casa (ou apartamento) estando dentro não é fácil, mas é um momento de transição que precisamos de ter muita paciência.
                    Mudando de assunto. Hoje de manhã eu estive na Vila Cidadã no Oitavo Fórum Mundial da Água que está acontecendo aqui em Brasília, Brasil (lugar aonde eu moro).
                     Neste oitavo Fórum Mundial da Água, pela primeira vez foi criado um espaço gratuito para o povo local poder participar sem ter que gastar dinheiro, e assim se envolver com o tema que é de extrema importância que é a água. No caso o espaço gratuito se chama "Vila Cidadã", com muitos eventos paralelos sobre a conscientização do uso da água com vários enfoques.
                      Infelizmente são poucos dias deste evento tão importante que trata sobre a importância da água para o mundo inteiro.
                     Ao meu ver, o tema deste Fórum é extremamente apropriado: Compartilhando Água.
                     Eu acredito que o verbo "compartilhar" é extremamente forte e faz com que exista a união entre as pessoas e povos.
                            Compartilhar Água.
                            Compartilhar Alimento.
                            Compartilhar Amor.
                            Um grande abraço para todos.
                            Julio da Luz

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Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)


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Re: Eighth (8th) World Water Forum - Brasília - Brazil
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2018, 10:38:00 PM »
Nice to hear from you Julio and that all is well with your nose surgery. For sure, you have been missing us all here. Wishing you a warm welcome back in our family. Domtia
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Re: Eighth (8th) World Water Forum - Brasília - Brazil
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2018, 01:44:28 AM »
Welcome back, Julio.  
                                   So glad to hear you are recovering well from your nose operation.
We have missed you, dear brother. 



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Re: Eighth (8th) World Water Forum - Brasília - Brazil
« Reply #3 on: March 21, 2018, 01:33:00 PM »
Good day, Julio!  I, too, have missed your posts.  Great to have you back.
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Re: Eighth (8th) World Water Forum - Brasília - Brazil
« Reply #4 on: March 21, 2018, 04:32:06 PM »
Julio,  glad to see you here again.  A year or so ago you informed us of the loss of your dad and that he loved music, and if I remember correctly you said that his favorite musical choices were Tangos and Maurice Ravel's "Bolero."  You probably know Bolero is written in the 6/4 time signature.  Well, I've been thinking of your dad often lately.  Why?  Well, I was given lyrics from Father Michael about two months ago for a new piece, what I am so far calling, "Mission Triumphant."  (Now, it may be changed for the reason Ron introduced us to the concept of the Original Will of the Triumphant and I think that I could not honor the name with my music.   Ron's masterpiece Work on Infinity is far far far above the grade of my musical piece, but if it would be possibly accepted by All, I would change the name of the piece to "Will Triumphant.")  So, Julio, this piece is written in 6/4 time like Bolero and as I'm working on the piece I keep falling into one of the passages Ravel liked to use in that time signature over and over.  And every time I have to stop, clear my mind from Ravel's beautiful ideas and go on.  Like your dad,  I know Bolero so well (almost every note it seems in my head) it's hard to fight though the familiarity.  So, for this aggravating reason (lol) I wish to humbly dedicate this piece (whatever the title evolves to) to your dad with your permission.  If you approve, could you kindly give us his full name?  Of course, when completed I will post (probably in a month or so).  Thanks.

In memory of your beloved father,