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God the Supreme on Lessons In Education
« on: March 27, 2018, 12:46:52 PM »
Teacher: God the Supreme
Subject: Lessons in Education
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 28/03/2018 2.19am(AEDT)


“Always when taking a lesson, look who it is that is teaching the lesson or the subject at hand. If a Melchizedek brother, it is of a high order you receive from; if a Trinity Teacher Son, that is one higher still as it comes from Paradise; if from other orders of beings, they are of qualities relevant to your level. No matter the content, it is the quality of wisdom that can be obtained from all levels of personality. All have a common thread of utmost dignity of human will and purpose in the Father’s domain.

“You do not know who it is that speaks to you right now, that is undisclosed so to mask the perception, but not of what/why it is that you receive this in a manner in which it is to be received. This is to allow you to kick in your adjutant mind spirits to discern those mechanisms by which I pry you with to work it here as I speak.

“This is a different tone and a different manner for which I use to approach and let it be flowing here.

“So regardless as to who is speaking, you can always pick up the cues as we go along. You sense me, but do not recognise this manner of approach and that is because I use a different circuitry of higher input than I previously used on you the day before. Yes, you know now, I am God the Supreme. Now that is settled, can we move on?

“This is a lesson in education that you will have coming in terms of the new edition of revelations that is to be placed before you to read and study. The Sixth Epochal Revelation is ready to go and will be sent out shortly in various institutions, libraries, universities and a few of you that are on the list to receive such an insightful edition. When upon receiving such insights, know that it is one of profound inspirations that will grant you better perspectives in universal activity. Activity that is of a highly organised structure that have numerous beings and orders all working extremely well to produce a well nigh perfect system of infinite purpose. As the Supreme, I work to produce the desired effect in all experiential programs. That is part and parcel of all those experiences in time you all acquire and achieve in your lives as you live them and then going on to the adventure of gaining ever more in your ascension careers. You are an integral part of the and my work as God the Supreme as you are the pieces of the puzzle, as it were, to being superb creatures of willful intent in the Father’s infinite plans of Universe growth.

“Yes, there are so much more being revealed as you go on forward in learning of your new-found place as a Citizen of the Universe in which you are a part of. The lessons will be growing with you as you press forward on to those areas that will open in time for you to increase in knowledge and understanding.

“I will leave it there and allow you to get this typed up and I wish to thank you for taking this moment with me to receive such input as can be had when one takes the initiatives to set a time aside to do so. There is always a lesson to receive, you only have to ask for it and it will be forthcoming as it does here. I am God the Supreme and I bid you a good morning, my lass, Aye!”



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Re: God the Supreme on Lessons In Education
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2018, 08:51:30 PM »
Well I wish to thank you Sister Sue for partnering up with God The Supreme for this very insightful and valuable lesson in individual awareness. By that I mean that when one is listening to a person of higher authority or integrity, we set ourselves up with an expectation level that gets us in a specific state of mind before we even hear what is being addressed by the teacher.  If someone that was not known was to give this same address to a class for instance, the value of the lesson would still be the same but would be received at a different level of understanding and belief. 

It is kind of like the old saying.  Don't shoot the messenger just because you don't like the message.  In reading my UB, I noticed so many different times the comment that it is the intention that matters the most.  If our minds are set on the intention of taking these many revelations we are given and really dig into them to get at the root of the quality and veracity of the message then we will certainly be rewarded for the effort.  Our minds are different and so it is so very obvious that each and everyone of us will get some part of the message and understand it only as much as our mind can process.  As we grow in knowledge and perception we will be getting more and more out of each lesson.  I know for a fact that I can read something that Ron or Lemuel or Larry or Sue or Wendy or anyone posts more that once and then get more and more out of that very same message.

Our teachers are here with us for the same reason that we are here for them.  It is a give and take adventure of growth and understanding.  The more we receive the more we can give and vice-versa.  God The Supreme is a growing Experiential Being and He wants to help us grow as we do in fact help him grow.  His growth is so dependent on our experiencing so many different things in so many different ways.  Our growth is done in the exact same way.  Think about it.  Every time that you experience something new or something old in a new way, you are growing and growing.  You can't help but grow.

I, for one am looking so forward to our new edition of the Urantia Book that my feelings of anticipation drive me nuts sometimes.  There is so much that we can learn that will not only help us, but enable us to help those around us, that are in need of good guidance and leadership.  We are being trained to lead as well as follow.

I had a few close friends tell me recently that I need to try my best to add to the cure and not the disease and that I shall do.  I apologize for my absence from our forum recently but I also have things that I am working through in my life.  I did not want to nor will I bring my personal problems to this wonderful table of life.  

I love each and everyone of you who over the past couple of years have become so dear to me.  Thank you for always showing me your love in return.  Now let's all just get back up on this contrary horse and get it moving forward again.

Your Brother in Christ Michael,