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Ron:  This a long and somewhat disorganized dissertation from Michael of Nebadon, Mother Spirit, Margul the Trinity Teacher Son of Record on Urantia. the Universal Father directly through me, on many subjects loosely tied together because they are all related in spite of wide areas of discussion not normally associated.  I am Michael speaking now and quotes Ron - "I see these meetings are really accidental coming together informally and they are unwieldy to type but Ron does it well.  What you have here is a location in York transponding with the Universe from august Paradise, to Uversa to Salvington, to York and even Heidelberg, Germany where Machiventa Melchizedek is lecturing to German speaking Melchizedeks on how to deal with ultra right wind individuals who are true Nazis yet.  In any case this transmission is wide ranging and helpful if you wish to learn the ropes of developments not yet formally spoken to just yet.  I am Michael and let her rip now Ron." ]Thank you Michael and will do so . . .

“This is Michael and it is past 1am in York as I ask Ron to write this.  His birthday is not over for an hour and he feels decrepit but not sleepy so we avail ourselves at this hour to write this out for all of you.

“In 2017 we layed out a full plan to harmonize the Magisterial Mission with the Michael Mission into four phases.  Two phases later on were combined into one phase.  Now one pahse is planned with no Magisterial Mission prepared for the present generation of people on Urantia.  Ron has a hard time reconciling that with the need for the new epochal revelation to hit the stands and make some headway for whatever next comes along.  I agree with that view entirely and have succumbed to Ron’s view that it must be done with some authority and made to work immediately from some source other than Mantutia running around the world depositing new books into the libraries and universities and synagogues and seminaries, and so on.  Now we agree to disagree.  Ron has not issue with me on any of it but he is sick and tired of making predictions and announcing what is to come and then falling flat on his face every few months.  To end that problem I am stating her for all to hear: No Magisterial Mission until I am satisfied Nystoria can use one well enough to make some spiritual progress. 

“Ron sees that as an abrogation of the work that could be done much better.  I agree with him but he is not the boss and I am.

“As a result of a tiger in the cage today, Ron let me know without equivocation I must stop the painful process that will not abate for any one including for him and Me, and for that reason I petitioned the Father to take the program it represents and trash it for good now.  Father agrees since there is no point ot running Ron on Nystoria for the next five or six hundred years now.  I agree.  Tonight however, to started all over again at his brother’s home near Lancaster, PA., and Ron just said I give up.  Do as you wish but leave me out of it as I cannot live this way.  I am truly sorry he sees it so draconian but it is draconian as he can hardly walk or move without grabbing a wall to keep from falling.

“Now this.  AT the back door to his home he went to unlock the backdoor and discovered his key went missing.   I removed it from his hand without him knowing it and threw it down on the porch for his to find it.  He did and unlocked the back door as usual.   Inside it was quiet and tranquil and he immediately made a cup of tea and ate a handful of raisins to quiet his nerves/ Suddenly he had to use the bathroom and that was all of us rusting out tons of debris in the stomach he had no idea was there and kept it out by making sure he had a few potato chips to give him some salinity in that organ.

Now that may be distasteful to some of you, but he knows what he needs to feel good again and his brother and his wife insist on sending him home with cake and beans and other victuals they cooked for his birthday supper, but I forbid Ron to have the cake or the beans as they are prepared with no salt or otherwise as she is a health nut.  As a consequence Ron must ditch the nice cake baked for him and have nothing to show for his birthday but an upset stomach and a recrimination to end the horrible burning and headaches we give him daily to prepare for an extraordinary event where he will learn to fly here and there on his own.  However, the preparation is so poorly perceived as useful not Ron he wants it ended and at once.  He has his wish as tomorrow he will feel more normal and give himself a kiss on the tush for not begging for mercy for the awful pain of burning we create by moving trash blood cells out of his circulatory system to be burned at the bottom of his feet using a chemical we do this with all the time on other worlds that need the same service Nystoria needs.  It is over and he is glad in spite of losing that option and so we are content to let it lie for a few years until we can try it again for better results using a far different method and that should satisfy him well.  I am Michael.  Good day.”


“You Ron are the last person I thought who would throw in the towel on something so important we count on it for a future record breaking tour of the United States of more Trinity Teacher Son who love your reviews of us and the Trinity and how Michael might use us all, but the truth is that everything planned for to this point has been re-pointed to see no one spend another cent to get us started and you are not unhappy with that but you spent so much you are concerned you have to start taking them down if there is no interest in what is to be done with them.  You correctly assume this means curtains for a lot of what you hoped would occur, but you see Washington useless even if they came through, and see little to do except to work on the sixth epochal revelation for the heart and soul of readers like you who damned well be ready for change or skip the whole idea of the help of epochal revelation to regain the momentum of the old Chicago-based Foundation.   Now this:

“I concur with your disappointment Ron, but you are not the one to call the shots and you fully acknowledge that completely and deeply.  I see it clearly too and you are completely available so long as you live long enough to bring something to fruition and you will be able to do so with us in charge sehortly, as Michael has fully retained the Paradise Trinity to start negotiations for offices in York at our behest.  Your work is precious to the Trinity and they understand the mischief of pain and burning to the point you are barely conscious must abate and stop even losing what advantage has been gained so far.  We agree it must be done and have signed on with Michael to say to the Paradise Trinity this cannot continue as you are distraught to the point of tears so often, 

“I am Margul and wish you well Ron as we transmit something everyone should know at this point.

“York, Pennsylvania, will be famous for years and years as the starting place of a divine intervention promised by Michael but saved by the Paradise Trinity which carries the full signature of regard for you Ron and for Michael and the entire Staff that Michael fields and has such a rough time understanding why you are so important to us on Paradise.  In any case the Paradise Trinity is to lose not you but Mantutia and Malvantra not either but the entire Melchizedek mechanical use of human hood is rescinded until we figure out why Machiventa Melchizedek refuses further contact with Ron unless he behaves as Machiventa and Mantutia and Malvantra expect a human to behave on Urantia/Nystoria.   I am sure they know but we do not and that sounds very strange to you and you are sure that Machiventa has some important orders otherwise to do and must leave you alone or at least the human idea alone for now.”

“I wish you all to know I love Ron in all states of repair or unrepair as the case may be and so does Malvantra and Mantutia.  Unfortunately for us we have been ordered to start a brand new Order on Urantia called the Besser-hive, and that deals with his painful situation that does not let up and drives him to distraction and harm to himself as he cannot see propertly and has aw conscious state that is dimmed down by the Adjuster to avoid combustion of full seizure as fused to the last drop of goodness in him. 

“He has no idea why he feels horrible all the time and that is to keep him from fleeing Urantia in chariots of fire as good old Ezekiel did nearly three millennium ago did so.  Now this: We have no real idea how Ron can live this way either and have asked Michael quite independently from Ron being so upset with it, how do we manage a man like Ron who has no real choice but to crawl along the ground to do anything but Michael says he will have his own transport form if he can stay the long time it takes to modify cells to have it possible.  I never saw this happen and Ron does not really believe the entire body, blood and hair and all, can move in that escape mechanism with planetary gravity and so on.  Yet Michael insists he can do it with his development, but the Adjuster warns Michael, Ron might start it but the Adjuster has to finish it and Ron may never appear on Urantia again if it is started.  Ron complains there is no progress for six years of this and he is fed up to the point of wanting to resign the whole thing to get some peace and quiet.  I do not blame him and asked for the same as he is noisy in spirit because he has no spirit muffler so all of us hear him all the time good, bad, or indifferent.  Your wishes Ron all over the globe are well within reach if you could travel there instantly, but we are warned that is too far away.  Saint Germaine could do it because he semi-fused the entire matter into his brain stem and it was easy to travel for him once that was pronounced well done.  Now this:

“I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and I tell you Ron, there is no way for you to be magical except for the pen trick which is still given to you to use in classrooms of necessity for you must establish credentials far beyond so called Urantia Groups that bedevil even Michael for the lackluster performance and unusual ways of always have something to eat in spite of no production in learning whatsoever.  You have been to them often enough you absolutely refuse to attend them anymore. 

“The rule of law in spirit is if it is possible use it.  Ron has requested a few baubles and we grant their use providing he has a good excuse to use them and he will as they are loud and vociferous in some groups and you will not stand for it until they understand you mean business.  Now this again:

“AS a result of Ron’s determination to be fully serious of this regime, we are moving heaven and earth to have Ron represent us at the Senate hearings he is positive we will not have, but Ron that is sealed and delivered to the Senate by Trump himself, and McConnell signed on to immediately and he knows exactly what you are talking about in full terms as he loves Jesus Christ and the entire mechanism of transcendence.   Your letter proved to McConnell, that you know what you are talking about and the abeyance of terms you used told him you were human and honest and needed some protection to get things done much better.  He did not see the corporations joined up as that got lost because it did not make sense to anyone but the IRS which has not dropped the issue but they need to the Senate to recommend to the House just what is transpiring in York, Pennsylvania.

“Now this: The President of the United States is so frustrated by the House of Representatives, he may call it quits to deal you there.  But the House has its own rules of behavior and will insist on your appearance alone as we may not spend Malvantra and even Mantutia in the well of the House where they must arrive without deceit but need it more than you do.

“You are not wrong that Malvantra should arrive in plain clothes and explain the changes in legislation God needs to operate openly on Urantia and I must concur this is too important to miss if we can carry it off in our later days of 2018 and 2019 and probably 2020. 

“Now we are right back to where Ron absconded and refused to enjoin with us over issues to big for him to handle by himself and still do justice to our needs and wishes on Urantia.   I am too tired to fight the entire matter about names Ron and you fight it out with those who read this.  Nystoria is the planet’s name and that is that. 

“I will arrange a loyal Melchizedek to speak to the officials when it is serious and not a ram rod scene where Ron states our intentions and they go off into Christian-Judaism, as that is how this shaping up unless you cut it off at the Y so to speak.  Ron you are good at that and made yourself miserable by speaking up before high authority before but you must control the proceedings better this time than yelling at a Vice President to keep her from driving the company in bankruptcy, which she did without you present as you ere all but fired to let her know her own fallibility.

“Be aware there is tight control on you and on them and Malvantra must be there at some point to address the lawmakers with full and honest proposals on his own.  We agree with that fully and Ron you are a darling, and we will consider the proposal.  Good and you would feel much better. 

“I am sending Celeste our special preparer for statements to see you Ron and Father speaks:


“I am Michael at my Deity level.  You Ron are too fun to deal with entirely seriously but you make it work because we get all tied up with familiar terms and do not know what we do all the time.   I am sure you need Malvantra to speak first and then you speak second.  You are familiar Ron that you can speak for the Father [yes], and that you do well enough with a clear throat and that is to confer upon the Senate (we think) their place in the discussions before them who is speaking as it will suddenly go very quiet and even traffic outside may come to halt without understanding why and we can do all of that if the Father Himself wishes obedience to his words as they flow from you Ron.  They must understand that you will stand and address the gallery and the those before you fully and sweep your hands as it comes to an end with a floating pencil or pen or they all float briefly before their eyes to show power and persuasion at that time. 

“I say this at my Deity level of expertise on authority: It must be demure and it must be fully expandable to all to see in the gallery and that requires a moment of gentile silence from you Ron as you prepare your remakes so spoken.  I am fully cognizant that most Americans believe in the power of God but they have never seen it demonstrated and he will atend for sure and become a vast supporter of power and pretige for us as he will live long and prosper as his cancer is now diagnosed a curable but long lasting under control.  If he does survive as we expect he will favor you in the Senate to produce the same effect you do on high at times working for the Father of All at times.  Here is Father speaking directly to you Ron for us to hear:

“I am God the Father and you know me well Ron as I never get in your way except when a key goes missing and that was not to be so easily discovered tonight but we must not fool around with you as though we are testing a sofa to buy anymore.  You have shown us that you mean well and that you work well but you are not happy in trials that never end and confuse your sense of well being and temperate mode of behaving to get things done without further ado around the house.  Your brother is slowly learning attrition of health as well and he is sure you are nearly lame and worries you are okay now.  You never say what your conditions are and he never asks because he gets blind sided by his wife who thinks you are find but saw tonight how difficult it is for you to walk.  

“I speak directly seldom because you tend to squawk a little and I hear nothing but golden silence as Michael has a governor on you and you play the usus double meaning without help and let it drop well.  However, let this sink in.  I am never too old or nasty not to recognized a general plea for condolence of your loves and losses as much as you feel for our work on Urantia which hurts you deeply but you see the necessity of changes as we do.  That is a good man however we seek them and you are to be at our side for decades and perhaps centuries as this fills out for better measures than we can offer right now. 

“You see how quickly you can type and well when we have the right keyboard at your fingers and we will keep it there in order for you to make it right for all to see and hear you testify before the Senate at least and perhaps, eventually, the House, or perhaps both when the time comes.  You are slow to recognize we mean business there which you do not deny, but it is too hot to handle before a bunch of people who have no idea what is at stake as you see it and you do not want bitter disappointment at the last minute.  I do not think that will happen and we do our best to keep informed from the Supreme just what is or is not possible.

You are a whizz when you can get good keyboard work and we insist that you Michael attach one to him at least for these lessons in humility I give here.  You believe you can do anything with God’s support so long as you have coincidence with yourself and the Father and Michael and his Staff with Mother Spirit and the rest.  You are not wrong but watch out when the Urantia Foundation starts slinging mud at you for no reason other than to stop your wayward way with their uses of dissemination as they will bitterly attack you with all they have including legal means depending on just what it is you use yourself.  I see you not laugh at this and you are sure it will happen if they are lost before the begin and you wonder just how I mean that.

“I mean that as you see it.  If you make them obsolete before you begin, then you are openly shutting all they did down, and you agree with that I see.  But you need cooperation before battles begin and I beg you to stay off Facebook now as a few are gearing up to smash you back with warnings of fire storms if you persist in saying some things you say.  You are ready to fire back not but see little they can do as it is opinion as seen by the Courts and let them flail and then provide substantial proof and offers of some limited cooperation.  You are excellent but you seldom give quarter to . . . who despises your attempt to sear him into place and then move latterly to discharge the whole mess if no cooperation is not possible.  Now I see you have done exactly that by dictation and by your own thoughts and you have no sense just how it will play except it will be outrage and deep angry rebuttals and you cannot help that anymore than we can except to remind them there is a book now circulating that is the Sixth Epochal Revelation.

“You Ron are truthfully available and we must make amends to you with those feet and legs that do not give up but to hurt and burn twenty four hours a day with or without you.  In any case I must leave this to Michael now as the entire time-space universe has to be reorganized for reasons not of Urantia or Nystoria or some other names suggestion I cotton to as well.  Good Day.  The Universal Father.”

“I close with this Ron and those who listen:

“We are never far behind you in attempting to see how you understand things about what we tell you on high.  You are the highest human mind almost on Urantia and I use that word “highest’ provisionally as you are as weak minded as most on Urantia except you give us full attention and that is a mile beyond what most will ever do even when moved over to the mansion worlds after recent death.  I am sure we will meet each other frequently on the mansion worlds and other worlds we do not reveal as you work is precious and we give you full latitude to develop your talents as a spokesman for us and what we stand for and that is Finaliter work superbly stated already.  I commend you for your courage and your work and that bank is wrestling with you over issues you did not commit and yet they think you pulled something and what you say?  And they will tell you not to stand around with them anymore but find a bank that understands the work you do better than they do and out your go not because we will have that bank shortly if all goes well.  Good day.”

“Ron decided to put this up unedited and that is good as it rambles all over but it discloses much many of you must contemplate soon as Ron is still up for reelection to the Foundation work as he never resigned but he is bitter about his legs, heart, and brain stem so sore he could not move it right this morning, and wishes to be relieved of all of this if he must take more of it even tomorrow.  He will be relieved shortly once he posts this and we hope he is happy and cheerful the day of the 10th of June.  I am Michael and wish you all a good day. Michael.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania