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Audio TRansmission/ Supervisor
« on: June 25, 2018, 06:19:11 AM »
Speaker: Malvantra Melchizedek
Subject: Supervisor
T/R: Lemuel
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 25th June 2018  12:18 Local 11:18 Z


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Re: Audio TRansmission/ Supervisor
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2018, 08:53:53 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission


Lemuel : I wanted to do an audio transmission this morning as usual, but for some reasons I do not feel right and so as quite often is the case I leave it a little later when I come out into the countryside and so here I am. I was hoping to have a conversation with Malvantra Melchizedek and since learning that He is our Supervisr, that is to say those five fused mortals and I have some questions in my mind about how He, Malvantra, sees His role as Supervisor of us, and so it has been on my mind all the morning and so I invite Malvantra to come and say a few words.

Malvantra Melchizedek : Yes, good morning Lemuel, I was ready this morning but as you say you were not feeling particularly bright and decided to leave it until now, well that’s fine. Your main question of course is how I see my role as Supervisor of you five fused mortals.

First of all, it must be said again that you five are really a phenomena because nobody thought that it was possible, especially coming from this planet now renamed Nystoria, it just cannot be, but nevertheless there you are you five and may be more soon. You five are already very famous.

Obviously, Spirits need to take advantage of you, that is to say, not only to take advantage of you in terms of your spiritual status, but also to take advantage of your future spiritual status. Being a Supervisor does not only means that I am looking over you, so to speak, like a sub-manager (what is the word you use in the factories)….like a foreman who has the responsability of so many workers under his wing.

I am supervising you on many levels, one of course is to try to make sure that you are alright and that means in collaboration with your Guides and your Beloved Thought Adjuster. That being said, there are other things that I, as your Supervisor, am concerned about. I will also be your Teacher, yes there are many things for you to learn.

Yes Lemuel is thinking and is very grateful because he loves the Order of Melchizedeks very much and there is a reason for that. I will just mention briefly that perhaps he does not realize it himself, the reason is a connexion between his military career and the Order of Melchizedeks, in terms of an order of beings that are well disciplined, who are well versed in so many different crafts and tasks and able to put their hands to everything and anything, anyway, that’s alright, don’t be upset about that.

So, I am your Supervisor and I will also be your Teacher and if you prefer you can call on me as a Teacher and you as being my pupils or students. I also hope to be able to encourage you in your studies and bare in mind that it is a long term process. It has been mentioned before that now the Mentori is here, this Group of very High Ranked Spiritual Beings.

There approach is and will be slowly and quietly, almost substitiously you could say, because I will be here for a long, long time and it is the same with me. The future that lies ahead of you five streches way beyond your imagination. So the capacity for you to learn, what needs to be learned and your capacity to experience what needs to be experienced must be gently and slowly.

Your ability to connect instantaneously, not just with me, but with the Spirit Beings that will grow in fact quite quickly, reason being that it will be necessary to connect using different circuits and be able to recognize the different circuits that in fact are avaible to you. There are many favourable circuits now opened and it is just a question of connecting with these circuits, recognizing them and then using these circuits.

You are all aware that there will be very hard times ahead in terms of physical changes that must now take place upon Nystoria. You five will be used and needed in different places and by that time we need you all to be so in tune with Spirit and the different Celestial Beings that come through on these different circuits.

It will be of paramount importance and so being your Supervisor is also, in a way, like being your Mother. I want to take care of you, I want to protect you, but at the same time I must teach you the ways of the world, so to speak, so that you five, when the time is right and necessary, you will be sent out to do your duty, being about Father’s Business and also being a tremendous service to your brothers and sisters and that’s what it is all about. I know you are already all aware of that.

So, Lemuel, I trust that I have answered your questions about being your Supervisor. I am very pleased and very honored to be designated your Supervisor and it is something that I look for too in the future with all you five and others that will come later. We have a great future together, a future of learning from your side and me learning from my side, how it is with you mortals.

Lemuel : Thank you so much Malvantra, I just want to ask, is there anything else you want to say at the moment ( No Lemuel, it is not necessary now. I am sure we will have many conversations in the future, but for the time being that is all. I bid you a good day Lemuel. Domtia ). I want to say how very pleased I am that this is to turn to be as it turned out this morning and so, dear brothers and sisters, as you can hear, I am in the countryside, it is such a lovely morning, but it is beginning to get too hot now, this morning walks. I would have liked to come out much earlier or leave much later. We already have 32° here at eleven o’clock in the morning and by mid afternoon it will be 35 or 37. Anyway, I am digressing, I thank you all for listening and I bid you all a very good day. Bye-bye
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

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Re: Audio TRansmission/ Supervisor
« Reply #2 on: June 25, 2018, 10:31:31 AM »
Lemuel and all -
This is a small digression but a necessary one.  You are pacing or walking while your transmit, Lemuel?  I need to understand you are okay and you need to take breaths because you are walking, I hope.  Let me know please as it is my concern that you are not being reinfected with pleurisy.  I can be almost like an old mother hen sometimes.

Second, Lemuel,   I am not the direct student of Malvantra in the sense of Supervision, and I remain under the Supervision of Mantutia, mostly because my function in this present fused group of five is to be at ease with Malvantra and Mantutia while I am being revised physically with any hope of functioning normally.  I am aware of gross physical changes taking place in this old body, but it seems to take them in stride while we move forward with a new emphasis on communication.  Recall I wrote some time ago that Malvantra is the LEGAL expert and not the spiritual expert in the attendance of the Melchizedeks to we group of five.  Consequently, all of you are under the legal control of the Heart of God, but I am under the spiritual control of the Melchizedek Corp, for whatever reason they have chosen to do that now.  I am easily under Malvantra when he must set the pace as he does today with all of you and with me too. But please be advised my normal Supervisor in all of this is Mantutia and not Malvantra as you state emphatically in your audio tape this morning to us here in the US east coast.

I enjoyed your talk with Malvantra and please keep doing your important work making audio tapes for all of us.  Best wishes for a good for you Lemuel.  RON

"In case none of you have noticed, when Ron speaks in return to good work by all of you, I follow him up with a consultation to all of you, especially the group of five that are fused pretty well by now.  Only Larry Gossett seems to doubt everything and I say that because he has a tough time making things work with so many problems to do with Crones disease and so on.  It is debilitating always and it keeps us at night trying to understand why the human body is so hard to keep going when it hits a snag that could kill it without a better way of caring for it.  I am attempting to keep this short this morning as Lemuel is incapable of long attention spans yet; however. Ron has made a jolting discovery that has him upset yet, and that is we are unedningly critical of all he does and he must ignore us to get anything done these days.  That is not unimportant and Mantutia lays it down to the fact Ron is so critical to our exercise of power on Nystoria that we have to keep him distant so he does not subsume points we do not want to be heard just yet.

"Tomorrow the the 26th of June, a non-descriptive day for most of you; however, for you fused five, it is a bitter root day as I am rescinding my connection not to you five, but to this list in general, and that has nothing to do with you humans but due to my need to force myself to concentrate on the business at hand, as that is all spiritual and not doing anything with discussions here.  That said I will make my usual comments through Ron as he must figure out how to deal with difficulties he was never meant or designed to do.  Last night he discovered what he calls a near bullet wound on his left big toe nail that was shattered and spidered must like safety glass looks when a bullet is shot through it.  I never understood the Father well enough now to complain about such things, but this takes the cake and I have no idea what it is about and neither does Ron.  It is a portentous note to a difficult subject I may not enter into lightly, but it has more to do with Ron's attitude toward divine interference and he is adamantly opposed to having it done to any degree and that upsets the Father considerably for an otherwise splendid admission to the divine rules we all follow to work well together.  He is not out of sync at all but bitterly resents work done against him to revise his work on the material side of life. None of you will run into this problem at all, but Ron does because he leads so poorly or so well we must have some say as to what is done.  He is leading a double life and it exhausts him and Me considerably.

"I do not blame you trying to figure out why we tell you these things, but those five who are fused are now set aside for special tutoring so information flows from you very well as to our intentions.  Ron alone feels responsible that you are well done and can get some work done on your own while being reworked in material life to do the will of God very well.  He alone is out of sense of why Father makes life so difficult for him and never really supposes it has anything good for him at all.  Yet, the consequences of his bulking at heartless versions that happen every day is never fully understood even at my level since Ron fully supports all we do as all of you do very well.  I see consequences heaping up on Ron becauses he insists he must be in charge in the doing he must do to survive living in a material world, yet the Father fights him for doing so.  Go figure! I just do not understand this aspect of material life that gets us no where and Ron in constant pain for some reason.  He is trying to press it all home and does it very well but Father is unkind in much of his reaction to a splendid way of conducting a human life that his the dignity will power of doing good works.
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Re: Audio TRansmission/ Supervisor
« Reply #3 on: June 25, 2018, 08:21:29 PM »
Thank you Ron and Father Michael for your take on this. Ron, oh man, you know what I said last night? I told Father, give him my foot and I'll have his foot! This morning I woke up and was thinking of all the pain and what-not you go through and it struck me to realise our Jesus went through the same thing all the way on and up to his death on the cross. Did Father save him? No! Did he get any relief? No! Not until well after he died and three days later did he get some amazing transformation of the body to the morontial one. What strikes me is how Father can turn away in the heat of the moment for Jesus to endure the worse of the worst and yet, still make this look like the winner of hearts. To me, it looks like that all over again for his fused ones and I see a wisdom of God unfolding for all to see. Is it not said, that in the midst of great suffering can it melt even the hardest of hearts unto Himself?

Much love and prayers to you and all of you who love our Father,