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Inclusion/Just Do It
« on: June 27, 2018, 07:49:03 AM »
I get so inspired when I hear Lemuel's and Sue's recordings and  was prompted this morning to "just do it".  I do see the importance to become efficient in the many ways Spirit has opened up  for us that are available for us to experiment with to joyfully do this work with the coming Missions to redeem Nystoria.  Hopefully  a more consistent approach will be   "the payoff !"(smile)   Please forgive and overlook my stutterings.    LarryG

As I sat having my coffee this morning, thoughts were pouring in.  It was one of those times when I wished that all of these incoming thoughts could be automatically entered directly onto the forum.   It was at that time that Malvantra "prompted" me to try my hand again at voice recording.   Becoming a well rounded and balanced transmitter has  always been  a goal for so many of us here.   Among  those thoughts that poured in this morning, I also thought about our Thought Adjuster and how they submit a proposed plan for  their indwelling and all of the many ways they creatively work with their wards.    And the truth of the matter is that once we consciously accept and approve their plan, our journeys and spirit careers can begin to progress accordingly.

It has been a wonderful and joyous morning and I share and extend love, my good cheer and good will to all of you.

I have been having a bad case of the "Plain Jane's" for far too long.   With the coming of the Mentori and with the assignment of Malvantra to help all of  us move forward, I can truly say that I feel  more like my happy self that has been in the doldrums for almost a year now.   I am glad to be back and I share that with all of you.

With all that has been happening that is so constantly undermining  within our Government and the state of the world,I have foolish let it bring me down rather than me being able to lift others up.  I really now reject and put aside all of this uncivility that I, until now, have been so absorbed by.

Let us neutralize all of that by not only our intentions but by our love, faith, and goodwill and "just do it" in thought, word and action...our own little microcosmic trinity.    LarryG
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Re: Inclusion/Just Do It
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2018, 11:02:46 AM »

MALVANTRA, MOTHER SPIRIT - Inclusion / Just Do It - 27-Jun-18 – Larry Gossett, Florida
Subject:  Inclusion / Just Do It
27-Jun-18 Posted 7:49 AM EDT
T/R:    Larry Gossett, Winter Park, Florida

Good morning everybody this is Larry Gossett it is the 27th of June 2018, 7:25 in the morning.  I offer this voice recording and apologize for any stops, gaps, stuttering for it has been a while since I have done this.  I give you Malvantra.


“Yes, Larry, this is Malvantra and it was indeed me who prompted you this morning to work on this voice recording.  It is a technique that all of you can learn to use that will be very beneficial for your journey, your soul’s advancement and this great adventure that all of you are on, especially in these days when the Missions are so very close.

“What I would like to sort of entitle this chat this morning is something that Ron said a few days ago when he said and I quote “don’t step back, step up” which is what is so gravely needed on this forum that you have; which by the way is one of the premier forums that spirit uses around Nystoria in these latter days.  

“The other part of this little chat that we are going to have this morning is about ‘inclusion’, so let me address this first.  Inclusion, we talk about team work and this is inclusion of all people on the planet working together to do the will of the Father, to do it in thought word and action, which brings us to the point of ‘just do it’.  This is a slogan that was used by Nike shoe company in 1988 “just do it, just do it”.  This is what all of you need to take hold of.  

“We speak of the mastery involved in transmitting and you all know already that the only way that you’re going to achieve that mastery is by just doing it, for that doing gives you the impetus, the experience, the wisdom and the skill to become the best you can be, not only as transmitters but just as being a spiritual being with spiritual goals on this as I said great, great adventure.  This technique of voice recordings that you’re working on today is so beneficial to you for when the time comes, and it will come soon, the need for you to address the public, address your friends and family to be representative of what spirit gives you and shares with you for that is for you to share with other people, when the time comes.  But all of you know that right now you have to be very wise and prudent in what you say, think and do.  

“Now let me say a few words about infusion or inclusion.  I know that there are many messages being sent that are focused around the “FIVE (5) FUSED ONES” but, and this is a big “but”, we don’t want any of you to feel  excluded in this process in the great gifts that are given for fusion with your Thought Adjusters and as you were informed just a few days ago there are now seven more that are nearing fusion and this is so unprecedented on a planet, especially one that is in so much trouble as your Nystoria (oops I almost said Urantia) and you are all included so please, please include yourself as well.  The mastery that is involved in this doing of the Fathers will, this doing of coming to this forum and participating with your responses with your interest and with your commitment is of vital importance to your spiritual growth and of vital importance for the upcoming Missions.  You, none of you are excluded so please just accept that and continue on with your support of the forum and with your support of the Missions for this is what we are all working towards and we will do this by including all of you and many around the world that you don’t even know or be aware of.

“I come today at your request and I know, that even though you have a house full of company right now, it well serves you to find the time, rather make the time, to come and take part daily in this forum.  So, I appreciate you coming, I appreciate you inviting me in to work on this and I know you feel a little odd coming today doing a voice recording because it has been a long time, but you know you have one who has set a wonderful example for all of you and that is Lemuel, and  Ron as well excels at voice recordings and there will come a time in the very near future when all of this will come to bear and all of the experience that you have will be the pay off so to speak.  

“So this is Malvantra and I thank you for your coming, I thank you for your  invitation and please know that I am with you and I come and be with you as you call on me, even though I may not be the direct Supervisor of some of you still yet spirit, as you already know, uses every possible avenue, every possible technique and aptitude to serve the Father, to serve the Mission and equally to serve humankind who is in such need of guidance of good will and cheer and, as we talked about yesterday, joy.

“Sue is now working on this as Lemuel always does and more and more each of you will gain efficiency and skill if you but just do it, just do it, that is of vital importance to your adventure, your journey, and your involvement and engagement here on this forum.  For there will come a time that this forum will be so overly packed with new people, with new members and with new guests and we can only encourage all of you.  There are times when you can all appreciate acknowledgement and I give you that acknowledgement this day.

“This is Malvantra and I notice that Mother Spirit is here and wants to say a few words.”


“This is Mother Spirit and indeed I do want to say a few words.  It has been a while Larry since you have received a transmission and lesson from me but as you all know my Adjutants are so involved with your lives and you must know that I am always nearby, just a thought away, just a thought away and this entire concept of inclusion and that slogan of ‘just do it’ says so much so please my children stand up, be counted, work on everything that brings you closer to spirit for we are all working together for the same purpose, we have the same goals and we are one in the Father.  This is Mother Spirit and I am signing off now and I thank you for acknowledging the fact that I am here to talk with you as I always am.  I bid you all good day and hope that you come back and work on this again Larry for it is so very important that you become a well-balanced spirit being.  I thank you, good day."

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Re: Inclusion/Just Do It
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Phyllis I thank you so much for your transcription. This is a wonderful example of teamwork is it not ?      Thanks again.....LarryG