Author Topic: Audio Transmission/ Where Are They Now?  (Read 138 times)

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Audio Transmission/ Where Are They Now?
« on: June 30, 2018, 06:12:51 AM »
Speaker: Beloved/ Lemuel
Subject: Where Are They Now?
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 30th June 2018  12:12 Local  11:12 Z


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Re: Audio Transmission/ Where Are They Now?
« Reply #1 on: June 30, 2018, 12:14:25 PM »
Lemuel, that was quite beautiful. I love the background birds. I, too, often wonder about George (died 1997) and Elizabeth (died 2012) and their current activities on mansonia. I see them in dreams occasionally, and lately have had intense early memories surfacing, including one of my mother teaching me the bedtime prayer ("Now I lay me down to sleep . . ." etc.) when I was four.

They were both quite spiritually-inclined, in their own idiosyncratic ways, not in a hidebound church sense. I will be eternally grateful that I was raised by such unusual people who allowed me to develop spiritually and intellectually without too big a thumbprint.

I look forward to seeing them again. Thanks again, Lemuel, and take good care of yourself. Hamish
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Re: Audio Transmission/ Where Are They Now?
« Reply #2 on: June 30, 2018, 12:49:18 PM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Where are they now

Beloved/Lemuel : This morning, we would like to talk a little about our Parents and asking the question : « Where are They now ». I have been thinking about this morning, not particularly thinking about doing a new transmission, but nevertheless well here I am. We are in the countryside, as you well know from previous transmissions when being in the countryside one cannot help but be opened and so we are, my Beloved and I.

Thinking about our parents, I mean those of us older ones whose parents have gone on before some of us many years have gone since our parents left this life and being familiar of course with the Urantia Book and what happens after death, etc..

One cannot help wondering whether one’s parents are still sleeping survivors as they are referred to or perhaps they are spiritually advanced enough to go to the resurrection halls after the required time of sleep and then to be resurrected and reunited with their Beloved Thought Adjuster and the Soul, it’s just a curiosity really.

I mean, I am not personally seeking an answer about my own parents, because obviously it does not matter what I think of, how I would like it to be, but nevertheless it would be nice thinking that they have survived and that they are enjoying their new life on the mansion worlds.

Well, this is quite natural, I think all of you here  on the forum would desire the same thing about one’s parents. Also, just thinking about it and wondering what effect we have, if any, not only of our parents, but our grand-parents and great grand-parents, etc.

That is to say to whatever degree our own spiritual development advances, does that have any effect on those of our family that have gone on before. Well again, it would be nice, it is nice thinking that there is an effect and in some mysterious way that they do benefit and in fact that’s comforting.

In my case personally, I never knew my grand parents on my mother’s side, my maternal grand parents, they died before I was borned and on my father’s side, well I knew them briefly but not as an adult of couse, so I never had a conversation with them, but nevertheless I remember them with fondness and from time to time, as it is natural, I wonder about them, as I am sure you all do.

So, I am just throwing this question into the air : Where are they now ? and for my part I can only say from my heart I sent them Light and Love wherever they are and just hope and pray that they are enjoying their life and learning wonderful things if in fact they are on the mansion worlds.

Well, I think that is enough, anyway it’s always nice having a chat with all of you in the morning and sharing my thoughts, our thoughts yes (I must include my Beloved) sharing our thoughts with you and perhaps it also serves to stimulate the same question for yourself, but I am sure from time to time you think about your parents and grand parents, I am sure.

Obviously, those who have gone before and never should be here, but anyway, where are they now I wonder. Well, thank you for listening, have a lovely weekend. Bye bye for now. Domtia
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