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Audio Transmission/ Being Prepared
« on: July 11, 2018, 01:18:54 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Being Prepared
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 11th July 2018  07:18 Local  06:18 Z


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Re: Audio Transmission/ Being Prepared
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2018, 02:51:54 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Being prepared

Beloved/Lemuel : Our chat this morning is about « Being prepared », but before anything else I would like to say a big thank-you to our beloved Ron Besser for the tremendous work that he has produced this past evening.

Those of you here who have read the latest informations will be amazed what this man has been able to do, mostly blind and crippled ; he really is a superman, Super Ron, and also a big thank-you to Sue. I was very interested to hear the answer to her question from Rayson, the Science Officer, about how the wind becomes still during the pole shift.

I have been thinking about this and I remember as a boy, I don’t remember the year of course, but I think I may be a teenager in my hometown in Wales where we have a total eclipse of the sun, that was visible from where I lived and I remember the atmosphere was really very strange, it was really freaky, a total silence, no birds tweetering, nothing, a kind of gloomy twilight and it did not last for a few minutes of course, but I remember the effect, it was really strange.

Probably, but I don’t know of course, just thinking about it, it is possible that the upcoming pole-shift can be similar to experience. As I understand it there won’t be total darkness throughout the planet, but there will be in many countries a very subdued of light and so I can’t help thinking of the animals, the birds and such a lover of nature, I mean the countryside everyday as you know and I can’t help thinking about them, the animals and the birds, how will they react during the pole-shift ?

Anyway, enough of that and now back to the subject of being prepared. As you know, those who have been on the forum for several years you know that things have been forecasted before and you have been advised to stock-up with essentials, so this is nothing new from that point-of-view, but I remember that I have to eat so many of my emergency things before, because everything was running out of date, they have to be eaten or thrown away. Anyway, here we are again.

So, this is just a little chat this morning about doing some shopping and it is quite obvious what you need to buy, things that are going to last and bear in mind that it is possible that there will be no electricity and so you need plenty of candles and torches, as well as the food products and toilet paper of course is necessary and other things that you cannot live without that really.

I stock-up on dry biscuits and dry foods and here in Spain we have a lot of tinned-fish, tinned macraus and sardines and other things, they are excellent. So these are good products to buy if you are able to. It all boils down to being sensible about this and just use common sense and buy those things that not only you will like but also that will last during the period of darkness.

Be a good boy scout, be a good girl guide and that is to say be prepared. Obviously, expect the best in life, but be prepared for the worst and I think that is something useful for the rest of your life. Be optimistic and be happy, etc, but also be prepared for the worst and so here we are now with this pole-shift and period of darkness on our doorsteps, so to speak.

So, for the next couple of days or weeks of the month of July, do the shopping that is necessary, calmly and quietly, and if you feel like talking about it to other people, well do so, but be very wary of that, because if it does happen, these people have not stock-up with emergency supply that you have, I guarantee they will be knocking on your door to supply them with what they have not got, so be very careful what you say.

Again a big thankyou to Ron Besser and to you Sue for what you produced this past evening and for my part I am happy as always to be able to talk to you this morning and I will continue as long as I am able to and we will just see what happens. So here we are. That’s all for this morning, thank you all for listening, have a wonderful day, bye-bye for now. Domtia

Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.