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Personalities of the Conjoint Actor Unite for Action
« on: July 12, 2018, 12:50:23 AM »
Personalities of the Conjoint Actor Unite for Action
Mass of Energy Approaching Monmatia and Urantia affecting the sun and tectonic plates
A Team of Mother Nebadonia's Daughters Mobilize to Coordinate with the Motion of Sordon

T/R:          Amethyst
Date:         July 11, 2018

"The Eternal Father is pure Spirit.  The Eternal Son is the Word of God.  The Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint Actor is the agent of ACTION for the Trinity.  I, Master Spirit Three represent and speak for the Infinite Spirit and all should take note of the fact that ACTION is the byword for Urantia at this time.  For too long there has been planning, deliberation, changes made, and changes rescinded.  I MOIRAYA say the action of the Universal Spirit is at hand and all Urantians will soon come to see this action at work.  Many personalities of the Infinite Spirit have been mobilized from myself down to Nebadonia and to her Daughters for this action.  All of the Master Spirits function through and with the Infinite Spirit.  I, in particular am tasked with the execution of His Action Plans to see to it they are executed according to the desires of the Holy Trinity.  All of the Master Spirits have been watching the drama play out knowing full well the complexities involved.  Unfortunately there is no perfect solution for the reclamation of Urantia and it is time to 'pull off the bandage', as some of you say and get strong movement and action to resolve this.  
"Sordon now wishes to speak."

"I am Sordon, representative of the Infinite Spirit.  The Infinite Spirit is action; it is movement.  From the human perspective this movement is slow.  From the perspective of Spirit, it is steady and unhurried.  

"There is at the present time, a deep wave of concentrated, thick energy moving from the Conjoint Actor to Monmantia, your sun, and then to Urantia. It will arrive after the flames have begun to subside, and the tectonic plates have begun to settle into their new positions.  The tectonic plate are due for a serious 'chiropractic adjustment'.  This motion is detected as a strong, steady movement from the Heart of the Infinite Spirit to you at this time.  It brings a deep heavy coating of healing balm, although this transmitter is seeing it more as a mass of pebbles and mud.  This is due to the distortions of space and location from which she views the mass.  She sees it as moving from the upper left to the lower right of her inner vision.  That is because at this time Urantia is not located beneath the center of the Spirit.  

"As it travels into Nebadon, the mass will be a translucent pink/blue light with the texture of freshly made taffy.  This balm is intended to help fill in the cracks and voids left from the scars, providing a coating of the tectonic plates to soften further pressure and help the Power Directors better control future movement, thus providing stability.  It is imperative that certain parts of Urantia remain intact in order to preserve the integrity of the underlying structure of your planet.  It is a reinforcement of certain planetary areas that are integral to her strength and fortitude as a viable planet.

"I am Sordon, and I am familiar with how to use and place this mass, along with the Power Directors, to ensure the job will be done with skill and great care.  It will be as surgical as possible, but collateral damage will be unpleasant.  Know that our intervention will be essential in the healing.  To the humans remaining, it will appear simply as mother nature doing what she does and will not recognize the Spiritual power behind it."

"This is your Mother Nebadonia.  A team of my daughters are being mobilized to coordinate with the energy motion and wave of Sordon.  I too, am a Daughter of the Infinite Spirit and as such will be working with Sordon and others involved.  We will be in the business of protecting certain planetary aspects and beings  (human, animal, and undisclosed others) of this planet.  But this does not mean that any of you needn't be concerned for your safety, for much of the work of this team will be involved with other things.  But you of course do have your guardian angels.  After the changes, the planet will be unrecognizable from the one that preceded the transformations.  My daughters will come from a very experienced group.  They are experts in large planet-wide events and have all been chosen carefully.

"My beloved children, it is impossible for me to communicate to you fully how much each of you are cherished.  Urantia has had a very special place in my heart and in the heart of your Father Michael."


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Re: Personalities of the Conjoint Actor Unite for Action
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2018, 06:03:13 AM »
My gratitude Amethyst for this important and most timely  reception....These events will have such impact not only on the Planet Herself but on the spiritual, emotional, and physical  psyche of all mankind.    LarryG