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« on: July 13, 2018, 07:37:17 AM »
 It has been mentioned in a couple of different  posts that today is A RED LETTER DAY!   and indeed it is.  I woke up this morning feeling almost jittery and bouts with my head swimming with anticipation.  In the past couple of days I have taken a couple of receptions but did not have the energy , as was my plan yesterday, to get them corrected from my mistypes and many mispellings.   I had mentioned to Ron in a message that it takes me longer to "fix" my receptions and make them "presentable"  than it does for me to take them.   Yesterday I had to put up 4 pallets of stock at work and was exhausted when I got home and basically just collapsed when I got home yet still "guilting" myself  for not doing the  editing  I wanted to do...then I read Ron's lastest posting and it almost seemed that what I had taken, while being very personal and I really shy away for  posting things  that are mostly to, for, and about me personally.   And to boot, after Ron's latest posting, my receptions seemed  quite  anti-climatic considering the astounding news he presented to us and to Urantia.  However, I am finally off work and will get them posted as I get them corrected., so bear with me.   

I am so filled with joy, excietment and anticipation.   I also am  really wanting to go back and review the last 6  postings of Ron's exceptional work.    LET THE NEW DAY BEGIN..... LarryG


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« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2018, 01:18:48 PM »
Larry--You are not alone with these dry spells.  Sometimes I go for weeks unable to get or correct anything, and all of a sudden they start up again. The UB tells us (I forget exactly where), that our guardian angels are most active when our Adjuster is not; and our Adjuster is most active when our angels are not.  I have often wondered if our cycles of reception activity are related to this synchronicity between the two.  Just wondering.

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« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2018, 04:13:49 PM »
I am just taking it all in. I wish to thank Ron and all for the amazing news and very good manners protocols and some stern things to be done in civil life. Yes Sir, I agree. While I could say a few things, it's better not to, although I was rather sad when the Mentori were considering leaving and now they are well and bide their time with us. I felt I let them down or something, but no, it is the state of how humans are. The last few days was strange. I put it down as the Censors who seem to do a good job of juxtaposing everything and leave me confused. I got the sense of a new name from my Adjuster and I am working on it to make sense of what that is, the name is Metawae, I think. Now I have to go to work.

Larry and Amethyst and others you are not alone in these attempts by the Censors. All I can see is that it may be to quieten us so that others can and must speak as it so appears through Ron in sparkling array. Thank you Father Michael! It is a humbling experience to know our place when Jesus as the 8th bestowal is to be in your plans.