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A Reconnaissance
« on: July 29, 2018, 07:34:31 AM »
A Reconnaissance

Spending a little time to catchup on my university children. These recollections, observance and thoughts of past experiences come to bear.

It goes without saying, it's nice to smell the roses. To take that time to do that is precious. So many times we can and have so many thoughts running through that words are not enough to express it as it happens in the mind it crosses so fast. Life experiences just there lived and known and how to relate that to our young ones, our growing up children,  that is truly so much for them to learn really. It takes for us, for me to know so much that I know now, how so for the young to come through that realisation in themselves. I as a mother know. It is true to be said of our divine parents too. It is good to have that little time we may have to show them, to tell them of what is of value, that you see in yourself.

Be good, be yourself, and be kind. Our lives are so intertwined, we get to see life flash so fast in the young, that I realise when I look at a catalogue from a department store, viewing all the different TVs, sorts, sizes and prices, I can't keep up with the fast changing technologies that's seems to get so crowded for consumers to decide which one is better. I soon get the idea I too am getting older and fast joining the ranks of the grey nomads! Not that I am but I can most probably be if it is going to be keeping at this pace.

However, I am staying put and am with my Beloved too and we are on a path straight to Paradise for all I care for now. Here we are, we are here to play our part to the best that is forged in us to be about our Beloveds to the glory of our Father indeed! So let's get on, continue the path of righteousness and let's sing all the way to the gates of the inner receiving circle of Infinity Himself. I am Sue Whiley, also known as 7inOcean here,  and as a Sister to all of you and as a mother to my two beautiful growing children. Their life is so ahead of them and so is mine! God is truly amazing!

Much love and good night everyone!


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Re: A Reconnaissance
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2018, 04:59:52 PM »
Hi Sue, your words are very true. They are so recognizable. It is such a privilege to watch our children grow up, but yes, many times struggling with their environment, surrounded by a multitude of technical devices. The choices for almost everything material are too many, whether it concerns appliances, food, clothing, entertainment etc.
I am very grateful that we as parents can still be of assistance to them, even today when they have grown up to their adulthood. If possible we would like to give them all of our valuable life experience on a platter, for many a time it has taken us long to learn the real meaning and lessons out of our experiences! But as you said Sue, we all know so well that they have to go through their own challenges and experiences. We just hope we are one step ahead of them to give them guidance.Thank you for your lovely thoughts. SophiaVeronica