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Hear Me Oh Fused Ones!!!
« on: September 09, 2018, 02:43:13 PM »
Hear Me Oh Fused Ones and more who are not just yet -

Michael of Nebadon

York, PA 1430 local time
September 09, 2018

“ I am Michael, and I clear the boards for now with this statement.

“All of you have responded with good spiritual intent and now we must please ourselves to state that on Monday, September 10, 2018, from 10am to noon New York Time (dst) there will be a full explanation as to how and what we must do to get the Michael Mission running on Urantia.  I have informed Ron this morning–   finally!–   what his pain is for a couple of years and more especially the last six months which is excruciating at times to the point he is moved to tears for emotional release.  I inform you of the following and briefly:

“The body mechanism in the material realm is very hard to please.  It is either sick or cold or hot or well but hurting in one area or another and never leaving one alone for all the hectoring it does to consciousness.  That is required for most bodies to finally become acclimatized for work on high in an atmosphere less dense and better suited to consciously work for better relations with high spirit.  On earth, Ron is the only one who has attempted this and he did well until the Adjuster fused him.  Now we find a problem in the house he works in and that because he cannot get synchrony with spirit while living in the flesh as a fused being.

“For that reason I kept him awake all last night, and this morning dispelled any pretense that he is not well, but that he is undergoing a fusion correction so he obtain synchrony, not human emotional reactions, but to feel the responsibility of office entirely.  Why?  Human emotions are deeply concerned with matters of hate and love, lust and care, and so on down the line.  Ron could never get synchrony with these emotions anyhow, and is left with the ashes of discontent for seventy (70) years of life.  He is now seventy-six, and finds life dry as tasteless cardboard and less thrilling than a wet snail dropped down his back.  Now we are going to correct that, but we now address the fused ones as follows: 


“You know who you are and you know why the fusion.  However the Father is seeing to it that only one of you is fused in body, and that is the one you call Ron.  Now Ron dislikes the Adjuster to infuse him with so much energy that the human part of this couple is destroyed in the ability to walk or think clearly at times due to so much ambient energy being released from the fused Adjuster of his mind.  Therefore, we took the unusual step early am of September 09th  , 2018, to defuse Ron and let him rest to sleep for a change.  That resulted in a turbulent night for Ron and he awoke at 2 am and asked for a pill to back down the pain he was feeling to reduce its intensity.  He took a Tylenol meant for arthritis and it helped considerably.  This morning before dawn, he awoke again and was informed that Michael was in the room with him, and that Jesus appeared in spirit only to him and asked Ron to avoid all mention of anything as we talked with him.

[Ron: The Jesus incident was attended by me by sitting up on the edge of the bed with intense ringing in my ears.  It was a high pitched tone and probably greater than 10 decibels as I recount sound from my old days in hi fi pleasures.  It was a strain to be as I was greatly chilled in a 75 degree plus room, and felt strangely pressed to sit tight and not move.  The experience was quite vivid but no sense of the personal Jesus I know well enough in transmissions.  It was all business and a very serious Jesus.  I can only state it was a pleasure even though my body was uncomfortable.  I probably relayed some of that and they left quickly after a few words with me.]


“Ron suddenly finds himself ready to take on life again with or without his Adjuster.  He asked the Adjuster point blank this morning, ‘Is my leg pain and attending physical difficulties really due to you Adjuster or am I day dreaming this scenario?’

“The Adjuster answered truthfully.  ‘You Ron are being fused in the body without flames and it is very painful to a body not designed to be done this way ever.  However, the Father has asked it be attempted and the Supreme Being agreed to trial it if at all possible.  It is not entirely “all” possible but 95 percent is possible at this point and that is enough to make it work well.  We agree that last five percent is the heart chakra and we leave that alone so Ron has some sense of normalcy for the present.

“Now all who are fused to date: You will not experience what is being done for this transmitter.  He is unusual enough to take it on and will be fully normalized in about a month or less depending on how quickly the Michael Mission is taken on by all of you.  If some of you stumble and we expect that, then we must recognize that not all fusions are fully mature enough in you for you to stay the course.

“To the fused individuals, you do not have the right to do as you please anymore.  Most of the fused humans are doing exceedingly well and we in particular like how Steve Gitz saw Ron’s note to him late last night and found synchrony with a transmitter named Michael of Nebadon to give him a brief transmitted statement he took down all by himself.  Steve now knows the pattern and is easily transmitting now if he would take the time to do so and shut out the rest of the people and places he planned for today.   But we assume we are too late to do stop Steve at this point.

“As fused individuals you must relent and care what you have taken on.  We will tolerate some of your foot lose wishes, but Steve Gitz and his son Peter have to learn that once they have associated with Ron Besser, they are changed individuals.
“Finally this, and this message is over:

“I am Michael of Nebadon:

MICHAEL - “ I am sure we need to explain a lot to Ron soon as he must be kept in isolation for a month more before he spills the work out as the sixth epochal revelation.  It is ready and is in book form in a warehouse on Urantia near him.  However, its release is struggling to be opened to since I am quite sure the present Urantia Foundation, will make a mess of things as usual, and take us to court, as usual, and Ron would have to appear as our spokesman on this matter alone.  He is a spokesman to many of you and that is not necessary soon as we will release our concerns to the public as he is also a spokesman before the cameras too but we hold that back to later this year due to so many physical faults he has to take care of shortly.  In any case the 10 September announcements will be self explanatory once the transmitters who have lined up for this broadcast are taking the messages as intended and posted on the site where Ron has placed a thread already to receive your postings under the General category, first word in t he title is “reserved”.  Please use it so all of the messages are in one place together.

“Finally, I must make amends to Ron this morning and allow him some comfort and asked the Thought Adjuster to postpone the last hurrah for Ron as human and let it all hang out as a fused being for all Urantia to understand and that is to let Ron become a monster of eating and drinking not, but to have a normal day for a change without further interruption to his schedule because he cannot move easily with so much fusion pain in his legs, and now his heart, and even his elbows and audio input as Adjuster must fuse hearing as well.   I am removing my circuit briefly so he hears not anything today but his wish to finish the trail to the store for supplies (Ron: I am out of ice cream!) And then back to work later this afternoon for something you need to hear before you start taking messages on 10 September.  Good day.”


“I am a Trinity Teacher Son, and with that I am automatically included in what work is to be done on Urantia.  Yesterday we had Antonio transmit me very well.  Today he is drawing a blank.  Not to worry Antonio!  You are back into transmitting tomorrow for the messages of 10 September, and I will be your voice then.  We have to, we must, make an adjustment in your brain so it does not echo so much.  Ron had the same thing and it is the fact you also hear God the Supreme, but not in a separate connection as we had to make for Ron.  On normal worlds God the Supreme is heard in the same channel with the Adjuster.  But on Urantia, there is no second channel available for God the Supreme for very complicated reasons and we have to work it that way for now.  With those adjustments made to your brain in this 24 hour period, you will be transmitting just fine the 10th at the appointed time.

“I also compliment Ron for figuring out the Adjuster is the cause for so much pain in him.  He awoke this morning in the usual frame of mind and not well rested since he did not sleep most of the night, and asked the Adjuster directly if this was the case.

“The Adjuster responded truthfully and said “yes” and Ron immediately thought of a parallel to when his Thought Adjuster came out into his consciousness, and the nearly paralysis he suffered for a month, and at one point could not even write his name on a piece of paper!

“We are sending Ron to Poughkeepsie for about a month or more to train him in communications for us.  He will use a teletype not so much but will use a presentation camera he is to carry with him to announce important changes or needs to the people who are fused and who work on the Team in York or elsewhere.

“That training is top secret and he closes nothing down for all of you to know, but you must understand that communications with Ron means direct communications with Michael and me as the Trinity, and Gabriel and Lanaforge, and Machiventa, and Mantutia and Malvantra Melchizedek, too.  How this is to work is secret for now but you all will be part of the network.

“To Ding Xin (Jack), you are to be the private and executive secretary to Ron and all of these arrangements he must learn to use very well.  You will be included in high talks with Ron so you know how to work these things too.  In any case you will be asked to come to York in about a month or maybe a little longer, and that will be to take on the new office and you will site outside the door to Ron’s office which contains a large conference room and there inside that conference room is your chair to take down all meetings long hand, and to type them up for a binder as the history for these meetings.  You will be corrected sometimes as some statements must not be part of the human record binder for the sake of probity on Urantia.  Now this.

“Ding Xin, you are the most retiring of all the humans that will be asked to come to York.  Ron is probably the noisiest, and for that reason you are going to have to get used to a lot of verbal input from him and everyone else who needs things arranged properly and in a timely manner.  You will be well paid and Ron will see to your arrangements for awhile as he needs to get to talk with you on an informal basis to learn your ways too.  He is full of heart and ready to help your needs but you must be ready to move in about a month after arrival to your own place he will arrange with you for your own comfort.  Good and this.  I am Margul and I greet now Lanaforge for his talk with you this morning.”


“I come to leave this place at 2709 Sunset Lane for the last time, as I am not stationed nearby Ron, and you feel my presence directly sometimes as you must think hard and carefully what you can say and what you cannot say to people who are becoming curious about your inability to walk well but your ability to think very well.  Steve Gitz and his son, Peter, have seen to a revision to your book that is excellent and it took both of them up to three days to get it back in shape, as your dyslexia cause sytax problems but most people really enjoy how it is written anyhow.  You can be so funny without intending to be so.  In any case the book is nearly done and they must operate the levers of thought to get it up and in its perfected ways.


“I am done for now but this is an indication of how long informational messages will run ladies and gentlemen of fusion status on Urantia.  Be prepared to work your arms off for us at times as we need full transmissions and not the little Quaker ones we used to leave for some of you in the past.  Sue you need to beef up your thought processor with less liquid help and you steve need to settle down with your new found abilities shortly.  Peter will comprehend he needs to follow suit but not immediately as he carries some of your weight in the firm and must follow through in all cases for you and the firm.  Good day.”

Ron Besser - I think it is time I speak and I will be quick about it.  I am surprised at the uncovering of the truth this morning that my physical impairments are Adjuster related doing something by my blood regulators and canals, and  shudder their use from my Adjuster and they react so strongly they are painful.  I have hurt so long I wonder if I can take being without pain or figure out normal is no fun without Tylenol and Advil.  In any case these next few months are something I just dislike not very much, but I detest doctor tests and endless expenses paid to the medical profession who seems never to be entirely sure what ails a patient.  As such I quite before I start but I am obligated to go through them as they may be including a complete scan of my nervous system to map it out for the wise to decide there is nothing wrong with it after all.

Further, I am almost positive all of you who transmit and read the transmissions after the fact of 10 September, may will rue the day you ever thought you were not important.  I let them tell you how in any case as I must get this medical business off my chest and into something more than creaking through my day so badly.  I look forward to Poughkeepsie as I suspect I get some cosmetic work done there as well as to learn how they want me to use their equipment using Jack (Ding Xin) as my back up.  I seriously need someone to be good to know what I am supposed to do too and I am willing to bet Jack is the best possible person for that executive position.  I am also going to close this with a small faint when I tell you that the Adjuster with whom I have been associated with for twenty four hours a day, and for seven days a week,  since 1988, is removing that circuit of constant communication starting on 10 September, tomorrow, and they do not tell me why. 

I am so used to it, that it is my alter ego and as I keep telling Michael, when I think,  I cannot help but run into an audible Adjuster connection or Michael Himself.  Michael will remain on the line with me but Adjuster is going home for a rest on Divinington they tell me but that seems to be a little too much as I am fused after all.  That statement should tell you bright people something about an Adjuster you do not know and so be alert to learn without being told explicitly some things.

I wish you all a good day, and Remember the Alamo on 10 September.  It should be an informative day for all of you.

Ron Besser
I am beholden to Michael of Nebadon for spilling the beans to me (a favorite Dr. Sadler statement when he got talkative about the Urantia Book and his work in it), about all this pain not being a failing physical mechanism, but from an Adjuster that must change my tissues over from normal muscle and tissue cells to cells that last centuries without having to be constantly repaired.  Right now it is constant repair and it wears me out. 

I thank Margul (Trinity Teacher Son),  for his painstaking work to keep me occupied during the long nights of sleeplessness over pain issues in particular.  I think there is much more to this story in hindsight than we ever suspected, and certainly more than I ever thought possible, as I never really questioned the fact I was old and just worn out and my body complaining ready to go out the door to Mansonia.  But the true story is far different. 

 And finally to my Thought Adjuster putting up with me over these long years of battle to be myself and to serve as I so desperately felt I should and to remain on Urantia as some sort of complaint desk for the Deities to get off their chest over a new issue to them too. To all my Angels, to the Supernaphim who remain with me now, and the messenger Hosts of Time and Space, thank you for staying with an impossible task.  You all must understand and know too that I am frequently in contact with Master Spirit Four, Ocilliaya for Him to translate existential Deity speeches to me as the Deity Absolute and in particular Siraya, Master Spirit One, the Voice of the Father and of Adjusters, to time and space, who made so much possible and with the help of Michael of Nebadon to make it work in Nebadon, for me as the first human to fuse since Ezekiel and then some. 

I thank all heartily and to God the Supreme and the Ancients of Days, who are never “buddies,” but they felt that way to me sometimes, and I am deeply grateful to all who have pitched in to make me miserable but erudite in service shortly with good feelings of  a repair and of reproachment not.  Thank you.  God bless to all for getting through all of this and I will see you all tomorrow with messages galore . 

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: Hear Me Oh Fused Ones!!!
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2018, 09:11:49 PM »
Very glad to learn, Ron, that you will finally break free of all these pains that have been ongoing for years now and that you will go back to a normal life. It has been indeed a complicated process, even for the Celestials, to use your whole body, like a guinea pig in a laboratory and to finally come to the conclusion that it is not worst it. Hopefully, the fused ones have not to go through all these sufferings. Wish you a happy return to normal life which you can now enjoy fully. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

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Re: Hear Me Oh Fused Ones!!!
« Reply #2 on: September 17, 2018, 11:43:54 AM »
Hi Ron it's  me the old Sharon Story.
This kind of fusion , changes your DNA
it elevate your biological body like it's supposed to happen with Adam and Eva?

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Re: Hear Me Oh Fused Ones!!!
« Reply #3 on: September 17, 2018, 02:56:41 PM »
Clency it is my great misfortune to still carry all these pains.  I know not what they intend to let them run like this.

Francis/Sharon Story - the entire matter of fusion is so complicated at this point I am not quite sure I know how to answer you either fully or rightly.  I only know my DNA is altered to the point I have aches and pains not ever intended for a human being to experience. but I do not have blood clots or the problem of leukemia.   The change in DNA with me has heightened my distaste for what most humans enjoy on this planet, but my work with God is totally satisfactory and I see no reason to mix my distaste with human preoccupations here with my joy at finding I can accomplish things with the idea of improving the planet under their direction.

That is given above as an example of what a change in DNA does without the details about what in it was changed or why.  You are asking about something you cannot determine effects at all but are slow to understand that such changes are never conscious.  On Urantia, the fusion stratus is unconscious.  No one of us who has attended to its conditions knows what or why it exists as there are not direct effects on our knowledge to our being alive as benifical to a greater degree than we had before.

I am also finding that fusion on Urantia can be reversed if the Father so wills it.  The flames of fusion as described in the Urantia Book is final and full if done in the flesh, but without dying because of fusion status, we remain indeterminable in the sense we do not get to work in a new reality but perpetuate working in the old earth reality.  I am sure now that we are all being reviewed, the new guys like Gitz, and the old guys like Besser, for what the status achieves for the Father or for the local universe.  I doubt they will ever share that information with us, but certainly because it is unusual and rare in any universe at this time, they are ready to study it for its natural effects and for what it does for evolution.

I think you need to think about your question too.   Does spiritual change force body design (DNA).  I would say no.  But if you include the mind, then the answer is yes.  But you know that change not by fusion but by Adjuster attunement.

Then the question ought to become, what does fusion provide that complete attunement only does not provide without fusion?  Now you see the dilemma.  I just do not know how to approach that question much less how to answer it.

"We congratulate Ron on seeing the point we have raised time and again with Father.  Where do we cut the line between full attunement and the fact of fusion as the result to be one with a human self?

"The answer lies within each of you, and not the Thought Adjuster.  Who among you asks where do I go when I die?  You all know thanks to the revelation you go to the mansion worlds for further education.  Most of the world does not even know that today.

"You all know the difference between fusion and just attunement, and just attunement can change the parameters of how the DNA works as you have greater brain capacity with attunement than without it.  To make the greater brain capacity possible, DNA has to be changed to direct the brain to have more room to do more things with it.  But fusion has nothing to do with brain capacity or otherwise.  Fusion is the universe recognition you will survive the flesh and go on to bigger and better things after life in the flesh.  That is all it is meant to do here on Urantia, or on the mansion worlds.

"Now Ron has upset the apple cart as he likes to say, and that happens by him fusing to be a reliable member of the Magisterial Son staff.  But the Magisterial Mission was changed and put back decades for now and we now have eight people fused where one we only had one fused.  What is the point?  [Universal FAther himself is now in my ear to speak . . . .]

"Ron is ribbing us hard this morning due to excessive pain and blindness and he is not wrong to let it fly when he is no longer able to live in the human form.  He is genuinely fused as are the rest of you, but I rescind those fusions that no longer server us at all, and for that reason any one of you EXCEPT Ron can be removed from the fusion condition if I wish it to be done in favor of a normal ascension career.  Regardless of what happens to all the simple result of Ron being fused it allows me to make statements like this to the human race without doubting Ron will somehow sabotage us in the meantime.  That is total fusion and Ron is a walking morgue until we re-tune the nerves to the present conditions on Urantia and not attempt to use his nerves as a conduit for mansion world energies.  To you Ms. Sharon, Ron has rightly spoken, as no one including myself at the stage of the Urantia experimental paradigms understands the repercussions on evolution or the Supreme as to just what this change you eight on earth have created for the rest of us to realize the end game in eternity.  Father."

"We are quite sure Ron has no other motive in mind other than to serve.  He is totally and sometimes tragically stopped in motions not harmful to us, but harmful to man, for taking steps further than man should go at the moment in physics and other sciences and is a real bear cat with Rayson on how to state something Rayson prefers not to state.  Ron always provides Rayson what he wants and loves the work in spite of being caught up so hard sometimes he is asked to quit and go do something else.  That destroys our schedule but it happens often enough.  Fusion has nothing to do with this desire, but fusion does allow Ron access to files and information that is otherwise not available to the human race period.  Ron is totally abstracted on himself sometimes and that causes a lot of body pain as he must work in the morontial when he inclines toward information we do not generally release to the public even through epochal revelation. 

"In concluding this statement to you Francis. you have to think a lot deeper than you chance to do sometimes.  You think well but you tend to sluff it off in an attempt not to get into things you do not like to think about.  You have had so many deaths around you you almost fear to say anything for fear of having more to experience.  That should never be in the way but you put it in the way all the time.  If you wish to understand fusion, ask Ron about his days with Rayson and the battle to provide good information while fighting Censors and the Creator Son and Creative Spirit, just to jot down a simple chart of alloyed materials with their Ultimaton counts.  Rayson is willing.  Ron is willing.  But Father holds the cards and is not willing to spill as much information as he thought he would at first.  Father is ours as He is not yours any of you at this time, and you all must understand as Ron just said to me, 'I am getting a rather odd picture at times . . . " and means it well.  However, Father must be ready to provide what he promises to Ron and to all of you and leave it as it will become in the future.  Thank you all for listening.  Adjuster."

"I provide all that can be provided in life forms in the flesh.  I see Ron flash wisdom to us daily in expecting what he will do if he had to do it but we have no real release for any of you or him.  This is an ample opportunity to tell you that the Michael Mission is working hard to bring all of this to a visible term, but we keep getting setbacks because of Ron and his determination not to give into Censors or mistakes we make on him for the future use of his mind and abilities.

"Therefore I say to all of you that the last time we had a good purge was last week.  The next time we have a good purge is today.  What do I mean?

"URANTIA is a busy body and never lets anyone get ahead unless they claim celerity.  We decided to go that route for Ron and he does fine with it but finds it useless to think or provide much more than a drink in the middle of a spiritual drought on Urantia.  Now we find the book Ron wrote for Amazon KIndle is explosive in areas of thought we do not want to come apparent just yet.  The book dear readers is not your cup of tea  for those who know nothing about the physical sciences, but if you ever want to, READ THAT BOOK.  It is an easy introduction into physical laws man does not comprehend and he hit the nail on the head with Siemens [a German engineering corporation for energy etc] for good when he removed an offensive paragraph indicting them for tomfoolery in the death of his friend, Dr. Ilok.  Fusion for Ron heightens his ability to tell the difference between bad intentions and good intentions.  The German corporation he cites had no bad intention in mind but they got into trouble anyhow.  The book mentioned it in detail but he had his Editors, the Gitz family, delete the paragraph and all is copacetic now.

"I am laying down the law these past few weeks and we need to reestablish a pecking order with those who lead and those who follow.  All Indian Chiefs lead to a complete lack of order to determine what to do.  We need followers and transmitters and doers who do not bother to worry about repercussions of what happens when they are told what to do.   I have summarily cancelled a spirit fusion with a couple of you recently.  I have reinstated Larry Gossett and that is working very well, and now must attend to one other who actually quit yesterday much to our and Ron;s dissatisfaction.  It remains to be seen how it will go, and you all must be aware of this statement from Me, the Creator Son:

"No one remains permanently fused unless they have shown bonafide reasons to remain so.  Steve Gitz has shown Ron full support to get immensely important information out in a book to the Kindle apparatus of and so on and he stands the best change of keeping it going for the rest of his natural life on Urantia.  I also provide other kinds of information to the rest of you, and that is for you to know and not made public now.

"As a result of all this our discussion concerning fusion is somewhat parsed beyond just answer Frances Story now, and I address one pressing area you all must come to terms with. 

"Ron has properly assigned Mark Rogers to head the new teaching mission from an authority viewpoint.  He ha now seen the report and is ludicrously announcing he has nothing to do with a new Teaching Mission or Ron Besser and Ron, made it abundantly clear he preferred to remove Rogers from the post altogether because he predicted the reaction of Rogers clearly and well.  I insisted it remain and continue to do so.  Mark Rogers is not well at all and insists on currying Allene Vick in their midst and she is a viper to the chest of anyone who holds her truthful.   None of you know this history but you need to understand why we say what we say now and then.  Most of you do not have enough history to understand the convolutions we deal with to get a Mission on Urantia without fights that lead to dissolution.

"Mark Rogers will be addressed by Machiventa Melchizedek shortly and to be read the riot act.  For this reason Ron makes no further statements except to realize we are throwing a good man under the bus in the time of need, and Ron must stay still while this act takes place in order to free the Salvington government to act and replace Mark with another who is fully capable of doing it so long as they recognize the authority for all actions flows from the Magisterial Foundation.  I head the Magisterial Foundation until we have to make further changes in corporate usages.

"Mark Rogers is singularly difficult in his ways as he decided long ago never to fall victim to others, yet he does to members of his own Utah group.  Vick will be disguising her hate for Ron with praise when all of this becomes public and I determine when in case any of you are guessing that.  I am also without a good plan as to just how to remake the Teaching Mission without some old history included to be sure there is established protocols for all of this to appear.  I am also sure Ron is the last on the planet to give the old Teaching Mission passing grades while others moan at the waste of time they gave it long ago. 

"Mark Rogers dares to insinuate she is better than all the rest combined, but wonders why Ron calls her evil and a double duty load of crap on the face of the truth.  Allene Vick has failed as a genuine conduit for spiritual change on Urantia due to an excessive care over people she admires.  In most cases her search for love and fame has ended in Utah, but she insists it is everybody else who does not understand the vision that she is meant to carry the torch of these Missions for herself and to others if they are good to her.  Ron found the problems she brought to be excessive and dropped any pretense in using someone who kept changing the rules of engagement.  She is an excellent propagandist and finds most of you an easy target for conversion to he ways with evil without intending to be evil.  She now carries the stigma of the Lucifer Rebellion on her ways and we must regain the upper hand or drop her from the rollcall of agondonters she still proudly offends Michael with all the time for her cheating ways with the truth.

"We must be fair in all of this and remind all that Ron has battled excessively with some of you as Guests and reminds all of you he had no intention of dividing the Teaching Mission into camps by simply providing a badly needed service.  The lady who own Time magazine decades ago lamented when you do people a favor they will bring the whole process into doubt when they cite there is no good reason to do anyone a favor but to find fault over all of it.  We simplified her complaint to mention this but Ron had the same thing happen with Andy and some others he found worthy of help but finds now they are useless to him or society without a lot of repair and that is not coming from Ron now. 

"Finding fault with another is not a good game to play and Ron will not play it more than to set the record straight.  HE has never set out to demean or lessen the authority of anyone but refuses to countenance false reports and familiar work of people he sees just perpetuating the untruth in channel and trance messages from the outside world.  He wonders like I do what the Spirit Guides are really doing and outright calls some of them charlatans.  They all will end their work very soon and there will be a vacuum over the land when no one hears much of anything from spirit for some time. Ron now has something to say to Mark Rogers in this message only and I repeat we no longer look at Mark as rational.  Michael of Nebadon."

Ron Besser here =  I came to know Mark Rogers in the mid the 1990's when the then roaring activities of t he Teaching Mission were at their height.  I was also introduced to Allene Vick as early as 1991 or 1992 because she produced a newsletter the best I have ever seen put together frankly.  Both relationships have gone south over territory I do not defend but they do.  However, I must relent to Mark Rogers, that  I hold no such disregard for him as I do Allene Vick who has attempted to break the back of organizations I led for the good of the old Teaching Mission. 

Mark you are forcing an issue into total disaster and distraction by not realizing there is a genuine Mission now in place of a removed Magisterial Mission.  All of you who sit around that table you meet in are proxies for the world at war soon, and none of you realize that such a war comes to each personally as you vacate the lands you now work in and some were born in.  I lost you over an issue that is not explained to anyone anymore because nobody remembers history that well anymore, but you insisted on carrying out the interviews of the Magisterial Son after I was forced to give such programs up at his direct request that I do so.  I asked you to give it up in order to comply with the Magisterial Son's concerns that we had placed on our shoulders too much expectation and so little satisfaction on the results of those interviews placed on line.  I saw nothing wrong with your wish to continue, but I felt chastised by you for insisting it was a failure on my part and not an agreement to do the will of the Magisterial Paradise Son.

Now we have reached a point in our discussions that leaves you wondering about my sanity.  Your rely on the insinuations of Vick that this is all a rouse somehow and that "we" must continue to support what was and not get driven into an unnecessary frenzy over new Missions or authority about how they are to be conducted.   Michael of Nebadon Himself requested your presence to lead the new Teaching Mission, and this time it will have a leader to be like the head of the Girl Scouts of America, to provide inspiriation and a center into which all inquiries can be made and direction coming from there forthwith.   Yet you seem to think that this is overdrawn or worse, broken because I report it, yet it is yours to take on if you can clear yourself of what you accept as valid.  Vick is doing wrong, Mark.  She must be put out to pasture and let people think in truth what is to be done when all hell breaks lose in your part of the world itself. 

Mark Rogers, I want you to know I support Michael's choice for you to be considered an important leader for what is about to happen.  You tend to be a quite literal person as I remember with a lot of humor from me how you built your NEST to stand in to consider that you and the group had now a better version of faith to work with now.  While literal, I did understand why you did it and wonder what happened to that good friendship we had before you turned to the darker aspects of group leadership.

You are welcome to call me, speak with me, trial me.  I stand ready to keep the offer open so long as there is a chance you are willing to change your views to recognize more things are to do than you can possibly imagine, Horatio, as Shakespeare would say.  I leave this for now as Michael wishes to conclude this post.  Thank you.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I should let Ron speak more often as he is truly without guile and knows the Mission is most important, but we also say this to the Utah Group in general.  The Great Basin north of you is to fill mostly with sand and sometimes seawater of the brackish kind.  It will not be a true sea for another millennium but it will be unusable as land to live on for the rest of the time humanity thrives on Urantia.  This will drive all of you out and for the better if that is what you want for yourself and for Urantia.  I wish you all a good day.  Michael"


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Re: Hear Me Oh Fused Ones!!!
« Reply #4 on: September 18, 2018, 07:55:37 AM »
Thank you all. 
 It changes something  in this type of fusion, your capacities, your perception of things, etc.
It's the first time Dad calls me " Ms. Sharon" the last time he called me " my beautiful little girl".
And yes, it's true I have the tendency too disperse when I ham talk in with Dad and Celestial brothers and sisters, but I am not afraid to learn.
Love you all, kisses and hugs.

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Re: Hear Me Oh Fused Ones!!!
« Reply #5 on: September 18, 2018, 12:13:46 PM »
And people I knew are in the mansion worlds,  but that is not a problem for me. I had the blessing to talk to some of them, and saw part of one of the mansion world #1 I think.
The problem is, these very hard experiences I've been through, the lack of LOVE from people I love with all my heat. I can't force nobody to LOVE me, that I learned. I bless them with love and let them be. 
I was told that I am protected and my home to, I learned that I am never alone, my Heavenly Father and Heavenly Brothers and sisters are always with me. But having terrestrial brothers and sisters with me is a blessing to. I learned that my family are everywhere, like Jesús said, not necessarily my blod family, who abandoned me in so many ways.
This experiences are very hard, exausting. I know is a very good reason for this, a cant have this attachment , because I have to serve free of this attachments. And if they throw my LOVE to the garbage, so be it. But when you miss me, you will have to go to the garbage and pick that LOVE and remember me, because I will not be there.