Author Topic: Audio Transmission / The heart of the matter.  (Read 273 times)

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Audio Transmission / The heart of the matter.
« on: September 14, 2018, 12:43:44 PM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: The heart of the matter.
Place: Valls, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 14th Sept.2018  18.43 Local  16.43 Z

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Re: Audio Transmission / The heart of the matter.
« Reply #1 on: September 14, 2018, 10:00:57 PM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

The heart of the matter

Lemuel : Good evening everyone. This evening, I would want to talk about ‘The heart of the matter’ and to be able to delve deeply into the heart of the matter. Well, what do I mean by that ? I mean whatever it is we have to face, whether it is interpreted as dangerous or joyful or  good or bad. If we can stop for a moment and just feel and delve into the heart of the matter, that is to say – look within your heart, delve deep into your heart-center and this is where all answers lie.

It has been said before, one needs to think with one’s heart and put into action the dictates of the heart, using the normal conscious mind. You all know the saying : ‘the heart of the matter’ so you do all understand what it means or if you prefer there is another saying : the nitty-gritty. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the matter, investigate what the matter really means, whatever it is you are confronted with.

It may be a dangerous situation, it may simply mean that you are at a cross-road in your life and you are doubtful as to where you should go, to the right or to the left, and decisions you have to make about relationships, about business or whatever it is. If you can stop and take the time to delve deeply into the heart of the matter so that you may discover what it really is all about and not what you may think it is all about.

Dear brothers and sisters, this is the tremendous difference between being in your head or being in your heart. If you can learn to be more within your heart than in your head you will discover your ability to delve more deeply into the heart of whatever it is you need to face in life. In other words, you come face to face with what you feel and analyze what it is you have of that particular feeling. This is what I mean by delve deep into the heart of the matter, don’t just accepted that surface level.

Obviously, there are many decisions in life that are not really important at all and do not need a delve into the heart of the matter, it’s simply not necessary, many things are quite superficial. But I wanted to bring to your attention this evening those things that are important. Those things that are so important that you need to delve deeply into the heart of the matter and analyze what they really mean, what is in front of you.

You all know that to-morrow, Saturday the 15th, there is to be another broadcast and you have all been encouraged to participate and this is an example of what I mean by asking you to delve deeply into your heart and discover the importance of what is to take place to-morrow and when you do that, I am confident that you will take part to-morrow and you may discover for the first time that you are able like others on this forum to transmit.

You will experience the joy and the thankfulness that you may have never experienced before. So, by delving deeply into the matter, you may discover the truth about whatever it is you have to face. So, to each and everyone of you, when to-morrow comes and the time comes for you to open yourself up to receive a message from Spirit, just relax and enjoy this moment, because it may be a moment that can change your life forever.

This is Lemuel, I bid you all a very good evening and I thank you for listening. Domtia
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