Author Topic: Storms and All are Not Our Choices for Urantia  (Read 299 times)

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Storms and All are Not Our Choices for Urantia
« on: September 29, 2018, 12:33:49 PM »
Storms and All are Not Our Choices for Urantia
Michael of Nebadon
Mother Spirit
Margul, Trinity Teacher Son
York, PA noon local time
September 29, 2018


“Be assured there is no real reason to fear the dark period that is to come and accept you can get through it .  Ron questions whether he should have a generator installed and I say yes, but he needs it not soon anyhow as we are releasing his world of change to him quickly so he has little to worry about during the need for light and heat in the coming earth tilt that darkens his patch of life.

"Mother Spirit will speak shortly, but I must remind all of you that these dark days of silence are nearly done and that the practices sessions for transmitters will continue and to be well taken in our faith you are all working as you should.  AND  You will all join in this work whether ar home or at York to get things done well enough for the Michael Mission on Urantia."

“You feel what we do Ron: desolation and useless tricks to keep your mind from seeing the loss of any support whatsoever as Sue Whiley feels that too.  The entire matter of the moment is to suspend the work of God on Urantia and to let them suffer the consequences of what is brewing early enough they know something is about to happen but what they do not know.

“It is imperative that the world come back to normal.  And normal it must become for us to work there in the flesh for a new morning of thought and living well again.  Mother Spirit.”


“Ron you must cleverly assign yourself to the dust heap of experience for a few more hours.  You are in misery with a headache, a nausea you feel now and then, and endless burning of foot and leg tissue that comes from heart failure as you never suspected that ever.  Get used to the idea that you have to take it easy for a few weeks while the medical profession finishes its use to repair you in places and we lament that Barr is without a clue to any of this.  He sees nothing bu York College as his place of business and considers you and others a mere happenstance to an end for means of existing normally financially.  He hates the practice and wants nothing to do with you as you represent the old fashioned patient that sees it clearly: do not harm.  Yet he persists in doing it to avoid responsibility.  He is frightened by your speeck to his office manager when she tried to throwy ou off the bus but got entrapped in your logic and she quit right away after delivering the speech to him.  He feeds well off of it but hates the idea you know so much.  In any case let it ride and he will be removed with the rest of them shortly as they are a cabal on Urantia that needs broken up.  And this:

“You need to understand with the rest on this list, that we are ready to move, and that means we have to take on the rest of you if we want some things done in a practical way; however, Father accedes to the fact you set it up beautifully and to use it where we can.  Otherwise it is useless for many reasons and you do not mind that being pronounced at all as you see it as our companies and our uses and we can end them or start them as we please.  You are correct to note a change in the keying Ron but let it go.  Now this: We are running behind by a couple of days for Urantia over problems you are not aware of on Urantia including people drowning in the Mediterranean who are valuable assets to the world but are in the worng place at the wrong time.  The advisory council of the Melchizedeks sees you properly angry at authorities who cannot handle anyhting well, and you see the EU complicit in damaging all human control of workers who need better placement.  They are incabale of doing it I see and no one holds them accountable except Great Britain and you see Great Britian as absolutely essential to help the United States regain its prestige through better governance.  Prime Minister May is beside herself over Trumps reluctance ot trade with Great Britain because Great Britain still retains some ties to the EU both want to continue.  Trump is of the opinion Great Britain should make a clean break as some of the Labour Leaders insist upon too.  In any case we must ride this one out until Great Britain can be brought into the American governments as a close advisor to the legislative branches including the US Senate.  I state these things fully aware none on this discussion forum know your views wheich we fully agree with at this time.

“I close this by saying to all of you: Sue and her disasters are not wrong but she mistakes the storms as to the culprits when indeed it is man who is the culprit and it must be removed as a way for man to work his will on a planet so battered it may never fully recover its gorgeous architecture and is among the most beautiful anaywhere in the Neabdon universe of over 3.75 million inhabited planets of humans that pretty much look like all of you do.  A few are little more ghostly but still the same.  Pictures of aliens with white pointy faces are fables.  They are all human sized and appear as you do with a few difference of anatomical appearances. Good day. Michael.”

MARGUL, THE TRINITY TEACHER SON YOU KNOW RON speaks to all at this time:

“You Ron sees t hings darkly too at times when full advice and counsel is withdrawn from your way of living.  That is a life full of hard work and readiness to do the right thing, but hopelessly mired in routines that have no real truth to you or us at times.  That is awful to report and you do not decry it as incorrect.  However, you have recently changed routines just enough to see the lack if input harms you and you must make amends to allow a lot more people into your life.  You are well aware of that and say so silently to yourself quite often.  However, this morning you had a vivid dream and cannot make much sense out of it.  It was me showing you that thousands will flock to your door but none will ask the right question, and then you are left to working with a room full of people who just stand and party around you without contributing one iota of sense to what has to be done.  You saw you walk through your house rooms and see all was in place and worried there was enough soft drinks available for them, but were left with a deficit as to what to write or be or say.  That is typical of great men in the place of thought who have nothing to do with fame but with hard work to maintain a stream of lfow that is important to speak to.  Your second book on four micron coal is a doozy and it was taken from you in order to keep it out of mischief even with your editor Steve Gitz, as you show show brilliantly how matter becomes matter and we never saw it done so well before anywhere else.  Now you see this as over stating your work, but not so.  Micahel wishes it to be shorn of a few diagrams which are so brilliantly presented it makes complete sense how matter becomes viewable and useable.  But it must not be so clear to man as he will co-create another verison of your work for destructive purposes and that is the danger we all face as you actually show the metaphysical reason matter exists.  We leave that for another time for all to see soon enough.

“I am a Trinity Teacher Son, and you know the power behind the concept, but you fail to recognize I have the power to cut you in two or give you double your strength if I preferred to do so.  You are not into forcing issues either and let the disappearance of a lot of your book bother you to the point you have nothing left, and you actually started a pick up of the book as though you had the first part back again.  Be assured you will have the first back again and pretty much a you presented it; however, Michael will remove your graphic of an electron showing the Sigma particles fit to make it viewable.  I am truly gobsmacked with your temerity by using a graphic of an xray of a doughnut with sprinkles on it to make your point but it does make the point beautifully and you will keep it and your Sigma pictures no one knows about except you and a couple of others you showed before.  In any case the entire matter is moot soon as Rayson wishes to take that book and chuck it for his ow purposes and that will happen because He is a Magisterial Son and you are not.

“Now this: that book must be printed and distributed through a normal book store book and then allwoed to become a Kindle.  Many do that in order to keep interest going and you see it taking years to do that.  Not so.  The book is being reassembled on high with your name on it and it will make a splash when it reappears before the public early next year.  It will be published by the Urantia Publishing International corporation, a corporation you sold to us already and we agree it is worthy as our first imprint of all.  I am of the opinion the word Urantia will be a good word again once we remind those who follow the fifth epochal revelation there is more to life than Urantia Groups.  In any case we will make the book sing by adding colors to your work you do not know how to use.  Good and this: Good day. Margul of Paradise Trinity Origin.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania