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The Heaviness of Now
« on: October 02, 2018, 01:39:03 AM »
 Topic:       The Heaviness of Now
Speaker:   Sophia, a Completion Angel
T/R:          Amethyst
Date:        October, 02, 2018
Location:  New York, USA

“This seems like an odd subject title, and it is.  But each of you here are all experiencing your own tribulations and we tell you that the rainbow will appear sooner than you think.  Slowly the health issues many of you are having in heavy doses right now will begin to dissipate as the Light of Spirit begins a new day soon.  

“I am Sophia and I attend Amethyst this night as she prepares for her own trials.  Ron, you will begin to see improvement in your health and feelings, but don't neglect your rest.  Those of you carrying a heavy heart should understand that much of this, and the silence that is here at this time is something like your ‘final exam’, much like what you might experience as a course you have been studying is coming to an end.  You are very soon to begin again with new courses and continue with your lessons and with your service.  

“Many on this planet are losing their stability, their touch with reality, and their sense of humanity as you can plainly see just by observing what is happening all around you.  But this too shall pass.  

“We have sent seraphim to assist you and give our aid as the planet undergoes her travails.  This is a time for inner fortitude and it is in all of you.  You just have to bring it forth.  The dam is ready to break, but each of you are poised to remain steadfast, strong, and especially exhibit the faith that has sustained you all these many years of preparation.  

“Your Mother and we angels love you all dearly and are truly by your side, even though you see do not see us.  WE ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE AND STAND WITH YOU.  

“Some, with other belief systems of those here, refer to times like these as the ‘dark night of the soul’ and it is something that all have to experience from time to time.  Rest well tonight as the Light is approaching and is on the horizon ready to break forth with its healing and righteousness as soon as the earth is finished with her own travails and healing.  This will be too much for the darkness to bear, and it must surrender to the Light or be removed.”


Amethyst—Hoping to be back more regularly soon. :-)  

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