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keep on keeping on.
« on: October 05, 2018, 05:50:30 AM »
Teacher: Micheal and Margul
Subject: Keep on keeping on
T/R: David
Location: Kampala,Uganda
Date/Time: Frid05/10/18

Margul trinity teacher son:
I am margul and we do really miss our time together when you exercise your will and consider other things first, and while this may also be important, we are also important in the way that these times have come upon you and your people and you know that you are to minister to them as they'll be most confused and know not what to do,that's the reason for this period of training and preparation for the work that has come upon all you. And so do we beseech you our son to create more time for us and be prompt in receiving us whenever we prompt you about available transmissions, I am Margul your trinity encouraging you to keep on keeping on and all is well.

Micheal of Nebadon;
We on high do like to appreciate all your efforts in aligning your will with ours and presenting yourself freely to us for service and we most appreciate that and we ask that now more than ever you allow to b fine tuned to us as we desire your attention and availability more than ever in this on going period of transition, I am Micheal your creator father seeing to it that all is well with you my son and that all your worries are catered for, keep with us.

David- thank you father Micheal and teacher Margul for coming through to me.
God is love and jesus (lord Micheal) is the expression of this love