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Audio Transmission / A False Sense of Responsibility
« on: October 11, 2018, 01:37:02 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject. A False Sense of Responsibility
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 11th Oct. 2018  07:36 Local  05:36 Z

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Re: Audio Transmission / A False Sense of Responsibility
« Reply #1 on: October 11, 2018, 08:33:05 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

A false sense of responsability

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. The subject this morning is entitled ‘A false sense of responsibility’. Recently I had a long conversation with an old friend of mine and we talked about his problems that he has experienced over many years with his partner, his wife and although I have not seen him for several years, from what he explained I could see that he was still in the same situation and have been for more than 25 yrs and why ? because of his false sense of responsibility.

Let me explain. There are many, I am sure, men and women who feel they are trapped into a marriage because it is their responsibility to stay with that person till death do they part as the services in church or may be they have a civil marriage, but nevertheless they have the false sense of responsibility, they must stay with this partner.

The main reason being that the partner, man or woman, is the sort of person, if I may use an analogy, who jumps into the deepest part of the swimming pool, but does not know how to swim and so they rely on someone else to jump in and pull them out of the water to prevent from drowning.

This is all very well when someone does that once or twice or even perhaps three times, but when the person continually does it surely the time must come when you ask yourself if this person is so desirous of drowning then I must allow her to drown. I am sure you understand what I am trying to explain.

There are those people who use moral blackmail for their partner to stay with them, giving the impression to their partner that they cannot possibly live without them. I myself pesonally have experienced this kind of relationship for a period of 6 ½ yrs, well this is many years ago and I am happy to say that the partner I was with at that time, a lady in Whales, is still alive and kicking as they say and she is now 66 yrs of age.

I know it is difficult when you feel that you really do have a responsibility, a moral responsibility, to stay with your partner, to support him/her, but if you really are in this situation where your partner keeps putting themselves in situations where they need you to sort their problem for them, then you must make the decision finally to say : ‘No, not anymore, I have my own life to lead and my responsibility is to myself, my real self, the God sparkle, my Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment, that is my number one relationship’.

Well, of course, people who are trapped in such a relationship are probably not aware that they have the Fragment of God inside of them and so to make the decision to say ‘no’ is much more difficult, I understand this, but it is such a shame, it is so painful to see other people who are trapped into a marriage because of moral blackmail where in fact they are being used as a kleenex tissu.

To save other people from their problems and of course the worst of this is, because the partner always says yes, I will help you, I will pull you out of the swimming pool, they are preventing their partner from finally learning to help themselves. It is time to reason, is it not ? If you are always throwing a lifeline to someone who pretends to be drowning you are in fact preventing them from learning how to swim, it is as simple as that.

So, this subject this morning is a difficult one to come to terms with, I know because I have been there myself, but nevertheless the time must come when you must learn to say : no, I mean it. Think about it, you are not and never were responsible for the life or death of any other person and so if someone continues to jump deep into the swimming pool, leave them to it, they will either learn to swim or they will drown.

Well, the subject to-day has been a different one from usual, but nevertheless this came to mind this morning because it was only recently that I had this conversation with an old friend of many years and unfortunately he is still in this situation and he is too afraid to do anything about it, what a shame.

So, dear brothers and sisters, if any of you are in the situation like this take my words seriously, you must learn to say ‘NO, enough is enough’ and by so doing you allow that person to save themselves, to learn how to save themselves, instead of using you all the time.

I thank you for listening, have a nice day and speak to you soon, bye-bye for now. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

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time is short.
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2018, 09:02:29 AM »
October 11, 2018 Samara.
16.00 local time.
Teacher: Margul.
Theme: time is short.
Got a signal to the contact. Turned on the computer and is ready to receive a message. Who came to me today?
This is Margul. Write it.
You are probably upset by today's unsuccessful launch of the Soyuz rocket. Although he foresaw that the astronauts will not fall into orbit.
You were right. No time to fly into space. It is necessary to evacuate the other three from the station Mir. She is in danger and people must be saved. That is why we decided to say this directly. You are waiting for big changes, which have been reported many times. The time is coming. But few people believe in it. Judging by the inaction of the authorities, and they are not in a hurry.
Write further. I have been instructed to tell the participants of this forum and everyone who reads these messages that time is running out. The voltage increases, the pressure on the plates increases. It will be correct to take all necessary measures in case of an emergency in order to quickly and without delay leave the premises, especially if it is a multi-storey building. For the first time, you need to have everything you need to survive for several days: clothes, food, water, fuel, medicines, means of protection, if you have them. Try not to be alone. In a team, it is easier to solve emerging problems about defending against intruders, who, unfortunately, will not be enough.
Special care for children - their own and those who lose their parents. Be courageous, patient, intelligent and calm. The worst is panic and a sense of hopelessness. These die first. And be merciful. To help the dying calmly go in your power.
You can put this short message on the site. All.
- Thank you Margul for the instructions and advice.
11 октября 2018 г. Самара.
16.00 местного времени.
Учитель: Маргул.
Тема: времени осталось мало.
Получил сигнал к контакту. Включил компьютер и готов принимать сообщение. Кто сегодня ко мне пришел?
Это Маргул. Пиши.
Ты наверняка расстроен сегодняшним неудачным стартом ракеты Союз. Хотя и предвидел, что космонавты не попадут на орбиту.
Ты был прав. Не время лететь в космос. Необходимо эвакуировать и остальных троих со станции Мир. Ей грозит опасность и людей надо спасти. Вот почему мы решили сказать об этом прямо. Вас ждут большие перемены, о которых было сообщено много раз. Время приближается. Но в это мало кто верит. Судя по бездействию властей, и они не торопятся.
Пиши дальше. Мне поручено сказать участникам этого форума и всем, кто читает эти сообщения, что времени осталось мало. Напряжение нарастает, давление на плиты усиливается. Правильно будет принять все необходимые меры на случай чрезвычайной ситуации, чтобы быстро и без задержки покинуть жилое помещение, особенно если это многоэтажный дом. На первое время надо иметь все самое необходимое для выживания в течении нескольких дней: одежду, еду¸ воду, топливо, медикаменты, средства защиты, если они у вас есть. Старайтесь не быть в одиночестве. В коллективе проще решать возникающие проблемы о защищаться от злоумышленников, которых, к сожаление, будет не мало.
Особая забота о детях – своих и тех, кто потеряет родителей. Будьте мужественны, терпеливы¸ разумны и спокойны. Самое плохое, это паника и чувство безнадежности. Такие погибают в первую очередь. И будьте милосердны. Помочь умирающему спокойно уйти в ваших силах.
Можешь выложить этот короткое сообщение на сайт. Все.
- Благодарю тебя Маргул за наставления и советы.

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Re: Audio Transmission / A False Sense of Responsibility
« Reply #3 on: October 12, 2018, 06:51:40 AM »
Good morning Lemuel and everyone.
                     I am going to talk a little about my vision, in relation to my personal experience, having been married to my wife for more than thirty (30) years. We were married on July 23, 1988.
                    Normally, a couple should seek consensus. On the other hand, a marriage means renunciation.
                Yes, we give up many things we like to have time with the wife (or the husband) and please her (or please her). So that the couple grow, somehow, together, with their own characteristics.
                  In my view, each of the couple contributes to the family.
                  So in everyday life, I often leave it to her to decide to please my wife in relation to something that she considers important.
                        However, I have already made it clear that when a question is really important to me, the decision is personal and insurmountable.
                       So, as soon as I joined the Serara Forum and started participating effectively since February 2015, I made it clear to my wife that if I were invited to work in York, Pennsylvania, United States, I would do so, as this is really a question important to me.
                 It is up to my spouse to choose whether to accompany me if I am invited to work with Michael's Mission in the USA.
                  I ask God to also be invited to work with Michael's Mission or the Magisterial Mission in the USA.
                Finally, a summary of my comment:
                  The dynamics of a couple involves renunciation of everyday issues.
                 But on really important issues, individuality must be maintained with decisions that affect life itself.
                If the other spouse (husband or wife) accepts the decision, the continuity of the union will be very good.
                 But if the other spouse (husband or wife) does not accept a decision that is really important: - separation, even if it is momentary, is an important decision.
                Just remember that this vision of mine is worth both, man or woman in their relationship with another person.
                 I also remember that the fact that there are innumerable daily renunciations in favor of the other legitimizes to make really important decisions and it will be up to the other spouse to give up on this really important question if they have a contrary opinion if they wish to continue the union between the couple.

Bom dia Lemuel e a todos.
                         Eu vou falar um pouco sobre minha visão, em relação a minha experiência pessoal, estando casado com minha esposa há mais de 30 (trinta) anos. Nós casamos em 23 de julho de 1988.
                        Normalmente, um casal deve buscar um consenso. Por outro lado, um casamento significa renúncia.
                       Sim, renunciamos a muitas coisas que gostamos para ter tempo com a esposa (ou o esposo) e agradá-la (ou agradá-lo). De forma que o casal cresça, de alguma forma, conjuntamente, com suas próprias características.
                        Ao meu ver, cada um do casal contribui para a família.
                        Assim, no cotidiano, muitas vezes eu deixo para ela decidir para agradar minha esposa, em relação a algo que ela considera importante.
                         No entanto, eu já deixei claro que, quando uma questão for realmente importante para mim, a decisão é pessoal e instranferível.
                          Desta forma, logo que eu entrei no Fórum Serara e comecei a participar efetivamente desde fevereiro de 2015, eu deixei claro para minha esposa que se eu for convidado para trabalhar em York, Pensilvânia, Estados Unidos, eu assim farei, pois esta questão é realmente importante para mim.
                        Cabe a minha esposa escolher se deseja me acompanhar, se eu for convidado para trabalhar com a Missão de Michael nos EUA.
                          Eu peço a Deus para ser também convidado a trabalhar com a Missão de Michael ou a Missão Magisterial nos EUA. 
                         Por fim, uma síntese deste meu comentário:
                        A dinâmica de um casal envolve renúncia nas questões cotidianas.  
                         Mas nas questões realmente importantes, deve se manter a individualidade com decisões que afetam a própria a vida. 
                        Se o outro conjuge (esposo ou esposa) aceitar a decisão será muito bom a continuidade da união. 
                         Mas se o outro cônjuge (esposo ou esposa)  não aceitar uma decisão que realmente é importante: -  a separação, nem que seja momentânea, é uma decisão importante. 
                         Apenas lembro que esta minha visão vale para os dois, homem ou mulher em seu relacionamento com outra pessoa. 
                          Lembro também que o fato de haver inúmeras renúncias no cotidiano em favor do outro, legitima a tomar decisões realmente importantes e caberá ao outro cônjuge renunciar em relação a esta questão realmente importante se tiver opinião contrária, se assim desejar continuar a união entre o casal.

Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)

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Re: Audio Transmission / A False Sense of Responsibility
« Reply #4 on: October 12, 2018, 07:03:04 AM »
Good morning Prozonov.
                         When I joined the Serara Forum I did not know how to create a topic.
                         So I did my presentation as a replica of another post from another member who was making the presentation.
                          Later I learned that I could open a new topic when the subject is different.
                         So when I have a different subject I create a new topic in General Affairs.
                        And when there is a broadcast and reception, I usually create a new topic in New Broadcasts.
                        Having made these initial comments, I noticed that it usually puts your broadcasts in response to other messages, as I did in the past when I did not know how to create a new topic.
                       If you want I can help you teach how to create a new topic.
                      A big fraternal hug,
Bom dia Prozonov.
                         Quando eu entrei no Fórum Serara eu não sabia como criar um tópico.
                         Assim eu fiz a minha apresentação, como réplica de uma outra postagem de outro membro que estava fazendo a apresentação.
                        Depois eu aprendi que podia abrir um tópico novo quando o assunto é diferente.
                        Assim, quando eu tenho um assunto diferente eu crio um tópico novo nos Assuntos Gerais.
                        E quando existe uma transmissão e recepção, normalmente, eu crio um tópico novo na Novas Transmissões.
                        Feito estes comentários iniciais, eu notei que normalmente coloca suas transmissões como resposta a outras mensagens, assim como eu fiz no passado quando eu não sabia criar um tópico novo.
                        Se quiser eu posso te ajudar a ensinar como criar um tópico novo.
                       Um grande abraço fraternal,
Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)

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Re: Audio Transmission / A False Sense of Responsibility
« Reply #5 on: October 13, 2018, 01:43:00 AM »
Lemuel and Julio--This is a heart wrenching, but important topic for me.  My spouse is fully aware that my relationship with God and my duty to Him IS my supreme and most important priority.  I have been led to believe that in my case I will be able to serve from where I am now because of health issues and I am content to be where God puts me.  But my husband has no idea even what the Urantia Book is, let alone what I may be called upon to do.  But I take this one day at a time.  Right now, he needs my care.  He (my husband) knows I care for him.  For now  my Heavenly Father has kept me here to help him.  I know that if or when the time comes that I will need to change my life that God will go before me to make the crooked places straight, and hopefully my husband will come with me, but I can't be sure what he would chose.   I put it ALL in God's hands and in the meantime I do not view it so much as a false responsibility, but a timing issue because this is where the need is now.  Tomorrow may be a totally different story.

kindred shall forever remain unbroken

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Re: Audio Transmission / A False Sense of Responsibility
« Reply #6 on: October 13, 2018, 06:34:18 AM »
                 Yes, dear Amethyst. This topic, MARRIAGE, is often painful, as important decisions sometimes create conflicts if there is no consensus.
                 I also do not know if my wife will accept and will accompany me if I am invited to move to York, Pennsylvania, USA.
                  I believe my wife will accompany me. But this will be a situation that I will face in the future if I am invited to move to the United States to work in Michael's Mission or in the Magisterial Mission.
                 The only certainty I have is this my request to God, for me to work in the USA in Michael's Mission or in the Magisterial Mission, or in any Mission of God.
                A change of dwelling place generates a huge amount of modification of routines and in any destination.
                 Talking about change, and changing subject.

                   I believe that after the gigantic movements of the tectonic plates the geography of the world will be different, and this means changes in the oceans and the sea routes. The lighthouses on the coastline exist to alert ships in the most dangerous regions to avoid shipwrecks. But with a new ocean, there will also be a change in the marine relief and this will make navigation, again, very insecure.
                 The current lighthouses that may continue, may become useless before a new sea relief and new sea currents. Many cartographic maps will have to be made to navigate the oceans safely again.

                 I lived in the State of Santa Catarina, Brazil, from 2007 to 2009. In this period I had an opportunity that rained a lot. The fact that the excess of rain occurred, momentarily, caused landslides and many highways were interrupted. This has affected traffic on the highways.
                 If only a normal phenomenon can affect the highways, I believe that the very strong movements of the tectonic plates will destroy bridges and interrupt highways in many parts of the world.
                  In my view, the Armies of the countries have engineers who can work for the recovery of the bridges and highways.
                 But even so, road transport will be greatly affected, at first after the earthquakes.
                 Earthquakes that will affect the whole world. I believe that even in Brazil there will be an earthquake, despite being far from the clashes between tectonic plates. I believe that in Brazil there will be earthquakes but more smoothly than other more dangerous regions that are located, for example, in the circle of fire of the Pacific Ocean.
                 I pray to God that my apartment, where I live in Brasilia, is still standing, that is, it does not end with a possible earthquake, or earthquakes that will hit the world. The building I live in is small, with three floors and there are only six apartments in the building.

                Here in Brasilia, I have been looking for organic food, without pesticides, without poisons. I was surprised that I found in an organic market (Ceasa - Brasilia) organic plum from Spain. By the way I bought this organic plum from Spain and the taste was very good. I believe this organic plum from Spain arrived by plane.
                 On the other hand, I remember that when a volcano erupted in Iceland a few years ago, it interrupted the air traffic of Europe.
                The explanation is that modern aircraft have turbines. The volcanic ash, entering the turbines of the airplanes, spoil the engines.

                What I want to say is that, in my view, international trade, the day after the catastrophes will be greatly affected, mainly, land transport and shipping.
                With the eruption of volcanoes worldwide, the atmosphere will be filled with volcanic ash that will also prevent air traffic with the current types of airplanes, with turbines.
                  It may be necessary to develop aircraft with propellers, such as the old planes, which are not affected by volcanic ash.
                  In any case, even airplanes with propellers must check the weather to allow the flight safely.
                  So in summary, in my view the transportation of people and food (loads) should be done by aircraft that can fly even with volcanic ash in the atmosphere to enable the return of international trade and travel over great distances.
                 Finally, I did not talk about the trains, because, unfortunately, in Brazil there are few train lines, in the face of the neglect of the Brazilian governments. And this neglect of Brazilian governments has been taking place for decades.
                But perhaps the repair of railroads is faster than the highways in countries that carry people and freight trains.

                     Sim, querida Amethista. Este tema, CASAMENTO, muitas vezes é doloroso, pois decisões importantes, as vezes, geram conflitos se não houver consenso. 
                     Eu também não sei se minha esposa aceitará e irá me acompanhar se eu for convidado para me mudar para York, Pensilvania, EUA. 
                     Eu acredito que minha esposa irá me acompanhar. Mas esta será uma situação que irei enfrentar no futuro, se eu for convidado para me mudar para os EUA para trabalhar na Missão de Michael ou na Missão Magisterial. 
                       A única certeza que eu tenho é este meu pedido a Deus, para eu trabalhar nos EUA na Missão de Michael ou na Missão Magisterial, ou em qualquer Missão de Deus. 
                     Uma mudança de local de habitação gera uma quantidade enorme de modificação de rotinas e em todo o destino.
                     Falando em mudança, e mudando de assunto.

                        Eu acredito que após as gigantescas movimentações das placas tectônicas a geografia do mundo ficará diferente, e isto significa alterações nos oceanos e nas rotas maritimas. Os faróis nos litorais existem para alertar os navios nas regiões mais perigosas para evitar naufrágios. Só que com um novo oceano, haverá alteração também no relevo marinho e isto tornará a navegação, novamente, muito insegura. 
                      Os atuais faróis que eventualmente continuarem, poderão se tornar inúteis diante de um novo relevo marinho e novas correntes marítimas. Muitas mapas cartográficos terão que serem feitos para voltar a navegação nos oceanos de forma segura novamente.

                     Eu morei no Estado de Santa Catarina, Brasil, nos anos de 2007 a 2009. Neste período teve uma oportunidade que choveu muito. O fato que o excesso de chuva ocorrido, momentaneamente, provocou desabamentos e muitas rodovias foram interrompidas. Isto afetou o trânsito nas rodovias.
                    Se apenas um fenômeno normal é capaz de afetar as rodovias, eu acredito que as fortíssimas movimentações das placas tectônicas irão destruir pontes e interromper rodovias em muitas partes do mundo.
                     Ao meu ver, os Exércitos dos países tem engenheiros que podem trabalhar para a recuperação das pontes e rodovias.
                     Mas mesmo assim, o transporte rodoviário será muito afetado, em um primeiro momento após os terremotos.
                    Terremotos que irão afetar o mundo inteiro. Eu acredito que inclusive no Brasil irá acontecer terremoto, apesar de estar longe dos choques entre placas tectônicas. Eu acredito que no Brasil haverá terremotos mas mais suaves do que outras regiões mais perigosas que estão localizadas, por exemplo, no círculo de fogo do Oceano Pacífico.
                    Eu peço a Deus que meu apartamento, lugar aonde eu moro em Brasília, continue em pé, ou seja, não desabe com um possível terremoto, ou terremotos que irão atingir o mundo. O prédio que eu moro é pequeno, com três andares e são apenas seis apartamentos no prédio.

                     Aqui em Brasília, eu tenho buscado a alimentação orgânica, sem agrotóxicos, sem venenos. Eu fiquei surpreso que eu encontrei em um mercado orgânico (Ceasa - Brasília) ameixa  orgânica da Espanha. Aliás eu comprei esta ameixa orgânica da Espanha e o sabor era muito bom. Eu acredito que esta ameixa orgânica da Espanha chegou através de avião.
                    Por outro lado, eu me lembro que quando um vulcão entrou em erupção na Islândia, faz alguns anos, interrompeu o tráfego áereo da Europa.
                    A explicação é que os aviôes modernos possuem turbinas. A cinza vulcânica, entrando nas turbinas dos aviões, estragam os motores.

                     O que eu quero dizer que, ao meu ver, o comércio internacional, no dia seguinte após as catástrofes será extremamente afetado, principalmente, o transporte terrestre e o transporte marítimo.
                     Com a erupção de vulcões no mundo inteiro, a atmosfera estará cheia de cinza vulcânica que irá impedir, também, o tráfego áereo com os atuais tipos de aviões, com turbinas.
                     Talvez seja necessário desenvolver aeronaves com hélices, como eram os aviões antigos, que não são afetados pelas cinzas vulcânicas.
                     De qualquer forma, mesmo aviões com hélices devem verificar as condições meteorológicas para permitir o voo com segurança.
                     Então, em síntese, ao meu ver o transporte de pessoas e alimentos (cargas) deverá ser feito por aeronaves que consigam voar mesmo havendo cinzas vulcânicas na atmosfera a fim de possibilitar o retorno do comércio internacional e as viagens a grandes distâncias.
                     Por fim, eu não falei sobre os trens, por que, infelizmente, no Brasil existe poucas linhas de trens, diante do descaso dos governos brasileiros. E este descaso dos governos brasileiros ocorrem há décadas. 
                    Mas talvez o conserto das linhas férreas sejam mais rápidas do que as rodovias nos países que possuem transporte de pessoas e de cargas por trens.
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