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Continue to walk
« on: October 11, 2018, 09:19:24 AM »
Teacher: Margul
Subject: Continue to walk
T/R: David
Location: Kampala, Uganda
Date/Time: Thur11/10/18, 3pm.

Margul; Trinity teacher son.
I am Margul your trinity teacher son, and as you have learnt I come with love and grace of the trinity which I represent here, and i bring to your attention that progress is being made this side of spirit,and many of you that have given yourselves to us are part of the progress. And so i remind you that you do well in continuing to walk the steps that we spirit lead and guide you to walk into, And its a matter of time and you begin to see the results of a worthy commitment. And to many of you that are still laid back, the door is open for you to come and join the team as we walk out this path of transition and transformation. Only call and we answer,ask and it is given, knock and the door is opened to you,I am Margul wishing you a good afternoon.

David: Thank you trinity teacher Margul for coming through to me.
God is love and jesus (lord Micheal) is the expression of this love