Author Topic: Where there is the will, there is the way.  (Read 261 times)

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Where there is the will, there is the way.
« on: October 13, 2018, 04:40:47 PM »
Speaker: Peter ?
Subject: Where there is the will, there is the way.
T/R: Lemuel
Location:Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 13th oct. 2018  22:00 Local  20:00 Z

Don´t be too concerned about my name. The message is always more important. You have been
trying to receive a message by typing without much success but as you already know you need
only to apply yourself and with the sincere intention, you will find the way.

There is always the conflict between the head and heart and that is only because of the head 
being dominant for most of the time. Take more time in quieting the mind as there is no hurry,
nor should there ever be, in transmitting messages. Remember, Jesus never did anything 
in a hurry. There are many things that you humans are called upon to do and some of them
demand the respect they are due.

No matter the form of transmitting, it should be regarded as sacred, because you are offering
to be of service for Spirit and you have responded to the highest calling in doing so.
Those who have come thus far are few indeed, yet they must continue to be tried and tested
until proven to be worthy of such a high service.

These words are not intended to cause you to doubt your worthiness but rather to raise your
aspirations and to instil in you the courage to go beyond your self-imposed human limitations.
There aren´t any.

This message is for all of you to take to heart.

Where there is the will, there is the way.

I bid you a good night.

Lemuel:  Thank you, Peter. ?