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Audio Transmission / Ego
« on: November 09, 2018, 01:44:52 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Ego
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time:  9th Nov. 2018  07:44 Local  06:44 Z

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Re: Audio Transmission / Ego
« Reply #1 on: November 09, 2018, 05:22:48 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission


Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our subject this morning is ‘EGO’. We have talked about ego before but I think it is timely to talk about ego once again. I am sure you all know the expression : ‘the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak’. The flesh is weak because it is dominated by ego. Ego is not enemy public number one. As I say, we spoke about it before, ego should be a devoted and loyal servant to you and for you, but generally speaking it is the other way around or if you prefer it is the tail that wags the dog and not the dog who wags the tail.

Anytime during the day, wherever you are, but especially in urban areas, you can see people expressions that they have on their faces, their worries, their concerns and even fear and also violence, you see the ego that is up-front, expressing itself on the faces of all your brothers and sisters that you see passing by. How many times do you see light shining into the eyes of those that pass you by ? Not so many times and I assume that you are able to see with inner seeing. I will use the analogy that I always use to try to describe to those who are unfamiliar with the workings of your ego.

Your physical body is like a car and we need the car to get us from A to B and we also need a chauffeur and we have the ego as a chauffeur. We also have in the rear site our Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment, our Thought Adjuster, with our embryonic morontia soul. The chauffeur should receive instructions from the soul and the Thought Adjuster every morning so that they are driven to the right destination, at the right speed, showing concern and care for all the other motorists on the road, etc….

Well, I am sure you understand and can see the picture and we all know it is not like that. The ego dominates almost totally everyday actions of people everywhere. Now, as I said in the beginning we need the ego, we cannot drive, the soul cannot drive a car, your Beloved Thought Adjusters cannot drive the car, it is only your ego that drives the car, but it must drive the car under instructions coming from the soul and your Thought Adjuster, but of course all too often it is left to its own devices and the chauffeur drives the car exactly as he wants to, where he wants to, how he wants to, etc…

It is a terrible thing that the ego has become an enemy for so many people, instead of being a loving servant. A very important thing to remember is this – any servant who works for example for a master in a big house, a big mansion or in a palace, any servant gets a total and complete satisfaction from doing the job that he is qualified to do and then to be thanked and appreciated by the master for what he has done. So, coming back to the chauffeur – the ego – it is capable of doing a really profesionnal driving job and it gains a total and complete satisfaction from that as it is appreciated so much from the master : your soul and your Beloved Thought Adjuster.

The problem is of course, the ego thinks it can do anything and everything, it has an opinion about everything, it knows what is right and what is wrong, it knows what is good and what is bad, it knows what is acceptable and unacceptable ; it knows everything or it thinks it knows everything and it gets into trouble many times. You all know this to be true. Your feelings, your ideas, your values or your reality that you create for yourself from moment to moment, but you know immediately when you do  something wrong, you feel uneasy and immediately you feel sorry and a little bit guilty and you realize that once again you have allowed your ego to dominate you in a particular situation.

We all have these experiences many times, but hopefully, eventually we learn from these things and we try to control our ego more and more and that is not easy because ego wants to remain in charge but eventually the ego must be subdued and conformed to the instructions of the Beloved Thought Adjuster and your soul. You all know that your Beloved Thought Adjusters try to spiritualize your thoughts and to keep you on the track, the higher road as I mentioned the other day, the higher road to Paradise, spiritualising your thoughts so that your soul becomes mature. As you know we said many times, it is your soul that survives, not the car, not your body and not your ego.

So, once again, dear brothers and sisters, think about this, when you loose your temper, when you get angry and upset, when you become very impatient, when you dislike or even hate your neighbors, you are being dominated by your ego, because your Beloved Thought Adjuster and your soul are totally incapable of having these thoughts and feelings. They are only capable of expressing Father’s Love, Father’s Perfection and that is why we are all here, that is the reason for our lives, we are here as potential ambassadors and representatives of Father here on earth. Why ? because we are His children and therefore if we are all sons and daughters of Our Heavenly Father, then obviously we are here to express the love and devotion of our Father to all and everyone we meet. This means we can only do that when our ego is under our control, instead we’re being under the control of the ego.

So, once again we have spoken about the ego, it is a simple thing to recognize, you see everytime, everyday on the faces of people passing by, but there is always an opportunity to learn, to come to terms with this when you really understand what the process is. Your heart is the organ through which your soul can affect your feelings. So, it is time to think more and be more with your heart rather than your head. Do not allow your ego to control and dominate your head ; allow your heart to dominate your head instead and this is the great difference. As I said before, do not allow the tail to wag the dog, no the dog must wag the tail, you must be in charge and not your ego. Ego can and would be a loving and devoted servant, when it comes to realize that this is the only thing it is truly qualified to do.

I thank you all for listening, I bid you all a very good Friday and a wonderful weekend. Here we are for another Friday, time goes by so quickly, it is almost Friday everyday and have a wonderful weekend and hope to speak to you soon. Thank you all very much, bye-bye for now. Domtia
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Re: Audio Transmission / Ego
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2018, 09:17:59 AM »
Greeting¡ There is no message from Lemuel and his beloved divine partner, which does not have as a content a teaching of practical application. This past message about the Ego, which is always of such transcendence importance, came with that analogy of the car and the driver, which can be homologated with the parable of Gurdjieff´s the carriage and coachman. Currently, in my view of things, after having quite clear the catastrophic consequences of the uprising of Lucifer, I separate my way of thinking into two groups, in one I place the thoughts that are the product of my mortal, material mind, which perishes with the body, and in another group, the thoughts that I could not achieve except with the guidance of my divine dweller. But those thoughts that most of the time are occupying our daily work, generated by that mortal mind, which in the analogy of the carriage or the car, is represented by the driver or coachman, that is, our Ego, I assimilate them as generated thoughts for a mind product of manipulation or programming since that time of rebellion. So this could be another reason for us to make the maximum effort (especially now that it is easier for us due to that immense help of the restoration of all mental circuits and released from the grid that it was talked about lately), for that we understand that although the ego is not, in the end, neither bad nor good, it is all that is not divine.

Thank you very much Lemuel for such dedication, receive my deep appreciation