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The Trials of Statehood: an Intelligence Report from the Most Highs
Michael of Nebadon
Andromadeus, Chief Most High

1  North Korea and South Korea
2  Dark Islands of Space Dangerous for Urantia Again

York, PA 2245 Local Time
November 13, 2018

“I close this brief narrative in order to remind all that the extra Guests you have been watching suddenly appear are not from the United States, but from various regions of the Russian Federation and China and North Korea, as they have suddenly discovered that Ron plastered the site with a Mandarin translation of good will.  We must care not to incense the American CIA or NSA or other Intelligence arms and to be sure that Trump should recognize that Ron is a very valuable asset as he transmit the Most Highs which is God the Father that rules earthly nations and has a great of information to transmit.  We give an example here.

[Ron Besser here.  I have the transmission turned down from Michael and am told to await the Broadcast of the Most Highs, and its Chief, Andromadeus, to speak as an example of the type of intelligence they share with transmitters like myself.  One moment. . . . ]


“Today it was seen that North Korea is planning a coup to observe the United States humiliated at the upcoming Asian Conference.  We know all know the name and suffice to mention it generally here.  Last spring President Trump met with Kin Jong un, at a summit to turn down the threat of a nuclear war.  This spring Kin Jong un promises a surprise to South Korea by blockading the demilitarized zone between their two countries.  If successful, Kin Jong un will force South Korea to end its division and absolve the North Korean leader from being prosecuted by the South Koreans for war crimes during the latter part of the present decade.  South Korea wishes to publish its unconditional surrender to the North by insisting that South Korea take on the territory as part of the great country of Korea.  Korea, as unified could become a mighty nation, but divided it slumps into financial chaos and war once again with the United States refusing to participate this time.  That is because Russia has concluded a bilateral agreement with North Korea to support its claim that the United States started the Korean War and that South Korean forces thrust North Korea aside and refused to accept lasting peace between the South and the North.

“As a result of all of this, We, the sacred Most Highs, now conclude that North Korea will launch an offensive against the South as soon as the South resigns from the bilateral talks between China, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan. We also conclude that Ron Besser, this transmitter signed with the Most Highs years ago to transmit any work they wished to be known as we request it and we request the following now:

“No bilateral talks should conclude that North Korea will disfavor nuclear weapons.  Further we conclude that North Korea will strike a blow into the heart of South Korea, given its use of military forces already sheathed in the hills north of the South Korean capital City of Seoul.  No amount of curtailing contacts or losing the idea of bilateral talks will allow South Korea to remain an independent State, and insofar as we can determine, South Korea is sick and tired of listening to the United States warn of the chicanery of North Korea and therefore, the United States will do little to stop the war of aggression designed by Nother Korea to unify Korea under its rule.

“We also conclude this is too hot to handle Ron and work hard to understand you reasoning for allowing me to continue. Leave what you have taken as our dictation and add this proviso:

“We conclude that North Korea will exist for some little time more, but is has erred into thinking it can sustain the expenditures to maintain a nuclear arsenal safely and may at some future near point blow itself up due to sloppy maintenance of detonators in secret sites known to us around North Korea itself.   We are now leaving this intelligence report to speak to one other fantastic problem before all the world of Urantia:

“Urantia as a planet exists between two very powerful opposing forces that create hectic weather and miscellaneous disasters around the globe, particularly earthquakes of increasing severity in the Malaysian region and west toward India and Australia.  These forces are cause by two large black islands of space of such heavy condensed matter that one teaspoonful would with the equivalent of about one US Metric Ton.  Further, the opposing black island of space is even more condensed is refuses to extract any materials from its core for over two billion earth years.

“The Power Directors, and those are living being created by the Infinite Spirit and the Master Spirits in spiritual polarity to each other, are calculators and workers to maintain stability in space and around inhabited planets like this one is.  It is calculated now, that if Urantia fails to maintain its own gravity center, that the black island to the east and the more powerful of the two, would grab Urantia from Monmatia, your sun, and force Urantia to orbit it for millennia or until that black island disintegrated for lack of proper self maintenance.  If this should ever happen Urantia will be vacated and it would end its life as a gray black hulk around a dense gravity system and its atmosphere would disintegrate, not evaporate, as evaporation cannot take place in the presence of gravity ten times its own core force.

“Therefore, we the Most Highs of Norlatiadek, must ask all to include in their prayers the work of the Force Organizers– those who create the ability of Galaxies to form and who work with the Power Directors– and ask that all resources required be available to them to tame these black islands of space and that spirit might pervade the First Outer Space Region for good and be a balance wheel to these very powerful gravitational forces working to destroy Urantia itself.  Ths is our full report and we thank you Ron for standing tall and taking it all down.  Now leave them stand and post them as you will.  Thank you, [And I thank you Andromadeus for all that news.]”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaks to all:
“I am fortunate that my capital planet Salvington, itself, is far removed from these rusting hulks of gravity space dirt and grime.  I make use of these dark islands near the capital sphere to hold our universe collection of 490 (four hundred ninety) university planets together around Salvington.  I also use one nearer to Urantia in its own space area but not the two the Most High speaks to.  In that dark islands of space, there are two configurations that keep the planet Saturn and the planet Jupiter from crossing orbits with each other.  This is done by placing itself on the dark side of Jupiter and therefore makes Jupiter even a greater gravity attraction than Saturn ever could be.  This stabilizes forces between the giant gas planets of Saturn and Jupiter, but indications are that Jupiter almost breaks out of the gravitational pull from the nearby black island on its dark side, and if it does, that may well destroy the entire solar system you now know as your own. Never mind that your solar system contains ten planets and not eight as you count them now.

“I wish you all a good day and expect much of this gloomy news to temporarily dissipate while we launch divine missions to Urantia quite soon.  I am Michael of Nebadon and wish you all a pleasant day.  Michael.”

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