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A final 2018 group of meetings in York, Pa. are prepared to start December 15, at 10 am and continue for the 16th, the 17th and the 18th.  They conclude roughly 6PM December 18th.

I am letting all of you know that this set of meetings concluded the 2018 organization meetings for the human part of the Michael Mission, and opens the door to organization concepts for the human part of the Magisterial Missions as well.

You have been advised as to the accomplishments of the first two sets of meetings held at 2709 Sunset Lane during November of this year.  This set of meetings builds on what was done in the November meetings to appoint people to the Boards of Directors for at least six corporations.

They also established a second Contact Commission to begin the work of producing the Sixth Epochal revelation for print by 2024 or 2025.

Those earlier meetings also established a Periodic Revelatory Committee for release of a Period Revelation by the end of 2019.

Oaths of Service were received for the Contact Commission to being its work accordingly as the Periodic Revelatory Committee established with an Oath of Service and so on.

This December meeting of four days is to complete details of the Commission and the Committee named above.  We also have another Oath to the Paradise Trinity to be submitted by the Paradise Trinity Teacher Son, Margul, on behalf of the Trinity, and the reassignment of certain Board Members to various other duties other than just Directors on certain Boards.

I am, Ron Besser, and I must submit my resignation if when passed before the Council of Twenty-One, now renamed the Council of Twenty=Three, and resident on Urantia.  The original Council of the Twenty=One Elders had to assignments beyoun Urantia and now in place of ABC 123 and Machiventa Melchizedek, two new Elders have been appointed in their place:  Michael of Nebadon is the new Chairman of the Council and Paul of Tarsus has resigned his Commission as One Without Name and Number, to take his place among the Elders and now Judges of life everlasting before being passed to the Mansion worlds.  Two other new mambers are not yet named to make this a Council of Twenty-Three,  I, Ron Besser, must stand before the Judges to declare my valid to either accept assignments or not and I shall abide in their decisions.  One other Director, Steven Gitz, will also stand before the Judges of this High Council for Life Everlasting, and he too will abide with their decision as final.  These adjudgments will take place before the High Council on the 15th day of December next.

Finally, schedules will be set to bring personnel to York.  I have a draft document already prepared but one must realize it remains a draft document until executed.  I will release the time schedules to come to York when permission is granted to me to do so.  I may also keep it private depending on Reasons of State at the time for its release.

I conclude by addressing all  Members of the discussion forum.

Because you are not fused, or you are not yet consider senior members of this forum, or for other reasons not stated here, you all will be considered for service from now on.  The more you are attuned to your Thought Adjusters, and the better your understanding of the Fifth Epochal Revelation, the better are your chances to obtain a salaried position in the York focus groups to be used by the Contact Commission, to review new Urantia Book Papers and additional apocryphal revelation for the publication of Periodic Revelation through Periodic Revelatory Committee.  We need reviewers and people who know how to study these revelations and anyone who can show relevant experience as teachers who have success will as well be considered for review to be placed in a salaried position starting in the relatively near future.

I am Ron Besser, and I am aware of nefarious plots afoot as well and I warn anyone who gets int he way of epochal revelation through these new revelatory agencies will be dealt with summarily.

The URANTIA Foundation is planning to be a real stumbling block over status issues.  They are welcome to join us, but not to block us once we are fully funded.  Please be advised that we now have the complimentary status of Commissioners to be done to supply Urantia the next epochal revelation due in more or less five years from 2019.  Advocates for the Urantia Foundation founded in Chicago in the early 1950's are advised to provide that institution the wisdom of cooperation when we move to provide Urantia a new opportunity to provide a wiser and less strict interpretation of the Periodic Revelation soon to follow, and above all, we deem the Sixth Epochal Revelation, inviolate and comprehensive enough to reduce the Fifth Epochal Revelation outdated and removed to archives.

In conclusion:

September 05, 2018, the Sixth Epochal Revelation in its original book formed was redeemed to be replaced by another and completely new epochal revelation by the Ancients of Days, Mandate 41131 of the Urantia Series.  Be advised I knew nothing of this Mandate or changes to the already existing Sixth Epochal Revelation, until the Chairman of the Second Revelatory Committee, rescinded my mandate to participate in its dissemination until further notice.

Notice is now given that I shall participate in the dissemination of the Sixth Epochal Revelation.  I extend cooperating hands to the old  Urantia Foundation to make the readership aware of these changes to the affairs of the Chicago-based Urantia Foundation, and conclude the change over to a new Foundation as quickly and as easy as possible without rancor or disuse of all personnel now associated with the present Chicago-based Urantia Foundation.

I am Ron Besser, and I conclude this statement for purposes of State:  No one will block the advent of Jesus or the real or imaginary decision to block the publication of new Periodic Revelation, or the Sixth Epochal Revelation, so help me God.  That is an Oath I swear not easily but well in the light of plans to disrupt us at the earliest possible time in our new career as the new Foundation representing epochal revelation on Urantia.  I so attest and wish all a good day.  Ron Besser

"I rescind nothing in these statements of our new Commissioner for the Contact Commission to address the desperate need for a new epochal revelation on Urantia.  I hereby swear to my oath as Creator Son, that nothing will send chills down the spines of Trustees and regulatory members of the Fifth Epochal Revelatory Committee, then for me to rescind your Declaration of Trust and leave the new Foundation to become the full statement of our intents and purposes on Urantia, on behalf of the Michael Mission to Urantia already underway;  on behalf of the Magisterial Mission already underway with three Magisterial Sons already incarnated on Urantia today.  And I further state, that our colleague Ron Besser is fully prepared to meet the Judges before the High Supreme Court established on Urantia in 1951 before the authorized Chicago=based Foundation at that time.  That Court has remained in rescue now for sixty-five years, and has reopened its case files to include the founding of the Magisterial Foundation and Starbridge Foundation and Starbridge Group to be soon called the Starbridge Coventry, and six other corporations already assigned to operate on Urantia as the new Michael Mission constabulary of working credentials to include all walks of life regardless of creed, race, and styles of cultivation.  We consider this emission of testimony by our Representative on Urantia, as the sole owner of all Corporations until the Council of Equilibrium decides the legality of Spirit owning real property on a material world.

"Further, we are designed to obtain six new Corporations of the spiritual mandate Ron Besser has incorporated already except for one and that is being seen to in the State of Delaware already done.  We exalt no one or does Ron Besser, but he determined that all modes of particular resistance to epochal revelation will be met with a fire storm, not of litigation, but of righteous dissent to those who offer such resistance.  I stand with Ron Besser to invite all from the existing Chicago-based Foundation for the Urantia Book, to avoid litigation and hold well for the smooth transition to the preparation of the Sixth Epochal Revelation and Periodic Revelation soon to be prepared by the Spirit Agencies known as the Paradise Trinity,  and the Salvington Government, on behalf of the Uversa Ancients of Days, forthwith and now.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon."

The CREATIVE SPIRIT OF NEBADON, often referred to as Mother Spirit, and the high honor of receipt of the name of Nebadonia, from the Ancients of Days, on hehalf of her work to litigate the end of the Lucifer Rebellion, and to cause the decease of Lucifer and Caligastia and over one million, five hundred thousand, Transition Ministers and even two Archangels included in the death count for total rebellion against the Sovereignty of the Universal Father, and his litigant, the Creator Son of Nebadon, soon to be part of a confederation of Local Universe in this particular area of space:  Mother Spirit now speaks as the Diving Minister of Nebadon, that being the Deity level of report:

"The year of loss is now over for Spirit on Urantia.

"The year of gain begins in a short two weeks or so as 2019, prepares all of Urantia to begin the learning experience of what a visible divine Mission is to mean to all living on Urantia.

"I am Mother Spirit but as the Divine Minister, I now hold all responsible for their weight and their deeds before Me and the Judgement of the Most Highs as they now speak without variation before the Supreme Court of Urantia:  No one will tether the loss of the Magisterial Foundation and that it shall stand the test of time for all to see and understand once it is furnished with these results from the last motions before its Board this weekend and more.  The Boards of these corporations are duly reported and attended to on Uversa nad on Urantia and here on Salvington.  They represent the high point for the last hurrah of the old way of doing things and  being ready to address the wrongs of this world without being fettered by the constabulary over Mission status to Urantia.  I am living life in Urantia as a Solitary Messenger, the pride of my harem of daughters for the Infinite Spirit, to assume control of the space areas of Nebadon, until and unless we must redress sin and rebellion once more.

"Do not perfor attesting before human judges that the Magisterial Foundation is at fault for anything but proclaiming it is right heir to the new epochal revelation so called the Sixth of the Urantia series of epochal revelation to date.  It is to be preceded with periodic revelation and then be published in York as a text book in its rightful time. I am Mother Spirit now and speak lowly to all who represent Lucifer in any litigation presented to us to defend:

"Dare not the Judges stationed on Urantia, and speak not unwell of our representatives, as they have worked long and hard to understand their roles before Us.  Decide not to fight unfairly or surreptitiously on behalf of Luciferian designs to confuse and divide,  Our Representative is not entirely the mortal fool you take him for and has won our hearts for our service to Urantia and his representation to those who must judge this realm as prescribed by the Ancients of Days, Mandate 41115,  and 41117, which ended the Lucifer Rebellion, March 15, 1986, as announced in a broadcast to Salvington that day.  Lucifer died by his own hand, and Caligastia died as well shortly thereafter by the seizure of the Father-Infinite for their misdeeds and no longer do they roam space or time or does the Father now recognize them as having lived at all.  Be beside yourselves you come so late to this news and stay away from those who tend to harm all wishes to be independent of the fear of the devil on Urantia.  He exists no more.

"We conclude this one additional statement:  Ron Besser has been subjected to interference by hidden proponents of the Lucifer Rebellion and has declared war upon them as they are nefarious angelic realm that broke with Me and my Creator Son partners millennia ago.  He has had car keys stolen, and important documents hidden and large sums of money lifted from safe places and now abhors their presence and they abide, as there are now four Supernaphim four square to protect all doings of our Representative and his Advisors of which there are seventeen in spirit and three more in the material nearby to him and he uses them all well.  Before any one gets the idea we are fully responsible for this Representative coming by our bidding, he alone named the time and place for our rendezvous over the new way to attempt a divine Mission on a material planet.  It is so unusual we bought it and now will live it for the proving of human representation on divine missions other than Bestowal missions, and seek to include other humans well versed in the fifth epochal revelation.  I will monitor all entreaties to the Commissioners in York, and hold us well as we learn to deal with this repeat of the Dr. William S. Sadler, efforts all those years ago.  This is nearly identical and the proving fields of cooperation between man and spirit and we bless all who can afford to present credentials that favor us too."

Ron Besser - I favor one more only, and that is to advise all, that with permission of the Deities above me, that I be allowed to establish once again the Magisterial Foundation Brotherhood to assign Acolytes to serve in the Father's temple to bring fully to their minds our worship to our Father and adoration to our beloved Creator Son and Daughter, in the universe of our birth, Nebadon.

I have been advised that Jesus fully approves of this scheme and will school all volunteers to got to the Temple and be awarded he position of Acolyte so long as they know how to conduct themselves before the living presence of the Father on Urantia and to his assigns, the Creator Son and Creative Daughter of Nebadon.

Second, that I, as if I survive the Judgement before me shortly, may live to lead the Acolytes to Jesus for these instructions in the House of God we call such the Father's Temple.  Be assured I make no statement otherwise, as these are sacred assignments and I stand my ground only before my Father on High.  All of you must then bequeath your Spirit of God, to the unfathomable power of God to note and do as you should be done in those moments.  I pray that all of this may come forth in regular order, but knowing men and women as I do, I expect opposition from the laity of evolutionary churches and the lot of those who are called born again.  I do not favor them or their beliefs, but stand aside according to the Father's will for their redemption.   I also pray that I may be admitted before him as my live is quite human as are most of you and I have plenty to account for, and shall.  I pray this may done with chastity and care.  I am beholden to the lovers of truth and stand with you before God as any may wish to my last days may be granted to live upon this earth.  Good day.


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