Author Topic: Autumn and the Glory of the Father, the Eternal Son Speaks  (Read 142 times)

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Autumn and the Glory of the Father, the Eternal Son Speaks
« on: April 12, 2019, 04:01:23 AM »
It is beautiful is it not, the leaves are falling, the colors change from green to yellow to orange and then red, they drop ever so and causing a blanket upon the ground through which it is a splendor to see such leaves in color and shape. It is the changing of the season and quite apt as it befits what we are now seeing that has such impetus in our lives. Through it all there is a lively experience in that we know all that has been and can be thrown in our wake. There, I am driving to work and have a smile to see the new dawn and the leaves of the trees so colorful in the Autumn morning. How I love the change in the seasons and the colors and all the wonder of nature that does show such splendor. Thank you Father for such seasons to enjoy.

And now here we are on the cusp of change that is coming to make us stand up and take notice. The work is plentiful and the challenges ever present, yet there is always the sense of wonder to go for the joy of work, of duty, of seeing the day unfold. It is one day but packs so many minutes, hours and the sun rises and warms the day with pleasant expectations.

It sounds poetic but is true all that I experience in the morn as I go about the daily grind of work. The moment to take in the beauty is priceless. Nothing can replace that few minutes of glory before the sun fully rises. What a twilight, what a moment to reflect and pause in thought with you Father. How it is, how it changes so, with every second of the ray of sun that comes, the colors get ever so brighter, the leaves ever glorious to show. The crisp morning air so fresh and clean, the birds chirping and singing your praise oh Father! Somehow the dawn arrives and so is your splendor before us to see out of the darkness of the long night. How it will be for your unfolding grace before us in the work of renewal and revival for your children. Praise be to the Father who gives us such to find you and know you.

There is one, there is two, then there is more who can place their hand to the wheel to move just an inch to see the motion that you have so willed for your plans for us. How wonderful, how wise and how you are with us all. Thank you Father!

So I sit still and listen and wait for you to speak or whomsoever you have for me to hear, if you will Father……

“Mighty is the sword, but greater is my word among you as I speak it onto you. For unto you I bring the good news through My Sons who wear my name fully. It is with the Source that they go about the work of upliftment in your place of habitat, it is for your benefit anyhow what they go about to do in your place. As the heart races, as the heart beats and so do I when it comes to my placement on the planet of my creation. It is I your Father, your friend, your Source and Center that brings it all unto me. For if it was not of me, then whom do you go my dear one? Jesus is of me and from me and is come to you from me in Paradise as He goes about the work of God in your midst. There is much for you to learn and more beside to gather with Him who love to put their hand to the wheel as He does with me. There you have it and so let us move forward as the wheel so turns quite naturally as you all know it well enough. This time it will be necessary to have a big spanner to crank it, so it can get loose from the rust that has so piled up and grown into the axle that it surly needs a good yank by the strong ones I send who are capable to do this and see it work well.

“No doubt there is more in this work and more hands on the wheel will make light work of it for sure. I am happy things are coming of fruition when things become naturally expedient. Now there, have a good faith in you that all things consist in me. I am your Father and I have one other here that wishes to speak….

“Yes, Sue, you could not figure out who it is that is in your mind, you know it is a Son of High Origin and so it is, I am the Eternal Son, I speak eloquently and sufficient now. I speak through the Master Spirit Aya….there, there, you know now the good sense of origin here. There is more to be given, more to be acquired, more to aspiring and so much can be attained you have yet to attain. Still here you are listening to your indwelling Spirit that is the pure Spirit and Energy of the Father and I. The Trinity of one is in you and speaks as one. More is to be for you and all who listen as I speak through this one who punches out on the typewriter and let it run, let this be for you all to know, the Universe is ours to see and mend and that is to get it well done on your world as well as the others that must heed the Father of All. The time universe must come into completion and be so learning of all that is in it to learn and be exhausted of. No amount of exhaustion is spared. As this has to be lived and experienced as you are in your time and place to know it well. Why it is, is due in regard to how you come to completion with Us as One in Infinity and how you arrive at such complete understanding with Us and all that we are. Your time on earth is small, yet this has the potential to grow into the actuality of reality that we are in Infinity. The wheel gives you some glimpse as to the enterprise we work as and are so entwined in gathering, in bestowing and in beholding the Spirit of oneness. This is the truth and the fruit, you will come to taste as you climb into your Ascension career from one earth to another in the realms of infinity. Here I am as one with you, the Eternal Son of Paradise that sends this message to you. Jesus comes from me to you to bring the good will, the peace and the joy of everlasting life to all who are willing to take it up. My message closes with this saying: Live and let live as I am life eternal with the Father.”KK.

Now, I am quite normal in receiving, thank you Father. And thank you the Eternal Son for speaking through Aya, the Master Spirit of the Seventh Super Universe of time and space. Much is greatly taken to heart and much is yet to attain, I am ever grateful for the impetus here. Good day my Lord and my God.


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