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Teacher: Magisterial Sons, MONJORONSON and SERARA
 Subject: Actions, Outcomes, Expectations, Vectors, Faith, Attitudes and more
 Category: Magisterial Missions (presently not available on the Forum)
 T/R: Dominick O
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 April 16th, 2019.  18:30pm UTC (12:00pm Pacific)

Action doesn’t always produce the expected results of the intended outcomes, as in a perceived failure of an action; but what we intend from you, from Spirit, is action that produces any outcome at all.  The Supreme desires outcomes and demands this, it demands this from you; and your animal natures are, so far, conditioned to resist this, and Rebellion DNA has reinforced this behavior and attitude to resist producing outcomes.  Let us define this word, outcome, in a different way.  [pause]

A Magisterial Mission is upon you and you all wish to see the fruits of this with your own eyes, even if it means denying that it is already here to see in spirit; even though it is written about in your precious book, a book so outdated by the pace of evolution, yet, defended by outdated theories and observation about just how sudden and swift evolution can and will be at times.  Accidents in nature are perceived as such, but they are, really, sudden timepoints in evolution.  The earthquakes are somewhat predictable in a wave form and We wish you to see the wave of Our Mission now upon you.

We see a bees nest of activity from our near misses of your shattered expectations, and this is also foreseen by Us as we vector Our arrival.  There are cascading problems beyond your planetary scale, yet, you children, indulge yourselves in finite ego gratification and self-centered intellectualism; such is the right of discipleship but not apostleship; such is the right of the ignorant, but not the truth seeker.

Spirit produces vectors of probability with intentions of quality improvements within a material jurisdiction, in this case your planet, with the understanding the planet is Ours to administer to.  We deal with an environment of yours that challenges our Authority, denies Us, and not only such, but some of the cabals on your planet do know Us but fear Our reprisals for their own misplaced loyalties, now eroded in true universe understanding as well.

The forthcoming arrival on your planet has already begun and to materialize will bring forth material ministry amongst pre-conditioned, fearful attitudes, in a genetic pool of godless self-centered attitudes that will be given a choice to a better path but faced with the same mental crisis you all suffer at times in lack of faith.

The Master of your universe, Nebadon, whose government is represented as Salvington, and subordinate in some matters to higher jurisdictions known as Uversa, provided for his family and the families of his apostles during his universe bestowal upon Earth/Urantia.  You must follow this example before leaping into the metaphorical fire of our materialization and set your own houses in order to some extent without expecting a bail-out of misplaced faith that isn’t faith at all but ego driven hopes.

We are not pleased with attitudes of derisive disappointments of your expectations.  It reminds Us of the earthly attitudes of Jesus on the cross mocking Him to save himself and prove His divinity.  This is REBELLION! in nature now, that you should know better, those of you who claim to be His sheep but instead give your LIFE in FIELTY to a book and institutions of a book. We are the LIFE and the WORD is a LIVING SYSTEM in dynamic, evolutionary motion.

Today, WE chastise, because the disappointments of expectations unfulfilled are truly false in reality in so much as we have produced results; We co-creatively produced and will continue to produce actions that create vectors of spiritual outcomes of truth, beauty and goodness; this is the fruit of the Paradise Trinity of God the Universal Father, God the Eternal Son, and God the Infinite Spirit, attempting to manifest in the domain of God the Supreme – the God of Space – your realm.

Imminent arrival to Us is measured in different units and different perspectives and is much different than Our spiritual ministry and administration.  Your rejection of Us today does not necessarily vector into your rejection of Us tomorrow.  Good day.  Co-signed, Magisterial Sons, MONJORONSON and SERARA.

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Dominic, I just  want to take this moment to mention and thank you for an exceptional and impressive reception from Monjoronson and Serara  and I take this opportunity to acknowledge and thank Sue, Amethyst, Andre, Antonio, for their recent receptions and Lemuel for his continued recordings, and of course Ron for his unprecedented and exemplary work.  Larry
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These few last days, I have the feeling to be under the gun-fire of those agents of darkness, I don’t know why since I am not listed among the front-liners. Anyway it were as if the whole ceiling is falling on my head and I am still fighting tooth and nail to get out of it. In the coming days, I will somehow show-up on rare occasion, but don’t worry, I am actually catching-up.

In reply to the post above, I can just say that we are mortal beings with a short lifetime and most of us here are quqite at the end of it. The apostles of JESUS were also eager to know when and where, but in response they were given only signs. Did they go by ‘faith’ or ‘hope’ ? Were they ‘ignorant’ or ‘true faith seekers’ ? Perhaps both, so they were not different from the disciples. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

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To all

I stayed for more than 1 (one) week without accessing the Serara Forum in front of the accumulated service that I had to do in my work.

On the other hand, this week was one of many reflections.

It's been a long time since I've decided to do God's will totally, for I totally trust in God for my destiny, whatever destiny is laid out for my life.

When you decide to submit totally to the will of God means many things. Among these things, one of the main things to be done, in my view, is the self-renunciation.

As much as we decide that we submit fully to God in my view, we still have to make decisions in our lives in what is really important.

On the postponements and eventual changes of the plans.

The postponements and eventual changes of the plans only serve to strengthen our character, to increase persistence, trust in God, in an unbreakable way, remembering eternity and how in the end everything prevails to the will of God.

I'm trying to organize myself to have more time for the Serara Forum. On the other hand, as well as many members and visitors of the Serara Forum I have some limitations in vision, ie I have to wear reading glasses. Not a big problem, I can see from a distance, but to read, I need a reading glasses.

When I go without the reading glasses, I stay without reading the Serara Forum news and since I had left my glasses at work, I did not read the news over the weekend, and then had to do several services during the past week and this week.

Difficulties serve to reflect on what we can do.

I do not know why, but I felt I needed to write some words at the Serara Forum.

I'm back, then, reading the Serara Forum news little by little. Be that as it may, let it be done to the will of God.


A todos

Fiquei aproximadamente mais de 1 (uma) semana sem acessar o Fórum Serara diante do serviço acumulado que eu tive que fazer em meu trabalho.

Por outro lado, esta semana foi de muitas reflexões.

Faz tempo que eu decidi fazer totalmente à vontade de Deus, pois eu confio totalmente em Deus para o meu destino, seja qual for o destino traçado para minha vida.

Quando se decide submeter totalmente à vontade de Deus significa muitas coisas. Entre estas coisas, uma das principais coisas a serem feitas, em minha visão,  é a renúncia do próprio ego.

Por mais que decidamos que nós submetemos à vontade integralmente à Deus, em minha visão, mesmo assim devemos tomar decisões em nossas vidas naquilo que for realmente importante.

Sobre os adiamentos e mudanças eventuais dos planos.

Os adiamentos e mudanças eventuais dos planos servem apenas para reforçar nosso caráter, para aumentar a persistência, confiança em Deus, de forma inquebrantável, lembrando-se da eternidade e como no final de tudo prevalece à vontade de Deus.

Eu estou tentando me organizar para ter mais tempo para o Fórum Serara. Por outro lado, assim como muitos membros e visitantes do Fórum Serara eu tenho algumas limitações na visão, ou seja, tenho que usar o óculos de leitura. Não é um problema muito grande, eu enxergo bem de longe, mas para ler, eu necessito de um óculos de leitura.

Quando eu fico sem o óculos de leitura, eu fico sem ler as notícias do Fórum Serara e como havia deixado o óculos no trabalho, não li as notícias no final de semana que passou, e depois tive que fazer vários serviços durante a semana passada e nesta semana.

As dificuldades servem para que reflitamos sobre o que podemos fazer.

Não sei o motivo, mas eu senti que precisava escrever algumas palavras no Fórum Serara.

Eu estou de volta, então, lendo as notícias do Fórum Serara aos poucos. Seja como for, que seja feita à vontade de Deus.
Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)

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My dear brothers and sisters of this forum and even you Ron, ..., reading the last post,..., we were on the eve of a supposed announcement of 'Joshua ben Joseph (Jesus) and 'The Magisterial Mission', ON TV,..., and if I understood the last post of Dominic, ..., once again and again this is another setback,..., and again, we find ourseft in a cyclical situation again,..., Unfortunately, it is always a new beginning for ever.

I begin to wonder if all this is just a cosmic farce !!!!

Explain to me what was the urgency of wanting to create these famous website promoting the arrival of 'The Magisterial Mission',..., if not to be ridiculed once again by the users of the web.

I would like to remind you that my current jobless situation is directly related to my ambitions to make the Fathers known to my colleagues and friends in my old job and it was very lucrative job.

Tomorrow I will meet my loan officer at the bank, and tomorrow I will know if I will 'survive' or sink into 'personal bankruptcy', …, given the difficulty of finding a job at my age here in Quebec, Canada.

You must realize that I do not deserve none of this and yet I have so much work so hard in my life!!!