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 To all

Subject: The search for solutions to planetary emergence due to the geographical movement of the poles.

I had 2 dreams about planetary emergency in a few hours. Yesterday, 05/13/2019 Monday night (I sleep early), and now a little 14/05/2019 Tuesday at dawn (I wake up early).

I can not remember details of these two dreams, only I remember that both dreams represented a planetary emergency.

Looking for a context of solutions for planetary emergency, I write this message, publishing this topic in the Serara Forum so that a set of ideas are presented to the governments in the event of a planetary emergency due to a movement of the geographic poles.

Possibly a new small ice age will emerge due to the accumulation of volcanic ash, as well as gigantic tsunamis caused by the movement of geographic poles will increase volcanic eruptions around the world. This means cold and little rain. In my view, the main source of electricity quickly will be the energy use of wind (wind), small dams, thermoelectric power plants. With the decrease of the sun, resulting from the ash clouds in the atmosphere, the potential of solar energy for electricity will decrease.

- Use of the Armed Forces of the countries, as well as the movement of civil society, to create structures of survival in more protected regions, such as plateau and mountain regions that were not affected by disasters, with the following guidelines:

1) Creations of fast shelters for the survivors, because the intense cold will hinder the survival in the open air;

2) Rainwater harvesting and storage in water reservoirs for human consumption, animals and irrigation of gardens and orchards by drip irrigation, since water, shelter, food and heat should be priorities;

3) The soup seems to me to be one of the main survival foods as it is the set of several important factors like water, food and heat.

(4) The convocation of the governments of the countries of all professionals involved in electricity, for example, among electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, civil engineers, computer engineers, electricians, to create electricity structures to bring light and electricity to cities that have protected regions that survived after the movement of geographic poles.

5) The convocation of the Armed Forces also for the security of the structures that propitiate the production of food, farms, farms, farms.

6) Immediate decree of state of siege, controlling the movement of people in important areas, such as food production and stock, electric power generation, among others, mainly at night to maintain the safety of populations.

7) Use of the creativity of each people, to seek solutions in the face of the challenge of world survival that should unite people from all over the world

This topic is only for reflection on contingency plans for disasters.
 When gigantic catastrophes arise, people and governments usually do not act at once out of surprise. This is why the importance of contingency plans for immediate use in case of catastrophes.

With much love to all,



A todos

Assunto: A busca de soluções para emergência planetária decorrente da movimentação geográfica dos polos.

Eu tive 2 sonhos sobre emergência planetária, em poucas horas. Ontem, 13/05/2019 segunda-feira de noite (eu durmo cedo), e agora a pouco 14/05/2019 terça-feira de madrugada (eu acordo cedo).

Não consigo lembrar detalhes destes 2 sonhos, somente eu me lembro que ambos os dois sonhos retratavam emergência planetária.

Procurando um contexto de soluções para emergência planetária, eu escrevo esta mensagem, publicando este tópico no Fórum Serara para que sejam apresentadas um conjunto de ideias aos governos caso ocorra uma emergência planetária decorrente de uma movimentação dos polos geográficos.

Possivelmente irá vir uma nova pequena era do gelo decorrente do acumulo de cinzas vulcânicas, pois além de gigantescos tsunamis provocados pela movimentação dos polos geográficos irá haver o aumento das erupções vulcânicas em todo o mundo. Isto significa frio e pouca chuva. Ao meu ver, a principal fonte de energia elétrica de forma rápida será o uso de energia dos ventos (eólica), de pequenas represas, de usinas termoelétricas. Com a diminuição do sol, decorrentes das nuvens de cinzas na atmosfera, o potencial da energia solar para energia elétrica irá diminuir.

- Uso das Forças Armadas dos países, bem como movimentação da sociedade civil,  para criarem estruturas de sobrevivência em regiões mais protegidas, como regiões de planaltos e montanhas e que não foram atingidas pelas catástrofes, com as seguintes diretrizes:
  1)    Criações de abrigos rápidos para os sobreviventes, pois o frio intenso irá dificultar a sobrevivência ao ar livre ;
  2)    Coleta de água da chuva e armazenamento em reservatórios de água para consumo humano, animais e irrigação de hortas e pomares por irrigação de gotejamento, pois a água, abrigo, alimento e calor devem ser prioridades;
  3)   A sopa me parece que é um dos alimentos principais de sobrevivência, pois é o conjunto de vários fatores importantes como água, alimento e calor.
   4)   A convocação dos governos dos países de todos os profissionais envolvidos com eletricidade, por exemplo, entre engenheiros elétricos, engenheiros mecânicos, engenheiros civis, engenheiros de computação, eletricistas, para criarem estruturas de eletricidade para levarem luz e eletricidades as cidades que tiverem em regiões mais protegidas e que conseguiram sobreviver após a movimentação dos polos geográficos.
    5)  A convocação das Forças Armadas também para segurança das estruturas que propiciam a produção de alimentos, fazendas, granjas, chácaras.
    6)  Decretação imediata de estado de sítio, controlando a movimentação das pessoas em áreas importantes, como, produção e estoque de alimentos, geração de energia elétrica, entre outros, principalmente durante a noite para manter a segurança das populações.
     7)  Uso da criatividade de cada povo, para buscar soluções diante do desafio de sobrevivência mundial que deverá unir povos do mundo inteiro

Este tópico serve apenas como reflexão sobre planos de contingência para catástrofes.
Quando surge gigantescas catástrofes as pessoas e os governos, normalmente, não agem de imediato pela surpresa. Por isto a importância dos planos de contingência para uso imediato caso ocorram catástrofes.
Com muito amor a todos,

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Julio, what you wrote above is a very good review of what SERARA has already spoken to in the Raphael book using transmits from SERARA and MONJORONSON in the early two thousands.  It is the best review on the planet as to the Magisterial Mission intentions and how they will address tectonic plate shifts and monetary depression that is likely to occur for reasons you cite in your article above.  

The book is entitled:
Monjoronson_Serara-Global Sustainability and Planetary Management.pdf


It is only slightly dated because the Magisterial Sons are not required to enter Urantia only after Jesus does the return to our planet as the Second Advent, and coordinated with Jesus all those things he sees as priorities for the world Urantia.  That means a new epochal revelation, a new US government, and civil protection zones around York, and a lot of other things he produces to say in that book you need to download and read as almost our Bible about how things will go and be done for the most part.  Certain details have changed but basically it is THE book for you to have in your library to read now and then to instruct you just how things are likely to go once everything is in place.  Thanks for the excellent review too.  


MICHAEL Of NEBADON -  "You Julio never seem to remember this is already in place.  Read that compilation and be glad you have a copy handy for you can download the book with that link Ron gave you.  It is on Box Net and they allow downloads of all Links they provide.  That said, keep your fingers crossed you are alive to take care of so much of this for your family and community where you live as you are one of the few who recognizes what is to happen.  That dream was given by Mother Spirit so you remembered what shall happen and what to do in some cases to protect everyone.  I know Ron has indicated there is a mini ice age coming, and that has more to do with the planetary axis tilt which has nothing to do with a pole shift, but the two incidences may happen together and confuse science about which causes which.  The pole shift is unrelated to the axis tilt but both may happen close together by coincidence.  I am Michael and I warn all this scenarios is very close to happening and the Magisterial Missions will appear quickly if it does.  The Second Advent a Ron calls it above is a marvelous description to recall when it does happen, because we need to see Jesus in place before we can mobilize the world to act on its own behalf.  Good day.  Michael."


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