Author Topic: Thanks for all of your efforts for us and Urantia  (Read 228 times)

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Thanks for all of your efforts for us and Urantia
« on: July 11, 2019, 07:24:47 PM »
Thank you amethyst and Michael of Nebadon for that encouraging word today after recent disheartening posts. I discovered the FER about seven months ago and read/skimmed/scanned it in a few months time. I'm now working on a more thorough reading a second time through. Thanks Ron, SCC, and all of you regulars here for all your efforts to help us Urantians!
I understand that Ron has attracted a number of members of the rebellion to himself. What I don't understand is how Spirit which is not in rebellion works in opposition to Itself/God? i.e. his own Thought Adjuster, Havona Supreme, & most recently Lanaforge taking measures to counteract various Others efforts (most often Michael of Nebadon) to bring healing to Ron. I can't count how many times I've read he should be good as new in days or a week only to hear he's still on his death bed countless more times and yes I know Ron, you'll believe it when you see it. Can someone point me to somewhere in TUB which explains all the difficulty God's folks are having getting on the same page with plans for Urantia? Thanks.

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Re: Thanks for all of your efforts for us and Urantia
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2019, 02:18:53 PM »
Hi Raz,
To address your questions there are 2 general replies I think about:
1.  The special circumstances occurring in this area of the space have jurisdictional inputs all the way up the chain; beyond time/space and also involving Deity Levels we're typically unfamiliar with.  In each case you've cited, there are different reasons or motivations deferring results from our perspective.
2.  As far as rebellion goes, apparently, contingents are resident outside normal time/space boundaries which has left them outside the enforcement of The Ancients of Days, yet able to tap into universe broadcast circuitry.  This has been a Lanonandek Son led Rebellion, so it may help to read Paper 35 followed by 53.

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Re: Thanks for all of your efforts for us and Urantia
« Reply #2 on: August 05, 2019, 04:35:26 PM »
Thanks Dominick.
The cabal was banished to a sector of Orvonton without time or space.  It is a prison indeed.  However, it was allowed communication and liaison work with the Local Universes now part of the Federation.  This is an element of the Lucifer Rebellion we never teach on Salvington, and that is because it leaves a door open for what  I have experienced.  I tend not want to discuss this element since most people do not seem to be able to really understand justice in this quadrant of the universe.

Yes judgement procedures vary according to space jurisdiction, and such teachings are rarely if ever permitted to be heard by any human.  Yet I get attacked by  the remnants of the Lucifer Rebellion, by adherents still resident in Nebadon and the Federation never expunged from them including one Lanonandek Son still on the Michael Staff.  When he hit me the Ancients of Days execute him on the spot.  I had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

In any case we also know that Uversa has a contingent of souls who repented the Lucifer Rebellion, but are still legally guilty of sedition, and as a result must be held in prison until either they wear out of existence by sheer aging, or are released for re-morphing into a new Order without memory.  These are teachings I doubt you will ever hear about but since I am one who still gets hit with ill intentions, I am allowed to understand what I am dealing with. 

Furthermore, RAZ, the teachings that might help most attempting to understand the ceaseless and remorseless designs of evil are my own fights with the rebels at the computer.  They surround me on both sides, and "they" are generally Seraphic wards of the State called Opinionphims by Michael of Nebadon, as they did not actually go over to Lucifer but liked his policies so much they still casue mischief among mortals who they dislike.  They completely dislike me and as such I have gotten into several rounds to my great distaste as they can cause the computer to misformat and be unable to read code properly.  I finally have to shut the machine down and leave in disgust.  They also steal valuable files and you never get them back.  They can also steal a post off your email and you never get them back.  And on and on and on.  It is a life of hell defending against them if they get loose around you. 

I am convinced those on the Contact Commission have fallen victim to them as I have often enough.  Steven Gitz was thrown with an out of control dog and so seriously damaged his right leg it requires hospital care to get him back.  I have repeatedly warned those who take transmissions for now that you take extra care not to fall as they push if there is traffic around.   There is a famous case of this in the 1880's where Caligastia so disliked Stainton Moses, one of the great psychics of  all times, when Stainton attempted to get off a double decker horse dranw London bus, Caligastia pushed him off the step to the street just as as horse carriage was passing by.  It eventually killed him.  I have been pushed hard and I bitterly resent it but I am already forwarned by my Adjuster and no disaster yet but plenty of scuffles.

The 'devil; is lose again on Urantia in the form of convenient seraphim and they are never falsely reported but allowed to mingle so long as they do their work.  However, thanks to me being so disliked, sixty-two seraphim were rounded up ready to inject me with saline solutions tinged with poisons to see to my early death.  I am present in desperate physical condition mostly due to injects that change the polarity of my blood cells.
Finally Raz, it would help to understand that God makes no promises to the time universes to coordinate any of it.  That is so important for you to understand spare a moment to listen.

As I told Sue Whiley, no man on any material planet has a way to determine right and wrong except by moral precept (self anealment as to what is right and wrong), self revelation, or periodic revelation.  Epochal revelation does not teach morality but its very foundation is based on the ideals of good moral standing within the precepts of the one's own Thought Adjuster present in the mind circuitry.  When one attunes to the Thought Adjuster which really begins in the third psychic circle (Raz, your angel tells me you are in at least your second psychic circle) and some coordination begins there.  That coordination is really a guide to better choices for work and for relaxation. 

However, if you fuse as I have there is full coordination as one learns to adopt to psychic circle information in the morontia of which there are 48 more circles to do there.  By the time one fuses now on Urantia you have completed all seven psychic circles plus at least forty-three (43) of the morontial.  For instance, Dominick Ohrbeck is about 40 percent fused, and that information is direct to me via the transmitting Thought Adjuster he has.  Dominick has not quite finished 33 of 43 morontial psychic circles, and is closing in quickly on to 45 by this week's end they tell me.

Now the point to be made in all of this is that the Lucifer Rebellion attempted to short circuit Thought Adjuster attunement and forbade Thought Adjusters to reach the third psychic circle.  Thought Adjusters of that era did what they pleased anyhow and it infuriated Caligastia.  The devil hated anyone to be coordinated with cosmic mind or any hint of an after life unless they did as he asked.  In any case, I leave this subject to assure you the evil we have today is mild compared to what Caligastia and friends pulled earlier, and you are welcome to ask questions on this as I am a walking on book sometimes on these questions.  Help yourself please.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron is indeed a walking book on this material and he even witnessed the Ancients of Days taping of the Lucifer trial on high with a lot of censorship on it.  he saw the dais with the blue light above it where prisoners speak to questions to them, and saw the Father's presence before Adjudication of their lives, and so on.  He is privileged beyond the norm and that is the hatred they have for him and any who work for me directly as the Contact Commission does.  Read the section again on the Lucifer rebellion in the fifth epochal revelation, but the sixth epochal revelation has a whole new chapter on the Lucifer rebellion I hope all of you have a chance to read.  K"

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