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A Restart Transmission and Reception
« on: July 10, 2019, 11:37:17 AM »
Paynor, Michael, Mother Spirit  -  A Restart Reception – Larry Gossett - Florida – 10 July 2019
Speakers: Michael, Paynor/ Thought Adjuster, Michael, Mother Spirit
Subject: A Restart Reception
Category: New Written Transmission
Winter Park, Florida,  - 10 July 2019  - 11:25 AM  EDT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“Well, well well, for several days now Larry you have been attempting to get it together to transmit again, the restart you have been trying to do and have met with little success in “creating” the time to get your butt up to your computer and start.   I know, and I tell you that this is Michael, and you have  been uneasy and almost fearful that  you no longer are connected,  but I tell you that you are.   And this, dear one is the proof is in the pudding type of thing.    You have been fighting these windmills again that you so frequently do while knowing there is no way to win that battle. and even though you have had this reluctance to do it and have even planned to start again on three separate occasions, you still, because of all you are trying to accomplish in getting your back yard redesigned so that you feel comfortable in getting it to that point where general maintenance is all that is left to keep it going without so much labor that  you know Mark cannot do because of his bad knees caused by years of snow skiing and  knee replacement in years past.   The work is backbreaking and really hard on your knees too and quite frankly exhausts you quickly, as does your work at Walmart since you work so hard for them doing work that now at almost 75 is not quite as easy and your energy levels are certainly not what they were even at 60.  To finish this redesign is of course admirable since you know that when the call goes out for you to move quickly, within days of when the building is procured and as Ron will need you in York on very short notice and you have done well in knowing and accepting that when it happens it will happen quickly and we appreciate that you are willing to take your place in York as you are needed.
“I will turn this over to your Thought Adjuster since he has been in communication with you ‘especially in these past few days and quite loudly this morning and quite frankly has been waiting patiently for this day when you have scheduled this time, have put your at the top of your “to do list”,  to come up to your computer and transmit… or receive as you see it, to do this restart that has been gnawing at you for days.  I know that you do not relish talking about yourself and I will let that ride for now., but truly what can be now said to you directly can also apply to others here   Come back to me before you sign off  of this transmission to you…. There have been many of us who want to share our thoughts and messages with you and this is true for all of you who can now transmit and those of you who are merely considering this work.    There is a long list of subjects and messages that could have been given that lie in wait for you to take them.   Many of them were presented to you this morning as you were sitting in your screen room, as you usually do in the morning listening and acknowledging the thoughts, however briefly that time is or how quickly they flow in.  Before I take my leave I do want to reiterate  to all of you reading this  to try and keep in mind  that many of you do cut off  messages too soon as has been mentioned quite a few times by a few of you.    Always ask if there is more and wait for our responses.

Paynor/Thought Adjuster
"Larry, I am your fused Thought Adjuster, Paynor, and this morning has been unique and filled with my Thoughts to you.   We are fused, Larry and I for my part in this am  filled with joy that you are finally accepting the  our fusion and I know that that means more to you than you let on sometimes .  Let it be as it is and you will begin to recognize more of my involvement with you.
“I presented something to you this morning that I want to further discuss not only with you but to those who may read and think on what this discussion concerns.  And it is this and just let this flow easily.  You can sense and realize this morning that you have not “lost it” and are even noticing as we do this that it is flowing better than you thought it would.  Even if you stumble and freeze up a little, know that you are doing better than you thought you would.    And this is good is it not?   I know that one of the reasons you have been so reluctant is this fear and worry that the connection was severed.  It is not!   You may feel a bit rusty but please just let it flow.
“Now back to the order of the day and I know YOU and you will better know and experience me thought the realization of something that Ron mentioned to you in a n email he sent to you a few weeks ago, which is one of the topics  of discussion this morning.  This is as important to all of you as it is to you.  Now let’s get to it!
“The comment that Ron made that has been stewing and turning over and looking at from as many angles and facets as you can in your thoughts ever since he made it and I will paraphrase it again for you and others .  He told you, that you, Larry, see things  as  separate projects to be done in this work, and that for him, this work is HIS  VERY LIFE and that that is a major difference in how this work with spirit and these Missions is done.  And believe me when I tell you that he is right on the money with this comment and teaching not only for you personally but for almost all here.  I know that you have been thinking about the ramifications of such a thing and I have been giving you several examples of what he meant by telling you this very important and insightful information.
“As that, dear one, is how  the human mind and even brain works in most people,   This is  how information, experiences and almost every aspect of life as lived by humanity is , shall we say “compartmentalized”   You separate everything and put them in little compartments and store them and recall them as they are needed or wanted.   As I just stated for you that is the way the human mind in most people.  BUT , Larry, and others, you who have dedicated and consecrated your wills to the Father and to Michael and those who come to rescue Urantia out of the  very darkness that engulfed this world, you all here are not most people.  You are  now “Spirit led”   Spirit accepts this supernal decision that you have all made, some of you have already taken the Sacred Oath of Service  and for many of you this
same Sacred Oath of Service will be offered and administered in the very near future.  Just as some of you on this forum and others you know not of all around Urantia   will soon qualify   for the Besser Type Fusion and this should be grandest of news for all of you.
May I ask you, Larry, and others here, just what percentage of dedication to the Father’s Will, to the service of Michael and these Missions do you think you have given to the Father…. 25%?  50%?  75%....just how far are you from that 100%?   How far are you willing to go?   How sincere and deep does your commitment run?
“When Ron pointed out to you that you see things as “projects” to be completed and then put to rest, to move on to other things and projects  and go about your normal routine and daily life as all of you must do and accomplish just getting from one day to then next,  this point and comment rings true for you does it not?   To live totally and completely in the Will and Grace and dedication to the Father’s Will IS what you have chosen by your own GOD GIVEN FREEWILL! 
“As your Fused Thought Adjuster I am always with you, we are one, and this oneness which has been talked about and addressed in some way by almost everyone of Urantia’s   almost enumerable Spirit based religions and covers the entire spectrum of religious and spiritual approaches to the God Hunger that exists within the spirit mind of humanity.
Once you attain that place where you no longer just see things as  “projects to be completed”  but actually let that BE YOUR VERY LIFE as Ron has accomplished, you truly  can become Co Creators with Spirit and with the Father.  You say and indicate that that is what you want,  that that is  the near unquenchable desire that burns within your heart, mind and soul and BECOMES  a life, your lives, each of you,  that is wholly, that treasured 100% of dedication to the Sacred Will of  the Father.
“I have, as your Thought Adjuster, along with Michael and Mother Spirit, who have gifted so many of you here with this precious, revered, and inestimable  gift of  Spirit Circuitry and Spirit Connections  so that you are able to Co Create, each of you, with all of  this work that will become YOUR LIFE.   I, commend Ron for telling you this very priceless gem  of a better way to look at your dedication and commitment..  I know, Larry, that you instantly recognized the value of what he shared with you and I commend you as well for sharing  these insights with all who pursue and follow this forum.
 “This life that you have chosen is, of course, a great challenge for a human, heaped and nearly smothered in trouble and darkness, sin and rebellion, especially on Urantia as it is now, but with your help, commitment, constant and unwavering steadfastness  and dedication to  the very acknowledgment and the actual doing of the Father’s Will,  yet this will eventually and most assuredly deliver you into the very Presence of the Father on Paradise.   Know it well and above all LIVE IT… make it yours in everything  you think,  say and do…. I leave this for right now  and tell you that you are, each of you are all deep within yourselves, a microcosm of the Holy Trinity,  you are all as THEY…  the Father…thought,…. the Eternal Son…word…..the Infinite Spirit…deed.  I bid you good day, dear one.”
Me…..I deeply thank my thought adjuster, Paynor, for all of this today.   I have really been dreading doing this since I have felt so despondent thinking that I had squandered and waited and lost this precious gift  of T/R work gifted to me, as we all are, by Mother Spirit and Michael. …even though I have always thought I wasn’t very good at it.
I  have experienced a few times today what Ron calls   a  “SPIRIT BLUSH”   That is when you momentarily are  a bit overwhelmed with feelings of love and it brings you even to tears of unspeakable joy, and you get that feeling of being chocked up.  It has been awhile since I have experienced this wonderful  and emotional “Spirit Blush”.  I used to feel it much more often and I tell you all truly, that I have missed it immensely.”
I now inquire if there is more for me today.
“Yes Larry there is, and this is Michael and I have just a few more words for you as I indicated I would be here and I am with you  and it is this:
See now Mr. Gossett, that you have not lost your abililty to hear and receive.  This work is too important.   Each of you here is so much more important that you realize and you all are an integral part of our plans.   Each part has a place and only YOU can play your part.  For there is none like any of you. The Father, the Eternal Son, Infinite Spirit,  Me, as your Creator Son and Mother Spirit have designed it so.  There is none like any of you.  The analogy that each of you is an individual thread in the fabric  the Great Cosmos is figuratively and literally true.  Without each contributive thread, life’s mosaic is incomplete.  So has it been said, so it is true.
 “ Each of you go through these times where you question and even house a few doubts now and then but We know you. We rely on you even when you think you fail.   It has many times been said that through what you consider failures is actually found some of your greatest, most important, and enduring lessons.  Through your struggles you battle the darkness to find the light that is within you and that light is always where you rediscover us… patiently waiting for you to look inward where that light resides and where it always is found ..again and again and yet again.…. Many… too many years are spent by humans in looking outside of yourselves for answers even though you KNOW that what you search for is within you and always has been and always will be.  But it is the search itself that is the real journey is it not, my children?  So much time and energy is used in fear of things that never happen.   Would that humanity could learn that and let go of those imaginings that plague almost every human life on Urantia.
I thank you for coming and turning your light back on.   This is Michael and I bid you good day.”
“Oh no Larry, you are not leaving or escape…( Mother  Spirit smiles)    this without  a few words from Me!  And  I welcome you back to continue on and I encourage and request that you stop being your own worst enemy and I know that you know exactly what I mean by that and quite honestly , my little son, this is true for many here.   I know that even though you have not been “officially” transmitting and receiving on the forum that you spend large parts of your day in contemplation, in prayer, and in your thinking on the Missions as there is not  a day that goes by when you are not at some point in counsel with Spirit on multiple levels for I am aware of all you do.    You and almost all other members here, hear our messages, our promptings , our leadings, and teachings and guidances,  whether that be  by actively and purposefully thinking at specified and regular time, many and varied junctions during your days and nights.   Some, like Lemuel who takes his walks in the woods, others through music, others through reading, some through observing all the little instances of our connections with you.   Many times you” GET IT”, sometimes it passes unnoticed.    The point I want all of you to get is that Spirit uses every conceivable way to get your attention and to help you concentrate and focus.
“ Larry, a few years ago you wrote in one of your contributions to a thread that, and let me quote you here for it was and is an insightful comment…” if you can’t involve the Father and Spirit in what you are doing, perhaps you should not be doing it”   I encourage so many of you to consider these wise words.
Also let me say, Larry, that in this reception this morning it is better done  in some ways that in the past.  I know that a few of the ways you gauge your receptions is how well it flows on to the typed or hand written page, the number of typing errors you make, the speed and accuracy in which you are able to receive and transcribe it, how “in the groove” you are while taking it.  These are all good and this one today seems to well meet so many of your gauging criteria.  You can FEEL it today can’t you?
“So, my little son, let this be a new beginning and a more focused approach to your work with Spirit, and with all those known and unknown Spirit Guides who have volunteered in the best of faith to come to your aid and assistance.  It is for you as well as us and for the success of these Missions which has been and is your dream over many years now.   To bring this full circle and back to it’s initial topic… this is what Ron was trying to teach you to not see it as a “project” to be timely completed  but it is in fact and in reality  your life.
We love you all more than  it is possible for you to yet realize….. This is Mother Spirit… Good day and be well and happy and above all be joyous in your love, worship and service to the Father”……..

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Re: A Restart Transmission and Reception
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2019, 02:47:31 PM »
Dear Brother Larry,

Your post holds up a mirror for me to see myself better and clarifies some answers I have been seeking personally as well.  The "to do list" issue, the need to be sure I complete every task and do them right...uugh...   I still hear my dear, well-meaning, mother telling me "do it right or don't do it at all", which isn't bad advice of course but for some of us I think it is almost a bondage that controls and at the same time sabotages our best intentions.  Good enough is never good enough and anything less than perceived perfection, seems like failure.  I relate to your struggles and am learning to fight myself all the time and I receive Father Michael and Mother Spirits guidance to us all given through their messages to you.

I am again also reminded of an excerpt of Paper 131:6, 2 " Man's greatest victory is the conquest of himself.  When man looks to God for forgiveness, and when he makes bold to enjoy such liberty, he is thereby delivered from fear."......

For some of us it can be fear or not measuring up, fear of not being good enough, not doing well enough and fear of disappointing others, and on it goes.

I am and have been so thankful of the words from paper 117:4, 14....."When man consecrates his will to the doing of the Father's will, when man gives God all that he has, then does God make that man more than he is."

Striving harder is not necessarily  the answer (though to me it seemed to be the logical way), but perhaps rather being bold enough to seek, employ and enjoy the forgiveness of God and then truly trusting him enough to give him all that we have so that he can make us more than we are?  It reads as so simple to do but I know I'm still trying to figure out how to put this into practice.

Thanks Larry and our dear universe parents Michael and Mother Spirit.
Time is a currency we can use to invest in our eternal future. 
The riches of the possible are never fully mined.

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Re: A Restart Transmission and Reception
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2019, 11:40:22 PM »
Thank you for this.  It encourages me and it is very touching.  Isn't it odd that some days our transmissions flow so easily and other not at all.  I have too many 'dry spells', and greatly appreciate your words from Paynor,  MICHAEL, and MOTHER SPIRIT.

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